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We sell Japanese Adult Videos on DVD.

All movies are $5 each, region free and viewable worldwide.

Free USA shipping on orders of at least $50 (10 items).

You can now view our latest updates page.


We just added 37 New titles!

A lot of new and good titles were added to many different genres.

You can check our updates page to see them all easily.

Just click the blue link above.

17 of those are lesbian titles, but we did add a few bukkake titles and even some mature women movies.

We don't plan on taking the weekend off if anyone needs anything!



Today I didn't have any orders to process so I spent the day making screenshot previews for 70 titles.

You can view a list of titles with new screenshots all on one page.

There is a variety of different types of movies on that page.



Added some new titles to the lesbian category.

You can also click the updates link above to see them.

They look really good, especially the new one with Saryu Usui.

I need to get more of her movies ASAP!



All the biggest categories now have a page index at the bottom of the page.

This allows you to skip to any page easily.

No more clicking "Next" or "Back" all the time (unless you want to).

The current page will be in bold brackets on the index list.

Don't forget that when you add to your cart you can always close any new tabs or cart windows.

The cart contents are stored for you unless you close the browser.

PS if you come up with any good ideas on how you can better navigate the site, PLEASE let me know!



Improved the japanese lactation category - page 2.

Previously it was only an index of titles with just links to the full covers.

Now it has full cover thumbnails and 138 picture preview galleries were added!

A lot of Maria Ogura titles are also found on this page.




Added a lot of new JAV movie previews to our twitter page.

I try to do this a few times a week, but it's too bad they limit you to a little over 2 minutes per video and use high compression.

I try to add a variety of content on it, but it seems the most popular posts on there are for the gokkun movies.

I only post previews there for movies I love that are also on the site.

I find weird japanese porn amusing, so sometimes i'll post something interesting on there I come across.


I also updated our site directory.

In it we list all of our genres/categories and made descriptions for them.

For example, many people might not know what futanari or gokkun is.

All of our futanari movies are of the lesbian variety.

We made the mistake of removing the link for it on our main JAV movies page.


We also made a new Contact Us page.

Search engines like google kind of require this these days and a simple link to your email address is not really enough.

Feel free to email us at any time about anything.

You'd be surprised how few emails we get in one day.

I always like hearing about good movies you've seen or what people's favorite AV idols are. My latest favorite is Yua Hidaka from my twitter avatar.



Added a few more titles to the updates page today.

All current orders shipped.

Totally free to work on any new ones for a fast shipment.

NOTE: the thumbnails were not loading for the update on the 15th. This was fixed.



Added a few new titles to the updates page.

Some titles with Mio Kimijima too.

No idea how I have never heard of her before!

I also just added about 24 new previews for recent additions.

Most of them for lesbian titles on the updates page.



August was a perfect month for us so why fix what's not broken?

Zero changes to prices compared to August and September if you buy under 30 items.

Shipping is also still free for USA orders of at least $50 (about 10 items).




Added a lot of new movies to our latest updates page.

Some lesbian titles and others in different genres.



Today I created an About Us page. This is an important page that any business should have on their site.

We had a small section in our FAQ about us, but that wasn't enough.

Many people may find it interesting that once we only sold bukkake VHS tapes. Remember those?

This site was actually started in 2002 and just as a hobby.




Not a computer genius and need a little extra help ordering?

We made a new and updated step by step ordering guide with pictures.

It also might be good for those who visit our site and don't read English but want to figure out how to order.

It's not necessary, but you can also just add titles to your cart, print the list out and send us a money order instead.

Some money orders or checks arrive to us in about 3 days!

If you are a mobile user and don't like the mobile checkout you can click "Desktop view" in your browser and be taken to the desktop version.

If there are any usability issues you have with our site that we can fix, please let us know.

One slight change we made is that now visited picture galleries and clicked "BUY" links will turn purple.

We also suggest viewing our site with a cell phone in wide screen mode if possible.

It probably won't ever happen to you, but if you ever experience timeout or connection problem with our site, please let us know.




We're on twitter now! You can follow us @JapanVideoWorld

I plan on posting a lot of interesting things when I get bored.

Check out our page there and see my list of my current favorite JAV actresses.

Maybe there some of your favorites there too? I did forget Reiko Kobayakawa.

Kagami Shuna and Hinata Seto should have been on it.

I also posted my top 5 favorite Bukkake/gokkun titles.

I've actually never used Twitter before and it's all new to me.




The Cum Swallowing DVD movies area is now 9 pages and a lot more titles were added to it today.

I'd say that 90% of our titles with gokkun are now in this section.

Here are the general rules for the gokkun area:

  1. Has to contain swallowing in any quantity. Even cum on food applies.
  2. Even if it's primarily a group cumshot facial movie, that is OK.
  3. The titles here will not be listed anywhere else.
  4. It's not 100% accurate, but I tried. We went by scene descriptions only.
  5. Titles in other area might still contain gokkun. We may have missed a few or it wasn't mentioned in the scene descriptions.
  6. If we were not sure, we didn't move them here or we just made a note.

In some of our earlier reviews we forgot to point out if the scene contained actual swallowing or not. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

I'm trying to generate some interest in bukkake/gokkun again. I think one reason less people are buying them is that they could be sorted out a little better. I like browsing them by studio names, but not everyone wants to do that. I usually find that some studios make bukkake videos that are consistently good. For example, nearly every Dogma brand bukkake movie is usually good.





You can now more easily browse our collection of Japanese Gokkun movies.

These are bukkake movies that contain cum/sperm/semen swallowing or drinking.

They can also have any other related content.

We still have a ton of them to add.

It will take us a long time to sort them all out.

Previously we had only a gokkun page for scenes featuring massive swallowing only.

Maybe one reason there is not much interest in bukkake these days is that it's too hard to browse all of our titles.

Some people may prefer only facial scenes or some may like the gokkun titles only.


7/16/18 - Part 2

Added some really good new titles to the lesbian area.

They are right at the top.

You can also see a list of all our most recent additions.




Just added a few titles today.

They are in random genres, but I just listed them on a new updates page to make it easier to see all of them.

Anything new will be listed there in addition to their regular section.

My favorite title added is starring Manami Hoshina.

She's been in a lot of titles but the studios don't always seem to credit her for being in the movie.

We also added some of the more recent Kurumi Kawashima titles.

Just two new lesbian titles but I'm trying hard to get more added.

We don't always update the bondage category, but I just added 2 titles there that some may find interesting.



We just updated to a faster web server. If you notice any problems, please let us know.

We also switched our Linux OS from Ubuntu to CentOS (which seems slightly faster for some reason).

On our first server we used nothing but Fedora Linux from 2002 until just last year.

Is there anyone that DOESN'T like the new type of previews/screenshots in our Main category?

We used those as a test to see if people preferred those. We haven't use them in any other area.

I thought it was a good idea because maybe some would prefer to download all the screenshots in one JPG file.

If they show up very small, just click on them to view it at 100%.


Yesterday I also noticed our site was not loading in Internet Explorer and Chrome. It's fixed.

It was just a typo we made in one of our configuration files.



We've made some slight improvements to the site in the last few days.

At least I think they are! I hope so. Here's what i've done:

1) Pages were still too slow on 3g mobile devices I think. I've reduced the thumbnail sizes slightly for most pages. You can always just see the full cover by clicking it.

My goal was to get each page to under 3 seconds on a cell phone. I haven't owned a cell phone since 2002 and this should have been a higher priority. All the pages were mobile friendly, but yet still not loading fast enough for cell phones. During some tests it said "10 seconds", now it should be better.

I understand that having 25 pages for our main catalog is kind of annoying, but many of the very last pages were not getting much traffic anyway.

2) I also brought back ALL the reviews for bukkake movies. I think those were what made this site such a success long ago. Interest in japanese bukkake has dropped over the years and that is why I removed them. Big mistake! They're now back in all their original locations. I will improve them and make them easier to view on cell phones soon.

Some people just prefer the cover or "tiles" type listings. One thing I want to do is bring back all my old review scores for movies.

3) Things have been extremely difficult overall this month. We're trying to survive but it's hard. I know that the single most important thing for our viewers is new updates! Making so many small changes is not that important overall without updates. Right now things feel harder than what they were like during the last recession!

4) If there is something that you dislike about shopping on our site please let us know. Maybe a way to make it a lot easier for you to browse? Some people in the past have mentioned a text listing of all our titles. Zip cover archives are always available by Email if people want them.

5) If you ever have difficulty with the cart or see technical problems on the site, please also email us. For example, did a page give you a timeout error or not load?

Does the site ever run slow for you in general? Our web server is pretty fast overall. Believe it or not our first web server (hosting this site) was only a 2ghz celeron with a 80gb hard drive and 512mb of ram. Now it runs on a 4 core cpu with 8gb of ram and solid state drive. I just recently switched from Apache to Nginx. It took awhile to figure out all the configuration changes.

6) I also moved the updates blog back to the homepage. Not everyone wants to be taken instantly to a category they don't want to see. Not everyone likes the stuff on JAV Page 1 which is understandable. Having our homepage being the fast loading page is also a very good idea.



We added back Google search to our search feature. A few people may have used it before and found it useful.

I also updated our site directory for all the new areas.

Made a totally new FAQ page too. It's a little nicer looking I think and much easier to find answers quickly.

I don't mind email questions, even if it's just to talk or random comments and feedback.

Believe it or not emails from customers are rare unless it's a question about an order.

Your emails will always go to me.

I especially like hearing about what movies people like or what they've seen.

Not sure if people know this, but I'm a huge fan of foreign films and especially Japanese movies (I mean not adult videos).



In the bukkake section I've added EVERY single actress name I could find.

There were a lot of missing names.

You can also now view our bukkake studio index in our site directory.

There are just way too many of them to just add a menu to the bukkake section.




Check out our new bukkake videos page.

I've made it so you can see thumbnails of the back and front DVD cover.

To see a bigger sized version you can just click on it.

I think it's a good idea and will make it much easier to shop for bukkake movies.

As always, you can click the blue text to see a picture gallery.

I had to only display 1 cover per row or else it would not be mobile friendly.

I also made it so every cover thumbnail on each page will shrink to fit your mobile display (or tablet) a little better.

If they don't display right, please let me know.



I made some screenshots for ZUKO-126 with Mimi Yazawa and Yuuna Himekawa.

It's a pretty impressive two disc movie that is sort of like a virtual sex or POV type movie.

The whole entire series is good and very similar. It's sort of an underrated series (like the Dream Ticket VDD- series).

I'm also experimenting with some new larger screenshots all in one JPG image.

The JPG file sizes are pretty big but worth it I think.

If it shows up very small in your browser, make sure to click on it to view the full size version.

It will also make it easier to save all the previews to your own computer if you ever wanted to.

I also just made a preview for DDT-150 - Fan Thanks Day with Mayura Hoshitsuki.

It's a 4 disc movie and nearly 8 hours long! I doubt anyone will be able to finish the entire movie.

In it she gives blowjobs and handjobs to most of her fans. Towards the end she even has sex with a few of them.


I also moved some of the less popular genres to a sub-menu to make things less cluttered.

Sorry to do this, but there is just not enough interest in them to keep them on the main menu.

The futanari area is actually the most popular area listed on our sub-menu.

Those are just lesbian titles with women who have a realistic looking strap-on dildo or fake dick.

I got into them because of the NEXT brand titles in the SIMG- series (which use scripts and have nice scenery/set designs).

I even made some larger cover thumbnails for them.

I am also thinking of trying to have a section with ALL front and back small cover thumbnails as the default view.

I don't want to make any major changes to the site, but just make it FASTER and easier to browse our titles.





While working all night on some orders I made a Rina Hatsume KTDS-696 preview clip of a scene I like.

You'll probably love it or hate it. I like the AV actresses who are super lean, have some muscle, but not so skinny they look sickly.

Akane Hotaru was like this and so was Ena Sakura and Maki Mizui.

FSET-128 aka Muscle Ballerina was also pretty good.

Fuuka Nanasaki is also really physically fit as you can tell from her bondage films.

I wish I could find more like those i've mentioned. Not really into the female body builder type movies.

LADY-104 with Fuuka is a lesbian movie with an exercise theme. I wanted that movie for a long time and we finally added in awhile back (not much interest in it though).





One mistake we made in the last few months was making it EVEN harder to browse the japanese bukkake movies .

We sorted them all out to how they were before. Now you can click between your favorite studios such as Asfur, Knights Visual etc.

I also made a new Dream Woman bukkake series section.

It's a series that has the primary theme of group cum-shot facials, but some titles in the series contain swallowing.

Did you know that Hitomi and Tsubomi were in some of them?

You won't find these titles listed anywhere else in the reviews section.

I also noticed ALL Idea Pocket bukkake title reviews were completely missing from the site. They are now back.

They have a facial series and one that features gokkun/cum drinking (those display "Spermadrink" on the cover).





I'm not a huge fan of big boob or lactation movies, but I found this video sample I made from Aroma'a ARM-011 pretty fascinating.

If you want to save it to your hard drive just right click and "Save As" or just view it in your browser.

I don't recall her name but I wish she was in more movies. She has sort of big boobs and huge nipples.

Any other actresses or similar scenes like this? I was thinking Maria Ogura of course, but not sure of any others except Kumi Tachibana.



In our Japanese Bukkake DVD section we've organized the listing by best sellers from January of 2017 until now.

Any new additions will be put on a new page.

I was surprised to see many of my favorites only being purchased less than 3 times since then.

These are a few off the top of my head that REALLY deserved to be on page one:




We added some new lesbian titles here right at the top of the page.

We also improved the bondage area a little.

Now all of our best titles are on page 1. The best sellers are right at the top in order.

For the page one titles you can now add them to your cart inside the picture gallery.

I think this is a good idea and I will try to have this option for more titles.



All titles on pages 1 and 2 of our main adult movies catalog are now the best and most popular titles for that area (only).

They are not listed at random and it took a long time to sort them out.

Most of our regular customers want to see the most recent titles easily.

I won't make this hard and there will always be a link to them at the top of the page.


As you can tell by our top sellers, many of our customers are not visiting for the plain old "vanilla" porn movies.

I like a lot of them, but sometimes there is just zero interest in many of them. Perfectly ok.

Remember that we originally only sold bukkake movies!

I'd like to find the types of movies that I may be overlooking and that there might be a demand for.

The futanari movies seem to be worth adding and most people into lesbian titles like them.

As you may know, they are real lesbian titles, but with the women having realistic looking fake/plastic dick or strap-on.

The ones from Image/Next are my favorites and I remember always buying every new release.

The "A" series from SOD is also amazing, but a bit different. Catalog numbers start with "JMSD-".


One studio I really miss is "Cross". Some of their futanari titles are really good too, especially CRPD-436 with Rina Hatsume.

That movie is one of those overlooked hidden gems. It also has one of those scenes with the older and younger 18-20 year old woman that seems to be so rare.

If you like that type of thing check out KGDV-08, DLSC-008 and LZPL-023. I'm sure there's more out there.

LADY-040 is another one, but the scene is too short. Can't forget Rina Hatsume's LADY-098 which is probably in the top 5 best sellers list for lesbian genre.



I made a list of the top 50 best japanese bukkake movies.

They are ranked based on only sales from 2002 until now.

What movie do you think is at #1? Hint: It's starring Nanami Nanase.

One of my favorites is Semen Race Queens with Hinano Mizuki and it came in at #4

Wondering why some of the most recent titles are not on it?

It's just because bukkake is nowhere near as popular as it was back in 2002-2008.

Back then japanese bukkake was 95% of our sales. It's probably less than 5% now.

I think a lot of people these days just are not aware of what bukkake is.

I first found out about it long ago after seeing some before and after photos on usenet newsgroups from Shuttle Japan's bukkake titles.

I think it was as early as 1999. Once I saw those I just had to find some bukkake videos!

The first VHS tapes I bought were Shuttle Japan's BU-04 (Bukkake Summit 4) and MVG's MS-01 Fuji No Jin.

Watching BU-04 made my stomach feel a little funny. Not the best bukkake title to start out with.



I added 54 bukkake titles to our main bukkake DVD page.

These were titles we found in our non-bukkake catalog or titles that were somehow only listed in the reviews section.

I think most of them you've never seen listed before.

Many of them are deep throat, blowjob or oral sex titles.

Did you know we also list the cream-pie movies in the bukkake section?

BTW i'm surprised that not a single person was interested in DTK-001 when we added it last week.

Amazing movie!



Our bukkake area now defaults to a new and improved "covers view" listing like all the other areas.

Of course we still have scene descriptions/reviews for nearly every bukkake movie.

This will make it easier to browse our bukkake DVDs on mobile devices.

We also tried to make sure each page on our site loads in under 3 seconds on a 10Mbps connection.



When browsing on a cell phones we suggest always viewing our pages in wide screen/horizontal view for the best results.

BTW we are also testing some "2 column" pages for some areas. Normally we show 3 columns of cover thumbnails.

This change will be better for our mobile users.




You can find screenshots and a review for a pretty amazing new gokkun on our site called DTK-001.

IMO it's one of the hottest gokkun/bukkake movie i've seen in years.

Probably since MIGD-600 and Maki's Secret Base Gokkun title.


I know that many of you probably really miss our bukkake reviews.

I always thought people don't read our long winded bukkake reviews, but maybe this isn't true.

It's probably that we don't post enough NEW reviews!

I really do miss reviewing them and have never really stopped being a fan of the genre.

These days I prefer the lesbian (mostly non-sex) fetish titles and the softcore Maki Mizui "T-Back" type stuff.

Maybe that's hard to believe considering we used to sell ONLY bukkake!


If new bukkake titles sell well enough we can eventually add more and more of them.

You may be wondering why we don't add new bukkake titles that much.

It's just that they don't really sell very well. Not enough to make it even worth adding them.

What I mean is that it's a loss of money. Sometimes I don't care if they are good.

I will always do what I can to fix this!

My idea is that I need to focus on adding more reviews to each bukkake area.

I think this will help a lot. I also may split them up into only FACIALS or GOKKUN/SWALLOWING categories.


BTW what I like how this new movie so much is how Maki Hoshikawa seems to REALLY like what she's doing.

It's OK if it's just acting. I always liked the bukkake titles where the actress was always smiling or just very enthusiastic.

Mirai Hirooka and Nanami Kurasawa were always like this in their bukkake titles. Same with Monbu Ran.

Mirai Hirooka was in the amazing lesbian bukkake title MM-15 with my favorite Seika Izumi.

It's a really old title that very few people have seen. It's from an original VHS to DVD video capture.

Mirai also has a lesbian bukkake scene in MVGD-01 Countdown Sperm.




You can find a few new titles added to our lesbian category.

Just two for our main catalog, but one starring Kurumi Kawashima.



I added about 26 new preview galleries for the most recent titles.

You can see them on MISC page 1 right at the top. Any title with a bold link has a preview.




Added some more movies to almost every area.




Just added about 80 new titles to our main catalog.

There's also quite a few in the lesbian area too.

Please check them out when you can.



Picture previews were just added to every new title we added yesterday.

Check out the update page below.

Any new orders will be processed right away.



We just added a lot of new titles.




We are now officially accepting credit cards again!

Finally! Best news we've had in a month. I thought this day would never come!

Special thanks to those who sent in a mail order payment in the last 2 months.

It really helped us out a lot and made things a lot easier.




Four new titles added to our lesbian category.




We also added about 75 previews to titles on MISC page 1.

Just click any bold catalog numbers you see.

We also sorted most of that page by date added.

We are going to do our very best to make sure all future updates are added by date.

Right now most titles are always added to the top, but dates to each listing should help.



I also just made new galleries for EVERY title in the milky princess category.

This is a really underrated studio IMO and have made some impressive movies.

Most of them feature the actresses who are 18-25 and are wearing a uniform.

The ones with Ruri Housyou, Hina Otsuka and Minami Ogura are the best titles.

DVDs with the catalog numbers of PSS- usually have cum on food scenes if you're into that.

I am not a huge fan of that type of scene but the ones in their titles are actually very good!

I also just made a gallery of KTDS-696 starring my favorite Rina Hatsume.

It's one of her best titles along with some of her MUM series titles (like MUM-123 and MUM-155).

I really like the scene shot in the bathroom where she is wearing a red swimsuit.




You can find four new titles in our lesbian area along with some previews for them.

We've also added scene descriptions for a lot of titles.

There is a link to them at the top of each page.

We'll try to add reviews and scene descriptions for as many titles as we can.

There's a lot of hidden gems on our site that really deserve a review.




Do you know who Nanami Nanase is? If you're a bukkake fan you should!

Back about 15 years ago most people found our site by searching for her movies.

She is in one of the most extreme titles there is called "Semen Maniac".

It was released in 2001 and it's still very good, but a bit hard to watch during parts.

That movie was our #1 seller for years and years and outsold everything else EASILY!


One reason I wanted to post about her is that I found an old video of one of her movie trailers I made:

It's SDDM-035 100 Shots of Semen volume 3 (right click and "Save As").

In that movie she consumes 100 shots of semen and there is a cumshot counter displayed on the screen!

Most of her movies were released by the studio named SOD (which is a personal favorite of mine).

I think their "Semen Gokkun" series titles were my favorites and usually featured swallowing and cum-play (which is too rare these days).

You can see a video clip of a cum funnel scene from SDDL-029 (Semen gokkun #3). I wish they had more scenes as good as that one.

You can also see a picture preview of sddl-029. I think I gave it a 10/10 score.

Make sure you scroll down for the best scene. I love those bukkake scenes with the white or (even better) pink nurse uniforms.

I also liked the Semen gokkun titles with Yuriko Aikawa. I wonder what she is doing these days. Those were made in the 90s!

If you like the bukkake titles with nurses, Tsubomi has been in a few of them. Most had a lesbian bukkake theme (MIRD-071 is a good one).



We moved all of our latest titles to our main catalog.

Please check them out if you get a few minutes. There were a lot of good titles in our latest update!

We also updated our Dream ticket page to make it a lot better looking.

Their best series is the RSD series which feature facials on tanned skin.



We've improved the mature category page a little.

Only the best selling titles are on page 1.

The rest have been moved to a page two.

I also restored the regular sized thumbnails for this area. They were way too small.

We also added a covers zip archive at the top of the page for offline browsing.

It's all the full sized covers for the area.

If you want them for any specific area you can always email us and ask.

It takes us just a few minutes to make one.



We've updated the MVG page.

It now looks a little more simple and less cluttered and you can now see review scores.




Made about 21 new galleries for titles in our latest update.

I moved the ones with the new previews to the top.




Our latest update is here and it's a good one!

About 80 new titles. Just click the bold link above.

We also just added new screenshots for ALL of them.




We just added about five good titles to our lesbian section.

They all came in today and I just had to add them ASAP.

One of them was a title i've been wanting for a long time and starring Kaori and Rina Hatsume (my favorite actress currently).

It has one of my favorite types of scenes (last one in the movie). Maybe you'll like this movie as much as I did.

It reminds me of Rina Hatsume's masterpiece LADY-098. That one was so good I even gave it a full review.


I also am testing bigger cover thumbnails in some parts of the site. I hope this turns out to be a good idea.

Some are now a height of 270 instead of 200. Our MISC Category Page 1 has the new larger sizes.

Some of the very first titles we added to our site had cover thumbnails that were way too small.

Of course as always you can click any thumbnail and get the full sized cover.



Please check out our latest update in our main catalog.

If you are having any problems browsing the site or ordering, please let us know.




We've made some minor changes to the site that I think are an improvement.

Things are basically like they were before and as simple as possible.

I'm not much of a web designer and I hope to keep this site simple and not too ugly.

On our site we have two MAIN categories (shown on this top menu).

You can now change between each main category from the top menu at any time.

All of our most recent updates are now found in our MISC section.

The most recent updates are ALWAYS listed first!

We are having a tough time this month surviving and are trying to make it even easier to browse the site.

These last 3 months have been the hardest in our 15 year history.

My only idea was that Google is somehow punishing us for having so many picture galleries (about 4000) in their index.

I think those pages are useful to people and not "thin content".

I also know that nobody likes too many changes and we're trying to avoid that.

Note: All of our "18" category titles have been moved back to MISC.

We tried to make that category work, but just couldn't do it.



Please check out our latest updates.

We added 60 new DVDs to the MISC & lesbian areas.




We've brought back a much more organized covers view bukkake catalog.

You can now browse by maker so that you don't need to browse dozens of pages.

It lists all of our japanese bukkake movies, but with only a DVD cover thumbnail instead of reviews.

Any bold catalog number on any of our pages is a link to a picture preview gallery (screenshots).

You can also click the thumbnail for a large front and back cover.

We don't sort them by facials and gokkun because each area would be way too long.




Just added a few really good titles for today:

1) Just two new lesbian titles, but starring Fuuka Nanasaki and Yuu Kawakami (the one with the nice eyes!). One is a compilation and 4 hours long.

2) Lots of new additions for our Eighteen section. As you know this is a very general area. They can be 18-25, have small boobs, be short or petite etc.

You'll find the MUM- series, K-tribe and similar titles in this section.

One that was added is the latest with Rina Hatsume. She took a short break and is now back to making some movies. She has a new softcore movie out and I MUST get it!

If you ever are browsing the site and it's running slow or giving you timeout errors, please let us know. We made a few changes on our server to make things slightly faster.

We're trying hard to stop making changes to the site that make it more confusing to navigate OR uglier to look at. I'm not much of a web designer.



We updated our first bukkake reviews page to make movies from your favorite maker easier to find.

You can click a sub-directory list of what bukkake titles are on the page.

I also split this page up because it was WAY too long (now it's 3 pages).

For example, you can now easily find titles from S1, Knights Visual, Rocket, Hakudakudou etc.

I was also a big fan of Audaz and Real Works brand titles back a few years ago. Check them out if you can!

There are some real hidden gems in that section. For example, REAL-136.




65 titles in our latest update.



We just added screenshots for about 70 recent titles.



We just added a few really good titles with a picture preview.

One of them I wasn't going to add, but I thought maybe some would like it. It's RSE-032 starring Rion Katase who was in BMD-334 and DVDPS-484 (which is a personal favorite title of mine). The picture quality isn't amazing, but the movie is good.

I know a lot of you want previews for each movie, so I will do my best to make sure recent titles always get them.

This weekend I will try to take some for recently added titles.



We just added a lot of good new titles to our catalog!

Here is what we added:

  1. About 10 titles in our lesbian category. Two of them are starring Claire (Kurea) Hasume. Another two are from a favorite studio of mine in the EVIS- series. One has a kissing fetish theme with lots of tongue action. Do you know who Mei Matsumoto is? She is a recent favorite of mine and in another one of them. I need to get more of her movies. One more title has Reiko Kobayakawa in it. I seem to never get bored with her movies.
  2. Two new MUM- series titles in our 18 category. Five total added to this area. One i've been wanting for awhile and starring Mimi Yazawa. Two others starring Hinano Kamisaka were also added. I really like her, but her movies are softcore and usually don't sell well.
  3. One new bukkake title starring Tsubomi and Mikako Abe.



Today we added about 16 picture previews to our recently added DVDs.

You can view each area to check them out.

The most recent titles are always added the top.



We just added a lot of good new titles to our catalog!

Here is what we added:

  1. About 10 titles in our lesbian category. Two of them are starring Claire (Kurea) Hasume. Another two are from a favorite studio of mine in the EVIS- series. One has a kissing fetish theme with lots of tongue action. Do you know who Mei Matsumoto is? She is a recent favorite of mine and in another one of them. I need to get more of her movies. One more title has Reiko Kobayakawa in it. I seem to never get bored with her movies.
  2. One new bukkake title starring Tsubomi and Mikako Abe.



Today we added about 16 picture previews to our recently added DVDs.

You can view each area to check them out.

The most recent titles are always added the top.



Forgot to add 3 really good titles.

Two of them are starring Fuuka Nanasaki who I recently started to like a lot. You may know her as Karen Itsuki. One of the DVDs is a title we've been wanting to watch for probably a year and is also starring Yui Misaki.

This week we'll also try to take more screenshots for recently added titles but it might take us awhile

BTW our search engine is now accessible from the "More Areas" section (main menu). Adding it to every menu just made things too crowded.



We added about 27 new picture galleries from out latest update.

To find them just check out each area below and click any bold titles to view them.

We also incorrectly linked to our search engine below. It's now fixed.



Some more good titles were added today in their areas by date. Here is what we added:

  1. 44 in our MISC category. Some newer MUM- series titles along with many others.
  2. Two bukkake titles under our MVG area. One is starring Mika Osawa and I can't believe we never had it! One non-bukkake title is listed there temporarily, but it's from MVG.

BTW we removed our search engine from our main menu. It really didn't need to be linked from EVERY PAGE. I was trying to make things less crowded and maybe I went overboard and didn't have a good spot for it.

You can click the link above to use it. We'll add it back to either the menu or the bottom of our catalog pages ASAP.

We also just added it at the top of our site directory. The link is at the bottom of this page.



We just added a lot of really good new DVDs! Not a ton of them, but we expect to keep adding titles regularly. We will also add future updates by date.

Here is what we added:

  1. Seven new titles in our age 18 category (this is where most of our titles will go. It's just a general area). About five of them are starring Mikako Abe. I never paid much attention to her movies before, but I sort of like them now.
  2. Two new ones in our bondage category. One of them is starring my favorite Fuuka Nanasaki and has some impressive rope bondage sequences that look very difficult to even do. Two are in the VDD- series which is a VERY underrated series. It usually features "office women" or flight attendants etc. There isn't much bondage in it, but this was the best category for them. The last one we added is very nasty, but some will love it. The theme is deep-throat blowjobs and bondage.
  3. Ten good titles in our lesbian movie area. This is one of our most popular areas right now and for a good reason! Previously we had it paginated, but now it's one long page.
  4. Just 1 in our MISC area starring Iori Furukawa. I MUST get more of her movies. I like her short hair. It's WAY down at the bottom.





Today I made our Dogma bukkake page look a lot better (hopefully! I think so).

Some of my all time favorite gokkun/cum swallowing movies are listed in there. You'll notice that very few movies in there have a low review score.

Future reviews will be a lot shorter and more to the point of what's in the scene and not so much my commentary or opinion.

Changing things up on these pages might help a little. This was my idea to make them a bit more simple and easier to browse.

I also reduced the cover thumbnails in size so that the page loads faster. Some might think the cover thumbnails are not necessary, but I myself prefer them.

We are trying anything we can come up with to generate more interest in bukkake.

All it takes is decent regular sales of our older bukkake titles to be able to add new ones.



Just a few new title additions. The bigger updates are below! Don't forget to check them out.


- About five new titles add to the lesbian area. Two of them much different than what we usually add. One is starring Hitomi Madoka. I recently discovered her movies and really need to get more of them ASAP. Maybe you'll like her as much as I do.

- Three in the bondage category right at the top. I think they just barely qualify as having bondage, but this was the best area for them.



About 15 really good new titles added to our new category. Second update in the last week. Many of them are very recent releases.



Added previews for every title in our update below (except for the bukkake).

Just click the bold titles in each area.



FINALLY an update!!

Lots of good new stuff added in many different categories. If this update does well we will keep adding new titles as much as possible. Yes, including more bukkake we've been been lacking lately!


BUKKAKE/GOKKUN (sorry they're so scattered around)

  1. Two new Asfur bukkake titles - Right at the top
  2. Two from Knight's Visual.
  3. 1 bukkake title from Waap
  4. Another 1 from Moodyz that looks very good!





Made an entirely new cover thumbnail version of our Bukkake catalog.

It's every single title but without the reviews and scores. These days very few people read reviews, so I thought it was a good idea.

The front cover thumbnails are a little smaller than normal so that they're easier to view on mobile devices in wide screen.

The menu on that page will take you to similar pages. To get back to the reviews, just click "Bukkake" on ANY page.

I'm trying to come up with some ways to make it easier to shop for bukkake movies.

Unfortunately there is very little interest in bukkake these days, but i'm trying to fix that in any way I can!

The best way for us to add new bukkake titles is to try hard to increases sales on the bukkake titles we already have.

I want to see new titles as much as everyone else.

BTW we also moved from other areas a lot of titles to the mature and bondage categories. Right at the top.



Today I sorted JAV Page 1 out by the top sellers! It's for 2016 only though. I did not edit anything and you'll notice that almost ZERO generic/plain vanilla DVDs are anywhere on this page. They just don't sell unfortunately. Not a big deal. Most of our visitors seem to prefer the titles with 18, 19 and 20 year olds. Those are from K-Tribe and Minimum-AV (MUM- series).

When I came across any with mature actresses I made sure to sort them out for you and move them to the mature woman category. I'm generally not a big boob guy, but I do like Reiko Kobayakawa and Anri Okita a LOT! Their movies fall into the mature category I think. My favorite mature actress is Erina Tsukishima. Check out her movies if you can! There's just something about her I like. I think we have 90% of all her titles and back in the day I sought out all her titles and added them to the site.

Movies with Julia are now moved to the mature section too. Not sure if they should go there or not. Maybe someday we can add a big boob section.

I also reversed my stupid decision to split up the JAV category to 21 pages.

BTW for future updates to the JAV area we will probably list them in entirely new pages that are dated. They'll be easy to find though.



We just added a few to the lesbian woman category . A few from Bibian and the others from U&K. They're all very high quality. One of them is one of those types of movies where two women are on a vacation together. Another one like that I loved was Dash DAD-024. That movie has some pretty hot kissing scenes if you're into that (like me). I could watch a movie with just nothing but that for 2 hours straight. I really miss titles with a lot of that sort of thing like the amazing DOBJ- series from JNS (Janes). Aroma and Deeps had a few of them too.

Last night I watched DDT-115 which is in the Endless Semen series and starring Syuri Himesaki. Pretty impressive movie and if I ever gave it under a score of a 9 i'll be surprised. At the end was a trailer for another in the series with Ran Akasawa and it must have been the messiest facial i've seen in at least a year. Need to re-watch that again this week! Sometimes the screenshots don't give you a good idea of what a movie is really like. You sometimes just need to watch it. In the picture preview it just doesn't seem that messy. The one starring Yukari Sakurada is really good too.




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