I’ve made the old site as an archive temporarily.

You can access it at: https://www.japansm.com/old-site/

EDIT: The Shopping Cart on the old site above is now 100% closed. We can only accept orders with the current site.

There is a lot of information on the old site that may still be useful for many of you.

For a limited time I will keep it online as a backup (info only site).

I will no longer update it. All new updates are on the new site only.

I suggest searching for the titles you want and then buying them on the new site.

You can just keep a list of them in Notepad or similar.

The old site has the following info:

  1. Full actress info for nearly every DVD.
  2. Picture previews for most titles.

I will slowly add all that to the new site.

I was perfectly happy with the old site but was forced to switch due to the broken cart functionality.

It’s going to take me way way longer to add all the info from the old site to the new one.

We have 15,000 titles and there is no automated way to do it.



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