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You can view our new price chart above.

We also just added automatic discounts for larger quantities.

We also added a new 20 DVDs for $80 deal.

Free USA shipping is also available on all orders of at least 10 items.

When buying 100 we suggest using a "bulk link" instead.

See ordering page on how to order using only catalog numbers. Keep a list of titles while browsing and order later!



Added 28 screenshot galleries today for recently added movies.

You can view a list of them here.



Added about 7 very good titles to the MISC area. First titles at the top.

Two more in the lesbian category also.

You can also find a new bukkake title here.



Nine more screenshot galleries of recently added movies are listed here.




26 new galleries listed here. About 7 bukkake galleries.


I also just found that over 20 reviews were missing from the Moodyz area and were added back.

Many of them some of the best bukkake movies ever made.

If you haven't viewed the area, be sure to check back them out!




We just added about 21 new titles. Even some Bukkake movies!


  1. Six in the "MISC" area. First ones on the top.
  2. Seven in the bukkake catalog (opens in new window) . First ones on top. No reviews for them yet, but coming soon. It might take a few days.
  3. One in bondage area. We also listed two new bukkake titles in the Waap area.


We've added 113 total DVDs this month.





Two high quality titles listed in the lesbian DVD area.

First two on the top left.



Added about 17 new titles today. Most in the MISC area at the top, but 2 bukkake titles in the Waap area.



Four more under MISC and a deepthroat blowjob/bondage movie starring Tsubomi. Been wanting to add it for a long time.

The series is kind of nasty. You'll love it or hate it! It's a popular series on our site. Even if you normally hate bondage movies it's worth looking into.

I also added a Ichika Kamihata movie. I'm a fan of her movies and wish I had more of them.



Added another 13 titles to MISC + Bondage categories. About 69 total titles added this month so far!

In the MISC area they're on the 2nd row.

We also added a Maki Tomoda compilation here. It's a little harder to find in the listings.





Another 32 titles added today to the MISC and Bondage categories! Tons of good stuff (IMO).

Many of the new titles have been suggested to us.

We also added some yesterday too.

All of them right at the top of each category.



Added 24 very good new titles in various categories:


  1. Three in the lesbian area in the "Kinky Lesbian" series. One of them starring Uta Kohaku. Also added AUKS-065 yesterday. Want more like Uta Kohaku's IFOA-042? Please ask! We have a ton of them we could add if there is enough interest. They're quite different, but i'm a huge fan of them.. Content is similar to what's found in the "Kinky Lesbian" series.
  2. Seven under Miscellanous. Five are some of my favorites with Maki Mizui and are some of the hottest movies in the world (IMO!)
  3. Fourteen under bondage. Several in a "Confinement Chair" series and some Tentacle movies (plastic). A few of the titles just added under MISC & Lesbian contain bondage too.





We re-arranged the Moodyz section a little and weeded out all the slower sellers. Those have been moved to a page 2.

It doesn't mean they're bad, but fewer people are interested in them. There is a few that haven't sold since 2014!

I also put the top 10 sellers right at the top in order!

Would you believe MIGD-627 with Marie Konishi has outsold the #2 title by almost double? Pretty amazing. It's a good movie too and deserves it.

A few of my personal favorites are listed as "Webmaster Favorite". A couple of them them sold poorly but I kept them on page 1.

Monbu Ran's RMFD-10 sold extremely poorly, but is a real masterpiece IMO. It's also directed by the guy who pretty much invented bukkake.

MIGD-600 is my personal favorite bukkake movie of 2015.

BTW if you need a special deal on a large amount of titles, please contact us for a "bulk link".

100, 200 or even 500 DVDs is no problem. Discounts are based on quantity ordered.





Added a few screenshots here. One is bukkake.




We have some new bukkake titles available. Reviews & screenshots now complete!

Any purchases of them will help us add good new bukkake titles for everyone!

We also added some Miscellaneous JAV titles. You can view an index of them HERE.




You can view our new Japanese Bukkake Catalog.

This is for those who don't like to read our reviews or prefer to browse by box cover thumbnails only.

It's also good for an Ipad or any tablet in widescreen mode.



How do you want to browse our site? Which method do you prefer? Is there any way I make it easier to browse?

If browsing is too hard or time consuming for you, please let us know.

My idea is to make sorted views of every bukkake page. Titles filtered by facials and then by swallowing (in addition to a view all page).

For testing i've made a Idea Pocket Gokkun/Cum swallowing page.

There is also one in the Moodyz bukkake area. Direct link is here.

Titles there can contain any content but MUST have swallowing.

I think the movies containing facials are now a little more popular than the gokkun titles. Not by much (60% vs 40%).

I consider "gokkun" to be in the bukkake genre too so I never specifically mention it in updates.

We sell both types. The bukkake areas also can contain anything related to bukkake or similar, such as cream-pies or cum on food etc.

Our bukkake categories just have to contain anything related to semen/sperm/cum.

I also updated the search engine but if there is anything you can't find, just ask!



I was really surprised how good all of these new additions here. Two right in a row that were near perfect movies.

Here's what we've added:

    1. MIGD-600 starring Ayu Sakurai - one of the best gokkun movies i've seen in several years.
    2. MIGD-649 - Abe Mikako - this was another that was near perfect.
    3. MVSD-251
    4. MVSD-254 with Miyu Kotohara
    5. WDI-051 Gals Dream Shower - another with Miyu Motohara. Her last movie impressed me so I had to get more.
    6. STAR-598 - Iori Furukawa
    7. KTDS-718 with Rina Hatsume - I added these due to many requests.
    8. KTDS-785 with Kagami Shuna - her most recent title.
    9. YOOM-11 with Rina Hatsume - out of print/rare. As long as some of the K-tribe titles.
    10. BBAN-003, BBAN-004 & BBAN-007


Here's the good stuff from our last update that many people overlooked:

  1. MZD-003 - very impressive movie from a studio that's severely underrated.
  2. MZD-004 - same series. I need more!
  3. MIGD-455 - deep-throat blowjob movie . Loved this movie and I usually don't like this type of movie. Megumi Shino makes it even better!
  4. MIGD-577 - another with the deep-throat blowjobs.
  5. DJE-019 - Cream-pie themed movie.
  6. DJE-018 Semen Aged 18
  7. AGL-001
  8. ZONO-029 - Tsubomi movie where she visits her fans in their homes and has sex with them! It's actually a very good movie.
  9. TT-051 - pretty much perfect except for just 1 scene.
  10. RCT-546 - I bet a lot of people didn't see that we added this.
  11. PMP-224 - Haven't seen a japanese bukkake movie from them in a long time and it's a good one!
  12. NITR-042 - like an Asfur movie, but even better!





Added about 21 titles + previews to the JAV area.



Added the following:


  1. KTDS-481
  2. MIAD-534 with Mika Osawa
  3. MIGD-325 with Hitomi - Two discs. Big breast title. Screenshots are for disc 1 only. Listed on page 2.
  4. MUM-002 - these two were very good.
  5. MUM-007
  6. WSS-232
  7. JUX-520

NOTE: most are on the first JAV page. The hitomi title is on page 2.



Two new reviews and some previews for other good titles.

  1. IPZ-320 with Miki Sunohara - I really liked this one and a must have for fans of her (like me). Lots of cum swallowing/blowjobs.
  2. IPZ-179 with Erina Fujisaki - Very similar to the one above.
  3. KTDS-519 - these get requested as much as the MUM titles.
  4. MUM-067 starring Riko Yukino - this MUM series has been extremely popular here lately. I will try to get more. I want more with Rina Hatsume.
  5. Marx SMA-751 - Marie Konishi movie - I hope she makes more movies, I really like her. Maybe she will do a MUM series title (like MUM-123).
  6. S1 SOE-533 - Female investigator type movie, which you'll either love or hate. I like the big boobs and the leather "cat-suit" they wear.
  7. S1 SOE-559 with Ruri Saijo - more big boobs! Forgot to list this and I really like the cover.
  8. JENY-002 with Anri Nonaka - one of my favorite actresses, but retired. Already had screenshots for this. Oops! You can see more of them.



I've been trying to add a new review every day, but it's hard. Finishing orders comes first! Added a new review and some previews for the following:

  1. Ifrit IFDVA-027 - Cosplay with Hinata Seto. Very few of her movies are bad! If you get this, we also suggest IFDVA-021. They're very similar.
  2. DDT-194 with Asou Misaki - contains facial and lots of other stuff. Review + preview. This series has been popular lately! I like this actress too.
  3. DDT-137 with Chihiro Hasegawa (both of these are in the "M-drg" series. Some cumshots to the face, but no real facial. Lots of deep-throat blowjobs.)
  4. KTDS-398
  5. MDS-783 with Aki Hinomoto




A few more titles to add. All of them very good!

  1. COT-003 with Mayura Hoshitsuki
  2. COT-002 Yuria Hidaka - These have deep-throat BJ scenes similar to those in the Mdr_ug series. Consider that a warning!
  3. BBAN-006 starring Anna Noma, Hisae Yabe
  4. JUX-299 with Reiko Makihara & Yumi Kazama - another
  5. JUX-520 - Sorry, ran out of time to make a preview. Will make one ASAP!
  6. LALS-07 with Shiori Koto - this series is really impressive. Love the costumes etc. All 18+




Added about five DVD reviews in the Mature woman category. Several with Natsumi Kitahara (big boobs!) and a favorite of mine with Erina Tsukishima (SPRD-13 or Principal Woman Nakadashi).

We have nearly every Erina title there is. I really like her and hope to eventually get them all. She retired a few years ago and also goes by the name Marie Fujisaki.

That category has been nearly invisible to Googlebot and friends for nearly a year despite a lot of titles being listed. Well, it probably just needs more reviews!

Despite no incoming traffic it's a very popular area with our customers.



I reviewed the following movies today:

  1. TZSD-001 Mydol Semen SP - Perfect cast with Mayura Hoshitsuki, Asuka Sawaguchi and many others.
  2. SLSD-003 - From Audaz who back in the day made some really good movies. This version is a newly added version on two discs and it's 240 minutes.
  3. DJE-050 Mature Shower - I thought I wouldn't be interested in this. WRONG! It's actually very good and shouldn't even be called Mature Shower. She's only 29!
  4. LADY-098 with Rina Hatsume - Some of her most recent movies are REALLY good and probably my top 10 favorites in the last 5 years. One of them I disliked on the first viewing and then I realized how great it was on the 2nd viewing. It's MUM-155. She was doing things in that movie (DP etc) that I only saw in the old American stuff from Anabolic/Platinum-X way back in the mid 2000s. Anyway, click the bold link for the review AND screenshots. If you like LADY-098 I highly suggest Cross CRPD-436 with Rina.

Don't forget that the JAV page one has only new additions to the catalog. About 47 titles added a week ago (there is also 10 pages).



Added 8 new les. titles:

  1. U&K AUKG-250
  2. JUC-552
  3. JUKD-852
  4. MESS-015
  5. MIAD-474 with Maki Hojo
  6. MIAD-500 starring Kana Ohhori & Mika Osawa
  7. Obasan OBA-022 with Natsumi Kitahara
  8. BBAN-014





  1. MIGD-570 with Ruri Narumiya (10/10)
  2. WDI-049 Dream Shower (9.5/10 score!)
  3. WDI-048 Dream Shower
  4. Asfur ASW-144 (click this link to reviews for the rest of the asfur titles)
  5. ASW-169
  6. ASW-127
  7. ASW-137
  8. DDT-469 (9/10 score)
  9. IPZ-423
  10. Rocket RCT-680 with Ai Uehara
  11. DJE-050 - Mature Shower (no review yet)
  12. IPZ-179 (no review yet)
  13. IPZ-452 (no review yet)
  14. IPZ-320 with Miki Sunohara (no review yet)


More from recent updates:


  1. MIGD-529 - Kaoru Natsuki
  2. CWM-136
  3. SOE-916 - Yuma Asami
  4. SNIS-069 - Nami Hoshino
  5. JS-50 - Mai Miura
  6. JS-47 - Marina Matsumoto
  7. NS-12 - Roa Sumikawa
  8. ASW-143 - Koyuuno
  9. ASW-142 - Kanon Takigawa
  10. NS-14 - Yuna Shiratori
  11. KV-121
  12. RSD-012 - I really like this series.
  13. ASW-148 - Katou Tsubaki
  14. MIGD-561 with Hatsumi Saki & Inagawa Natsume.
  15. MVSD-200 - Akari Hoshino
  16. WDI-043 Dream Shower - Nobody likes this series?! I love it.
  17. IPZ-208 - Amami Tsubasa
  18. IPZ-160 - Jessica Kizaki
  19. MIGD-629 Dream Woman 97
  20. WDI-045 Dream Shower
  21. WDI-046 Dream Shower
  22. WDI-047 Dream Shower
  23. MDLD-133 Dream Girl 1
  24. ASW-111 - Kirara Hoshizaki
  25. ASW-152 - Nozomi Haduki
  26. ASW-164 - Maniac Semen Vol. 1 - Miku Abeno
  27. ASW-162 - Yurina Ayashiro
  28. ASW-170 - Aimi Takagi
  29. ASW-174 - Maki Kyouko


Sometimes my good ideas for the site turn out to be not so good at all..

The JAV page is now back to having much larger front cover thumbnails. We will make a mobile only page later.


I also think many review pages are way too long. Now the first page of the biggest areas will only list the best selling titles.

If it hasn't sold well since early last year it will be "archived" onto a 2nd page. This was one of the few good ideas I had.

I was surprised that some of the 9/10 rated movies sold so poorly. The maid type movies (from moodyz) also were not popular despite good content.

BTW the "covers view" (click "mobile site" above) pages are now mobile friendly. Nope, I didn't reduce the images down to nothing.





Review scores for Waap titles are now back online!

Tons of reviews and probably from as far back as 2004.

Some of them will be listed as "(no score given)"

This means that it was either added before we gave scores or it just didn't get one.

These might be re-visited and given one in the future. This way I can search for them later.

Scores are from between 1 and 10.

Scores of 7 or 7.5 are not bad movies, but "pretty good".

I don't hand out tons of 10/10 ratings but generally most are good.

I also added some "Webmaster Favorites" to the area.

Don't forget to visit all the pages because there are some high rated movies on page 5/5 too.

I'm going to be giving out scores in the future. It's kind of fun to review this way and I know a lot of people probably won't agree with my ratings.

I also might try adding a quick summary at the end in addition to the longer reviews.

I really should try harder to make shorter reviews but still give you an idea as to what's in the movie.

My last one was for Nanami Nanase's 100 Shots of Semen Vol. 3 but it was way overkill.

It's almost impossible to make a short review of her movies! Despite being retired for a long time she's still very popular on here. Most people heard about her from her Semen Maniac title.

Her filmography is now listed in our site directory (just updated today..forgot to post about it)



I've updated the top sellers list. It lists them year by year from 2003 until 2013!

In that area you can click any bold catalog number for a gallery or the box cover for the full cover (you can do this in any other area too).



Made the Ordering Page much more simple and less confusing.

I also put up a step-by-step guide on how to order for those who aren't computer gurus. It might be useful to some.

BTW our JAV page is now mobile friendly but should be viewed in widescreen if possible.



Made a totally new Best of Moodyz section.

This page will only list moodyz titles that have received an 8.5 or higher score (out of 10).

Please note that many reviews I did not give a score to. Years ago we also did not use score ratings at all.

If a movie didn't get a score it doesn't mean they're bad!

I also am going to continue to do as many reviews as possible and bring back the score ratings for good.

It will take time some time to add them back.

I plan on re-adding all the "Best of" areas for the biggest areas. This will be useful for when you only want to browse the highest rated titles.




Made some improvements to the search engine. It now will search in more areas.

It will not search inside picture galleries (or blog archives). There are just too many of them and it wouldn't help people much.

If you can't find something just ask! You'd be surprised how few emails we get these days.

I'm also trying to improve page load times for slower connections.

I want to get them all down to loading in under 1 second (on cable).

So far today i've split up a lot of pages. Too many areas to list. Some in both the reviews & covers view area.

In the Moodyz area i've split it up into 6 areas. Previously it was "ONLY" 150 pages. No kidding!

I almost got bored of just pressing "Page down" just to get to the end.




I just split apart the lactation DVD review area to make it load faster . Each page in there will now load in under 2 seconds (on most connections).

I didn't think anyone wanted to scroll down through over 72 pages of reviews!

All those amazing Maria Ogura & Kumi Tachibana titles deserve more attention! Did you know we have a filmography for each of them?.

I also just found an old gallery of Maria Ogura's movies. I stopped linking to it and forgot about it. You can see the filenames for the catalog number of the movie it's from.

I'm pretty positive we have all of her movies. If you see one we don't have you can let us know.





35 new DVDs in the JAV area. Too many to list here. All at the top. Click that link to see them.



Want to go back in time and see what titles were added and new in 2005 and 2006?

Check out our old updates page (bottom of page). This 2005 Updates listing has never been posted in the last few years and it went temporarily missing.

All the original links to picture galleries still work and there should be zero broken links.

Despite being so old most of the movies are still extremely good. Some have not been topped if you can believe it.

On the top of that page is a list of old posts made for every year. Sometimes I think I like to type way too much!

This site is a monster and there must be 1000 pages on it of movie reviews on it.



EDIT: I also did this for the SOD area and added a top 10 list there too.

I've refreshed the MVG/M's Video Group page a little. Basically I weeded out a lot of the titles and moved them to an archives page.

I also added a small sub-category in the MVG section. Probably not of interest to most people.

For fun I also added a Top sellers list to the area (for MVG titles only). You can see which movies other people like.

MVSD-067 Big Tits Semen Junky with Azusa Ayano is the #1 seller. No surprise! Kazuhiko Matsumoto directed it (same director as "Fuji No Jin").

If there is anything I can do to make browsing for DVDs easier please let me know. No idea is too small. My goal is to make buying DVDs as easy as possible.

Don't forget to check out update below! Any purchase will help us add future titles.





We brought back the "Covers Only" section. I think it was more useful to people than I originally thought.

Now you don't need to view each review page just to find a "covers view" link.




A few people have asked me for listings that are sorted by catalog number or series to make it easier to browse.

I know that a lot of you like to keep your collection very organized and maybe this will help you find some missing titles.

As a start i've made one for the Waap area. It's very time consuming and if people find it useful i'll make more of them.

FYI The Dream Shower series started with BTD- and then switched to WDI- after BTD-067.

There's a few with different catalog numbers.





I spent maybe 4 hours today re-arranging all the movie.

Each category will now list some of the best sellers of 2014 until now at the very top.

I also have the menu now defaulting to the LONG review pages. If you prefer the split pages you can easily switch over.

If you still prefer browsing with our "Covers View" mode it's still on this page's menu. I might consider adding it each review page again.

I'd like to get rid of this option but some people still like to browse by that method I think.

Don't forget that you can click on "More" to get 6 extra maker categories. We didn't remove the Junk Shop, Shuttle and Dream Ticket categories!

I wanted to avoid cluttering up the main menu.

Please let us know if there is anything we can change to make navigating even easier.





Added twelve new titles to the JAV main category. First ones on the top.

Some with Reiko Kobayakawa (Big Boobs!) , Yuuno Hoshi and Shizuka Kanno.

Oh and two with women wearing leather catsuits. Big Boobs and those go well together. Maybe you'll agree!

EDIT: Sorry, fixed an issue with the covers not displaying properly. Somehow I used a backslash instead of a forward slash on the filenames. Oops!



Added a few good new movies.

These titles are listed in the JAV category. Right near the top (2nd row).

  1. DBN-002 - Starring Minami Ogura & Yuria Hidaka
  2. Dogma DDT-126 - Irrumatio compilation which is deep-throat blowjobs.
  3. DVKS-058 - Underarm fetish movie. Going to be extremely popular! Kidding, but I've added this anyway.
  4. Marx SMA-410 - Not for everyone! I didn't list this for quite awhile.
  5. Deeps DVDPS-723 "Sex on the Beach". This is starring Kaede aka Yoko. I accidentally listed it in the Mature section, but now in the correct area. BTW if you like her I also found she's in a dancing movie called DDY-04. Check the link for the new box cover I uploaded. The dancing movies are actually pretty hot despite having no sex in them.
  6. ONED-831 - Soap movie. Check out IDOL-061 with Riko Tachibana if you can too (don't have it yet).




Found out today that the Moodyz, Waap and Idea Pocket "View All" pages were missing a ton of reviews!

Up to 20 pages of them maybe.

They were still listed in the split pages though.

The view all pages are not a default menu option, but a lot of people prefer them.

They're not default because they're extremely long and best for desktops. For example, the Moodyz view all page is about 200 pages long!



A customer gave me a good idea and it's something so simple that I can't believe I didn't do it earlier.

Not a big deal really, but all the box covers in the review listings are directly across from the START of the review. Not in the middle like before.

Now there is no need to scroll down to check the cover for those very long reviews.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is using a huge display! Some prefer laptops or just a tablet.

If you're ever looking around the site and think of any ideas to make it easier to browse, please let me know!




Improved the Lactation movies area. I also made a new Lactation covers view version that has FULL maker and actress info. I had to manually search for actress/maker names for all of them and it was painfully tedious, but I found a lot of movies I want to now go and re-watch! I also found a few Kumi Tachibana movies where she didn't get credit at all.

The covers mode is a little messier than other areas due to some movies having 4 actresses listed.

I also split the review area back into 3 pages, but there is also a "view all" option, but it's not default. Some people don't want to click a link and have the page be 200 pages long!

There's a few actresses in this area that have as many lactation movies as Maria Ogura!

Lots of movies with Karen Shirakawa, Misora Hamano, Aki Nitta, Miru Kurumi and Hitomi Mizutani.

If I screwed up any of the names in there badly you can let me know.

BTW I was half joking about the lactation view all page being 200 pages. It's actually 184! That's a lot of one person talking about lactating boobs! Despite being 184 pages it loads in under 10 seconds easily, but 71 seconds on a 56k modem. I actually don't know how many of you are browsing our site on dialup. I think this is the only option for some remote locations.

I bet there is some guy out there still using his Pentium 120 with a 14,400 baud modem! PS I used to run a BBS back in the day if you know what that is. It's a text based online service before everyone started using the internet (or AOL!).



WOW! I just realized I had accidentally chopped off over 45 full movie reviews in our Japanese Lactation movies area. Tons of good stuff. I'm glad I caught this. I think I this happened back in early October! That link takes you directly to all the missing reviews.

Now it's temporarily super long and I will split them properly later today AND have a "view all" page.

Right now I am adding maker and actress names to the Lactation covers area (in the link above too).



Spent all day today trying to improve many pages and make them more useful. My goal was to make them more simple (this page is the exception and i'll fix that menu soon!). I made sure to TRY to make the site easier to use and that's how it should be. My goal from now on will be to avoid confusing people!

My favorite part of the site now is the new Covers View only area! The covers layout looks a little better. I've added a little more spacing around the boxes.

When you're in there I suggest having a mouse with a thumb button that has a "back button" assigned to it. Most of them do I believe. If you go to the "more" area inside that covers list it's so much faster switching areas when you can pick a category that's already on the current page. To return to the main menu after clicking, just click your back (or thumb button). It just goes back up to the top of the page!

I also defaulted all the review areas to split pages. If you want to view ALL the reviews in that category just click "View ALL". Don't forget that in there you can use CTRL+F in most browsers to search for a keyword, like "pie" or "boobies". I also just added easier access to every page without clicking "next" a hundred times. I know it makes it a LITTLE more cluttered, but I think this is actually better.

Tomorrow I will go back through and triple check how things look on my tablet. I'm not going to focus on having it 100% perfect with a tablet, but will try.

I optimize for tablets mostly with my Google Nexus 7 or an Ipad. If you use Internet Explorer I suggest using this site with Firefox or Chrome for the best results.

Once i'm getting things perfect i'm going to leave it that way and not touch it.

I'm still trying to figure out how I almost killed all sales this month.

When I do any changes it will be only to IMPROVE or ADD new content! Removing old or supposedly "thin" content was a major no-no perhaps.

I guess theres a reason they say "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"

Anyway i'm trying to recover by making this site the best it can be. I know you all want new movies and hopefully I can get some if things improve.

I honestly just need to focus on getting a few orders in from old and new customers. This will really help us out!



Updated the Search engine! When you type something up it will highlight it on the page in bright yellow.

This ONLY happens with javascript enabled and if you let the page fully load.

It will only search the most important areas.

I also added another option using Google's search engine. It's not as good and makes it hard to find specific titles.

The google one will let you see images in the search though and indexes more pages.



Split the Waap and SOD (Soft on Demand) review area into multiple pages. I previously had them as 2-3 sections, but they were still way too long at around 25-30 pages each!

Now each numbered section will be only 20 pages long. That seems like too much, but even on a tablet it's pretty short.

There's about 100 pages of Waap movie reviews!

I never really understood why Waap movies don't get too much attention from all our visitors. It's pretty strange..

Waap makes some of the best movies IMO.

I also split the Milky Princess area up. It's another favorite area. I'm going to set a limit of 20-25 pages for each review area.

If there is a special way of browsing you prefer, let me know. Maybe a way to view all the back covers all at once?

Maybe much larger front covers for the "Covers Mode" areas?

Another idea is a gallery of full size covers in addition to a zip archive.

I hope to make zip archives for all the titles we have available. Sometimes I just prefer to view a bunch of covers to decide on what I want to buy.





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