Actress: Karen Shirakawa, Misuzu Kosaka, Hitomi Mizutami, Akari Sato


Have you ever seen eight nipples squirting milk all at the same time? I now have. In this first part, four woman are all sitting down next to each other and in a side view they all squirt milk all at the same time! Two of the stars I recognized. One of them was in ZOMD-34 that I just reviewed. The other was in ZOMD-32.

1: Two of the woman are in this scene. They have thin rope tied around them. One man pees on one of the women and then another on the second. I'm willing to bet money that this scene is faked. Out of the 1000 or so bukkake movies i've seen, only less than a few have I thought they might have been faked. That's bukkake though. The pee in this scene looks like it's coming out of a hose! Anyway, not a big deal I guess. Next, lotion or oil is poured and rubbed onto their bodies. Now there is wax dripped onto them. They give blowjobs, are fingered and then have sex.

2: The next two woman stand on the side of a man and squirt milk all over him. He then lifts his ass into the air and they both squirt milk all over his clothed dick and ass. It was bad enough he's wearing rubber under-shorts. Zero interest here. One sits on his face and the other lactates all over the place.

Next up, one has sex with him while the other uses a vibrator. The scene does have some good stuff in it though. It does have two of some of the best lactation stars in it though.

3: All four lactate all over a masked man that laying down. The women also squirt milk into each other's mouths. One woman takes a mouthful of milk and spits it out onto the man's dick and gives him a handjob! There's a ton of lactation in this scene and one really good side-view shot. Towards the end they licks some milk off of their fingers.

4: Way too much is going on in this scene that it's so hard to describe, but i'll do my best. Probably best to be describe as like a lactation orgy or something. First off, all four are in swimsuits. The top part is removed and they all start lactating into the air. After awhile they're all in a circle and lactate even more. After this part is done, it's now all over a man's body, including his face. Next, it's all over a man's dick. They all have sex and continue to lactate all over. One of them has thousands of milk drops all over her body that are licked up.

5: This scene is so hot and I could watch ones like this all day. She looks at the camera and then squirts milk all over it. Once it's covered with milk, she cleans it off and does it again. She does this three times and at one point even rubs her nipples all over the lens and then licks it clean! The next three two the same thing to the camera. Good way to end a movie!