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May 17th 2019 - New update is here!!

Today I added a lot of good new DVDs in many different genres.

You can check them our on our May 2019 JAV updates page.

From now on we'll post updates on a new page like that by month, then eventually post links to them on this page.


Previously I probably added too many lesbian movies in the last update.

I know that not everyone likes those, but they are some of our best sellers.

This time there is a lot more variety in the update.

Our previous update was also fairly recently and those were added around the 1st of the month.

Please be sure to check them out! They are easily found in every category right at the top.


From now on I will only use this page to mention updates.

No talk about changes to the site or random weirdness about things that are not important.

One last thing. PLEASE help me out. If you are on the site and a browser WON'T load the site or shopping cart, let me know.

This should not happen for anyone, but it if does it's usually caused by using a web browser that's outdated.

We suggest upgrading to a newer version. Our site works best in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

I'll give you a free title on your order if you can send me a screenshot of the error or give me some very useful info.

The last thing I want is for our cart to not work on recent browsers.

I've done my best to make this this site works with every browse made in the last five years.




Today I added another 34 titles. About 62 total in the last few days!


For those were prefer specific genres only:

  1. 28 titles added today to our lesbian category.
  2. Just three in the bondage area at the top (one new title in the lesbian area does contain bondage).
  3. Two that are considered "All Sex" or Miscellaneous titles listed in the updates page only for now.



In addition to the 25 new titles added yesterday, we added a few more in the lesbian area.




Added about 25 new new movies today.



Just added even more new titles to our updates page tonight.

A total of 92 new movies were added to the catalog in the last few days.

Today I noticed I had forgotten to add over 20 good titles to the site back in early March!

I was focused too much on getting out orders FAST that I forgot to add them.

It might have been due to some big orders that came in or something.

Usually we are pretty consistent with updates and it was a very huge mistake to have this happen.

I will be sure to set aside time at least every week to add new titles.


All the missing titles were added today.

Two of them are starring Hana Hanasaki.

I usually am not into the super skinny actresses, but I really love her movies!

They are in the GDJU series and the studio that makes them nearly always releases good movies.

If you like Hana Hanasaki, you might also like Manami Hoshina movies from the same studio.

Two more Yuu Kawakami movies too. One of them is a lesbian title.

I also added some Mikako Abe titles because I really like them.

One is a super long compilation on two discs.




Last night I stayed up until 4am and made screenshots for 70 DVDs that were recently added.

Check the latest updates page and any titles in blue text probably have a new picture preview.

I didn't make them for anything that's not listed on the 4 update pages.




Another 39 movies were added today.

A lot of good ones in many different categories.

72 total added this week!

As always you can click the blue "updates" page above.

I also added some of the miscellaneous titles to the "All Sex" category.

This is our general and main area with movies that don't really fit into other categories.



Added about 33 new titles to the updates page today.

Just click the blue link above to see them easily.

A lot of variety again this time. Most of them look really good!



About 34 good new titles added in the past three days.

You can find them on our latest updates page.

I tried to add more variety this time.

There's a little bit of everything.

If there is a type of movie you'd like to see more of, please let me know.




We've added about 44 recent titles to the site in the past few days.

Just click "updates" above to see all of them.



Added a lot of good new titles to the lesbian area.

You can see them in that category or on the updates page below.



Added another 35 titles to the updates page listed above.

We plan on working on orders all this weekend again if anyone needs anything.



We just added 37 New titles!

A lot of new and good titles were added to many different genres.

You can check our updates page to see them all easily.

Just click the blue link above.

17 of those are lesbian titles, but we did add a few bukkake titles and even some mature women movies.

We don't plan on taking the weekend off if anyone needs anything!



Today I didn't have any orders to process so I spent the day making screenshot previews for 70 titles.

You can view a list of titles with new screenshots all on one page.

There is a variety of different types of movies on that page.



Added some new titles to the lesbian category.

You can also click the updates link above to see them.

They look really good, especially the new one with Saryu Usui.

I need to get more of her movies ASAP!



Added a lot of new movie previews to our twitter page.

I try to do this a few times a week, but it's too bad they limit you to a little over 2 minutes per video and use high compression.

I try to add a variety of content on it, but it seems the most popular posts on there are for the gokkun movies.

I only post previews there for movies I love that are also on the site.

I find weird japanese porn amusing, so sometimes i'll post something interesting on there I come across.


I also updated our site directory.

In it we list all of our genres/categories and made descriptions for them.

For example, many people might not know what futanari or gokkun is.

All of our futanari movies are of the lesbian variety.

We made the mistake of removing the link for it on our main JAV movies page.


We also made a new Contact Us page.

Search engines like google kind of require this these days and a simple link to your email address is not really enough.

Feel free to email us at any time about anything.

You'd be surprised how few emails we get in one day.

I always like hearing about good movies you've seen or what people's favorite AV idols are. My latest favorite is Yua Hidaka from my twitter avatar.




Added a few new titles to the updates page.

Some titles with Mio Kimijima too.

No idea how I have never heard of her before!

I also just added about 24 new previews for recent additions.

Most of them for lesbian titles on the updates page.




Added a lot of new movies to our latest updates page.

Some lesbian titles and others in different genres.





Not a computer genius and need a little extra help ordering?

We made a new and updated step by step ordering guide with pictures.

It also might be good for those who visit our site and don't read English but want to figure out how to order.

It's not necessary, but you can also just add titles to your cart, print the list out and send us a money order instead.

Some money orders or checks arrive to us in about 3 days!

If you are a mobile user and don't like the mobile checkout you can click "Desktop view" in your browser and be taken to the desktop version.

If there are any usability issues you have with our site that we can fix, please let us know.

One slight change we made is that now visited picture galleries and clicked "BUY" links will turn purple.

We also suggest viewing our site with a cell phone in widescreen mode if possible.

It probably won't ever happen to you, but if you ever experience timeout or connection problem with our site, please let us know.



We brought back free shipping on any USA order of at least $50.



We're on twitter now! You can follow us @JapanVideoWorld

I plan on posting a lot of interesting things when I get bored.

Check out our page there and see my list of my current favorite JAV actresses.

Maybe there some of your favorites there too? I did forget Reiko Kobayakawa.

Kagami Shuna and Hinata Seto should have been on it.

I also posted my top 5 favorite Bukkake/gokkun titles.

I've actually never used Twitter before and it's all new to me.




The gokkun movies area is now 9 pages and a lot more titles were added to it today.

I'd say that 90% of our titles with gokkun are now in this section.

Here are the general rules for the gokkun area:

  1. Has to contain swallowing in any quantity. Even cum on food applies.
  2. Even if it's primarily a group cumshot facial movie, that is OK.
  3. The titles here will not be listed anywhere else.
  4. It's not 100% accurate, but I tried. We went by scene descriptions only.
  5. Titles in other area might still contain gokkun. We may have missed a few or it wasn't mentioned in the scene descriptions.
  6. If we were not sure, we didn't move them here or we just made a note.

In some of our earlier reviews we forgot to point out if the scene contained actual swallowing or not. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

I'm trying to generate some interest in bukkake/gokkun again. I think one reason less people are buying them is that they could be sorted out a little better. I like browsing them by studio names, but not everyone wants to do that. I usually find that some studios make bukkake videos that are consistently good. For example, nearly every Dogma brand bukkake movie is usually good.




7/16/18 - Part 2

Added some really good new titles to the lesbian area.

They are right at the top.

You can also see a list of all our most recent additions.




Just added a few titles today.

They are in random genres, but I just listed them on a new updates page to make it easier to see all of them.

Anything new will be listed there in addition to their regular section.

My favorite title added is starring Manami Hoshina.

She's been in a lot of titles but the studios don't always seem to credit her for being in the movie.

We also added some of the more recent Kurumi Kawashima titles.

Just two new lesbian titles but I'm trying hard to get more added.

We don't always update the bondage category, but I just added 2 titles there that some may find interesting.





In the bukkake section I've added EVERY single actress name I could find.

There were a lot of missing names.

You can also now view our bukkake studio index in our site directory.

There are just way too many of them to just add a menu to the bukkake section.



Check out our new bukkake page.

I've made it so you can see thumbnails of the back and front DVD cover.

To see a bigger sized version you can just click on it.

I think it's a good idea and will make it much easier to shop for bukkake movies.

As always, you can click the blue text to see a picture gallery.

I had to only display 1 cover per row or else it would not be mobile friendly.

I also made it so every cover thumbnail on each page will shrink to fit your mobile display (or tablet) a little better.

If they don't display right, please let me know.



Better discounts (and an updated Futanari section)


Not everyone can afford to buy tons of our DVDs all at once so we decided to give better discounts when you buy just 15 items.

Now we are offering any 15 DVDs for $60! Not a bad deal really. This is about $4 each.

You can get a reduced price per disc at quantities of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 100.




I'm not a huge fan of big boob or lactation movies, but I found this video sample I made from Aroma'a ARM-011 pretty fascinating.

If you want to save it to your hard drive just right click and "Save As" or just view it in your browser.

I don't recall her name but I wish she was in more movies. She has sort of big boobs and huge nipples.

Any other actresses or similar scenes like this? I was thinking Maria Ogura of course, but not sure of any others except Kumi Tachibana.



In our Japanese Bukkake section we've organized the listing by best sellers from January of 2017 until now.

Any new additions will be put on a new page.

I was surprised to see many of my favorites only being purchased less than 3 times since then.

These are a few off the top of my head that REALLY deserved to be on page one:





We added some new lesbian titles here right at the top of the page.

We also improved the bondage area a little.

Now all of our best titles are on page 1. The best sellers are right at the top in order.

For the page one titles you can now add them to your cart inside the picture gallery.

I think this is a good idea and I will try to have this option for more titles.



All titles on pages 1 and 2 of our main catalog are now the best and most popular titles for that area (only).

They are not listed at random and it took a long time to sort them out.

Most of our regular customers want to see the most recent titles easily.

I won't make this hard and there will always be a link to them at the top of the page.


As you can tell by our top sellers, many of our customers are not visiting for the plain old "vanilla" porn movies.

I like a lot of them, but sometimes there is just zero interest in many of them. Perfectly ok.

Remember that we originally only sold bukkake movies!

I'd like to find the types of movies that I may be overlooking and that there might be a demand for.

The futanari movies seem to be worth adding and most people into lesbian titles like them.

As you may know, they are real lesbian titles, but with the women having realistic looking fake/plastic dick or strap-on.

The ones from Image/Next are my favorites and I remember always buying every new release.

The "A" series from SOD is also amazing, but a bit different. Catalog numbers start with "JMSD-".


One studio I really miss is "Cross". Some of their futanari titles are really good too, especially CRPD-436 with Rina Hatsume.

That movie is one of those overlooked hidden gems. It also has one of those scenes with the older and younger 18-20 year old woman that seems to be so rare.

If you like that type of thing check out KGDV-08, DLSC-008 and LZPL-023. I'm sure there's more out there.

LADY-040 is another one, but the scene is too short. Can't forget Rina Hatsume's LADY-098 which is probably in the top 5 best sellers list for lesbian genre.



I made a list of the top 50 best japanese bukkake movies.

They are ranked based on only sales from 2002 until now.

What movie do you think is at #1? Hint: It's starring Nanami Nanase.

One of my favorites is Semen Race Queens with Hinano Mizuki and it came in at #4

Wondering why some of the most recent titles are not on it?

It's just because bukkake is nowhere near as popular as it was back in 2002-2008.

Back then japanese bukkake was 95% of our sales. It's probably less than 5% now.

I think a lot of people these days just are not aware of what bukkake is.

I first found out about it long ago after seeing some before and after photos on usenet newsgroups from Shuttle Japan's bukkake titles.

I think it was as early as 1999. Once I saw those I just had to find some bukkake videos!

The first VHS tapes I bought were Shuttle Japan's BU-04 (Bukkake Summit 4) and MVG's MS-01 Fuji No Jin.

Watching BU-04 made my stomach feel a little funny. Not the best bukkake title to start out with.



I added 54 bukkake titles to our main bukkake page.

These were titles we found in our non-bukkake catalog or titles that were somehow only listed in the reviews section.

I think most of them you've never seen listed before.

Many of them are deep throat, blowjob or oral sex titles.

Did you know we also list the cream-pie movies in the bukkake section?

BTW i'm surprised that not a single person was interested in DTK-001 when we added it last week.

Amazing movie!



Our japanese bukkake area now defaults to a new and improved "covers view" listing like all the other areas.

Of course we still have scene descriptions/reviews for nearly every bukkake movie.

This will make it easier to browse our bukkake DVDs on mobile devices.

We also tried to make sure each page on our site loads in under 3 seconds on a 10Mbps connection.



When browsing on a cell phones we suggest always viewing our pages in wide screen/horizontal view for the best results.

BTW we are also testing some "2 column" pages for some areas. Normally we show 3 columns of cover thumbnails.

This change will be better for our mobile users.




You can find screenshots and a review for a pretty amazing new gokkun on our site called DTK-001.

IMO it's one of the hottest gokkun/bukkake movie i've seen in years.

Probably since MIGD-600 and Maki's Secret Base Gokkun title.


I know that many of you probably really miss our bukkake reviews.

I always thought people don't read our long winded bukkake reviews, but maybe this isn't true.

It's probably that we don't post enough NEW reviews!

I really do miss reviewing them and have never really stopped being a fan of the genre.

These days I prefer the lesbian (mostly non-sex) fetish titles and the softcore Maki Mizui "T-Back" type stuff.

Maybe that's hard to believe considering we used to sell ONLY bukkake!


If new bukkake titles sell well enough we can eventually add more and more of them.

You may be wondering why we don't add new bukkake titles that much.

It's just that they don't really sell very well. Not enough to make it even worth adding them.

What I mean is that it's a loss of money. Sometimes I don't care if they are good.

I will always do what I can to fix this!

My idea is that I need to focus on adding more reviews to each bukkake area.

I think this will help a lot. I also may split them up into only FACIALS or GOKKUN/SWALLOWING categories.


BTW what I like how this new movie so much is how Maki Hoshikawa seems to REALLY like what she's doing.

It's OK if it's just acting. I always liked the bukkake titles where the actress was always smiling or just very enthusiastic.

Mirai Hirooka and Nanami Kurasawa were always like this in their bukkake titles. Same with Monbu Ran.

Mirai Hirooka was in the amazing lesbian bukkake title MM-15 with my favorite Seika Izumi.

It's a really old title that very few people have seen. It's from an original VHS to DVD video capture.

Mirai also has a lesbian bukkake scene in MVGD-01 Countdown Sperm.