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All DVDs currently set to $3.00 each.


Japan Video World


- Free shipping on USA orders of $49.95.

- Discreet shipping and billing.

- DVDs are playable worldwide (region free).

- Every DVD guaranteed to play perfectly.

- We care about video and audio quality (Not happy with it? We'll replace it.)

- We have been shipping DVDs safely to customers worldwide since 2002.

- Email us:


Need extra help ordering? View our step-by-step ordering guide (with pictures).


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order?

What are your prices?

What forms of payment do you accept?

How do you protect my personal information?

What format do your DVDs come in? Will they play in my country?

How much is shipping?


Do you ship to my country? (we ship to most countries)

Do you provide discreet shipping to protect my privacy? (yes!)

Can I send a Mail Order payment? (yes!)



Where are you located?

Do you have a guarantee?

What is your refund and return policy?

How do I contact you?

About Us




I haven't received my DVDs yet.

I have a defective disc I think. What should I do?

Are your DVDs censored?



Payment Methods Accepted


We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover


You can use your credit card safely online with our secure shopping cart.

Your transaction is submitted securely using encryption.

We can accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Mail orders also perfectly OK! See below.


Steps we take to protect your personal information (including credit card data):

1) All information is sent using the strongest possible 256-bit encryption (scrambled so it's not readable by anyone).

2) Our shopping cart is constantly updated to provide the latest security features.

3) We require current browsers to assure a secure and safe ordering process.

4) We regularly monitor our security and score an A or A+ at SSL Labs.

5) We don't sell or share your information with anyone for marketing purposes.

6) Your personal info is not stored on our web server.

7) Your browsing activity on this website is secured using encryption (https).

8) You can verify our security by checking for the lock icon in your browser:




We can also accept Checks or Money Orders in the mail.

Just enter your mailing address and the catalog numbers on a piece of paper.

Contact us for a mailing address and further instructions.

Some customers also like to pay by Western Union or Money Gram.

We might also be able to accept Bitcoin payments.


How do I buy from you?

Step 1:

Click "Add to Cart " for any DVD you want.

This is located at the bottom of each listing.

It is OK to close any new shopping cart windows or tabs!

The contents will be saved as long as the browser is not closed.

You can add as many titles to the cart you need.

You DO NOT need to keep clicking "continue shopping".


Step 2:

Once you have everything in your cart just click "VIEW CART" at the top of any page and then "Check Out" at the bottom right.

If you are having problems, we will help you!


Possible problems with cart (Troubleshooting Tips)

If the cart buttons temporarily freeze or don't work you can click "refresh" or "reload" in your browser.

This sometimes happens in Firefox (only).

Does the cart not load at all?

Please update your browser if possible or use another one.

Our cart requires an up to date browser in order to keep your details secure.

We suggest Chrome or Firefox. Both are free.


How to order using a list of Catalog numbers:

Are you an advanced computer user and need to take your time picking out titles?

Keep a list of catalog numbers in a text file and you can use that list to order in bulk with only 2-3 clicks.

Email us with the quantity needed.




All DVDs currently on sale for $3.00 each (regularly $5).




Privacy Policy

We have very discreet shipping & billing and we take your privacy very seriously.

We ship in a plain bubble mailer or Priority Mail envelope that's well secured.

The return address will show our initials with no indication of the contents inside.

No pornographic cases or cover artwork. No receipt with titles will be sent.

Even if the package was opened, no one would have any idea what they were unless played.

Customs forms will make no references to adult material.


We do not share your information with anyone. We do not have an email Newsletter. If we ever contact you about an order it's by email ONLY.

You will NEVER receive a call from us!


Your credit card info is safe and and the order is submitted securely with encryption and not stored on our servers.



Do you ship to my country?


We ship to most countries.

We're located in Michigan, USA.



How much is shipping?


Free shipping on USA orders of at least $49.95.



Priority Mail: $7.75 - Delivery in 2-3 days after shipment.

1st Class: $4.50 - Delivery in 3-5 days after shipment.


International (Outside USA)

Air Mail - $14 - Delivery usually 1 week after shipped.

Please note, shipping Internationally from the USA can be quite expensive.

We don't profit or make money off our shipping prices.

Larger sized orders are not charged anything extra by us and receive discounted shipping rates.




How long does it take for my order to arrive?


USA: Once shipped it takes about 2-3 days to arrive. Up to 1 week for 1st Class.



Can my DVD player play your discs?


All DVDs are region free and viewable in most all countries!

This means they do not have region coding.

Most titles in Japan are region 2 (but not ours).


What format do your DVDs come in? Will they play in my country?


All discs are sent in DVD format and are REGION FREE! This means they can be played back in most countries.

We have not had any reports of incompatibilities in over 10 years.

Our discs are in NTSC (USA) format and should play nearly anywhere.

Many Televisions in Europe are in PAL format and should play this format just fine.

We have many customers in the United Kingdom, France, Australia etc that play on discs with no problem.

Not sure? We suggest placing a small order of 1 DVD as a test.


Where are you located?


We have been located in Portage, Michigan USA since 2002.

We are next door to Kalamazoo and very close to Chicago, Detroit and Canada.


Our mailing address:


Japan Video World

6151 Village Green Circle #12

Portage, MI 49024


Please contact us before sending any payments or letters to this address.

Note: We are not a retail store and are an online only business.

Phone: 1-269-324-2598


Backup email:


Defective discs


We guarantee all DVDs to be free from defects. In most cases there is usually no need to send anything back.

If you think you have a defective disc please contact us. We will take care of it!

We care about video and audio quality! If you are not satisfied with it we will give you an alternative title or replacement.

All sales are final and unfortunately we cannot provide refunds on already processed orders.

If you have a problem, we will do anything we can to make it right!





I haven't received my order yet.

Please email us at any time for an order status or tracking number.

If a package is lost we will offer to send a replacement.

Lost packages are extremely rare!


Defective discs

We guarantee all DVDs to be free from defects. In most cases there is usually no need to send anything back.

If you think you have a defective disc please contact us! We will take care of it!

We care about video quality! If you are not satisfied with it we will give you an alternative title or replacement.



Are your DVDs censored?


Due to Japanese law, all movies are censored. There is a very thin digital blurring over the female and male genitalia and nothing else.

This does not take away from the enjoyment of these types of movies at all. If it did otherwise, I wouldn't be selling them!




18 U.S.C 2257 Record-Keeping Compliance Statement (Age Statement)

In compliance with Title 18 of U.S. Code 2257, all actresses featured in the movies on this site were at least 18 years of age at the time of filming. All titles offered on this site were published in Japan by prominent studios such as Idea Pocket, K-Tribe, SOD etc. The stickers below are standard authentication materials used by Japanese AV studios as proof that there are absolutely no performers below the age of 18. These stickers accompany all adult videos released in Japan.


18 U.S.C 2257 Record-Keeping Compliance Statement




What is your refund and return policy?


Once an order is processed and shipped, unfortunately we can't offer refunds.

If you are not happy with your order, please contact us and we will do what we can to make it right!

If there is a problem with a DVD we provide replacements or an alternative title.

Usually there is no need to send anything back first.

If you need to cancel an order please be sure to contact us immediately for a full refund.


About Us

Japan Video World started out in 2002.

I was a collector of Japanese adult movies and always found it too difficult and expensive to watch them. Usually you had to special order them straight from Japan. A 60 minute VHS tape from some studios would cost up to $100USD!

We started this site as a way to make it easier and cheaper for those in the USA to buy Japanese Adult DVDs.

We originally only sold Bukkake movies, but eventually started to provide movies in many other genres.

Believe it or not we once only sold VHS tapes!