Maria Ogura

This is another Maria Ogura DVD movie I found in my collection! I seem to have 95% of them now. If you ever come across one I don't have, please tell me! I scanned through this really quick and it looked very good!

Intro: Nice shot of her tied up completely naked with just rope.

1: Man her her upper body tied up. Most of the rope is around her tits. She pulls out her tits from her shirt and squeezes them and she squirts out some milk.

2: She is sitting on a couch without a shirt and her tits are tied up. Man squeezes her huge nipples and she even tries to catch her own squirting milk in her mouth! After this, he has her squirt milk into her hand.

3: Man wraps rope around her tits several times. He gets out a wine glass and lightly squeezes her tits and she squirts milk into the glass. He does this to the left tit too and they both take a drink out of the glass of milk. The man then gets out a massager and uses on her nipples.

When he's done with that he continues to squeeze milk into the glass while using the massager on her pussy.

4: Marie is laying tied up on a table and squirts milk into another woman's mouth. She's tied up too. This is the hottest thing i've seen in awhile. The other woman lightly rubs marie's nipples and she's squirting in the air. They do some milk swapping and she continues to squirts her tits. I swear, he had like eight small little streams of milk all going up at once!

The other girl sits on Marie's face and marie squirts milk all over her pussy. The friend uses a vibrator on Marie and she continues to squirt milk up in the air and after awhile her face looks soaked by her own milk.

5: She has rope around her upper body again and hot wax is dripped all over her tits. It's not as painful as it looks. She also gets some on her ass and a bit on her tongue. She even squirts milk out of her tits while the wax is coming off. She squirts it all over some man's dick and gives him a blowjob. Pretty amazing scene.

6: She squirts milk into a man's mouth and then over his bald head! She then continues to squirt milk while he fingers her. She squirts milk on his dick and gives him a blowjob!

7: She gets on top of a man for sex and squirts milk all over the place. She also does this in the missionary position. After this scene she squirts some more in a bath tub.

10! Another must have lactation title.