1: A man starts things out by squeezing and licking her nipples. She seems to be able squirt a lot of milk out of her nipples, up into the air. Her nipples are really huge and after awhile she takes over and squeezes both nipples at the same time and milk is shooting out everywhere and even hitting the camera.

2: She gives the man a blowjob, squirts milk onto his dick and continues to blow him. When she's done she has sex with him in all sorts of different positions.

3: She has a ball gag in her mouth with her hands strapped up with red tape for this scene. A man uses some vibrators, pumps and other suction devices on her nipples to collect milk. He also squeezes her nipples so that she squirts milk everywhere. It's collected in a glass and they save it up and she has a taste of it.

4: Another really mild bondage scene here. She's blindfolded and the man just causes her to squirt out milk all over the place.

5: Using her own hands to squeeze her tits she squirts out milk onto a black table and licks some of it up.

6: Vibrators are used on her, she gives a blowjob and then has sex. All this while she lactates.