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All DVDs are $5 each.

You can shop safely on our site using your credit card.

All transaction details are sent securely with 256-bit encryption.

We ship in discreet plain packaging to customers worldwide.

All titles are region free and viewable almost anywhere.

Need help ordering? You can read our step-by-step ordering guide.


Free USA shipping when you buy 10+ items (or spend $50)

Bulk discounts available when you buy 15 or more DVDs.


Automatic bulk discounts

15 or more: $4.00 each.

20 or more: $3.50 each.

25 or more: $3.20 each.

30 or more: $3.00 each.

50 or more: $2.50 each.



Email us: sales@japansm.com

You can also read our About Us page.

Add us on twitter: Japan Video World


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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a large order discount?

How do I order?

Is your packaging discreet?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Will my DVD Player play your discs?

How much is shipping?


Do you ship to my country? (we ship to most countries)

Can I send a mail order payment?

Is there a faster way to order?

Where are you located?

How do I contact you?



I haven't received my DVDs yet.

What format do your DVDs come in? Will they play in my country?

Are your DVDs censored? Do you carry uncensored titles?

I have a defective disc I think. What should I do?

What is your refund and return policy?


Shipping Prices



Free shipping on 10 or more items (or $49.95)

The price you pay is the price we pay at the post office.


Priority Mail: $7.35 - Delivery in 2-3 days after shipping.

1st Class: $4.00 - Delivery in 3-5 days after shipping.


International (Outside USA)

Air Mail - $14 - Delivery usually 1 week after shipping.

Canada or Mexico - $10.





How do I order?


1. Click "BUY" for any DVD you want.

This is located on the bottom of each listing.

It's OK to close any new shopping cart windows! The contents will be saved as long as the browser is not closed.

You can add as many titles to the cart you need.


2. Once you have everything in your cart just click "VIEW CART" at the top of any page and then "Check Out".

If you are having problems, we will help you!

If the cart buttons temporarily don't work you can click "refresh" or "reload" in your browser.

This sometimes happens in Firefox (only).




You can bypass the "add to cart" method and order using only catalog numbers.

See the instructions here.

This allows you to keep a list of catalog numbers in a text file.

Take your time browsing our site!


Can I get a large order discount?


Yes you can!

15 or more: $4.00 each.

20 or more: $3.50 each.

25 or more: $3.20 each.

30 or more: $3.00 each.

50 or more: $2.50 each.


Don't like clicking "add to cart"?

You can also order using catalog numbers.

It allows you to:

1) Keep a list of catalog numbers in a text file.

2) Order using one package deal link for any quantity.

3) Copy and paste those numbers at checkout comments field.



Discreet packaging


We respect your privacy.

We always use discreet plain packaging with no references to Japansm.com or "Japan Video World".

There will be ZERO visual indication on the package of what's inside.

The outside packaging uses our 3 intials as the return address name.

All packages are also well secured with tape.

Customs forms will make no reference to adult products.




Payment Methods Accepted



You can use your credit card safely online with our secure shopping cart.

Your transaction is submitted securely using encryption.

We can accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Payments by mail are also OK.

We can also accept checks and money orders.

Contact us for a mailing address (click bold link)




DVD media

All discs are sent in DVD format and are REGION FREE! This means they can be played back in most countries.

We do not send covers or boxes for security reasons.



Due to Japanese law, all movies are censored. There is a very thin digital blurring over the female and male genitalia and nothing else. This does not take away from the enjoyment of these types of movies at all to be honest. If it did otherwise, I wouldn't be selling them!

We do not carry uncensored titles.



Return Policy and Guarantee

We guarantee all DVDs to play perfectly.

Have a problem with a DVD?

There is usually no need to send anything back.


If you think you have a defective disc, please contact us. We will take care of it.

We care about video quality! If you are not satisfied with it we will give you an alternative title or replacement.

Limitations might apply.


Due to the time it takes to process an order, we cannot offer refunds once an order is shipped (only a store credit).

If you need to cancel an order due to a mistake, please contact us within an hour of placing it for a full refund.

If you are not happy with your order please let us know and we will make it right!




I haven't received my DVDs.

If it's been two weeks and you haven't received your DVDs, PLEASE email us. We respond to each and every email within 2 days. Sometimes it's possible that the message will be marked as spam and sent to another folder due to automatic filters. We do check our spam folder, but it's still possible we might miss an email. If you do not receive a response, please try again, even if it takes three tries. In most cases we will try to resend a package or offer a refund.

Our backup email is jvwsales@gmail.com




All DVDs are region free and viewable in most all countries!

This means they do not have region coding.

Most titles in Japan are region 2 (but not ours).




How to order using only product numbers:


You can find detailed instructions in our bulk ordering guide.




18 U.S.C 2257 Record-Keeping Compliance Statement (Age Statement)

In compliance with Title 18 of U.S. Code 2257, all actresses featured in the movies on this site were at least 18 years of age at the time of filming. All titles offered on this site were published in Japan by prominent studios such as Idea Pocket, K-Tribe, SOD etc. The stickers below are standard authentication materials used by Japanese AV studios as proof that there are absolutely no performers below the age of 18. These stickers accompany all adult videos released in Japan.


18 U.S.C 2257 Record-Keeping Compliance Statement







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