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Added on: June 9, 2024

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1: She walks into a house with a lot of men in it. She kneels down and jerks off some of them and gives blowjobs to others. They take turns receiving blowjobs from her and each one cums in her mouth. She shows off each load of cum in her moouth and swallows them all down. She even holds out her hands to collect some of the cum.

2: This is still the same scene, but i’ll split it up a bit. She continues to take loads of cum in the mouth over and over again. She acts really happy about this and is always smiling. She likes to show off the cum in her mouth in this part as well and even gargles with it in her mouth.

3: On a bed she blows one man, swallows his cum and then licks another man’s ass and jerks him off so he cums on his own stomache and she licks it up.

I’ve lost track of what’s going on, since there’s so much different stuff. The scene goes on forever and a ton of men cums in her mouth and she swallows what must be dozens of loads of cum one by one. This movie is just amazing. I might say that alot, but that’s what it is!

4: Starts off with her using a vibrator on herself and getting fingered. After that, about a dozen men cum in her mouth one by one and she swallows each load.

5: She’s handcuffed to a jail cell and a bunch of men feel her up all at once and use a massager on her. While in the doggy-style position she receives a lot of cum-shots in the mouth during sex. Another good scene.


1: The cum on food scene! Not usually my thing to watch, but some of these scenes can be good. She takes cums all over what looks like chicken and then into her drink. I could have gone without the closeup shots of cum and food in her mouth. If you’re going to make a cum-on-food scene, make it be food that doesn’t look nastier than the semen itself! MDLD-276 has some good cum on food content.

2: This scene is called “Semen Bar”! She gives lots of men blowjobs and then has them fill up a huge wine glass with cum and then she swallows it all down!

3: These scenes usually ruin it for me. One of those fake “rough” scenes. They bring her into a bathroom and then cum in her mouth several times. Two men even pee on her chest at the end of the scene.

4: During sex she takes cum-shots in her mouth from about 15 or so men. She even sucks the cum out of two condoms!

has a couple average scenes. It’s still enough to make it a must have title!

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