Kumi Tachibana

Intro: She has her leg up in the air and sprays milk all over the place.

1: She lactates using her own hands in a close-up view. She has some huge nipples! A man squeezes her tits from behind and makes her lactate. She sprays milk all over his dick and gives him a blowjob. He cums in her mouth and she spits it into her hands and sprays milk in her hands too and swallows the milk and semen.

2: She does some some stretching on her wooden bar and leans way back and shoots milk into the air! She does this for the rest of the scene as well.

3: She lactates through her shirt, strips down and then a man sucks on her left nipples and then makes her right one squirt out milk. During sex she lactates all over too.

4: While sitting down she lactates all over the camera using her own fingers.

5: Lactations all over a man's dick before she gives him a blowjob.

6: She sprays milk all over a man's dick while he's still in his underwear and then during all the foreplay as well. Later, she is leaning against that wooden bar and has her leg raised all the way up to her head while standing during sex. They switch positions several times and she continues to spray milk everywhere.

7: She does her exercises and sprays out milk into the air. Lots of close up shots. After awhile a man takes over.