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MDLD-111 Dream Woman DX3 (Rina Takase)


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Added on: December 14, 2023

#11 Best seller of 2018 to 2023.


160 minutes, 2 discs

Scene 1 has Rina Takese at a funeral all dressed in black. Of course she starts making out with some other girl and they do a little bit of cum-swapping for awhile.

Scene 2 has Rina dressed in a pink nurses uniform while taking cumshots in the mouth. She swallows each and every one down and even plays with some of them.

Next Rina has a friend suck up cum from guy’s and transfer it to her mouth. Of course there is a few shots onto Rina’s face as well.

Last scene of part 1 has Rina in the missionary position while dozens of men cum all over her face.

Part 2 is even messier than the 1st. It stars out with a huge facial/bukkake scene. I don’t think i’ve ever seen so much cum on Rina’s face before! Immediately after this without even cleaning up the mess she walks outside out in public and goes into a store for something to drink.

2nd scene is also something new. She’s a waitress at a bar and swallows a wine glass full of cum! Before doing so she plays with it for awhile and shows us lots of mouthfuls of it. Don’t think i’ve ever seen Rina swallow this much all at once!

Up next you have another huge facial scene. Then, Rina is in the shower and i’m shocked to see a golden shower scene with Rina Takese in it!! It’s not a really quick tame one, but half a dozen men pee on her face (not all at once). She even opens her mouth at one point while a guy pees in it and she spits it out. The end.

NOTE: This movie is TWO DVDs for the price of 1.

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