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As early as 1998 I had discovered a thing on accident called Japanese Bukkake. I had come across some before and after photos on usenet newsgroups taken from the actual videos. They were photos from the Bukkake Carnival series I believe.

I was intrigued by these and had found out they were produced by an early bukkake studio called Shuttle Japan. I just had to have some for myself!

Back then internet video didn’t really exist that much and nobody had DVD players. I had located a guy online and he had offered to sell me some VHS tapes of them. The first ones I picked out were M’s Video Group (MVG) MS-01 Fuji No Jin and Shuttle Japan BU-04 Bukkake Summit.

Let’s just say that those are rather extreme and not good for those new to bukkake (now called Gokkun). I clearly remember the effect it had on me when I first watched them. They made my stomach feel a little funny!

Around 2002 I was frustrated with it being so hard to find the videos I wanted. Usually the best ones were $100 each or sold in one specific shop. From what i’ve read online, MVG videos were once only sold in one shop in Japan.

To fix this problem I created this website to make it easier and cheaper for customers in the USA to buy Japanese Bukkake Videos!

At the time I had no clue how to design a website and started learning! The first website was only 1 page and written entirely in Notepad!

Best of all, it was on a donated Packard Bell Pentium 120mhz computer with dial-up internet that rebooted itself every 15 minutes! Fun times.

I eventually kept adding more and more videos. Even offering some Bondage titles for variety.

The site was a success and a lot of people were ordering. This allowed me to upgrade to a better computer and offer DVDs.

Around 2003 or so the DVD format became popular and I switched to that format.

I still remember a lot of my older customers complaining about the new DVD format and still preferring VHS tapes. It makes sense.

The very first DVDs we added were Waap’s GAD-004 and GAD-006. Both amazing movies and are both must see videos.

I then made it a goal to post reviews and make screenshots for every single new Bukkake title I added to the site.

I eventually added hundreds of reviews and screenshots and I believe this is a huge reason why my site became such a success back then.

When cell phones arrived, the reviews became slightly less popular. It could be that I was just too long winded and it was hard to read them.

All those reviews on one page made it hard for some customers to order. We eventually switched to a “Covers View” listing on our site and moved the reviews to the picture gallery instead.

In total I believe there were several thousand reviews posted!

I reviewed each and every DVD myself and took screenshots manually. One at a time! Hard to believe. I still remember updates taking a full day easily. Reviewing bukkake movies sounds fun, but not for 12 hours in a row.

At one point there was a massive loss of interest in Bukkake videos. It could be due to several reasons. I think it could just be due to less releases coming out in Japan.

To keep the site going we eventually started offering DVDs in many different genres. Bukkake had no become less of a focus for the site.

In October of 2023 we had some major shopping cart issues and our provider refused to help in any way (1shoppingcart). Claiming the issue did not exist for them.

Due to this we had to basically start over from scratch with a new shopping cart. Luckily we could import all the images and catalog numbers.

All actress names would be need to be entered in manually. Doing that for 15,000 titles would take probably months.

Considering we had 15,000 products and no database with actress information, this was a massive project for just one person to tackle!

Believe it or not until late 2023 we used Dreamweaver 8 with HTML5 and CSS for our site. Doing updates manually using that method is a really time consuming process! Our layout was also a table based design.

We now are using a CMS or Content Management System. This will allow us to do much faster updates and more easily allow us to change or add information. The nicest thing is that now I don’t need to worry about too many DVDs listed on one page.

Due to switching to the new software, it’s a major challenge keeping the site running. I am going to work as hard as possible to keep the site going for as many years as possible. I just hope that sales can recover back to how they were on the old site.

I do understand that some customers prefer the old site. I tried my best to make the new one as similar to the old one as possible.

Sometimes it’s just hard to believe i’ve been doing this all solo since 2002! Time sure flies.

I think the hardest time we ever had running the site was during the recession. Not something I want to remember. Luckily we were able to stay positive and get past all that. We had to move into a small apartment, but things had eventually recovered.

What has kept us going over the years so much is our loyal customers. Without them it would have not been possible.

Thank You!


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