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MDED- 401 Dream Woman 47


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Added on: May 31, 2024

MDED-401 Dream Woman 47 (Aika Shun)


Gallery Preview:

The first scene is very good. She first gets a mouthful of cum, after that she takes cumshots all over her face. When it’s all done and it’s all fallen off her, it looks as if she just went swimming or something, she’s all wet. I can’t really describe this scene well, but it’s good.

Second parts starts with some men roughing her up for awhile, then a dozen or so men fondling her. It’s over soon and some guy has sex with her while a ton of men cum on her face. Good scene, the last part of it.

Third scene is the best yet. I kind of lost track of everything in this scene because there is so many good things and it’s a really long one. The main theme of this one is getting as much cum as possible in her mouth, playing with it and then swallowing it down.

Fourth is a mild bondage scene with a bunch of men that cum on her face. Not as good as the ones before it though, but that’s ok.

Some people here might not like the next scene. She’s wearing all black leather and in a jail scene. Some guy is laying down on the floor and she’s pees on him and then sits on his face and gives him a handjob and licks his cum.

Last and final scene is sex missionary style with cumshots all over the face.

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