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Added on: June 6, 2024

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1: Starts out with lots of foreplay, then sex and a messy facial.

2: Half a dozen or more men all feel her up all at once. I see this so much in Moodyz titles. Some probably love it, but to me it’s just so creepy! This goes on for a long time and then they squirt some oil into her mouth and then she gives a bunch of men blowjobs. While she’s blowing one guy some other men actually cum all over her face!

3: Blowjob and a cumshot. That’s it for this short scene.

4:Some sex and a facial.

5: Licks some man’s ass, gives him a blowjob and he cums in her mouth. Lots of men now cum into her mouth and then she gets a facial. It’s actually a really good one for once! At end she pees into a bucket.

6: Sex and a messy facial here again.

7: While sitting down uses a vibrator on herself she gets a few cumshots to the face.

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