April 2024 Round 4 update is here!

106 new JAV DVDs just added to the site!

I’ve been on a roll adding tons of titles to the site. I bet you didn’t know that this is already the 4th routh of updates and it’s only the 10th!

Most of these came out very recently in Japan. Lots of variety in this update. Even some Lesbian titles, even the rare Bukkake new additions. As you may know, they don’t make those as much in Japan these days.

Here are some tips to navigate the site:

  1. Click “Home” to see titles in EVERY genre. Previously you could click “Japan Video World”.
  2. Click “Latest Updates” to see what we’ve added for each month. Or you can just click your favorite genre.
  3. On the genre page you can sort by most recent titles or what is the most popular (goes by sales).
  4. Want to see titles with your favorite actress? Be sure to click her “tag”. It allows you to see more of their DVDs.
  5. If you want to see more previews for titles added before OCTOBER 2023 you can visit our old site.
  6. Want to buy a title you’ve found on the old site? Search for it here, you may need to remove the dash (-) to find it.
  7. 100% of ALL titles on the old site are available here. NOTHING has been removed!
  8. We had to import all the old data and could not simply transfer over all the previews and actress info.
  9. If anyone didn’t know, “All Sex” is our General or Main area. Most titles will go there.
  10. If a DVD was added in the past 30 days it will now display a “NEW” label on the top right of the box cover.

I also found some technical issues that could have caused a few problems for people trying to order.

If you experienced that, please try it again!

Fingers crossed that was the issue, but maybe not.

It involved accidentally “caching” the check-out and cart contents pages. That’s FIXED.

I am hopeful I can continue the site for years. It’s going to happen!

I just need this update to be a huge success.

I am working so hard. Harder than ever before! It’s 3am and i’m still at it!

I have some huge plans for this site. I love my job so much and want to keep doing this as my full (and only) job.

I also want to assure everyone that if you have an open order, it’s 1000% going out and  ASAP. Don’t worry!

I’m working day and night.

Thank You!!

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