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We sell Japanese Bukkake & Japanese Adult DVDs in 35 categories.

All movies are region free and shipped to anywhere in the world!

Just $7.50 each or 20/$65 or 30/$95

Save up to $270 when you buy in bulk. See our ordering page for full prices.


Our base rate is just $7.50 and there is no extra charge for 2-3 disc sets. We suggest buying at least 20 movies for the cheapest prices. If you buy more than 20 items you won't pay $7.50, but the price will drop. The cost for each Bukkake DVD drops when you buy 20 and 40 DVDs! For example, when you buy 20 DVDs the price drops to just $3.25 each. We like to reward customers for buying more! Specific quantities are not required to get a good deal. The discounts are automatic! See our ordering page for a full price chart with the price per disc and total savings. Do you need more than 40 movies or want to buy in bulk without clicking shopping cart links? Browse the site and keep a list of catalog numbers you want in a text file. We can send you a shopping cart link to checkout with only one click or you use the links found here! We give discounts for any quantity of JAV/Bukkake movie you need.

To purchase a product just browse our catalog and select "add to cart" for any title you want. After adding a movie you can close any new windows it opens and the cart will save the contents as long as the browser is not closed. If the shopping cart freezes, just click refresh or click back. You can also right click your mouse button and select "open link in new window" or just hold down CTRL when adding a DVD to the cart.

We can ship worldwide and to most countries! Shipping is $6 for Priority Mail. We offer discounted international shipping rates for $8. We also offer express mail options if you need your package faster.

On our site you can browse for movies in two different ways. First, there is a "Reviews Mode" where the menu items only take you to review pages. These pages are best if you like to read bukkake reviews before buying. If you prefer a faster method of browsing you can try our "Covers View"catalog. This mode will display limited info, the front covers and no reviews. Once you're in Covers View the menus only take you to Covers view pages until you go back to the main site.

On each product page there is a bold link. Clicking this will take you to a free bukkake picture gallery of screenshots. We have reviews and galleries for every single bukkake video we've added since 2002! If you don't like bukkake movies we also sell Japanese Videos (JAV) in over 10 different categories. We have DVD categories for Big Boobs (and small), Lesbian Women, Mature & Older, Bondage/BDSM, Lotion Play Sex, Lactating/Lactation (Maria Ogura etc) as well as Pregnant Women movies and Futanari (mostly Lesbian). Any unsorted titles will go into our main DVD category.


Prices and Bulk Order Discounts

Each DVD is $7.50 as our base rate.

The price per disc drops at each level below past 20.

20 DVDs for $65

30 DVDs for $95


Click HERE for the latest updates list.



More new screenshots:

  1. DDY-04 - dancing movie. On Jav page 3.
  2. DDY-05 - dancing movie. Jav page 2.
  3. DUGA-05. Another dancing movie. Page 3.
  4. DV-850 (page 3)
  5. MILD-046 - Konomi Futaba movie. Page 3.
  6. MILD-287 - Page 2.
  7. MXGS-031


    1. DAD-021
    2. DJNJ-94
    3. DKSS-002
    4. DLKE-02
    5. DVDPS-081 - Yukari Sakurada movie with nurse theme.
    6. DVDPS-390

    If you can tell me the catalog # for this movie i'll give you a free movie with any order. Request it in comments field.



Took some screenshots for the following JAV movies:

  1. BBI-091
  2. BBI-099 - listed on page 2/3
  3. BBI-128
  4. IESP-336 (listed as IESP-331, will fix soon. Hinata Seto movie. 18+)
  5. JMSD-006 (Sayaka Kusunoki)
  6. MDYD-804 - Big Boobs! Reiko Kobayakawa

Lesbian area:

  1. ANND-134 - Reiko Kobayakawa
  2. BMD-243
  3. BMD-261
  4. BMD-334
  5. DDR-870
  6. JNS DLKE-01
  7. DRSD-001
  8. DVDPS-566 (Chihiro Hasegawa movie)
  9. SSGD-001

TIP: You can sometimes use CTRL+F in each area to find these easily.


Added ten movies to my second favorite category, the lesbian area. All at the top.

Most of them look really good. The one starring Reiko looked amazing when I was scanning through it. I also like Riku Minato who is also in it.

Don't skip it because of it's terrible cover.

I also added back LADY-040 which is starring Yuuno Hoshi and Nene Mukai.

Most of the new ones have actresses in them that I really like.




Added twelve new titles to the JAV main category. First ones on the top.

Some with Reiko Kobayakawa (Big Boobs!) , Yuuno Hoshi and Shizuka Kanno.

Oh and two with women wearing leather catsuits. Big Boobs and those go well together. Maybe you'll agree!

EDIT: Sorry, fixed an issue with the covers not displaying properly. Somehow I used a backslash instead of a forward slash on the filenames. Oops!



For a limited time use coupon code "USASHIPPING" for free shipping inside the USA on 15 DVDs. It's not required for 20+

Don't forget to click "apply".

This will save you $5.75 and your DVDs will ship by Priority Mail (and not the slower 1st class mail).

Shipping is free for ALL orders of 20 or more items (or $64.95+)




Added a few good new movies.

These titles are listed in the JAV category. Right near the top (2nd row).

  1. DBN-002 - Starring Minami Ogura & Yuria Hidaka
  2. Dogma DDT-126 - Irrumatio compilation which is deep-throat blowjobs.
  3. DVKS-058 - Underarm fetish movie. Going to be extremely popular! Kidding, but I've added this anyway.
  4. Marx SMA-410 - Not for everyone! I didn't list this for quite awhile.
  5. Deeps DVDPS-723 "Sex on the Beach". This is starring Kaede aka Yoko. I accidentally listed it in the Mature section, but now in the correct area. BTW if you like her I also found she's in a dancing movie called DDY-04. Check the link for the new box cover I uploaded. The dancing movies are actually pretty hot despite having no sex in them.
  6. ONED-831 - Soap movie. Check out IDOL-061 with Riko Tachibana if you can too (don't have it yet).

LESBIAN (top link takes you to the category in a new window)

  1. BBAN-002 - This one is starring Yuka Ohsawa. She looks totally different in this and I thought it was someone else who looked like her. IMO She looks best with long black hair.
  2. VICD-024 - I could have sworn I've had this listed before. It's called "Sweet Obscene Lesbian". Sounds good to me!
  3. Deep DVDPS-081 - This one went missing for probably four years! No kidding and yesterday I somehow found it. It's a Yukari Sakurada lesbian movie with a nurse theme! I think this one is now ultra rare!


  1. Takara Visual SPRD-17 with Hiromi Okada. I kind of like her and possibly the oldest actress I have any interest in. We have a few others with her too.


  1. CC-157 - contains some mild bondage. No rough stuff.


  1. DFM-004 - New Maria Ogura movie. Unfortunately I think it's a re-release of a movie we already have. I'll list it anyway.



Totally new Best of section for every Bukkake movie area!

They're now all in one area. We've taken every title rated with a 9.5 to 10 and listed them here:

The Best of Japanese Bukkake Movies

I'll make some exceptions. There's a few movies there that only scored a 9.25 and maybe a couple that have no score.

Remember that many years ago we did not actually give review scores at all. Those will not be listed yet.

BTW I was surprised to find out that only one Knight's Visual movie made the list. I think they might be worse than Asfur.

Junk Shop movies are a slightly small step above them, but barely.

Waap & Dogma actually have the highest review scores from me I think.

BTW if you place a large order today (or any order) it will be processed on Monday by noon!




Made a new Best of Moodyz Bukkake section. I made one a month ago but it was way too long and very pointless.

People had no clue why each title was the best and actually listed there. It was a combination of best sellers and best rated. Now it lists ONLY titles given a 9.5 to 10 rating.

This is a good area if you don't have time to read hundreds of reviews in the Moodyz section.

I also added a few more links to the Covers View section. Now it's not just listed on this page only. It's on the very top menu in the maker categories.

I don't think those areas are as popular as I thought, but maybe i'm wrong.

I plan on making Best of areas for every bukkake category. They're a good way to browse and weed through all the lower scoring titles.

I had them for each area before but removed them. Not sure why on earth I did that!

BTW when we listed a movie as "10!" that's the best possible rated. Sort of like a movie that gets a 10 easily. I give those scores maybe once or twice a year.




Took some screenshots for some Japanese Futanari movies for a favorite series of mine. They're from Image/Next with the catalog numbers of SIMG-

These movies are worth every penny even at full retail. The have very good production values, an actual storyline/script and even nice sets/costumes. I almost always would buy each new one since they were so good. They went slightly downhill when they started adding totally overdone fake cumshots (extremely messy and meant to be fake!) and even fake lactation. There's even two where the women have TWO dicks instead of one! In case you're wondering, they are lesbian movies with strap-ons or a fake penis. Uta Kohaku is in one of them too if you know who she is. Cross futanari movies are also good.

SIMG-241 - They're dressed up as maids in this one.

SIMG-272 - this one has some nice sets. So hot! Sorry, i'm kidding, but it really does. I guess I should be watching boobs and butts instead of furniture.


SIMG-299 - Caution: contains double decker penis inside. Pretty amusing to watch. Oh it also has a DDPP scene in it. I really miss seeing those.

SIMG-321 - Ever seen a woman squirting milk from her boobs and semen from her uhh..penis? At the same time? Neither have I until now! Contains the double decker thing too.

SIMG-340 - Those screenshots are kind of funny to me. Please don't ask me if that's real semen!




I updated the search engine again. Sometimes when I don't update it enough it won't work very well and find items in newer pages. This search engine will ONLY find things in the product categories. For example, it won't find anything under info pages or something mentioned in our blog.

I also reviewed an older lesbian movie. It's one you'll either love or hate and is kind of messy.

I gave Aroma ARMD-899 a 10/10 and it's sort of like a lesbian kissing spit fetish movie. Weird right? Not as bad as it sounds.

Click the bold link to read the review. It's an extremely tough movie to review because so much is going on. The review is as messy as the movie itself!

I've been really impressed with this other Miyuki Majima lesbian movie from U&K I saw recently and was glad she was in this one.

The other movie is AUKS-022, but unfortunately we don't yet sell it but hopefully soon. It has a mature woman theme to it. You can also find the scene in a compilation with the catalog # of AUKG-239. That's another amazing movie that we also don't have yet. Sorry!

Other than bukkake, the lesbian kissing fetish movies are some of my favorite movies!

To me they're some of the hottest movies ever made and I wonder why?



Remember how I was saying that I probably screwed up the site on accident somehow?

Well today I found another 50 or so reviews missing from the site! In total since October 10th there's probably been about 200 reviews offline! NOT good!

Luckily they're all back. Most of them were only missing from the "View All" pages and the movies were still listed in the Covers View areas.

Missing Bukkake Reviews (direct link to the ones that are unsorted). Tons of good stuff including one with Konomi futaba.



Found out today that the Moodyz, Waap and Idea Pocket "View All" pages were missing a ton of reviews!

Up to 20 pages of them maybe.

They were still listed in the split pages though.

The view all pages are not a default menu option, but a lot of people prefer them.

They're not default because they're extremely long and best for desktops. For example, the Moodyz view all page is about 200 pages long!




More special deals on very large orders! No bulk link required now.

60 DVDs for $150

75 DVDs for $180

100 DVDs for $230 - dropped $20 and it's now automatic.

You can email us for a discount on ANY quantity. Need a quantity in between the levels above? Just contact us.

We suggest taking a screenshot of your cart at random in case it's lost. Or you can use bulk links to order this many items with a single link.

To take a screenshot in windows you can press PRT SCRN (Print Screen) and then paste it into Paint.

We also have discounts starting at 10 discs. See here for our full pricing.

Remember that when an add to cart item opens in a new window it's OK to close it. Your cart contents will be saved!

Just be sure to NOT close the browser.

If you don't want to use add to cart links you can order by using bulk links (instructions in link)



If you miss the "Covers view" Bukkake areas they're all moved into one area which is found on the main menu above.

Somehow they don't seem to be getting much traffic. Maybe they're not as popular as I thought!

I've slimmed down the menus (again, sorry!). I hope you'll find it OK and won't have problems finding any areas.

Any extra informational pages will go into the "Info Areas" page to avoid clutter. You'll find Best Bukkake, Best Sellers etc in there.

Got a favorite theme such as facials or gokkun? It's in there too.


We also have the Site Directory. It's very cluttered and annoying, but it has links to nearly every page on this site.

I updated it today and it has zero broken links.

The unsorted bukkake/misc bukkake titles will now be found by clicking "Bukkake Movies" above.

From there you can access the most popular Bukkake categories.

The "More Bukkake" section now is a little different. It will list 7 extra maker categories. Don't forget about it!

These are categories that don't get as much traffic and were not really needed on the main menu.

I don't like to try to make areas harder to find, but some people do find too many options on the menus to just make this site more confusing.

The "reviews only" area is kind of redundant after I simplified the menus, but i'll leave it up for awhile anyway.




For all our older customers who preferred our site in the past, we've put up this page:

Japanese Bukkake movie reviews only

It's a stripped down REVIEWS ONLY area with no extra junk to annoy you. No info areas and no covers view pages. Very limited menu with no non-bukkake categories.

It's NOT suggested for tablets and best for desktop users. It has no maker categories split into multiple pages. The main site does.

I know a lot of you might not care about the covers view areas and only like the reviews and that's it. This area is for you!

It might be kind of pointless, but I had a few people ask for a "bare bones" review only area.

I actually like any criticism you have on the layout of this site or what you don't like. I've tried to cut out the non-bukkake categories from the bukkake pages, but then those areas got WAY less traffic.

I want to make the site simple without confusing people. I prefer mostly text and it will always stay that way.

As much as some people do hate the "covers view" areas, I do think some people find them useful. I think they're good for those without a lot of spare time to browse the site. I like them for tablets too and 25% of our traffic is people using a tablet.

BTW if you think the reviews in the new area are too wide or the menu is too large or small, let me know!




A customer gave me a good idea and it's something so simple that I can't believe I didn't do it earlier.

Not a big deal really, but all the box covers in the review listings are directly across from the START of the review. Not in the middle like before.

Now there is no need to scroll down to check the cover for those very long reviews.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is using a huge display! Some prefer laptops or just a tablet.

If you're ever looking around the site and think of any ideas to make it easier to browse, please let me know!




Improved the Lactation movies area. I also made a new Lactation covers view version that has FULL maker and actress info. I had to manually search for actress/maker names for all of them and it was painfully tedious, but I found a lot of movies I want to now go and re-watch! I also found a few Kumi Tachibana movies where she didn't get credit at all.

The covers mode is a little messier than other areas due to some movies having 4 actresses listed.

I also split the review area back into 3 pages, but there is also a "view all" option, but it's not default. Some people don't want to click a link and have the page be 200 pages long!

There's a few actresses in this area that have as many lactation movies as Maria Ogura!

Lots of movies with Karen Shirakawa, Misora Hamano, Aki Nitta, Miru Kurumi and Hitomi Mizutani.

If I screwed up any of the names in there badly you can let me know.

BTW I was half joking about the lactation view all page being 200 pages. It's actually 184! That's a lot of one person talking about lactating boobs! Despite being 184 pages it loads in under 10 seconds easily, but 71 seconds on a 56k modem. I actually don't know how many of you are browsing our site on dialup. I think this is the only option for some remote locations.

I bet there is some guy out there still using his Pentium 120 with a 14,400 baud modem! PS I used to run a BBS back in the day if you know what that is. It's a text based online service before everyone started using the internet (or AOL!).



WOW! I just realized I had accidentally chopped off over 45 full movie reviews in our Japanese Lactation movies area. Tons of good stuff. I'm glad I caught this. I think I this happened back in early October! That link takes you directly to all the missing reviews.

Now it's temporarily super long and I will split them properly later today AND have a "view all" page.

Right now I am adding maker and actress names to the Lactation covers area (in the link above too).


10-20-14 - part 2

Here's some interesting changes we made to improve things:

Top Bukkake Sellers of all time. Ok, well since 2002! I had this update awhile back but not many people saw it. It's a list of the top 60 best bukkake movie sellers. Strangely enough, Moodyz movies are some of the best sellers now but there are not many on this list!

Made some changes to The Bukkake List area. Mostly to my favorite AV actresses. I dropped Tsubomi off the list. I like her, but have found a lot of her non-bukkake movies rather dull. I don't know why. The change is that now you can click them to go to a DVD film list.

My most recent entry is Rina Hatsume. I've liked nearly every single movie of hers. She has a new movie in the MUM- series that was impressive to me, but a little creepy. I like her abs. Is that weird? No I mean I don't have a fetish for it or anything. If you're a fan of her, check into Cross CRPD-436, Moodyz MIGD-456 and of course MC DMC26. Speaking of "MC" I REALLY want to get HFD05 and HFD06. Rina Hatsume is in HFD05 I believe. Yep, it's one of those weirder bukkake movies that some don't like.

MC DMC-26 deserves a spot on my most cum swallowed all at once list. I hope she does a bukkake title for Waap! Waap Dream Shower with Rina Hatsume sounds good to me.

Oh and in that bukkake list page you can find my favorite bukkake DVDs with direct links to screenshots and the review. No need to search around!

Here's an interesting tip you might not know about...

Want to find a keyword on the current page of the site and then highlight it in yellow?

Add "?zoom_highlight=keyword" to the end of any of the review ONLY pages. Replace keyword with your word and remove quotes.

The search engine does the same thing too when you select the results.



The last "updates pages" were more like archived blog posts. Sorry about that, but there were updates scattered everywhere. I thought some might find it interesting to see ancient updates from 2005 or so..or not. It seems a little weird seeing a post about me getting new VHS equipment to get out orders faster! I think this was back in 2002!

Now you can click above or HERE to see a list of the last REAL updates. Each link takes you to a page of them.

Doesn't make me feel too good about how things are, but i'll keep trying hard to focus on doing an update. It's actually tougher than it seems. I'll take some more screenshots this week of some movies people actually LIKE. Not sure why I took bondage movie screenshots last time. Sorry, I guess some like them, but not as many as you'd imagine.


All the covers areas are now default at 5 rows instead of 6. Someone told me that sometimes the listings are cut off to the right and you need to scroll to see them. This should only happen on smaller cell phones or if you're on a desktop with a very low resolution (probably under 1024x768!).

Then I didn't stop to realize that many people might be using a browser that's set to appear in a small window! For best results on this site, we suggest maximizing your browser. I almost never browse anywhere without the windows taking up the whole screen. I guess this isn't as common as I thought!

The 5 rows should now display better in smaller windows.

I'm also testing 4 rows in the bondage movies area, but I think this is too few.

Don't forget, that on a touch screen you can tap or "pinch" the screen to get all areas to fit.

If you place an order and get an error about wrong info entered please try again! We're trying to get our shopping cart provider to fix this but they don't seem to care! This error is VERY rare and often just causes a timeout error. We think this might be a reason our sales are down. People get errors and leave. Makes sense! I hope this isn't it.

When you are adding items to your cart you can close the new window that comes up and add more items if needed. Your cart contents will be saved as long as you don't exit your browser.




Spent all day today trying to improve many pages and make them more useful. My goal was to make them more simple (this page is the exception and i'll fix that menu soon!). I made sure to TRY to make the site easier to use and that's how it should be. My goal from now on will be to avoid confusing people!

My favorite part of the site now is the new Covers View only area! The covers layout looks a little better. I've added a little more spacing around the boxes. In the future you can click "bukkake movies" to see it.

When you're in there I suggest having a mouse with a thumb button that has a "back button" assigned to it. Most of them do I believe. If you go to the "more bukkake" area inside that covers list it's so much faster switching areas when you can pick a category that's already on the current page. To return to the main menu after clicking, just click your back (or thumb button). It just goes back up to the top of the page!

I also defaulted all the review areas to split pages. If you want to view ALL the reviews in that category just click "View ALL". Don't forget that in there you can use CTRL+F in most browsers to search for a keyword, like "pie" or "boobies". I also just added easier access to every page without clicking "next" a hundred times. I know it makes it a LITTLE more cluttered, but I think this is actually better.

Tomorrow I will go back through and triple check how things look on my tablet. I'm not going to focus on having it 100% perfect with a tablet, but will try.

I optimize for tablets mostly with my Google Nexus 7 or an Ipad. If you use Internet Explorer I suggest using this site with Firefox or Chrome for the best results.

Once i'm getting things perfect i'm going to leave it that way and not touch it.

I'm still trying to figure out how I almost killed all sales this month.

When I do any changes it will be only to IMPROVE or ADD new content! Removing old or supposedly "thin" content was a major no-no perhaps.

I guess theres a reason they say "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"

Anyway i'm trying to recover by making this site the best it can be. I know you all want new movies and hopefully I can get some if things improve.

I honestly just need to focus on getting a few orders in from old and new customers. This will really help us out!



Made a 100% new (Covers View) Bukkake Movies area. Yesterday it was not quite ready, but now it's better than ever!

It's now on the top menu as "Bukkake Movies". To see the regular site, just come back to this homepage.

Now you don't need to go to each maker page to get a list of (covers mode) bukkake movies. The covers listings are all in one area.

No more "mode switch" nonsense. What moron came up with that idea? Me I guess!

I know a lot of you don't bother to read my reviews (perfectly OK) and this is for you.

In the review areas I probably will not put a direct link to the covers version pages. Maybe at the bottom. It's at the top menu anyway, so what's the point?!

I'm going to cut back on so many stupid changes unless they're going to offer a major improvement.

Oh and the Bukkake themes page is back! It's going to be improved soon.

BTW the main menu in the JAV DVD area has the bukkake categories listed in order of most popular to least popular (from left to right).

The Non-bukkake areas are not ranked, but here's the most popular ones in order:

JAV - Misc - this area has only titles that are NOT in the other areas.

Mature - I like this type of movie too, but I know a few want even older women (50-60)

Lactation - not a huge fan, but I do all I can to tell people about those amazing Maria Ogura & Kumi Tachibana lactation movies. KYW-001 (with Kumi) is one of my favorites. Google for her name with "lactation" added and you find a preview clip of the movie. The one with the huge nipples.

Big Boobs - there's even more in the lactation area.

Lesbian - one of my favorite areas! This has a kissing fetish area too. Ever heard of feti072? Amazing movie site (not free) if you love the kissing titles. They have some VERY weird movies, but that's OK. You know there is a teeth and belly button fetish? Don't think that'll be a category on the main menu anytime soon! I myself have a doorknob licking fetish. Only kidding! Yes, that exists too. Bizzare? Well, not going to make anyone mad at me! I'll just say it's pretty "different". BTW the lesbian movie fans here have been some of the biggest supporters of our site. I want to add as many new titles as I can. Oh yeah..if you like lesbian movies, hunt down some of those from Uta Kohaku. I guess she retired but her lesbian movies are the best! They're a little weird though (which is OK with me).

Pregnant - had a lot of fans here of these movies, but it was very hard to keep this area updated. I wish I could have done a better job.

Futanari - I LOVE lesbian movies so I like this area. I view it basically as lesbian movies with strap-ons. OK, so they look like a real penis. I think only two have men. If you like lesbian movies you have to at least try one of these! If you find they're just not for you after buying one i'll give you a future credit (limit 1).

Bondage - not sure why, but bondage movies are not popular at all here. In 2001 I was going to only sell bondage movies, but when that didn't go as planned I focused on japanese bukkake.

I keep trying to revive the Japanese Lotion Play movies area , but no such luck. It didn't make the cut to stay on the main menu...again.




Well, sales have dried up to being about non-existent. It's very scary. I don't know what is going on or if something is broken. It's the worst it's been in over 10 years so far. I've spent maybe 3 days straight pulling my hair out trying to figure out what's going on. Clearly something HAS to be going wrong.

Traffic is the same as it's always been. Prices are the same as always or even lower. My only idea is that I screwed something up or people don't like the site.

I've asked before, but if you have any issues with the shopping cart please let us know. You don't even need to actually place an order but tell us if you there is any strange issues you've noticed.

Does the site ever timeout or run slowly for you? It shouldn't. It seems OK on my end.

I've put up a new area listed as Bukkake Catalog. It's our sales catalog where you can buy Bukkake DVDs in a Covers view.

Best of all you can click a maker to go directly to the listings. You then click back on your mouse or browser and return to the menu immediately. It's 5 pages.

I also was doing research yesterday and I had put up review scores in the covers view areas. Right next to the catalog number I put them into brackets, such as [10] or [8].

Now..this is a silly idea, but maybe a few thought THOSE were the prices and we raised them sky high? No way! If you thought these were new prices maybe you can let me know! I guess I wrongly assumed people knew they were review scores. Whoops!

A big [x] also didn't mean the title was out of stock or anything.

If you have any problems with the site at all please let me know.




Curious about what Japanese Bukkake movies we've added in the past?

You can check our our archived bukkake updates pages. They go back to 2002!!

Bukkake Updates - 4-1-13 to 7-1-13

Bukkake Updates - 2-27-2011 to 3-24-2013

Bukkake Updates - 2-5-2009 to 2-8-2011

Bukkake Updates - 6-6-2006 to 12-30-2008

Bukkake Updates - 11-4-03 to 12-20-2004

I've checked each one for broken links and most of the galleries work! Of course some are down and a few of the movies might no longer be available.

Believe it or not we started out with selling Bukkake VHS movies! Our very first entry was on December 12 2002!

If you've purchased from us in 2002 and email me i'll probably remember your name. A lot of my old customers have moved on to other things, but some are still around.






Made a little page today in my spare time for fun. Have to love Japanese Bukkake movies and their creative themes. This page will be slightly amusing or just plain disgusting!

I have to admit I love the scene from SOD SDDL-029 with the nurse in the pink uniform. That link takes you directly to the review and gallery. More people need to see it! That actress knows what she's doing!

You might have seen a clip online of it. It's in the Semen Gokkun series, which is a personal favorite. The director of them is up there with Kazuhiko Matsumoto and Tohjiro IMO. He supposedly "invented" bukkake. I'm not sure if that's true but his early movies are amazing. I'm sure you've heard of Fuji No Fin etc from 1995. He directed the entire series. Long ago I posted a "Classic MVG" section with all his films but it didn't get much traffic. Doesn't matter to me!

Bukkake Cum Funnel Appreciation Page

I was working on a new themes page and just came up with that silly idea.


BTW sorry for all the goofy changes on the site lately. I need to stop doing this. I like how it looks now and it reminds me a little of how it was back years ago (around 2005-2007). I need to keep reminding myself to keep this site simple and as uncluttered as possible. More traffic definitely doesn't mean better sales!

I think when I made all those changes I killed sales and traffic. I hope I can recover, but i'm a little worried!

Prices are now super low and I hope you'll agree. I'm trying to come up with an incentive for people to place larger orders. We give discounts of course for larger orders.

Actually, we love orders of any size! I really made a mess of things and all these changes probably just confused people.

If you have any advice at all, please let me know. I try to focus on the customers and user experience and not traffic to the site. I need to put up some more BUKKAKE picture galleries though for fun.

If you DO try to place an order, PLEASE let me know if you get any weird errors or have problems of any kind. I did several tests and the shopping cart is working perfectly on my end.




I made a guide on how you can place a large bulk order using a SINGLE LINK!

Back around 2007 or so this was the most popular method of ordering.

It lets you skip clicking 30+ add to cart links.

I would suggest this method if it takes you a lot of time to come up with enough titles for an order.

When you browse you can write your catalog numbers down in a text file. When you want to order them you just click a single link.

Bulk Bukkake DVD Ordering Guide

The link above also has a price chart for our large order discounts.

You don't need to order this way if you prefer using the normal "add to cart" method.

Oh and I almost forgot.. we added a special deal on 100 bukkake movies!



Here's a few areas you might be interested in:

Japanese Gokkun movie DVD reviews - these are listing for bukkake videos with only large quantity cum swallowing.

Prefer the covers mode version with reviews? You can find that here. The covers version is listed as "Gokkun" on the main menu.

Don't like the swallowing movies? Then we also have a list of bukkake movies with scenes featuring messy cumshot facials.

You can view the covers view version of the bukkake facials page here.

In the future you can find them list in "The Bukkake List" area, which is our info area of the site.

I actually had the links removed for some reason because they just were not that popular. Not sure why I did that!

I plan on creating a new bukkake themes area, but this time i'll make it even better. I want to have pictures this time too and be much more in depth.

The bukkake themes section has been temporarily movies here into the list area.



Updated the Search engine! When you type something up it will highlight it on the page in bright yellow.

This ONLY happens with javascript enabled and if you let the page fully load.

It will only search the most important areas.

I also added another option using Google's search engine. It's not as good and makes it hard to find specific titles.

The google one will let you see images in the search though and indexes more pages.



Made a "bare bones" text only reviews section for the Shuttle titles. It can be found here. Probably not very useful.

I had the add to cart links listed on the right but when I went to save the file they were all gone!

I might add them later.

Maybe this type of page will be good for those that want to read my reviews at work!



Is anyone having problems ordering? If so, please let us know ASAP!

We just made all "Add to cart" links open in a new window.

When you've added a title to your cart you can close the new window and it will save your contents.



I've updated the site directory. It's just a page done for fun and has a lot of useful areas listed. Some of them you might not have realized we had!

There's now a menu on it for things related to both Bukkake AND JAV

It was temporarily gone, but it's back and is in the Bukkake List area.

As you know, the Bukkake List area is a place where we list information about bukkake only. It's good for finding out about interesting titles etc.

BTW all "add to cart" links now open in a new window! No more losing what page you were on and having to click "Back".



Shipping is now free inside the USA! Just $6 if you're outside the usa (spend $60+ and it's free).


I made a lot of review areas into "view all pages". I think splitting up some areas into so many pages was a mistake.

Here's an example of the new Moodyz page: Moodyz Bukkake DVD Reviews - View All

Now you can choose if you want to view the reviews as split pages or as one single page.

When you have the Moodyz area in one single page it's extremely long but you can more easily search for something on it.

Of course just use CTRL+F.

Remember that you can switch between a reviews only menu or Covers menu at any time!

In any area you can select "Reviews" or "Covers View Mode".

If there is another way you prefer to browse, let me know. I was thinking of a text review only mode, with NO front covers on the left and no tables.

Maybe sort of like an offline version?



Our new Fall Sales catalog is now online! It's for those that want everything all in front of them without lots of clicking. No reviews.

Japanese Bukkake JAV DVDs Catalog

Japanese Porn/JAV DVDs Catalog - extremely long. Might take this down soon or split it up more.


For best results, use Page UP & Page Down buttons on your keyboard (not the arrow keys).




It's hard to believe, but we've been reviewing movies since 2002!

For fun today I've made a list of the Top Selling Japanese Bukkake DVD movies of all time. Actually it's from 2002 until 2014.

I was going to only list 50, but I was so curious I went ahead and went to 60!

Let's just say that it's very, very tough for any movie to be on it! MIGD-180 with Serina Hayakawa is there and so is Tsubomi's DDT-216 from Dogma.

Those barely even made the list!

Guess what the #1 title is? Check that list out! There's an old Konomi Futaba movie there on #2 that's been a customer favorite. Even after all these years her movies are still extremely popular.

The only one that doesn't deserve to be there is "One Week of Semen" with Nanami Nanase. It's the movie most people new to bukkake see first and it's not a good first choice despite liking Nanami Nanase a LOT! Her Idol Semen movie is much better and not as extreme as her nasty Semen Maniac title (SDDH-011 or CHIE-003). Oh yeah! I forgot about her 100 shots of semen movie (Volume 3).

One movie that's #3 or so on the list and almost never sells now is an old movie with the boring title of "SOD Special 2003". I don't know how it got that title, but it should be "150 Shots of Semen". Catalog number is SDDO-023 and is starring Kokoro Amano.




I've improved several pages to make them more useful.

Tsubomi's Bukkake Page - Now you don't need to waste your time trying to find all her reviews! They're now here all in one spot. All of her bukkake titles got a review.

Her best movie to me is her Dream Shower title (WDI-033). Now she needs to do a "Secret Base Gokkun" title for Waap!

That page also listed her non-bukkake titles. She has a lot of good ones too.

Akane Hotaru DVD Filmography Page - She's a favorite after many years and I still like her movies. Now you can read her reviews in here. I also added back an OLD movie of hers with one of my longest reviews ever! It's for a movie called "Holy Water Club". I gave it a 9.5/10 and it has a theme I don't even like really.

Aoba Itoh Filmography Page - I really like her movies and two favorites are Aurora Pro's DVAA-138 and VGD-027, which is kind of weird, but has good camera angles.

She has smaller boobs and speaking of that.. I added back the "Small Boobs" page. It was actually pretty popular! I joined it up with the Big Boobs page, which was not one of my best ideas.

Other changes:

I moved all the reviewed DVDs to HERE. There is also 11 "New" movies reviewed (at the very bottom) that were re-added after going missing from the website for maybe a year.

They have a theme similar to Holy Water Club. You won't like it.

When you visit the "More Bukkake" area when in reviews mode, they are split up better now and not all crowded together.

Basically, what I mean is that the Fairy Doll, Junk Shop, Audaz, Hakudakudou, S1, Knight's Visual & Real Works titles now have their own pages.

Previously I had them split up over 5 "Other" pages which was kind of silly.



Two ways for browsing Japanese Bukkake on our site:

Now you can switch between two (always-on) modes. A"Covers View" and "Reviews" mode.

The new difference is that now the menu will be "stuck" with whatever mode you are in.

So, if you're in covers mode, the menu links will only take you to covers only pages.

To switch back, just select the different mode on any page.

NOTE: Some areas have no covers version and might take you out of the mode you were in.

Most people on here prefer the Reviews or the Covers Mode. I'll try to make everyone happy!

It seems that sales really suffer when I have everything default to the reviews! Yet it only takes one click to switch back.

I think a lot of people didn't realize there was a Covers Only version of each page.

The main menu on this page links to Covers Only pages from now on.





I've made a Step by step Ordering Guide with pictures.

Not everyone visiting is a computer genius and this is for those that find it confusing to order or need some instructions.

It's also good for those that can't read English since it can be automatically translated.

We also revised our FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions page



The Best Of section is back!

So far i've got the Moodyz Best Bukkake area up.

Do you find it hard to weed through all the Moodyz titles to find the good ones?

Many customers decide what to buy based on what looks good in a picture gallery and not so much on the written reviews, box covers or scores.

Most of the time if it looks like it has good content in the gallery, it will be quite popular. Not always though.

The DVDs in here will give you a good idea as to what is popular with other customers since they are not based on review scores.

If a movie received a high score and didn't sell well at all, it will not be listed.

Some of the movies listed in this area received lower scores but are actually quite popular.

I always suggest to take my review scores "with a grain of salt" because they're just one person's opinion. Remember that i've seen thousands of them and am very hard to impress. Luckily very few (japanese) bukkake movies are bad!

I've found that some movies need to be seen on TV in action because it's hard to tell how good they'll be based on the picture galleries. One example of this is MIGD-380 with Mika Osawa. That one is 3 discs and based on screenshots it looks about average. That's a movie best viewed along with her other title MIGD-368, which is her facials themed movie. MIGD-380 is a cum swallowing movie (aka Gokkun).

I also found that some of the best movies have the worst covers! For example, DDM-004. That's one of my favorites thanks to Hinano Mizuki.

Sometimes to find those hidden gems you need to take a chance on some movies. I've always said this before, but most people skip the older MVG titles due to the lower quality screenshots or age of the movie. This is really a mistake.

NOTE: Some movies I might have missed adding to the list, but it's still very accurate.



SALE IN PROGRESS! All DVDs are just $5 each.

Buy more than 10 and the price drops even further! DVDs as low as $2.62 when you buy 40+.

Shipping inside the USA is free when you buy at least 10 items. Want less than 10? It's just $3.

If you're outside the USA it's now a flat rate of $8. It's very difficult to offer discounted international shipping.

Here's some of the actual shipping prices we pay to ship outside the USA by Air Mail:

3-5 items: $9.45, 6-12 items: $12.75 , 13-19: $14.90, 20-23: $16.75!

Of course we don't charge you this much or else nobody would order!

If you ever wanted Express Mail for international or US shipping, please let us know.

For inside the USA it's a flat rate of $20.


Things are not going that well and we've made some stupid changes to our site recently that we reversed. Sorry about that.

I'm doing everything I can think of to do some bukkake DVD updates, but things are not working out.

As you've now noticed, prices are at an all time low.

It seems like lately the most popular deal is the 30 DVDs for $85 one. This really makes my day and I hope more people can place an order.

If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know.




Want to view all the back covers instantly without having to click on all of them? Now you can!

At least in one area so far. If people like it i'll add it to more areas.

It might be pointless to some, but I really like it! There were a lot of movies I came across I now want to rewatch due to the back covers.

Moodyz back in the old days sure had some lousy covers. Now they're much better.

This area is definitely not for cell phones or dialup connections. If you're on a tablet you'll probably need to "pinch" the screen to get it to display correctly.

Moodyz Back Covers View Listing



Check out our prices! We are also having a limited time small order sale. Want to buy 1 to 9 DVDs today? They're just $5 each today instead of $6.

Once you reach 10, the price per DVD drops at the quantity levels above. When you add 10 to your cart the price per DVD drops to just $4.50!

When you get to 15 it drops even further. Our final bulk discount is at 40 items.

For full pricing you can see our ordering page.



Added review scores to the Waap Bukkake Covers Area. It will list the scores in brackets. If it did not get a review score it will say "[x]".

This just means that it was reviewed when we didn't give out score ratings or it just did not get one. It doesn't mean it's bad!

I also updated one of my favorite areas, which is the Milky Princess Bukkake Covers area.

This is the no-reviews section of the main area, but it will now list the score ratings. I also spent an hour or more just finding and filling in missing actress names!

I didn't find all of them, but came close. Found some with Mika Osawa, Mami Goto, Miyu Akano & Ami Nishimura.

If you like the "semen-on-food" theme, then this area is a good place to start.

Not a big deal but I also switched it from 6 columns to only 5. Should be better on smaller screens now.

As you may know, we have reviews of nearly all of the Milky Princess movies. You just have to visit the main area.



All movies are just $3.75 each when you buy 40+! A lot of our customers prefer to order in large quantities and this is for them.

As always, if you need a larger quantity you can email us.

Just create your own list of catalog numbers in a text file and then you can contact us for a single link to checkout in under a couple minutes.

Full pricing is HERE.

You can also get 10 DVDs for just $60 SHIPPED if you're in the USA. If you're outside the USA it's only $6 for shipping.

40 DVDs is $150.




I've neglected the Bondage area far too long. It really needs more screenshots for the movies! I also added a few more screenshot galleries for other areas. More to come!

Japanese Bondage:

  1. Art-SM ADV-r0096
  2. DD-028 "Bondage Fetish Action" - bondage with the female investigator theme.
  3. DD-038 Bondage Compilation
  4. Gekko DRJ-001 with Shinobu Kasagi. This series is very good and I like her too.
  5. Gekko DRJ-002
  6. Gekko DRJ-005
  7. Gekko DRJ-006
  8. Gekko DRJ-007 with Seika Izumi (She's a favorite)
  9. Gekko DRJ-008 with Uta Komori (her too!)
  10. Gekko DRJ-011
  11. Gekko DRJ-021 - the last scene reminds me of something from the old "Jubaku" series. Catalog numbers of JBD- etc
  12. DVS-003 - Sanae Asou Compilation!
  13. Wildside DWM-010 - Can you say excessive waxing? Not a fan of it. Can't stand Bondage movies with the guy from this movie (dressed in all black).


  1. Dreamstage DSG-019
  2. JNS DJKL-01 - This is a mature lesbian movie. Will be under "Lesbian". Already had screenshots for this. Whoops. Guess you'll get even more!



To find any of the movies easily in their category, use CTRL+F in most browsers and type in the catalog numbers WITH the dash.


Want screenshots for any movie we carry? Just send us an email!



Added a JAV DVD area on our Mobile/Cell phone site. Right now it's best for smaller screens like an Iphone 5+.

The mobile site will look goofy on a huge display.

I still have two more pages to add. I also haven't added the non-bukkake areas to it yet, but maybe very soon.

Our main site is optimized for tablet and desktop use, but not for a cell phone. I test it with an Ipad and Google Nexus 7.

I think the main site works OK on cell phones as long as you "pinch" the touchscreen to make the covers mode images smaller. You have to use widescreen though.



We've updated our mobile site to work better with smaller cell phones. Now it will even work well without widescreen mode enabled.

Previously it worked best for only tablets, which is kind of silly for a mobile site! Even more so since our main website works great with those.

For those browsing on a tablet, here is a Covers mode directory. It's now updated with even more listings. Maybe there is an area listed you didn't even known about!

I also added a Covers Mode version of the Lotion play fetish movies.

They're actually not bad at all and amusing to watch. The slimy clear goop is made from methyl cellulose mixed with water. To make it look like semen (like in Mydol Semen) they add other ingredients.

HERE is another lesbian bukkake screenshot where it's used. It's from Dogma's DRM-007 "Sperm Lesbian". It's one of my favorite movies and is starring Kurumi Morishita.



For fun, i've updated My Favorite Bukkake movies listing.

Now you can click the title and go right to the review and a link to screenshots. They all open in a new window.

Not everyone will like the movies I do, but maybe you'll find a new bukkake movie in there you want to see.

I used to say that all the oldest movies were much better, but now Moodyz and Waap have improved so much that it makes me almost think otherwise!

There was actually a time once when Moodyz bukkake movies were terrible, but not anymore.

The two Mika Osawa movies on my list (one featuring swallowing and the other facials) are two that are as good as some of the very old titles.

I also added one more that deserved a spot on my list! Guess which one? It's the Tsubomi Dream SHOWER movie of course! Her Dream Woman title is also good.

BTW know what I want to see next? Secret Base Gokkun starring Tsubomi. Just in time for Christmas. Maybe have her dress up in a Santa costume for my own amusement.

Maybe the Secret Base could be the north pole. All the men could surround her with their hard poles pointing north and give her a white christmas.

Please, no "cum-on-food" scene with semen "frosting" on Gingerbread Cookies!

I have to say..they need more bukkake movies that are actually funny! This is almost impossible to do.



If you've been a regular visitor for awhile you may have noticed some slight changes in the layout. Hopefully it's not too ugly. I'm not much of a web designer. I got sick of so many boxy menus and I tried to make things even easier to navigate and cut back on those a little. I want this site to be completely "bare bones" and as simple and easy to use as possible. I want to just focus on the movies and review/add as many as I can. I also want this site to load fast and look nice on tablets (I made covers mode just for them).

I've added so many "extra" info areas that it sometimes just makes things feel more cluttered than they should be. All of those will now be inside the Bukkake List area. Basically that area is an info section. In there i'll just put things i've added just for fun and to help people to try and find good movies. I also plan on adding more bukkake genres. In addition to the large quantity gokkun (swallowing) movies, i'll also add a listing for any quantity. It's actually extremely time consuming to sort them out by "swallowing". It probably would take dozens of hours. I think this really is not needed since swallowing is so common in many of our movies.

I miss the "good ole days" back in 2007 and want to try to get back to how things were then. I guess we can try. It seems that things took a major nose dive for us around 2008 or 2009 (probably the same for anyone selling DVDs!). Bukkake movies these days aren't really as popular as you'd think! I keep forgetting this. I guess instead of worrying about things i'll try to make this site even better! The #1 way to do that is by constantly adding new titles (this is 100% my focus really).

No, i'll never switch to focusing on any other genre, but i'll need to add more non-bukkake DVDs also just to stick around. In terms of sales, the Lesbian movies are very popular! I'll add a lot more of them. I love this genre too, but will try to add whatever people like the most. Some areas are extremely popular, but yet the titles in those areas don't sell. Some of the non-bukkake movies just need to be reviewed! Screenshot galleries are sometimes not good enough.

I wonder if there is anyone out there that has been visiting since 2002? I remember when we started out we processed all orders one at a time on little yellow invoice sheet and sent out VHS tapes ONLY! Sometimes i'll come across a customer from maybe 10 years ago and somehow my brain still remembers them. I'm mostly referring to all our customer's who ordered VHS tapes from us! Processing Bukkake VHS tapes was not FUN and extremely time consuming!


OK, now this just for fun:

Try to use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine on our address! It goes pretty far back and you might find it amusing. That's one of my favorite sites on the internet.

They even have a lot of old TV shows that are in the public domain (ie Jack Benny Radio shows and "Ozzie and Harriet"). OK, it feels weird talking about that on a Bukkake site.

Jack Benny was one of the funniest comedians ever IMO. His stuff was way before my time though. I was only born in 1980!

I'm also a huge fan of old B&W Japanese movies (not porn). Check into the old silent Yasujiro Ozu films. They're really good! Totally different than the director's later films.





Made a JAV DVD Full Covers Gallery. It's Misc. movies that are not listed in any other area.

Warning: It's a HUGE gallery. Not suggested for cell phones or dialup (if anyone still uses that).

If you see something you like you can make a bulk order. Just write the catalog numbers down and use the links on the ordering page.

You can view them by right clicking and selecting "view image". The filename is the catalog number.

Suggestion: Use "Page Up" and "Page Down" on your keyboard (not the arrow keys) for the gallery.



Split the Waap and SOD (Soft on Demand) Bukkake review area into multiple pages. I previously had them as 2-3 sections, but they were still way too long at around 25-30 pages each!

Now each numbered section will be only 20 pages long. That seems like too much, but even on a tablet it's pretty short.

There's about 100 pages of Waap bukkake movie reviews!

I never really understood why Waap movies don't get too much attention from all our visitors. It's pretty strange..

Waap makes some of the best Bukkake/Gokkun movies IMO.

I also split the Milky Princess area up. It's another favorite area. I'm going to set a limit of 20-25 pages for each review area.

If there is a special way of browsing you prefer, let me know. Maybe a way to view all the back covers all at once?

Maybe much larger front covers for the "Covers Mode" areas?

Another idea is a gallery of full size covers in addition to a zip archive.

I hope to make zip archives for all the titles we have available. Sometimes I just prefer to view a bunch of covers to decide on what I want to buy.




Want to browse all our Miscellaneous JAV titles offline? Download our JAV DVD covers zip archive!

It's every title we have that's NOT bukkake or in it's own category.

It's useful for making a bulk order. Just write the catalog numbers down in a text file.

NOTE: Be careful to not extract all the covers to your desktop! The zip file has 3 folders and is 48mb.


I also reviewed SSR-019 on DVD starring Reiko Kobayakawa.

Click here for the actual review.

Other than Japanese bukkkake, these are the types of movies I love to review. It's very entertaining to watch and has some nice eye candy.

It's just as fun to review it as it is to watch it! I guess you could say the movie is a bit amusing to watch too.

As you may know, she's a slightly mature woman with huge boobs! She seems to have been in a ton of movies so far and I hope to get more of them!

Oh and the screenshots are new also.



Here's a bulk deal I just gave another customer if anyone wants to use it before I remove it.

It bypasses the normal "add to cart" method. You can just email me a list of catalog numbers or add them to an excel file.

175 DVDs for $375

200 DVDs for $425

Many people here will keep a list of catalog numbers they want in a text file and later make a bulk purchase.

If you need a deal on a specific quantity over 40, please email us!



Two new Bukkake reviews now online! I don't know why it took me so long to review them.

Here they are:

(click HERE to go straight to the reviews instead)

Asfur ASW-117 with Akari Hoshino - 10/10. A rare 10 for an Asfur movie.

Asfur ASW-145 - 9/10

You can click the links above to go to a picture gallery. There is a link at the top to go directly to the review.


I split the Misc Bukkake / Other Bukkake review area into 5 pages. It was way too long. Each section now should be less than 15 pages in length.

You can click your favorite maker in this area and be taken right to the bukkake reviews.

When you click a page or area the types of movies listed on that page will be highlighted with a gray background on the menu.

The Misc bukkake (no maker listed on menu) reviews are on page 4 and 5.

I think my favorites from these areas are the movies from Audaz and Real Works.

Junk Shop I prefer to Hakudakudou, Knight's Visual and Asfur. Depends on the director though and if they care about the lighting on the day the movie is shot.

The worst movies are where the whole set is too dark or dim. Any box cover that shows dark scenes I avoid (usually). They rarely get these types of scenes right.

I like the Dogma movie sets because they're really plain. They need more movies that are shot in an actual bedroom with good lighting. Dreamticket does this well.

One thing I like in a JAV movie is creative camera angles. Some of the MUM- series titles and those from Cando or Aurora Pro have really good camera angles.

For me this can be the difference between a boring sex scene to one that's actually worth watching.

Sometimes I actually don't watch Japanese porn for the sex scenes. Weird isn't it?

If you want a good movie with some amazing sex scenes try to find MIRD-086 with Yukiko Suou. It was one of my favorite non-bukkake/plain old sex movies of this year.

Get it in HD if you can find it! I don't currently have it listed and need to add it ASAP. I really like her.




I've rearranged the JAV area a little bit. Any title that didn't sell that well will not be listed on the first page. It doesn't mean the rest are not good! On page 1 the best sellers will be listed closer to the top. Some JAV movies definitely deserved to be on the front page but just didn't make the cut.

There is now three full pages instead of 2. This should make the area slightly easier to browse.

I sorted every single item out one at a time and here's a few things I've found out or that may have suprised me:

People really seem to like Nana Miyaji! I thought I was the only one! Her movies are always best sellers. Same goes for anything with Anna Kuramoto. Nana's movies even outsell those with Hinata Seto somehow.

Rina Hatsume movies do quite well too. I really like her and she finally has a new movie out. It's really impressive but it's a bit creepy and that kind of ruins it a little.

LADY-098 is her top selling movie so I decided to also list it in the "JAV section. It's really a lesbian themed movie.

I'm disappointed that Saki Otsuka movies sold very poorly. She's a favorite and I guess her movies will sell better in the Mature category. I don't even consider her old enough!

The only movie that didn't deserve to sell well at all is SDD-01 with Nana Miyaji. It's a bondage themed movie. Everything else mostly deserved it.

Oh and yes I have to admit it, but people love the 18+ school girl themed movies. There will always be a few types of movies on here that not everyone will like.


Here's the current Top 10 best sellers for 2014 in the JAV area:

(links open a new window and takes you to the cover/gallery listing for each title)


1. EC-102 starring Tsubomi. I saw this long ago and liked it so I had to get it. It's not for everyone and has slightly hard f-ing and mild bondage.

2. SSR-019 Reiko Kobayakawa. Big boobs! I'm not a big boob man myself but I love her movies and need to get more!

3. Lady-098 with Maki Hojo & Rina Hatsume. I think people like this because of Rina Hatsume and that it's a lesbian movie with the older and slighter younger looking woman theme. It's a real masterpiece. Maki Hojo definitely helped make it even better!

4. MIGD-456 - another Rina Hatsume movie with the soap theme. I usually hate those, but this one sure is good!

5. SDD-01 - Nana Miyaji bondage movie. Not a fan. A better one is the bondage movie with Yuu Kawakami and Fuuka Nanasaki. I need to add it ASAP!

6. DDT-183 - Dogma lesbian movie with Maki Tomoda and Chihiro Hasegawa. I became a fan of Chihiro Hasegawa only recently and after she retired. Darn.

BTW I find the cover slightly amusing. Dogma makes some of the best covers! They're often quite nasty unlike the plain "Dream Woman" box covers.

7. JFK-001 - Bondage and I think bukkake. Check screenshots to be safe.

8. ACB-01 - Maru Yamamoto. She definitely didn't make enough movies. This one has the older/younger theme. 18+ obviously.

9. OPUD-066 - Aoba Itoh movie from Opera. It's a good one! I think we have 98% of her movies!

10. LADY-050 - Aoba Itoh AND Hina Seto lesbian movie. Some told me I should remove this kind of movie, but i'll pass. It's 18+ so I don't care.


BTW do you like Uta Kohaku? Her lesbian movies are really impressive! Unfortunately I don't have them on DVD yet.

We're looking for any lesbian DVD movies with the catalog numbers of IFOA- if you have them. We'll give you a 2-3 DVD credit on each one you can send us.

Here's a zip file with a few that look like must haves. NOTE: they're mostly lesbian kissing titles. I know there are some huge fans of those types of movies on here!

IFOA-042 with Uta Kohaku is the one we want the most!







I've been a bit frustrated lately with how things are going. I need to do something differently and fast. I think our prices are totally fair and similar to what other sites online charge. Since we don't have 20,000+ titles we have to set a minimum price. Our focus is on Bukkake and we'll do what we can to constantly add new Bukkake movies. We only sold a few copies of the latest Dream Woman titles and that just won't cut it to fund another update. We do appreciate each and every order. The big orders are the ones that really help us the most with getting in new titles.

To give people more of an incentive to order, we're now offering free shipping on ANY size order inside the USA. It's a limited time only thing unless it's a huge success.

We also updated our price chart. As you may know, we also like to reward customers for placing a larger order! DVDs as low as $2.70 if you buy 40. Around $4.50 if you buy 10.

As always, please email us if you have any suggestions. Our main goal has always been to add new titles.

If there is anything we can do to make browsing and buying movies faster and/or easier, please tell us!

International shipping is a flat rate of $6.00. It's already VERY discounted by us and air mail from USPS is ridiculously high.

It's free if you buy 20 or more items ($64.95+)







I made this new page for all my favorite older customers. I haven't forgotten about you! It's more useful for the collectors.

Moodyz Bukkake - Text Only Listing

Inside there you'll also find a link to download EVERY Moodyz Covers for offline browsing. It's only 29mb.

You can view them when you have time and then place a bulk order later on if needed.

We'll give you a good deal on 40+ DVDs.



Split the Moodyz Bukkake DVD review section up even more.

This morning I was browsing it on my tablet and when scrolling down with the touchscreen it was taking me so long it almost put me to sleep!

With a mouse and scroll bar I can scroll from the top to bottom in 2 seconds, but not with a touchscreen.

It's now split into 8 areas.

Guess how many pages of Moodyz reviews we have in text format? Nope, not 5, but 160 pages in text format!! My guess is that we have over 500 pages total of Bukkake reviews! Text only and not HTML.

Not sure if I should be proud of this fact! Maybe I can put it on my resume.

Each section is split up into 20 pages. Believe it or not, 20 pages even on a touch screen isn't as long as it seems.

On pages 2+ i've removed the main menu so it's a bit less annoying to browse.

For faster browsing you can also use the Page UP/Page Down keys on the keyboard (not the arrows) and the Home/End keys to go to the the top or bottom.

Sometimes it's actually faster than using a mouse.

As you already know, you can see box covers (with links to picture galleries) for EVERY Moodyz Bukkake title all on one page with the Covers Mode versions.

I also updated the search engine so if it finds a catalog number in the new pages it won't take you to the old pages instead.



Spent a few hours fixing a few things to get the website to display even better on tablets. The main menus on a 7" tablet should now not be as "fat" as before. Just make sure to use Widescreen.

When using a tablet it SHOULD look best on an Ipad or Nexus 7 in widescreen (that's what I use). On the desktop it looks best with Chrome or Firefox. I don't suggest Internet Explorer!

I don't really try to optimize anything for a 4" or smaller screen. This is probably a mistake on my part. I do think it will be usable on the Iphone 5+ or similar in widescreen.

I'm trying to balance things out and have the website look decent on both a desktop and a tablet. It's tricky.

I've found that when the main menus looked good on a tablet and were very easy to click, they were WAY too huge (and way too wide) on a desktop screen.

I really want to focus right now on adding new reviews for bukkake (and JAV) movies. If you have anything you can send us for review, please let us know and we can give you a credit for another title in return.




Made a few improvements to make things easier to browse.

Split the following review areas into multiple pages:

Idea Pocket

MVG / M's Video Group


Other Bukkake - We have 9 maker categories in here. Tons of other Bukkake movies with no maker specified yet (unsorted).

Soft on Demand/SOD

About time! They should be a little easier to browse, especially on a tablet. Each page is still quite long.

Previously we had them split up but changed it back to one page after 6 months. Sometimes I do stupid things without thinking about them too much!

Who wants to browse a page that's 100 pages long? Nobody! Some people like reading my reviews, but when you have a 100+ page section It will make them NOT want to!


Changes to "Other Bukkake" review areas (and cover only version):

They are now sorted out a little better. You can click the maker name and go right to the reviews!

There are now clickable review categories added for S1, Fairy Doll, Hakudakudou and just the Misc Bukkake Movies (unsorted)

I'll split up more review areas later on. I want to have each one load in under 60 seconds on a 56k modem.

The full length review pages are a bit annoying to browse on a tablet due to length. That's why I prefer the covers mode.

A lot of people don't use the keyboard when browsing, but I highly suggest the following:

Home/End - Takes you to the top or bottom of the page.

Page Up/Page Down (not the arrow keys) - WAY faster browsing of the review mode pages. Scrolling on my G5 mouse is a bit too slow without dragging the scroll bar.

The covers modes are really nice to browse on my Nexus 7 tablet. I designed them for 7"+ tablets in widescreens. I also check them with an Ipad (not the Mini but should be OK).

On smaller screens you might be able to "pinch" the touchscreen to reduce the size of covers.


Click HERE for some older Bukkake DVD movie updates if you're interested. Latest is right HERE!



Sorry for all the updates, but I just changed the Moodyz review page a little.

All the titles there that were not very popular or just did not generate much interest are now moved to Moodyz Page 2 .

Page 1 is still long, but a little shorter than before. It's now split up into 4 clickable areas on page one and then a single page 2.

If they're on page two it doesn't mean they are bad. I was really very surprised at some of the higher rated titles are now on page 2!

I actually checked the stats and did research on each and every title I moved to the second page. Fairly tedious to say the least.

Previously I just randomly cut and pasted them and had the Moodyz area split into 5 pages. Kind of a mistake on my part.

These looked very good and should have sold better I think (moved to page 2):

MDLD-243 Kirari Koizumi - This was a top seller back in the day! It's a gokkun movie.

MIGD-265 - I like this actress and I think this didn't sell due to the screenshots. It doesn't look messy, but it's a very good movie.

MDLD-216 - I think this is a favorite of an old customer and he kept telling me I needed to review it and give it a score. I forget his name, but I think he's from New York? Must have been from 2005.

There's lots of Gokkun Club and Dream Idol titles in there. Sad to see a Hikari Hino and Serina Hayakawa movie (MIGD-134) in there. I just recently started liking Hikari Hino and to my eyes she got better with age somehow.

I hope she makes a ton of Mature women titles! Not that she's really in that category at all to me yet.

Not all the moved titles are based on sales. I did check this, but here are the top Moodyz sellers for 2014 in order:

Dream Woman 94 - no surprise since it's Tsubomi.
MIGD-358 - Lesbian bukkake movie with Tsubomi
Dream Woman 92
Dream Woman 90
MIGD-380 - amazing 3 disc gokkun movie with Mika Osawa. No extra charge on 2-3 disc sets.
MIAD-596 - more Tsubomi?
Dream Woman 93
MIRD-071 - Tsubomi movie with nurses!
MIRD-095 - Tsubomi movie that flies under the radar. Got this a year late!
MIGD-368 - love this movie starring Mika Osawa. This and MIGD-380 are a perfect combo with two different themes.

They actually ALL deserve to be there.

Believe it or not Tsubomi's Dream Shower (WDI-033) has outsold them all and it's no surprise. To me it's slightly better than her Dream Woman movie.

Oh and the best thing about this change is that I moved some of the top Moodyz sellers right up to the top of Page 1! Now they'll be easier to find.



Do you prefer the Covers Mode areas or Review pages? Please let us know if you could

You can put your answer in the subject and nothing else is required. I'll even give you a free DVD on any order of 10+ items upon request if you answer it.

Don't worry, we won't email you with junk.

Here's the differences (if you were not sure):

Moodyz covers mode

Moodyz Reviews

Even with traffic stats it's hard to tell which people prefer. I know that our oldest customers prefer the reviews most of the time.

I imagine many split their time between both areas depending on how much spare time they have.

Neither version is leaving, but we're trying to figure out which version to display as default.

I was thinking of doing a test of linking to the review pages from the main menu and then the others the way it is now.

I myself would prefer only reviews, but of course this would be a very bad idea!

We made the covers mode pages mainly for faster browsing and for use on a tablet.

It seems like since 2007 people read our reviews less and less. Probably too busy and much less free time.

I'll definitely keep writing reviews even if not one person reads them! When I started this website I made it a goal to review and take screenshots for EVERY bukkake movie we added.

I still consider this primarily a Bukkake site with the JAV areas as a bonus.






Faster way of placing a larger order

I've added bulk links to the price chart on our ordering page. Now you can just click them.

It's an alternative and much easier way to order if you can't come up with 10+ items to order right away.

Just keep a list of catalog numbers around and then you click one link only and just enter them into the "comments" field.

Copying and pasting is much easier than having to click "add to cart" for 30+ items!

Back years ago it was how most people would order. Now we rarely get these types of bulk orders.

I hope more people start to use this method of ordering!

Want to place a very large order of 40+ items without lots of clicking? You can also just email us for a price quote.

Note: when you use bulk links you totally bypass the "add to cart" method. Only the link item needs to be in the cart. Nothing else.



Spent some time reviewing old Dream Woman movies that got a review but no score rating. Years ago we never gave anything a score rating. It took FOREVER and I still have a lot left.

Back when the Dream Woman series was fairly new I was never really a huge fan of it. This was when Moodyz bukkake movies were not that good at all. Now they make some of the BEST!

The latest Dream Woman movies are now more consistently good, but not as much as some of the Waap titles. The very old Dream Woman titles were often more tedious to sit through, had more filler material and often had this slightly creepy feeling to them. Must be the sets, themes and excessive mass fondling which is something I always hated. They also had too much use of toys. One of the best ideas was the split-screen facial scenes.

As for our review score ratings, see here for a description of some of our scores. Even a 6-6.75 rated movie is considered "decent" and not bad. A "7" is good. I'm glad to say that there are very few terrible bukkake movies. That may be why you see so few scores under 5.

If you want to find any of these easily, just go to the Moodyz bukkake page and use CTRL+F (in most Windows browsers) and type in the catalog numbers. Sorry, I don't want to directly link to them.

Here's some scores we've handed out today:

Dream Woman 19 (MDI-111) - Bunko Kanazawa Bukkake! - 10/10

Dream Woman 25 (MDED-190) - 9.5 (Big Boobs Bukkake with Arisa Hoshii ! Sorry, I like saying that)

DW49 (MDED-427) - 9.5

DW54 (MIAD-048) - 9

DW63 (MIGD-126) - 9

DW17 (MDED-094) - Starring Asuka Sawaguchi. - 9/10

DW68 (MIGD-195) - 8.5

DW45 (MDED-372) - 8.5

DW32 (MDED-226) - 8.5

DW39 (MDED-292) - 8

DW38 (MDED-284) - 8

DW53 (MIAD-038) - 8.25

DW52 (MIAD-031) - 7.75/10

DW55 MIAD-055 - 7.5

DW57 (MIAD-070) - 7.5

DW46 (MDED-382) - 7

DW4 (RMID-119) -6

DW12 (MDED-053) - 6.5

DW44 (MDED-358) - 6.25





I also added most of the actress names to the Bondage area. This area needed some more attention. I also filled in some more information, but it still needs more work.

You might find a few titles in there with an actress you like and never knew we had.

We also added 8 new M-Drug titles as shown below. The link below goes right to the bondage area.

If you like japanese bondage movies IMO the best ones were made by Gekko and Natural High (a very specific early series that was very high quality).

Some Cinemagic stuff was good too. I still would like to get the entire old "Bondage Battle" series from them.

I still have a few old titles that are amazing from when we once sold VHS tapes. They are Cinemagic CS-115, CS-130 and another one with similar content that's in CS-115. It was released by "Kitan Club" and is very rare now I think. Too bad the quality isn't good enough to list.

Here's a box cover for Cinemagic CS-115 (don't click if you hate bondage!!). If you want it we can do a substitution. Just add any random other title to the cart and request CS-115 in the comments field instead. Quality isn't the best and it's captured to DVD (by myself) from a VHS tape. It's from early 2004! We only had it listed for a couple months (this was back when we sold VHS tapes still!).

Somhow I get 2 or so requests per year for VHS tapes! They still sell VHS tapes in all the local stores here. You can even buy VCRs but they come with a DVD player built in. Mine is still around and I get it out once in awhile to watch older movies. I believe the oldest (and best) Jubaku (JBD-) series movies are VHS only too. I hated the ones past #60 or so. Some of Konomi Futaba's best movies are VHS only too. A few never got a DVD release.

Konomi Futaba probably has dozens of VHS only movies, but most of them are not good at all. I bought them from Japan at an auction site but threw them out. One of them is actually called "Spemania" like the IdeaPocket series, but it's not even a bukkake movie. To find her whole VHS filmography (just the covers + info) it would take hours if not days of searching online. Google rarely ever lists them too. She also is in a few that never gave her credit. We have most of the good ones, but you have to visit the Konomi Futaba filmography here.



Added 8 Dogma M-Drug titles to the JAV section! It's a series with deep-throat blowjobs and bondage. They're pretty extreme and kind of nasty. You'll either love or hate them.

Don't worry, it does not contain anything that starts with the letter P and ends with an OOP.





Made some more minor changes. Hopefully improvements for most of you! I tried to make things a little more simple and less cluttered.

The main menus are now much smaller. They will now look a big more "fat" on a 7" tablet. I didn't want this, but it's worth it for desktop users.

Main menus are now ALL the same between every area. As mentioned before, two areas were combined and one was removed (Lotion..those were moved to the JAV area).

I also notice that this website was about 25% uglier on Internet Explorer 11. Not good! It added these hideous black borders to everything.

I don't know why, but when something looks nice on my tablet's browser, Firefox or Chrome it looks way different on Internet Explorer.It's probably the 1st or 2nd most used browser so I needed to fix it.

It now looks a lot better in IE, but still not perfect. For the best browsing experience for this website I suggest Firefox or Chrome. For Android tablets, Dolphin is good. Should be perfect on the Ipad too.

For Firefox I suggest using Adblock Plus (it's free). There's no ads on our website, but it makes Facebook so much better. I prefer Firefox 27.0 to the latest versions.

There's still a few smaller pages I still need to fix. Any page where you see very thick black borders in IE is one that needs fixing.

I always test with IE before I upload it to the server, but sometimes I may forget to check minor changes.




We now have Free shipping for international (and US) orders of 20 or more items ($64.95+). It's automatic and no need to select it at checkout.

Air Mail (from USA) is VERY expensive and when you get our packages you'll see it costs $8-$12USD on average. Air Mail for under 20 items is $6 and is very discounted (hard to believe..I know!).

We also got rid of all coupon codes. We've added that "tsubomi" coupon code deal into our regular prices. It's now automatic!



Added review scores to the Dogma and Soft on Demand Mobile/Covers Mode areas. Here's a few other things I did:

Moved some of the best rated titles closer to the top in those areas. There's a ton of SOD/Soft on Demand movies that never received a score. I'll go back and review them.

Filled in some missing actress info.

Found quite a few Rocket titles in the SOD area and moved them to the correct area ("Other Bukkake" > "Rocket"). Click the link to see them. Last few in that section.

Rocket is a division of SOD I believe, so either category would have been OK.

I also updated the Bukkake Series page. Too many pages in there were not getting any traffic so I combined most of them into one page for easier access.

We also removed the Lotion Play area. Well, it's still there but left to die out. We removed it from the main menu. Nobody has ordered from that area in years.

There was a time it was extremely popular but probably not since 2005 or so. We did add a Covers mode version of it HERE.

It's the same substance used for the "bukkake lotion" scenes in the old Mydol Semen series.

The Japanese Small boobs section was combined with the Japanese Big Boobs page. You can click between the size you prefer and they are split apart.

Now no need to be offended when you accidentally see huge boobs! Just kidding. We all have our preferences and I wanted to make everyone happy. I personally don't care about size. I'm not a Boob man and it seems that 99% of men are.

There are also reviews for each type of movie.

Additions -

I also updated the following pages:

Best Bukkake - now it lists them in a covers mode version and you can now browse by rating! It's not always up to date.

Bukkake Themes - Made some minor changes and added a direct link to the new Gokkun DVD movies area. We also have links in there to the Gokkun reviews.

Got a theme we should add? Let us know! Our most recent one suggested to us was the News Reporter Bukkake aka TV Announcer Bukkake.

The Bukkake List - I put things in here just for fun. I've updated my Favorite Bukkake movies list and changed some other things.

Removed some links in here to pages that were not too popular or very useful.

Moved the filmographies page to here since it was small.

You can also find a "most cum swallowed" list here. I made that years ago and it's very outdated. DMC-26 might be near the top. It's not really in order though.

I also added a few favorite actresses to my list. I was so close to adding Fuuka Nanasaki. I previously couldn't stand her, but now I like her somewhat. Just not most of her latest movies.

I especially liked her bondage movie scene with Yu Kawakami. We don't currently sell it. I hope she makes more movies not made by Dogma (unless it's Bukkake!).

Also added Rina Hatsume. I kind of like her because of a few select movies she was in that were amazing (that were kind of weird). Whatever happened to her? She seemed to stop making movies after DMC-26.

I'd like to see her in a Dogma movie!




We've updated the "Other Bukkake" covers mode area! Movie titles are now split up into more categories.

Here's the new categories in this area (links open in new window):

Audaz - makers of the "violent (semen) shoot" series. Most of their movies are very good! You may have not even heard of them. Many of them contain mild bondage.

Knight's Visual - to me they're slightly better than Asfur, but I don't really like either.

Real Works - Very underrated bukkake maker. Don't believe me? Check into REAL-130 and REAL-136 .

Fairy Doll - Their bukkake movies are not all that messy, but they're very well made. I especially like the costumes and I still get requests for more of them! Their movies are a mix between Aurora Pro and Milky Princess. Aurora Pro is a company I should hate, but I actually love their movies! I really like the creative camera angles they use in their movies. DVAA-138, DVAA-056 and DVKR-081 with Hina Otsuka are favorites.

Rocket - If you want something VERY different, then check out their movies. They have movies with every strange fetish you can imagine. They also make the "announcer" or "news reporter bukkake" movies.

S1 - They've made quite a lot of good bukkake movies. They remind me a little of IdeaPocket.

Junk Shop - I actually like this company quite a bit. I think it depends on the director, lighting and many other things.

Hakudakudou - I have no idea what that means but some of their movies were quite good. Most of them come with a 720p WMV movie ON the disc as a bonus.


The uncategorized titles are from so many different makers it's too hard to split them up. I'll eventually try. There are some in there from Marx, Wanz, Premium, Momo etc.



New Bukkake, Reviews + Screenshots complete!

EDIT: Added a 40 DVDs for $110 package deal! See above.

All the new bukkake movies are now reviewed and have screenshots and ratings.

You can find the reviews HERE and HERE.

Or you can see them all listed HERE with box covers.

Direct links to picture galleries:

Waap WDI-039

Waap WDI-040

Waap DJE-042 - Amazing gokkun (cum swallowing) movie starring Miki Sunohara!

MIGD-587 Dream Woman 95

MIGD- 588 Dream Woman 96

NOTE: Some more recent updates are below. This was moved to the top so more people can see it.





We've added score ratings (from 1-10) to our Moodyz Covers Mode page! It took an eternity, but it might be useful to some.

Our best Moodyz bukkake movies and newest additions are closer to the top now. Click that link to see them!

We plan on doing this for every area eventually. The scores are to the right of the catalog numbers. For example: DDM-004

Our highest score is a 10/10 movie with a "!" at the end. These are usually ones where it's a 10 "easily" and it's nearly perfect.

My guess is that I only hand out this "10!" score a few times a year.

Not every movie got a score rating. When we originally started reviewing movies they never received a score.

I plan on watching all the movies without a score again ASAP and giving them one! Currently the ones with no score are listed as [x].

As always you can still read our long winded full text reviews in our main Moodyz page.




Added a new area just for my favorite type of Bukkake movie! I was surprised how long it took to sort through all of them. Several hours at least!

Japanese Lesbian Bukkake

If you're curious, my favorites are DDT-154 and MM-15 with Seika Izumi. MIAD-174 Gokkun School is another really good one. Do you remember Ruri Housyou?

MM-15 doesn't have amazing picture quality (it's from 1995 or so), but the content is what's so good. If you buy it and don't like it i'll give you a free alternative in a future order!

Tsubomi has been in quite a few too. One of them also has Mika Osawa in it (MVSD-157).

Anything in this area with Mirai Hirooka or Seika Izumi is a must have. Nanami Kurasawa also won the "Queen of Semen" contest in MDED-022 and MDQD-034.

Her best two movies in this area are SDDE-002 Semen Hospital and Waap GAD-004.

Tohjiro needs to make a new lesbian bukkake movie and try and top DDT-154. Can it be done?

One thing that really surprised me is that some makers have ZERO lesbian themed bukkake movies.

Waap has so few of them and same with Knight's Visual and Junk Shop. In case you haven't noticed, the last two are in the "Other Bukkake" area.





10 DVDs is now $45!

It's automatic and no coupons needed. It also reduces the price on 10-14 DVDs.

If you're inside the USA it's $50.60 TOTAL including Priority Mail shipping. Outside the USA it's just $51.

I also added Free Priority Mail Shipping inside the USA for 20+ items. You can select that option at checkout. Don't forget! For international it's 30+ items and automatic.

You can still use coupon code "tsubomi" on any order of 15+ items for $10 off.




Added a Gokkun Movies - Covers Mode listing. This area is ONLY for gokkun / bukkake movies with large quantity cum swallowing (usually from a container)

No cumshots directly into the mouth ONLY. Those titles would have taken an eternity to sort out since it's way too common.

This area will also be linked to directly from our main page.

It's a little long and I might split it up later.




Added a page 4 of the Bukkake Facials Covers listings. These were previously not listed in ANY facials area.

The movies listed in this new covers page will be the ones from the "Other Bukkake" area only and not it's sub-categories (yet). I will add those ASAP!

I have to manually view each picture gallery and also check reviews to see what movie contains a facial. It took me a few hours just to get this page 4 up.

The Other Bukkake area is where we keep the miscellaneous Bukkake movies from makers that are less popular such as Wanz, S1, Hakudakudou, Rocket, Fairy Doll etc.

We also keep the Knight's Visual and Junk Shop movies here, but in their own pages.


It seems that the facial themed movies are slightly more popular than the cum swallowing movies. Some people also prefer to browse based on only themes they like.

I hope to make a lesbian bukkake theme page soon since it's one of my favorite themes.


I also added a lot more movies to Facials Covers Page 3. They start right HERE.

BTW LTTL-004 and OLED-007 looked to be two of the best in the page 4 area. Some screenshots from LTTL-004 remind me of the scene with Seika Izumi and Mirai Hirooka in MM-15 (lesbian bukkake)



Added a page 3 of the Covers mode version of the Bukkake Facials section. On this page we've listed the movies with cumshot facials from Moodyz.

So far it's only DVDs from Moodyz facials Page 1 and Page 2. One more to go!

NOTE: No titles are listed yet in the facials area listings for the Milky Princess, Other Bukkake (including titles from REAL, Audaz, Asfur, Knight's Visual etc), IdeaPocket and Dream Ticket movies.

It will take us quite a long time to finish them.

The facials listings are not 100% accurate and we may have missed a few. We've only gone by reviews and a combination of box covers and screenshots.




We added back some useful links on our main bukkake page (not to the main menu). We also made a Bukkake Facials Covers Mode listing that's currently two pages. You can still read the reviews. So far we don't have all the facial themed movies in a covers mode version yet, but hopefully soon.

Remember that not every movie with a facial is listed even in the review mode version! I hope to have this complete eventually.

I plan on making a covers mode listing soon for the Gokkun (cum swallowing) area




Made some very big changes in the navigational structure of our site. Too many people were coming to our main page looking for Bukkake DVDs, seeing a bunch of ugly text and then leaving. We now have our main catalog on the first page, just like it should be. To read all my long winded updates you can just click "Bukkake Blog" at the top. There we'll also post anything related to the web site.



Made a Maria Ogura (aka Lactation Queen) picture gallery. Random good screenshots from her DVD movies! Over 163 images.




I made a Best Selling JAV of 2014 area (click bold link). No Bukkake will be listed there, but you can see the Best Selling Bukkake HERE.

Don't forget to check our Bukkake update below. I'm surprised DJE-042 with Miki Haruhara hasn't sold as well as the latest two Dream Woman titles! Hasn't been a week yet since it was added though.

I guess there are more fans of the bukkake facials themed movies rather than the gokkun (cum swallowing) movies.

I hope Miki Haruhara (from DJE-042) is in more bukkake movies, especially a Dream Woman title.

BTW on our top JAV list we previously had a ton of Cando DVT- titles on there. We removed them (and a few similar titles from Gloryquest) but they are still available.

They're very good and were extremely popular and some are starring Anna Kuramoto (who has a movie on the Top JAV list).

You can view a cache of our JAV area using Wayback Machine, which is a service of the Internet Archive.

You'll notice that it goes all the way back to 2004 when DVD was quite new. I was reading all my old updates on there the other day.

I also removed a few Konomi Futaba titles such as BUSH-001 and SWD-03. SWD-03 is one of her best DVD movies and quite rare. The rarest one is probably DOB-10 which is my #1 favorite with her. PE-83 is second best. You can them in the Konomi Futaba filmography. I think we have most of her DVDs, but if there is one we don't have we'll get it!


Found some old screenshots from Maki Mizui's best movies and decided to make a small gallery of them. Sorry, we don't currently sell them (no longer own them). It's really amazing how hot a movie can be that has no actual sex. They're major eye candy for me, but might bore others. I thought maybe since I like her a lot, someone else will too! She's kind of skinny, but not in a bad way. I like her nice abs too! I think she's a mainstream movie director now.

Maki Mizui - small screenshot gallery

Coming soon is a huge gallery of Maria Ogura movies aka The Lactation Queen! Why on earth are her movies so neglected lately?! I guess maybe everyone has them already! I'm not sure how one woman could be in so many lactation movies! I guess she has a special talent that doesn't go away.




If this small update is a success we should be able to do many more updates with new titles.

7-26-14 (see edits below)

New Bukkake! Now in stock.

More new Bukkake in stock NOW! Just a few but better than none at all!

7-30-14 Bukkake updates

Our sales have been a little better in the last two weeks and if this continues we hope to add a LOT more new titles for everyone! I know you all want new bukkake as much as I do.


One new bukkake movie trailer (not just a scene clip):

MIGD-582 Dream Woman 94 trailer

login: movie pass: trailers

Here's the notes about the one I made yesterday:

BTW I just added a clip I made of DTG-08 Bukkake Drinker with the amazing Uta Komori. It's one of my favorite movies. I added together 3 parts and it's VERY highly compressed. The actual movie has better video quality. This clips is only 750kbps at 640x480 which is super low. It uses the Xvid codec.

DTG-08 free preview clip (nearly 6 minutes!)

login: movie pass: trailers

You can post it anywhere you want, but don't directly link to it please or I will have to take it down.

We have a lot more samples in our free Bukkake Video Clips page.

For fans of Aoba Itoh (like me), here is an Aoba Itoh Full Covers gallery. I wonder what she's doing now? She been long retired I think.

I think if I could meet any of my favorite JAV actresses (no not for sex silly) it would be Erina Tsukishima or Akane Hotaru.

Did you know that Akane Hotaru is now a professional pole dancer and DJ (I think)? Not sure if it's nude or non-nude. Doesn't matter to me at all.

If I owned a club or bar in Japan i'd hire her for sure. Here is her website where you can hire her as a dancer. I'd love to see it live! Preferrably with no nudity (i'm weird I guess).

I also found this clip of her pole dancing on Youtube. It's not pornographic. I'd love to see something like that on blu-ray! I could have sworn she even has her own Android/Ipad app!

Maybe some producer in Japan could release a blu-ray of her material. I'd buy it. I love the 18+ no-sex "tease" movies they have in Japan. Especially the ones with Maki Mizui. SCNE-020 is amazing and we don't sell it (yet). We do have MOR-9015 though which is good too.

BTW you know what ones of the best things in the world is? Those "tease" or intro scenes in the US Jules Jordan directed movies. Sometimes i'll watch just those and then stop at the sex scenes. Strange huh? The one with Katsumi in purple lingerie is really hot! Check into "Ass Worship 7". Asa Akira has made some good movies for him too.



Huge full cover gallery! Get out your pen and paper and write the catalog numbers down (or use Notepad!) and use the bulk links here.


Bukkake - Full Cover Gallery - Suggested titles up to 7-25-14

NOTE: When you've clicked a single cover, simply click on the cover again to go to the next.

Here's one for those who are into the Japanese Pregnant Woman movies:

Japanese Pregnant Woman DVD - Covers Gallery (up to 7-25-14)



We also added/updated out Bulk Ordering Guide. Take as long as you want to order by writing the catalog numbers down and using our bulk links.

Bulk Ordering Guide

We also still have a special DVD deal on 8 pre-selected Bukkake Movies. No junk titles. It wasn't very popular so I removed it. I hope the one guy who ordered it loved them! I know I do.

For fun, here is a old Favorite Box Covers list I made when I was bored. I love a good cover and there are some REALLY bad ones out there.





You can now use coupon code "tsubomi" to get an extra $10 off 15 or more movies! I've revised the prices above.

Don't forget to remove the quotes and to click "apply" after entering the code. You can use it on ANY quantity over 15 and not the specific quantities listed.

Now you can choose between listings for Bukkake Facials and Gokkun (swallowing). I know there's a few out there that love the facial scenes but hate the swallowing ones. I like both, but really dislike the creampie movies. More movies though need BOTH swallowing AND facials. It's nice that the Tsubomi Dream Woman title had a little of both.

You can also see a somewhat nasty picture gallery I made long ago of some movies. I took randomly selected images of ALL the best rated bukkake movies and made a gallery of them. So yes, it's probably some of the messiest shots of each movie!

Bukkake Picture Gallery (NSFW) - 527 images


Here's a much shorter bukkake gallery we made years ago. It's screen captures from some of my favorite bukkake movies. It's 69 pictures and yes that's just a weird coincidence!


EDIT: Do you prefer the old review mode pages? If you want a very easy menu with all of them, go HERE. It's our 404 page (page not found)! Just right click "open new window" on each one if you need to.

Of course as always you only need to click the reviews link on each bukkake page and it takes two seconds. Our sales really suffer when we had the menus default to the reviews mode. That's too bad. I think people these days are just too busy and the faster people can checkout the better. I think back years ago more people used desktop computers and no tablets or touchscreens. I imagine people now have way less free time!

I was thinking of making a PDF or something of all my bukkake reviews. That way you can send it to your kindle device and read them when you have more time. Sometimes when reading my own very old reviews I kind of still find them amusing. Usually I will say to myself "Why did I say that?!" I try not to edit/censor my ridiculous reviews. I wouldn't be surprised if we had 500+ pages of reviews. Someday I will convert them to Word format just to see. I've been writing them since 2002!

Sorry to keep reminding people, but if takes you several days to decide what titles you want to order you can use our "bulk links". One single click and you can checkout! You can copy and paste the catalog numbers you've saved into notepad into the "comments" field of the order form. For example, CHIE-003, DDM-004, MS-01 or MIAD-054 is all you need. You don't need to write down the full names or who's in it!

It's also good to use this method if you have a lot of items in your cart already and can't finish an order right away. Just cut and paste those into notepad for later!

We also have a 50 for $150 deal but only when using bulk links (who wants to click 50 cart buttons?). You can even use "tsubomi" for $10 off. It's in the link above.

For those that are not computer gurus, you can highlight your items in notepad with your mouse and use CTRL+C to copy and then CTRL+V to paste (or use the menu). You can also just send the catalog numbers by email.

I hope everyone likes the SLIGHTLY less cluttered menus. I know I do! It's the next best thing to totally removing them. Dropdown menus I've tried before, but they didn't work very well on a tablet and were too annoying.

I love the menu system on our mobile site, but having to click "menu" to see the main menu is probably a bad idea for our main website.

I was a little afraid some people might not realize we have 10 non-bukkake genres but I don't think this will happen.

ALL of our non-bukkake genres (around 10 of them) will now be listed on the menu in the JAV areas and not in the bukkake areas.

The JAV area will now no longer list anything related to Bukkake. Just one link to be safe.

I tried all this before and was too fast to switch back.

The huge menu was really getting on my nerves. It wasn't that bad, but not all that necessary.





Not really a big deal but I added ALL the actress names to the Waap Bukkake Covers Mode listing. It took a few hours for some reason. I even filled out missing actress info in the main Waap area too.

Here's a few interesting things i've found (I'm bored, so feel free to skip this):

WSD-011 Vip Summer 2004 - This is starring Mami Goto and Momo Iizawa (neither listed previously). I also didn't have the full cover linked!

GAD-003 - This was starring Yukari Sakurada and I don't think I realized it before. She was once a VERY popular mature woman actress on this page. I actually think her best movies are her non-bukkake titles.

JLD-005 - Second movie with Mami Goto. Never knew she was in it.

WDI-015 - Uta Kohaku bukkake! No name given previously. Most people love her movies.

DJE-015 - Starring Mika Osawa. Didn't even recognize her on the cover. No credit given. She's been in a lot of amazing bukkake movies and I need to make a filmography for her. Check out MIGD-368 and MIGD-380 (3 discs!). Those are two movies where you can't just go by the covers and screenshots. See them in action!

GON-237 - This is a Wanz Bukkake movie and I moved it to the "other" section. It's starring Yuuna Takizawa and I've been really liking some of her older movies lately. I'm glad I found out it had her in it, but too bad it's a 6/10 rated movie. That really isn't a bad rating, just average really.

Why do they always added extra U's to a name? Is it Yuuno Hoshi or Yuno Hoshi? Yuka Ohsawa or Yuka Osawa. So annoying! Aoba Itoh also apparently goes by Aoba Ito and Aoba Itou!

YFF-007 - OK, this had it listed with Anri Hoshizaki already, but I recently added the actress to my favorites list. Didn't even realize she was in it until today. I need to go and watch it again. I gave it a 9.5/10.

BTW I can't say it enough, but more people need to check out Waap's GAD-006 Semen Battle with Aki Sawamiya.

Here's a very old 1st gallery I still have around.

I "ONLY" gave it a 9/10, but maybe back when I reviewed it I was much harder to impress.

The Moodyz titles are the most popular on here and it seems the Waap category doesn't get enough attention really. I actually think Waap makes some of the best bukkake movies right now. The Dream Woman titles are better than the Dream Shower movies though.

About time Dogma made a new bukkake movie. Tohjiro hasn't made one in a long time. Hey, maybe with Uta Kohaku in it? Sounds like a plan. In the last Uta Kohaku movie she had fans mail in their semen to her (NEO-017..not a fan of that idea). I bet Tohjiro could come up with something worse than that. Oh I just had a bad idea go into my head and it grossed me out.

My dream movie would be a long tongue lesbian bukkake movie with something like Yuuno Hoshi and Shizuka Kanno. Of course only directed by Tohjiro or Kazuhiko Matsumoto. I probably mentioned this idea before and neither actresses would probably do it! My favorite bukkake movies are those with the lesbian bukkake theme. My favorite is probably MM-15 with Seika Izumi. That one also had Mirai Hirooka, who seemed to make every bukkake movie better due to her enthusiasm. She actually seemed to LIKE being in bukkake movies! I know it's all an act, but that's OK!





Do you like News reporter bukkake? I'm not a huge fan of it but I know a lot of people on here love them. I've noticed a few people lately having trouble finding all of them. I've listed them in two areas to make them easier to find:

Rocket News Reporter Bukkake - all the Rocket titles are now listed right at the top of the "Other Bukkake" area. Click that link to go right to them (opens in new window).

I also listed a lot of catalog numbers (with picture gallery links) in the themes area:

News Reporter Bukkake theme

Moodyz has quite a lot of bukkake scenes where she is a news reporter and even holds a microphone during the facial.

Have you see the old MVG movie called "Countdown Sperm"? The story I heard is that the movie had a famous(?) news reporter in it for a bukkake scene. Apparently she got fired after doing it! I have no idea if this is true and could be all nonsense. It also has my favorite Mirai Hirooka in it. There is a clip of it in the Bukkake Video Clip area. It's a lesbian bukkake scene.

In the movie they re-create some of the best older M's Video Group scenes.


In addition to this I also listed six titles in the Japanese Bondage Movies area. They're the top row of titles. They mainly focus on blowjobs + bondage. I'm thinking of listing some of the M-Drug titles from Dogma, but not sure yet. I can't say it enough but I wish they'd continue that series. No major changes and just like they were before.




Sorry, there was a small bug in our system yesterday where it would not give international customers free shipping on 15 DVDs when using the "5off" code. It's now fixed!

For those outside the USA you can get 15 DVDs shipped to your door for just $60! Use code "5off" at checkout and click "apply". The Air Mail will cost us anywhere from $8-$12. Even our flat $6 rate is discounted.

I don't know how long we'll have this deal. Not too many people have been using the code yet! I know it's not a huge discount, but our prices are already very low I think. You can even use it on as few as 5 movies.

For USA customers it's just $45 TOTAL for 10 DVDs (using "5off" code). Make sure to select the free shipping option at checkout.

If the cart ever freezes up for you just use the reload icon. It's rare and seems to only occur in Firefox sometimes. You won't lose your cart contents!

Remember, if you can't place an order all in one day, just keep a list around and use our bulk links found here. When using this method you can checkout in less than 1 minute! It saves you a ton of time when you're buying a lot of movies from us. Finding and clicking 30+ add to cart buttons can get annoying.


Here's a tip: When you're viewing our VERY LONG review listings you can use Home, End and Page Up, Page Down on your keyboard for faster browsing. It's faster than even a mouse or touchscreen. With my Nexus 7 I prefer the covers mode because of it's touchscreen. It's much faster when scrolling than when using my desktop's mouse.

For cell phones you can use our mobile site and "pinch" the touchscreen to reduce the size of the box covers if needed. I didn't really design it for 4" phones, which is kind of silly for a "mobile" site. It's more for 7"+ tablets.


If you're inside the USA and ever want us to ship your DVDs in a smaller envelope for security reasons, we can do this! Just email us at checkout. I'm trying to still offer good deals for those that place smaller orders. I know that not everyone can keep 10 or more bukkake movies around! We ship all US orders inside a bubble mailer that's inside a Priority Mail flat rate envelope.





Added over 33 titles to the JAV section that were previously buried in the review only section. Most people probably didn't know they exist! There's a few with Akane Hotaru and one with Serina Hayakawa (MIGD-134). I wish I had all her movies since I really like her. There's also a lot of Onani (female masturbation) Dogma movies in there as well as some Public Exposure titles.

Click here for 33 JAV DVDs. Bottom 33 titles.

I also added all the actress names for the SOD/Soft on Demand Bukkake section. There's also a lot of ROCKET titles in there, usually with the News Reporter bukkake theme. They're a part of SOD I believe and should really go into the "Other Bukkake" area.



Added every single actress name to the mature women category. This area is getting VERY popular and it's about time! It's the #2 most popular JAV DVD area right now!

My favorites in there are Erina Tsukishima, Natsumi Kitahara, Jun Kusanagi and Misuzu Shiratori. Have you heard of Hiromi Okada? I kind of like her too. We have 4-5 of her movies. Of course we have a ton of Yukari Sakurada movies in there also. She was once very popular around here. I hope to someday have every single Erina Tsukishima movie. Any fans of her out there? Has she gone by any other names? So far i'm aware of 3. One is Marie Fujisaki. I forget the other.

If you see a lot of titles for an actress that's listed with the wrong name, please let me know! Most of them should be correct.

In addition to this I also removed Page 2 of this area and added the titles there into page 1. You just can now click "Part 2" to be taken directly to it.

I also added actress names to the covers mode of the Moodyz Bukkake area. I will eventually add them to every bukkake area but it might take me awhile. Adding them to the Moodyz area took an eternity!

Some non-bukkake areas were also not fitting the screen on a 7" tablet, so this is fixed now or should be soon. On a tiny screen you may be able to "pinch" the touch screen to have it fit correctly.

For android tablets I suggest the Dolphin Browser. It's one of the few android browsers i've found where you can have it default to private mode.

For desktop use this site seems to work best with Firefox and Chrome. I like Firefox because you can enable a no-cache/private mode as default. Why don't most browsers have this?!




Added a Top 20 Best Selling Bukkake movies list for 2014 (so far).

I'm really happy to see two Yuu Shinoda movies on there! #1 was a surprise for sure and it's Big Tits Semen Junky. The amazing MIGD-380 with Mika Osawa is on there (3 discs!), but MIGD-368 is just as good, but mainly focuses on facials. It's way better than the screenshots make it appear. You need to really see it in action. It deserved a spot on the list. It has a facial scene that can really "Wow" you, which is a rare thing.

Shizuka Kanno's IPTD-644 is also on there. She's one of those long tongued women. I also liked her in DDT-311. Tohjiro (of Dogma) needs to make a lesbian bukkake movie with her AND Yuuno Hoshi in it. I have no clue why this hasn't been done already! Maybe they're both retired. Lesbian bukkake movies need to be made more often and very few producers known how to make them well.

Click here for a bukkake clip of DDT-311 with Shizuka Kanno. That tongue is super long! It's almost down below her chin! Wow. You can post that clip anywhere, but just don't link directly to it. It's on a ton of sites already.

DDT-350 from Dogma ALMOST made the list (#22). That's in the Sperm Lesbian series and is starring Anri Nonaka and Fuuka Nanasaki. I'm a huge fan of Anri, but never liked Fuuka much until just recently. I dislike all her new movies though.

Not a surprise but five Tsubomi movies are on the list. She looked better in Dream Woman 94 than in her previous movies! Most of her bukkake movies are must own titles. If you love her movies and also like bondage, check into her M-Drug title. I can't sell it because it's much too nasty (not IMO). Fuuka is also in one and it's pretty nasty/good.

BTW you know what's strange? Semen Maniac 1 with Nanami Nanase is easily our #1 movie of all time but the sequels are not very popular at all despite similar content. I wonder why. There's quite a few in the series. One of them has two parts.

Parts 2 (ON-008) and 3 (SDDO-014) are very good and worth getting.

If you like lesbian movies, LADY-098 almost made the list. That movie is a masterpiece(!). The Top 20 were only bukkake movies and none in the other genres made the list. That's one of Rina Hatsume's best movies. I hope she didn't retire after DMC-26! CRPD-436 is another good one with her in it and it's easy to watch even if you have no interest in futanari movies. It's a movie that has a terrible box cover and makes you NOT want to buy it.

I love lesbian movies so I tend to like futanari movies. Most all of our futanari movies are lesbian movies as you may know. One very underrated series in there has the catalog numbers of JMSD-. Strangely enough, some of my favorite actresses have been in that series. I really miss the Image/Next SIMG series. I'd get those every month once because they were so good. The ones early in the series are actually the best. I'm sure there MUST be some fans of that series out there. I'd get them all if I could!



Removed a lot of links on the main menus. Just the ones that were not getting much traffic or not that important. I hate cluttered menus, but sometimes it's required.

I won't ever use drop down menus and wish I could get by with ZERO menus!

Audaz, Knight's Visual, Real and Junk Shop bukkake movies were moved to the Other Bukkake area.

Dream Ticket and Milky Princess definitely qualified to be moved but I like their movies way too much! They'll stay on the main menu.

Milky Princess Bukkake movies deserve to be more popular! Most of them are very high quality. Not all of them contain bukkake, which is a plus for some.

They have a lot of movies with Ruri Housyou, Akane Hotaru and Hina Otsuka etc.

Best Sellers, Filmographies, Video Clips, Large Quantity, Facials and Links were moved to either "Bukkake Themes" or "The Bukkake List".

Believe it or not our Mature Women category is our 2nd most popular area that's not Bukkake.

I actually started this website to sell bondage movies. Since that category wasn't popular enough I focused mostly on Bukkake! It took me until mid-2013 to add a JAV DVD area.

The bondage area is by far one of our least popular areas and i'm not sure why. I think i'll need to focus on adding reviews (and screenshots!) for the movies in there.

I really like Japanese bondage, but hate most of the american and european stuff. Isn't that strange? I wish "Gekko" and Natural High still made bondage movies.



Added some titles to the Big Boobs Movies area that were only listed in other areas.

There's a lot more in the lactation section, but we usually don't list any titles with Lactation in the Big boobs area.


I also added 20 more titles to the Bondage area that were found in other areas. These are at the very top. Four of them are Lesbian bondage titles.

We also listed some reviews in there.


We also now have a special 50 DVDs for $150 deal. It's ONLY available with a special link and to get it you have to cut and paste the catalog numbers of the movies you want into the "comments" field.

See HERE for more info about this deal and our bulk links.

Using our bulk links is a good way to save time if you can't place an order in one day and need lots of time to browse. Just keep a text file around with the catalog numbers of the titles you want and then add them to the "comments" field of the ordering page when you're ready.

For Bulk Ordering you only click one link for the deal you want. No clicking "add to cart" 20+ times!



It's certainly not for everyone, but i've added a Bondage Bukkake movie area. You can easily find it in the future inside the Bondage DVD area.

If you like that sort of theme be sure to check out the Shuttle LB- series or "Semen Maniac" series. There are 5 in the series.

Movies with BJs + Bondage ONLY will be listed in the Bondage area.



Remember the old Bukkake Summit series? It's one of the best series of movies ever made but most people new to Japanese bukkake skip them. I have no clue why! They must think they're outdated and not as good as the new movies. WRONG! Despite being kind of old we still have quite a few people searching for them. Back long ago they were once the most popular movies on this website!

I've made a whole page just for these movies. They deserve it!

Bukkake Summit Series Page (edit: moved to shuttle area)

If you don't know what the series is about it's a long and messy facial followed by women swallowing a beaker of the collected semen. That will be cool or gross out material for some. That's OK!

BU-20 and BU-04 are my favorites.




Do you like gokkun movies? We revised the Gokkun pages a little. Now it's a little easier to browse.

In this area we will only list bukkake containing large quantity swallowing. It would be too hard to sort them all out by just cumshots into the mouth. It's like the "Large Quantity" area but with full reviews instead of just covers.

I also updated each bukkake page with new direct links to cover listings (from the mobile site).



I've updated the Bukkake Series page to make it more useful to people. I've added descriptions and just some comments on all the listings there.

I don't have every series listed yet but hope to do it soon. Somehow I forgot to list the amazing "Bukkake Drinker" series from Shuttle.

A few days ago I also added the "Secret Base Gokkun" series which has the highest review scores of any series from me I think!

I think Waap has finally passed Moodyz as the best producer of bukkake. WDI-033 (with Tsubomi) and the Secret Base titles are really impressive.

I hope Tsubomi does even more bukkake titles for Waap.

Here's an idea: Secret Base Gokkun starring Tsubomi! Or wait... SOD can make a 100 shots of Semen Vol. 8 with Tsubomi!

You know what series I wish was still around? The Dogma M-Drug series.




On our mobile/simple mode website (linked below) we added full covers listings for Audaz, Dream Ticket, RealWorks, Knight's Visual and Junk Shop movies. We previously never had these available.

Miss the covers mode? We have a covers directory for those now. Or you can go to the new mobile site, but that only will list bukkake movies.

As I mentioned below, the new mobile site is not just for mobile users, but is a more simple version of this site and does not contain the reviews. Just a list of bukkake movies in "cover mode" format. To me it works best on a touchscreen.


6-8-14 - New Mobile Site! Lower Air Mail price.

We've reduced the price on (international) air mail from $8 to just $6. It's a bit of a risk for us since it usually costs around $10 for even the smallest packages.

To get it free just order 15 or more DVDs. 15 DVDs to outside the USA is just $75!

We also put up a new mobile website! Do you like the covers mode? Well this new site will be perfect for Ipads and 7" tablets in widescreen.

It's not suggested for very small screens. It's best for tablets.

I've tested it with a Google Nexus 7" and 10" Ipad in Widescreen mode.

Our Mobile site (different domain)

I designed it just how I myself would prefer a similar site to function. It's VERY "bare bones" and very simple. Maybe a little too much for some. I actually made it because a lot of people love the "Covers Mode" pages and others hate them. I love the covers mode a LOT more on a tablet because of the faster scrolling.

NOTE: The mobile site is not just for tablets and smaller screens. It's just a more simple version of this website. No menus to get in your way!



Do you have any suggestions for us on improving this site? Are you having problems placing an order? Anything you find annoying? I'm trying to come up with ways to make this site better and even more simple and easy to use. I want to be absolutely sure buying DVDs is very easy for everyone AND fast.

Do you like our prices? Too high or too low? I think they're lower than most places and pretty fair.

BTW as you know you can hold down CTRL while clicking an "add to cart" button and it will open in a new window. It will also do this when you click "open in new window".

When you close the new windows it will save your cart contents (99% of the time).

I like to assign my mouse thumb button to the browser "Back" function so that when clicking anything I can go back super fast. I think this is standard on Logitech mice ( I have the G5).

If you prefer the Covers Mode areas (good for tablets), they are still available on every page. I had to remove them from the menus because I think Google hates them and classifies them as "thin" content.

If you EVER have any problems ordering, PLEASE contact us ASAP!

I've added back the 10 DVDs for $50 deal. It even has free shipping for those inside the USA. Just $8 for outside USA.

We also added a 50 DVDs for $150 deal that's available through bulk links only (found below).




Added about a dozen or more reviews into the JAV Review section. It's an area that few people visit.

On our website we have quite a lot of non-bukkake reviews IN the bukkake areas. We post a disclaimer in the review that it doesn't not contain any bukkake (and post screenshots). We will eventually move those to the above page page and the regular JAV DVDs area.

The reviews listed in the above area are those that don't fit into any other genre (currently).

As you may know, we currently have reviews for titles in the following genres: Bukkake, Lactation, Lesbian and Big Boobs.

The Lesbian reviews are HERE, right down at the very bottom.

BTW I wish they had more lesbian movies as good as DVDPS-484. I love that movie.



Bulk Bukkake Links are back!!

It's a faster alternative way of ordering. It was popular years ago with most customers.

It's good for ordering a lot of DVDs all at once. No need to manually click "add to cart" dozens of times.

What you do is browse the site any time you have free time and keep a list around in a text file with just the catalog numbers.

When you're ready to order just click a single link and cut and paste them into the "comments" field.

This method is NOT required to make an order! Don't use it if you prefer the "add to cart" buttons.

It's just a way to bypass those to save time. Not everyone has time to browse the site for hours at a time to place an order.

10 for $45

15 for $55

20 for $65

25 for $75

30 for $85

50 for $150 - Special Deal for all our old (and new) customers. Available with this link only!


Shipping is free for 10+ DVDs. 15+ for International.



6-5-14 (Reduced priced in the update below)

Made some minor changes to make things less cluttered. Can't really remove the main menu! I tried that mistake once.

You can view our new Bukkake List area. Here we've moved the "Best of" and Bukkake ratings listings to the "Best Bukkake" area.

We will add more things to this area later on. I'm trying to remove somewhat worthless smaller pages.

In the new bukkake list area you can see some of my favorite bukkake movies, JAV DVDs, actresses and a list of the most cum swallowed all at once. It's somewhat outdated and I'd list DMC-26 somewhere near the top. In here you can also view a "Covers Mode" directory (for faster browsing) and a Site Map. The site map is me talking about each area. Maybe it's pointless, but I like typing and talking about bukkake obviously.

In the large quantity cum-swallowing area area we added links to the bukkake reviews for the titles listed there. Some people hate the covers mode and prefer the review listings. It was previously in the best bukkake area, which makes no sense.

Our sales have dropped to next to nothing in the past few weeks so I'm trying to improve this site as much as I can. We of course appreciate every order that comes in and it allows us to add more movies for everyone else. Basically i'm sitting here coming up with ideas all day. Of course my goal is to add new titles. This website isn't just a hobby for me that I only work on in my spare time. Sometimes it's hard to believe we've been online since 2002!




EDIT: I also made some slight updates to some pages. Click on "Facials" in the menu above and it will give it listing for Bukkake facial scenes in SOD, Waap, Moodyz, MVG and Shuttle movies.

I don't have any of the rest in there yet since it takes a long time. I hope to add them eventually. Idea Pocket titles are not listed because they contain mostly facials anyway.

You can now also click "Best Sellers" to see year by year best selling Bukkake titles since 2002! We've been running this website since 2002!

Previously I had this area split up into two categories. Not sure why or how that happened.

You can also see a text based listing of the "Best Bukkake" found above. We also list a few of them in the main "Bukkake" starting page as a covers gallery.

We also have a Filmography area that's now no longer buried too deep into the site. You can find some for Tsubomi, Nanami Nanase and many others in there.

Nanami Nanase hasn't made a movie in years and she's still our #1 most popular actress on here I think! Mostly due to "Semen Maniac" of course.





Probably not worth mentioning here, but I added back a lot of links to the above menu. They will be only listed there AND under the "Bukkake List" area.

The "Best Bukkake" and "Bukkake Series" pages were once very popular but I removed them from all the main menus to make them less cluttered.

The new links are on the bottom row. I bet a lot of you were not even aware of these links!

We have so much content on this website that it's very hard to avoid making everything too cluttered.

I tried to fix that a few months ago with drop down menus but those didn't work well at all with tablets and annoyed me too much.

If you like large quantity swallowing in bukkake movies (beakers, glasses etc) be sure to check the "Large Quantity" link. It took me FOREVER to find them all!

There is also a cum-on-food section but I'm not a fan of that theme really. The only ones that I liked were the ones from Milky Princess.




Here's some good Bukkake from our previous update:

Bukkake Updates

EDIT: I also updated the Bukkake List to be less annoying and easier to navigate.


5-22-14 - New Lesbian movie screenshots

Added some new screenshots for some Lesbian movies. We now have over 95% of them now with screenshots!

  1. CBD-019
  2. ARMD-588 (forgot to link to the screenshots previously)
  3. DDT-093 - Lesbian confinement chair series with Kurumi Morishita.
  4. DIV-054
  5. ISD-045
  6. ME-06D
  7. MILD-436
  8. QU-22D
  9. SBCD-115 - major slobber swapping. I mean mouthfuls. Not for everyone.
  10. SDSB-004 - In the Lesbian fight series. Not really fighting, just some contest.
  11. VIVI-004
  12. XY-13D
  13. XY-35D
  14. YO-04D



I added a few more categories back to the main menu. It might be a little more cluttered, but I don't think it's too bad. Milky Princess, Milky Cat and Dream Ticket deserve to be back on the main menu and not buried under the "More Bukkake" section!

I also add a page called "Bukkake Lists". On this page we will link to anything on our website related to information on Bukkake.

As you may know, I like to make lists of Top 10s, Best Sellers, Bukkake themes etc. Those will now be moved to that area and will no longer be listed under "More Bukkake".

You can also find the Bukkake Series and Actress filmographies there.

If you have any suggest on improvements we can make, please let us know. We're trying to make this web page easy to navigate and as simple as possible.



Added some screenshots to some Pregnant movies (and a few others from the JAV area)

As always you can do CTRL+F in most Windows browsers to find them easily.

  1. CC-212
  2. CC-131
  3. CENT-14 (suggested)
  4. CRPD-194
  5. CRPD-298 (this one is a futanari movie and is on JAV Page 2)
  6. CRSD-008
  7. CRSD-011
  8. CRSD-012
  9. DDN-039 (Kurumi Morishita movie. Regular JAV movie)
  10. DTCA-03
  11. DVKS-050
  12. DVUMA-043 (I like this actress and she's been in quite a few movies)
  13. DVUMA-082
  14. DVUMA-087
  15. SMA-344
  16. SMA-462
  17. DVYS-004 (JAV movie with Nana Miyaji. I like her too. This one is by Cando.)



Wow, not sure how I managed to do this, but I forgot to link the small front covers of the latest Moodyz titles to the full sized covers!

Maybe that's why we only sold just 1 or two copies of MIGD-583? I thought Ichika Kamihata's Bukkake movie would have been more popular.

Here is the actual full cover of the Tsubomi Dream Woman movie (MIGD-582) . It's listed in the Moodyz Bukkake Area.

BTW if you prefer the reviews mode you can use the menu at the top of this page. It will only link to review pages. The menus in the maker categories link to covers mode versions.

The covers mode versions are best for tablets, but the full review mode is fine too. You can switch to any version on each page with just 1 click.



Added 3 new Lesbian movies (DRSE-09, DRSE-12 and SDDM-069) along with screenshots for them. I also added screenshots for DVDPS-384.



More Bukkake is here! Including the Tsubomi Dream Woman movie!

If this small update is a success we hope to make updates more regularly. It's been tough, but things have gotten better.

Bukkake - Updates for 4-15-14 (click here for a list of all these with add to cart links)

Here's what we've added:

Waap DJE-040 - 10/10 easily

Moodyz MIDE-094

Moodyz MIGD-582 Dream Woman 94 with Tsubomi (9.25/10)

Moodyz MIGD-583 - Bukkake with Ichikawa Kamihata

MVG MVSD-171 - Tsubomi and Rei Mitsuna

Dream Ticket RSD-017 - 9/10 (Dream Ticket is under "More Bukkake")

Waap WDI-037 - Dream Shower! 9.5/10

Waap WDI-038 - More Dream Shower! 8/10



Reviews and screenshots are all done!

New titles in the Dream Ticket, MVG, Moodyz and Waap areas. Or you can just view them in the links above!

Don't forget to check out the reviews mode for my reviews and scores for all the new titles.



Added two movies which have the "creampie" theme along with cum-swapping etc.

You can find them at the very top of the Moodyz category. They are MIGD-562 and MIGD-557.




I updated the search engine again. Previously I made it work a little better but forgot to add some of the newest pages. Oops! For example, it was searching for titles in the JAV area but totally skipping the second page in that area.

If you see any 404 errors for main categories please let me know. I can check all them on my end but sometimes I can miss some. I've been getting way more than normal 404 errors (page not found) and I think it was due to the search engine using older data.

I'm trying to come up with some ways to constantly do updates for us, but while still offering fair prices.



I added a bigger menu to this page with more options. Is it a bit too much? I personally don't mind it because I like having everything i'd want to access all on one page without having it buried elsewhere on the site. This larger (more cluttered) menu will only be on this page. This one will also only link to the "review pages". The rest of the menus on every other page go to the "Covers mode" listings (review mode can be accessed in just 2 seconds).

I also updated and added some areas:

Knight's Visual Bukkake - this area is only for titles from them. Previously they were under "More Bukkake" in the Other section.

Audaz - I love their bukkake movies. Back in the day they had a ton of good ones. I now found all the covers for the movies listed from them. It was tough! SLD-037 from them is starring Hinano Mizuki who I really like. She was from Dogma's Semen Race Queens. As you know, that one is in my top 5. It's directed by Kazuhiko Matsumoto, who is basically a genius when it comes to making a bukkake movie.

REAL Works - they make good movies too, but what they make now isn't as good as when Monbu Ran was doing bukkake movies for them. For this area I made sure ALL Real works movies were listed here and not scattered around the site in different areas.

Dream Ticket - They are very underrated IMO. I moved all the "Gothic L. With Semen" titles to here. I incorrectly had them in the Idea Pocket area. Oops.

Mature - This is where we keep the Japanese Mature Woman Porn movies. We just split this up into two pages and added a link to the reviews. SPRD-13 with Erina Tsukishima is a good one! Natsumi Kitahara has some good movies in there too.


I also added back the "Site Directory" to the best bukkake area. It's just me typing about the site and bukkake movies. Sorry! I really love to type! Maybe some will find something in it amusing and/or even useful.

I'm trying to make this site as simple and easy to use as possible. There's so much content on here that I want to try to not make it hard to find, but at the same time I can't have it all on one huge menu. When I moved some areas to the "More Bukkake" areas, views on those pages dropped about 50%! The poor Milky Princess area doesn't deserve that!

If you hate the covers mode or prefer the old style review mode, please let me know. I want to make it so people can view my page and see what they want very fast. When they have more time they can read reviews later. Probably 25% of our traffic is from tablets and mobile devices and I really like the covers mode for that.

BTW most people probably won't notice, but I cut page load times nearly in half! Mostly thanks to tips on this site. Check out our results.

I also tried to focus on the user experience. What's best to me isn't always best for everyone else though. Sometimes when things are TOO simple it can just be annoying.



For fun I made a small mobile page for testing purposes. It's not designed for Ipads or even 7" tablets, but for much smaller devices such as a 3.5" screen like an Iphone 4.

Just make sure to use widescreen mode.

Soft on Demand - Mobile Page 1 (testing)

It will look awful on a large display!

This website already looks fine on a 7"+ table (in widescreen). I use a Nexus 7 2013 edition and it displays perfectly in most browsers (the main menu is a little fat to make it easier to click things)

I designed the Covers mode areas mainly for tablets.



Bukkake Gallery - Best of Bukkake (Caution: Extremely Messy and/or Nasty/Awesome/Disgusting - NSFW

I thought I should do something with the boring Bukkake main page so I listed all the 9.5 to 10 rated movies there. It's a covers mode version and not too long. This will give people new to our website some good movies to look through.

What about those that don't have enough time to browse each and every one? To save time I made a little gallery from that section that lists up to 10 screenshots from each movie! It doesn't have screenshots for every movie, but most! This gallery has around 550 screenshots and is very long! It's just a sample of some of them.

Want to know what movie a screenshot is from and possibly buy it? Check the filename of the large image and then use CTRL+F to find it easily in our Bukkake area.

Remember that in the Bukkake category itself we only have a few listed there. To see everything, click on each maker category.



Added four DVDs to the Japanese Lesbian movies area. Top 4 on the list. One of them has a Mature Woman (and maybe "BBW"?) theme to it.


EDIT: Not a big deal, but I fixed some of the blurry front cover images in the JAV DVD area.

They became blurry on accident due to a stupid mistake on my part. To fix them it took forever but i'm glad it's done!

I also did a few things in the past few days to try and make pages load faster. I don't know if it will help but it's worth a try!

I tried to get each page to load in under 25 seconds on a 56k modem (does anyone still use dialup?).



Made a NEW & updated best bukkake movies list (based on sales). On this it will list the best selling bukkake from 2002 until now! They're all in order and there is over 100 of them! Each one has a link to a full box cover, picture gallery and an add to cart link if you're interested in buy any of them.

Most of them deserve to be on there. It's a surprise though that there are not many Dream Woman titles listed. Just Dream Woman 22, 21 and some of the "dream woman + drunk woman" titles. AVGL-142 is at the bottom and that's the Dream Woman title with Maria Ozawa. I think I gave that a 7/10!

I think the one that doesn't deserve to be there is the "One Week with Only Semen" movie with Naname Nanase. It's really kind of boring and without much good content.

Get her "100 Shots of Semen Vol. 3" or "Idol Semen 7" movies instead. I bet you can guess what movie is #1. SDDH-011 Semen Maniac with Nanami Nanase!



Made a new Bukkake movies (and JAV) Covers Mode directory. It makes browsing on a tablet in widescreen a little faster.

In the future you can find it in the "Extra Bukkake" area.

Last night I spent a few hours optimizing each page for smaller touch screens. Now in the covers mode listings it's much easier to tap add to cart and the picture gallery links. For the review mode you'll now get a wider listing.




I haven't been getting many orders in lately and it's a bit frustrating. The new menu I previously added sounded like a good idea but I think it turned into a temporary disaster. I think mobile users hated it and got confused, which is understandable. 25% or more of our customer now are on tablets or phones so that didn't go as planned.

I guess if it "aint" broke don't fix it!

I optimize this website for a Nexus 7 tablet and an Ipad. I think it'll never be optimized for smaller screen than that.

Maybe i'll give the text only listings a makeover just for that.

There is a 4" display section of our JAV page but it looks goofy on a huge display. It doesn't display well on a 3.5" cell phone.




Removed some menu items and moved them to other areas:

Best Bukkake, Links, Bukkake Video Clips, Bukkake Themes, Bukkake Series and Filmographies have been moved to "More Bukkake".

I also removed the "Facials" listings from each maker category to remove clutter. They're now in the Themes area.

The "Best of" areas (for Moodyz, SOD etc) are now listed under "Best Bukkake" and not in each maker category.

I also moved "Milky Cat" and "Milky Princess" to the "More Bukkake" area. Milky Princess deserves a spot on the main menu IMO.

Don't forget that there are a lot of Extra Bukkake categories under "More Bukkake" including:

Asfur, Junk Shop, Dream Ticket, Audaz and Real Works. We also list Uncategorized Bukkake here too from Hakudakudou, Knight's Visual etc.

I also split up some areas a bit more. The Lactation review area is now 3 pages.

I myself didn't mind long pages, but most customers I imagine would find it annoying (same with search engines)


EDIT: I also made a list of bukkake links to different sections on this website. It's just various lists, info and random things put into one page. Not really necessary but you might find it worth reading if bored.



Added two new Asfur titles HERE. ASW-117 and ASW-145. Reviews and screenshots coming soon.


The new menus should now finally be working much better on Android Tablets. I've fixed the menus on 95% of all the pages but I will need to finish it up and double check things later tonight. They even now work on Android versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Hopefully everything is displaying correctly on the Ipad. I will check that later.



Here's a mobile version of our JAV page that's optimized for 4-7" Phones and Tablets (widescreen only). It displays well on the Iphone 5 and most 7" tablets (I think) as long as you're in widescreen mode. On the 3.5" Iphone 4 it doesn't fit inside the whole screen properly. I probably should resize the images, but I'll do that later. It's a very basic version with no actress names, catalog numbers or links to galleries. It looks pretty terrible on a 24" display!

This website already displays well (it's not perfect) on an Ipad 10" or 10" Android Tablet in widescreen mode.



I forget to list it, but I made a Bukkake Facials area for Shuttle Japan movies. It's very short.

Shuttle hasn't released a good bukkake movie in about forever. I wonder why?



Added a new area for all the Classic MVG Gokkun/Cum swallowing Bukkake movies. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time since they're some of my favorites!

Hopefully you've seen MS-01 Fuji No Jin by now.

Hard to believe that some of the best bukkake movies were released around 19 years ago!


3-6-14 -

I plan on finishing up the Bukkake Facials listings. I don't know how useful it is or if it's even necessary. I've had quite a few people ask me to split up the areas into something other than maker names. Some people also don't like gokkun movies and only facial themed movies. I wish gokkun movies had at lease one facial at the end. Sometimes they do but this is rare.

Have you ever seen the Gokkun Club or Moodyz Dream Idol series? I was surprised how good they looked based on my old screenshots. Dream Idol is similar to the Dream Woman bukkake series. I'll eventually give all of them their own page. When I was sorting all the movies out I found a few hidden gems that I need to go back and give a score to. Remember that if a movie doesn't have a score it doesn't mean it's bad. It's just that it might be one that was listed before I started giving out review scores. You also might not know that Moodyz tried a "Dream Girl" and "Dream Celebrity" series. I gave the first Dream Celebrity movie a 3/10!

(Priority Mail, normally $5.60 for the stamp).

Our international customers also get free shipping on any order of $50+ or 9+ DVDs.

If anyone wants to place an order for more than 30 DVDs please contact us. We provide discounts on as many movies as you need! Even 100 is OK.



Moodyz Bukkake Facials page is up. Actually it's three full pages! Took forever to sort them all out.



Put up a list of facials from Waap Bukkake movies. As you may know, Waap probably makes the most facial themed movies so it's two full pages!



Here is a list of Bukkake Facials in MVG / M's Video Group movies. I was surprised to find that MVG seemed to mostly focus on Gokkun/swallowing movies and maybe only 25% of their movies had facials. The list is still huge! Sometime I want to put up a list of Classic MVG swallowing/gokkun titles from the mid 90's. These deserve to be seen and many skip them. Nobody has really been able to top MS-01 Fuji No Jin. Someone should remake that movie and have a version in 1080P HD! Dogma could do it.



I updated the Nanami Nanase bukkake/filmography page. Now it links to the picture galleries and you can even click the catalog number to be taken directly to a review! It opens in a new window. About 90% of them are reviewed and all of them have a picture gallery.

BTW since 2007 she's been the most popular person on this website and yet she's been retired for years! My guess is that it's because of SDDH-011/CHIE-003 "Semen Maniac 1"



Some people on here only seem to be into facials and not so much the cum swallowing/gokkun movies. To make it easier to browse and find what you need, i've decided to make a bukkake facials only section for each category. It will take me a long time and right now I only have the Soft on Demand/SOD section done. It's not 100% accurate, but pretty close. I'm only going by the screenshots and reviews. I'm not going to watch each title over again just for verification! It takes longer because I have to manually check each listing for content. The SOD review areas alone are 49 pages!

The rules are: no cumshots to the mouth, around the mouth or nose ONLY. It CAN contain these things along with swapping, cum-play and swallowing, but also must contain a facial. If a scene contains only maybe 2-3 cumshots to the face it probably won't be listed. A real facial is multiple cumshots and not one every 10 minutes!

Here is the first page: SOD bukkake facials page listing

I also don't have a swallowing/gokkun only listing yet. We do have one, but it's only for large quantity cum-swallowing at the moment.

NOTE: I probably might make a covers-only mode of the facials listing, but not right now.

HERE is a screenshot of an older really good facial movie. It's Nayuka Mine from MIAD-148. These types of facials don't seem to be as common now.

Still waiting for a Tsubomi Dream Woman title...



Not a big deal, but I updated the Tsubomi Bukkake movies area. In there you'll also find some of her Lesbian movies and regular DVD titles. Don't ask me how, but I forgot to list Dogma DDT-216 in there! That's a 10/10 title too. I also added one of her BJ/oral themed movies "EC-110" to the JAV area at the top.

Previously her filmography did not have links to her full picture galleries, but it does now.



Added a bulk discount link for those that need massive amounts of bukkake! It's a 60 DVD package and just $175 shipped anywhere!

If you want this deal you have to list to us manually the catalog numbers into the "comments" field or just email them.

Need a specific quantity? We can provide a bulk discount on nearly any quantity.



Made a few new JAV/Bukkake filmographies. First there is one for Mayura Hoshitsuki from DDT-111 "White Semen Bukkake". She really deserves one since she's been in so many bukkake movies. Most of them are very good. We also added another for Meguru Kosaka (Gokkun Angel MVSD-066). I like her big boobs and short hair. She's not been in a ton of bukkake movies but felt like she was worth adding. The last one is Ruri Housyou from Gokkun School. She's only been in one bukkake movie but we have quite a few of her movies and they're very popular! She's been in a lot of movies with Hina Otsuka, who is around the same height (short). I think they're friends outside of porn.

I still need to make some for Kokoro Amano (Sperm Bible), Riho Nanase, Ari, Mirai Hirooka and Momo Iizawa. Momo Iizawa also hasn't been in a ton of bukkake movies but the ones she did are amazing! Don't believe me? Check out this picture. It's from Sperm Viking. I haven't sold that movie in about forever, which makes no sense.

Mirai Hirooka is up there IMO with Seika Izumi and Nanami Kurasawa as one of the best bukkake actresse of all time. She's always really enthusiastic and seems to love what she's doing. I'm sure it's all acting, but that's OK with me! Check into her lesbian bukkake scenes in MM-15 (with Seika Izumi!) and MVGD-01 Countdown Sperm. Mirai is the one on the right in the cum-swapping scene. Halfway through in the gallery.



I just noticed our website was not displaying right on Internet Explorer 9 and it's now fixed. Borders on the Covers Pages were too huge and one page was displaying an ugly black background over everything. Ooops. IE 9 is kind of old so its best to upgrade to the most recent version.

The website displays best in Firefox (this is what I suggest) and Chrome. I hate Chrome but it does work well with this website. You just need to refresh pages a lot.

BTW if you like the covers mode you can switch between them now with the little menu at the botton of each Cover Page. I think people browsing on a Tablet might prefer the Covers mode. I tested the web site on a 10" Ipad and a Nexus 7 Tablet and it seems to display OK. The top menu is a little too large but at least it's easy to click. Just be sure to use Widescreen mode if using a Tablet. Pretty sure this web site is not very usable on a smaller phone. I will update the text listings for that.

Interesting fact..our website gets the most traffic from the Safari browser. Know why? Ipads and Iphones!




Made a site directory for fun. It's actually somewhat interesting to read if you don't mind me rambling on a bit. I love to talk/type about bukkake I guess! There might be some amusing things in there for you to read..or not. It's quite long!



You can try out a new search engine we're testing. It's a Google Search. You can test it out HERE.

Another tip: If you want to find stuff on our site using regular Google.com just type your text and add site:japansm.com after it!

Try this link for Tsubomi Bukkake (i used "tsubomi bukkake site:japansm.com" without the quotes.)

Don't forget to peek at the Images tab on there.



We made a little How to Buy guide for people that are not computer geniuses or cannot read our english pages (or translate them). Most people would find it pointless, but I do get a lot of people asking how the heck they are supposed to order. I've tried to make it as simple as possible. I know my way around the computer well, but not everyone does. I think we might get a lot of older people on here too! If I can make it easier for everyone it can't hurt! I know that when i'm on a Japanese only site, a guide with images can be very helpful.

It's been a little frustrating lately. January 2014 was the 3rd best month in sales since January of 2013. Now this week is a record low in years. I've been focused on trying to do a real update, but it's very hard now. To do updates it requires both good sales on the older Bukkake DVDs and the newest titles. Strangely enough we have had record traffic, but that really doesn't mean much to us. Every purchase goes into adding new material.

I even did a test purchase to make sure nothing was wrong! If you're having trouble placing an order of if there is any way we can make it easier, please let us know!

Right now i'm a bit worried, but i'm sure things will be OK.

I think our prices are more than fair. As you know, we have free shipping on $50+ orders. Our prices are so low that we can't offer free shipping on all orders. Sorry!

Previously people had no problems using the coupon codes, but maybe it's just an annoyance. I actually think it's easier than how it was before.

I like how it's a flat rate of $6 for any amount of DVDs and then you can get a discount if you order 10+.

As you know, you are not required to buy 10 DVDs. You just need 10 or more to get a discount! We prefer to reward customers for buying more!

Maybe we should have automatic discounts instead. EDIT: DONE

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I know that most of you are on here to get the latest and greatest Bukkake. I'm trying! Going to try harder and hope to add more good titles.



Updated the listings a little. No more page 2, 3, 4 and 5 for the "Covers Mode" listings. Even the longest one isn't very long I think and should be fine for most people. I've found that most pages past the first never get many viewings anyway.

I absolutely HAVE to split up the full review mode sections. The Moodyz review area has over 163 pages in 5 sections! No i'm not kidding. This is with all the tables and is maybe a little shorter as just text. I'm not the best writer but I've always liked reviewing Bukkake movies. I don't write "professional" bukkake reviews and a lot of the time it's just random nonsense.

I love reviewing some of the ones that are amusing or make me laugh. Something like the Conveyor Belt Bukkake™ movie. It's sometimes a bit tedious if you've reviewed hundreds of bukkake movies and too many are all the same. Asfur movies just makes me so annoyed but I know a lot of people love them!

Prices are revised a little (not increased!) and you get FREE shipping (costs $5.60) if you buy $50+ worth of movies. $75 if you're outside the USA. Air Mail is not cheap anymore! It makes me sick that it can cost up to $12 to mail a few DVDs to Europe! Express Mail prices are even worse.

I want to try and optimize this web site for a 7" tablet in widescreen. It seems to display fine on an Ipad 10" but I need to fix some minor things and maybe increase the font size.

Of course for best viewing I suggest Firefox at 1920x1200. I also test it with Chrome and Internet Explorer. Not a fan of Chrome but it does seem to run slightly faster in it, but you have to refresh things too much.

I also am trying to take screenshots of every single movie we have listed. I don't do them automatically, but manually. Not a big deal but that's why it takes longer.

Right now we have probably 90% of the Lesbian movies now with screenshots! I remember someone on here told me I hated Lesbian movies because there were no screenshots. I actually love them! A lot of them are boring, but not when it's a movie like "DVDPS-484".



Updated the Bukkake series page to make it look a little better. Now you can switch between them very quickly.

There are some that still don't have a full page listing but i'll add them eventually.

I also added a page for the "100 shots of semen" series from SOD. As you know, it's one of the best bukkake series there is. The Semen Gokkun series is better though IMO.

I think most people avoid some of the older titles, but that's really a mistake. They're very good and you should give them a try if you've skipped them previously.

The director of those (Tatsuya Aoki) is now making movies for Junk Shop I believe.




If you've been a customer for a long time you'll remember how we once had all those bulk discount links for people that had larger orders and wanted to save time.

Some people on this website like to type their choices into a text file and then enter all the catalog numbers they want into the "comments" field at checkout.

Clicking "add to cart" for 10+ titles can get annoying. Sometimes it also takes a few days to come up with enough selections for an order.

All you need to do is click on one link and cut and paste your selections into the "comments" field. DO NOT use the "add to cart" function for your choices.

The bulk discount links are also already discounted! Please don't add a coupon code or it will be canceled. Obviously only use coupon codes for regular orders.

NOTE: 90% of people will have no use for these links. It's just a way to save time when making a larger order.


EDIT: I also made a small new text only listing for Shuttle Japan Bukkake movies. Click the link to see it.



Made a list of all bukkake movies rated 9 to 9.25/10. You can find it under "Best Bukkake" in the future.

There are also listings in that section for movies rated 10 and 9.5 to 9.75.

BTW in the bukkake series section I somehow forgot to add "Spermania"! I'll add it ASAP.

EDIT: You can see the new "Spermania" full page listing. Over 22 titles in the series!



Do you like the Dream Woman series? Have you seen the Dream Woman + Drunk Woman series?

Each movie is two discs and contains a Dream Woman title. There was also a Double Dream Woman series.

I've added all of them to the Dream Woman section. Clicking that link takes you directly to them.

I think these are some movies that people easily overlook!

I also added a link in there to a "DX4" Dream Woman title with Maria Ozawa. It's not very good IMO.

We have all Dream Woman titles except for #1!



Added a new list of bukkake movies that have received a 9.5 to 9.75/10 score.

You can also see our 10/10 rated movies.

They will be listed in the "Best Bukkake" section.



I split the website up into two main sections. First there is the "Japanese Bukkake" and then a JAV area.

In the JAV section i'll list every genre on the menus that has nothing to do with Bukkake.

To make things more simple and less cluttered, I will no longer have NON-bukkake genre links in the Bukkake area.

This website will primarily always be a Bukkake oriented page with JAV titles as sort of a bonus. I will never neglect the Bukkake areas just to add more JAV DVDs!

I really want to make this website as simple and easy to use as possible. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

BTW don't forget that our review mode is still active and running. We will NEVER stop reviewing new bukkake movies!

I didn't want to do it, but forced myself months ago to have it default to a "covers only" mode. Now you just need to click "review mode".



Made a new updated list of every 10/10 rated Bukkake DVD we sell. Eventually I will make some more for titles that receive a 9.5, 9, 8 etc.



Made a small preview clip for DMC-26 and added some screenshots.


See HERE. Rina Hatsume Bukkake! IMO almost as good as a Tsubomi Dream Woman title . Not yet viewed by myself.



Added and reviewed 3 Junk Shop titles (I think). They're found HERE. Top 3 on the list.

BTW one of them has a Nanami Kurasawa movie on it that I haven't seen since 2000 or so! I always wanted to remember what movie it was!



Made a list of the Best Selling Bukkake movies of 2013.




Just a few more screenshots for Lesbian movies:

(can use CTRL+F in most browsers to find them easily on each page)

  1. ABSD-04
  2. BMD-274
  3. DAD-043
  4. DIV-002
  5. DVDPS-204
  6. ISSD-009
  7. MDPD-086
  8. SBCD-130
  9. SDDM-393

Some more screenshots for Lesbian movies:

  1. ANND-033
  2. ANND-051
  3. CRPD-110
  4. DANDY-108
  5. DVDPS-187
  6. DVDPS-366
  7. DVDPS-431
  8. DVDPS-774
  9. DVPRN-33
  10. DVPRN-41
  11. PLTD-05
  12. PLTD-06
  13. SBCD-110
  14. SDDM-331



A few more screenshots for some of the Lesbian movies. We're trying to take some for every title!

To find them easily, use CTRL+F in each page of the Lesbian section.

  1. DJNJ-58
  2. DKSS-02
  3. DOBJ-02
  4. DVPRN-017
  5. PLE-010
  6. PLE-012
  7. PLTD-08
  8. PLTD-10
  9. QU-06D
  10. QU-12D
  11. XY-67D
  12. XY-77D
  13. XY-80D



Took screenshots for a lot of Lesbian movies:

(NOTE: There is a page two in the lesbian area. You can use CTRL+F in most browsers to find the catalog numbers easily!)

  1. DDN-140
  2. DILJ-02
  3. DIOL-02
  4. DVDES-089
  5. DVDES-245
  6. DVDPS-445
  7. DVPRN-034
  8. HAVD-084
  9. HAVD-337
  10. KIH-001
  11. LADY-022
  12. LADY-069
  13. LADY-074
  14. LADY-078
  15. LADY-087
  16. QU-16D
  17. QU-19D
  18. SAD-003
  19. SDDE-059
  20. SDDE-078
  21. SDDM-291
  22. UCL-07D
  23. VICD-006
  24. VICD-024
  25. VICD-092
  26. XY-22D

Added a few screenshots:

  1. DASD-066 (jav area)
  2. AWD-13 (Mature)
  3. DVDPS-172 (Lesbian)
  4. XY-53 (Lesbian)
  5. DOSA-05 (dancing movie. On Lesbian Page 2 for some reason)
  6. DTH-15 (Mature)
  7. HAVD-362 (Rio Hamasaki. Big boobs!)
  8. IESP-336 - Hinata Seto (18+)
  9. MILD-287 - Two discs
  10. STAR-128 - More big boobs. Starring Hitomi. Suggestion: Check out her (fake) tentacle movie. I don't have it, sorry.
  11. STAR-187 - 2 discs. Aida Sakura. Never appealed to me much, but she got better looking (IMO) in her latest movies. She has a ton of uncensored movies.
  12. DVDPS-735 (Mature)
  13. SPRD-060 (Mature)
  14. SBD-021 (Mature)
  15. WTK-002 (Mature)
  16. HM-03 (Mature)
  17. CHERD-23 (Mature. Natsumi Kitahara)
  18. ENTD-004 - Two movies in one. Erina Tsukishima Lesbian movie.
  19. HET-422 - Has an Erina Tsukishima scene (in JAV)
  20. DVH-236 - Erina Tsukishima (JAV)
  21. MEMD-02 - Erina Tsukishina (JAV Page 2)



Added a few screenshots. Click HERE (very top of page).



Added reviews and screenshots for the 35 Bukkake Movies. It took forever!

See all the screenshots here: 12-9-13 BUKKAKE UPDATES PAGE.

They're also in the Asfur, Dream Ticket, Junk Shop and OTHER areas if you want to read the reviews (and see the scores).

JS-37 and RCT-466 with Yuu Shinoda are two of the best titles! I also like a lot of the RSD- titles from Dream Ticket (Bukkake on tanned skin)


MORE NEW BUKKAKE! - Update for 12-9-13

No reviews or screenshots yet, but you can buy them easily (and view covers) in the 12-9-13 BUKKAKE UPDATES PAGE.

  1. Asfur ASW-018
  2. Asfur ASW-019
  3. Asfur ASW-025
  4. ASW-039
  5. ASW-046
  6. ASW-049
  7. ASW-073
  8. ASW-077
  9. ASW-078
  10. ASW-087
  11. ASW-095
  12. ASW-096
  13. ASW-099
  14. ASW-103
  15. ASW-108
  16. ASW-110
  17. Junk Shop JS-17
  18. JS-31
  19. JS-32
  20. JS-36
  21. JS-37
  22. Rocket RCT-466
  23. Knight's Visual KV-071
  24. KV-081
  25. KV-082
  26. KV-095
  27. KV-096
  28. KV-109
  29. Dream Ticket RSD-002
  30. RSD-004
  31. RSD-005
  32. RSD-006
  33. RSD-007
  34. RSD-008
  35. RSD-0009

NON Bukkake, listed in JAV:

  1. DDT-178 - Maria Ozawa
  2. JUC-910 - Sanae Asou
  3. JUFD-003 - Reiko Kobayakawa
  4. SSR-019 -Reiko Kobayakawa
  5. XV-1041 - More Sanae Asou

12-6-13 - Even more Screenshots! Click HERE

12-3-13 - Added some new Lesbian movie screenshots! Most of them are extremely good! Click HERE. I also added two new Lesbian Mature Women movies from Madonna. As always, use CTRL+F in each page to find them easily.


NEW BUKKAKE! - Updates for 11-25-13

EDIT: Some screenshots added for THESE.

All the new Bukkake has been reviewed and they now have screenshots! To see the reviews select "Review Mode".

Here's what we've added:

    1. Moodyz Dream Woman 92 (MIGD-538) - 9.5/10
    2. Moodyz Dream Woman 93 (MIGD-548) - 9/10
    3. Waap WDI-036 - 8.25/10
    4. Waap WDI-035 - 9/10
    5. Waap WDI-027 - 9.25/10
    6. Waap WDI-026 - 9.5/10
    7. Waap WDI-025 - 9.5/10
    8. Dream Ticket RSD-014 (found in the "Other" section and then click "Dream Ticket")

    To access the "add to cart" links easily for these you can just lick the large bold link above. They're also in the regular sections if you want to read the reviews.

    I also took screenshots for 3 recently added titles in the JAV section:

    1. EC-102 (Tsubomi title. Contains bondage)
    2. MIGD-456 - Very good soap themed movie with Rina Hatsume)
    3. CRPD-436 - Rina Hatsume title with a lesbian/futanari theme. Suggested for fans of Rina Hatsume.


12-17-13 New Screenshots:

  1. DDT-178 - Maria Ozawa
  2. DHLB-04 (in Lesbian)
  3. HAVD-348
  4. JMSD-009 (already had some for this, but here are some more! Caution: Fake Penis)
  5. JMSD-011 (Alert! Fake Plastic Penis ahead) - Starring Konomi Futaba
  6. JUC-910 - Sanae Asoh
  7. JUFD-003
  8. MDED-441 - Azusa Ayano
  9. SSR-019
  10. XV-1041

11-20-13 and 11-23-13 (EDIT: added 3 titles to JAV section. See below.

New Bukkake Coming soon - Order now to get them ASAP!

EDIT: Screenshots for the following (all are Lesbian movies unless noted):

  1. ANND-032 - Saki Otsuka. I really like her. Probably mentioned that a dozen times..
  2. BMD-284
  3. CKD-001
  4. DFLS-06
  5. DILJ-01 - Seika Izumi + Aki Sawamiya (!!)
  6. DLEW-01 -Aki Sawamiya
  7. DLKE-02 - More Seika Izumi + Aki Sawamiya (almost contains a short Konomi Futaba scene)
  8. DLKE-01
  9. DSTA-011 - Yukari Sakurada. Listed under "Mature"
  10. DVDES-507
  11. DVDPS-124 - Momoka Tabata
  12. DVDPS-744
  13. DVIFT-026 - Listed in "Mature". I kind of like this actress somewhat.
  14. ERDL-002
  15. SBCD-118
  16. SDDM-085 - Yukari Sakurada. Listed under "SOD Page 2".
  17. SDDM-488
  18. XY-53

12-6-13 Screnshots:

  1. ANND-013 - Hinata Seto
  2. ATM-064
  3. BLK-052 - Not a lesbian movie. Tanned skin movie.
  4. DAD-017
  5. DOSA-05
  6. FSET-104 - Long tongue fetish movie. Listed in JAV
  7. HAVD-158
  8. ISSD-004 - Two disc lesbian movie
  9. LE-06D
  10. LSK-03D
  11. QU-18D
  12. SBCD-137
  13. SDDM-039
  14. XY-66D

12-3-13 Screenshots:

Most of these are lesbian movies but some of them are extremly good.


  1. ARMD-217
  2. ARMD-251 (Sachiko Uno)
  3. ARMD-749
  4. DAD-019
  5. DJNJ-09
  6. DJNJ-94
  7. DVDPS-172
  8. DVDPS-735
  9. JUC-700 (lesbian movie with Mature Women. Listed under "Mature")
  10. JUX-009 (same here)



Bukkake - Updates for 11-25-13

Update includes Moodyz Dream Woman 92 (MIGD-538), Dream Woman 93 (MIGD-548) and a few others.


Added 3 titles to the JAV section (at the top). They're titles that are overlooked by many. Two of them are starring Rina Hatsume. The covers of them are not very good, but don't judge them by the covers! I will post screenshots when I have more free time. I hope to eventually add every Rina Hatsume title I can find.

Here they are:

EC-102 - Starring Tsubomi (contains Bondage)

MIGD-456 - Starring Rina Hatsume. One of the few soap movies that wasn't a snore-fest.

CRPD-436 - Starring Rina Hatsume. Part lesbian movie with a futanari theme (terrible box cover..Very good movie if you like Rina Hatsume).

I've seen them before and felt they were worth adding to the collection.




I made a page for a bukkake series that really flew under the radar. It didn't even get listed under "Bukkake Series" until today. It's from Dream Ticket and I accidentically listed half of them under the IdeaPocket category. It's called "Gothic with Semen" (18+). Basically it's a bukkake series with women dressed up as dolls wearing fancy costumes (dresses). It's a really high quality series. GHD-011 has Nana Miyaji in it. GHD-012 is starring Ruri Housyou.

Dream Ticket Gothic with Semen (18+)

If you haven't seen the Dream Ticket listings you should! It's found in the "Other Bukkake" category.



A few more screenshots!

  1. ABD-021 (listed under Mature. All the rest are lesbian titles)
  2. CRPD-216
  3. CRPD-230
  4. DAD-015 (oops, already had some for this)
  5. DAD-039
  6. DVDPS-445
  7. HAVD-120 (lesbian kissing title. It's very very good. Has Yun Mayuki in it who makes Lesbian movies even better)


Some more screenshots (can use CTRL+F in each category to find them):

  1. ANND-025 -Aoba Itoh. Small and Big Boob title. In Lesbian area)
  2. ANND-042 - Saki Otsuka lesbian title
  3. CRPD-135 - Saki Otsuka lesbian title
  4. CRPD-148
  5. CRPD-301
  6. DATA-04
  7. DKB-016 - older Yukari Sakurada title under "Mature"
  8. DOTA-192 - Yukari Sakurada title under "Mature"
  9. DSB-02 - Mature woman title. Same actress as the one in SPRD-060 found below
  10. DVDPS-203 - Best one I took screenshots for. Konomi Futaba lesbian title!
  11. DVJS-004 - Nanami Miyaji (18+). In JAV area.
  12. HAVD-233
  13. KEL-02
  14. KGDV-45 - older Erina Tsukishima movie (in Mature)
  15. KLD-03
  16. LE-01D
  17. LE-07D - Azusa Ayano lesbian title
  18. MDXD-092 - Erina Tsukishima lesbian title. Listed in Mature for some reason.
  19. SPRD-060 - In Mature



Now in each covers only page you can easily see which titles have received a 9.5 or a 10 score. These will have a neon green background. OK, actually it's just a light gray tile and shouldn't be too annoying. Remember, back years ago we never gave any movies a score. If it doesn't have a score it doesn't mean it's bad! It's just not given one.

I gave DDT-311 and DDT-154 "only" a 9.25/10. I think they're more like a 9.5/10 at least so I gave them a gray tile. These are the only exceptions. I really wish people would watch the old MVG titles. The quality isn't amazing (as good as possible for the format) but they're still some of the best bukkake movies. If you want to try MS-01 I'll give it to you for free with any order of 10 or more discs. Tell me in the "comments" field.

I also took screenshots for these titles (all but the last are Lesbian movies..use CTRL+F in that area to find them easily):

  1. DAD-030
  2. DDN-058
  3. DDT-085
  4. DVDPS-428
  5. DVPRN-030
  6. SBSDS-008 - Erina Tsukishima (listed in the Mature category)



Reviewed and took screenshots for the new Asfur titles.


Three new Asfur Bukkake movies . Find them in the new Asfur area. First 3 at the top.

Reviews and screenshots for them coming soon!


11-2-13 (uploading galleries now. If you get broken links try later))

Added a ton of new screenshots:

(Can use CTRL+F to find them in each category)


    1. CBD-15 (Yukari Sakurada. Remember her?)
    2. CRPD-111 (Azusa Ayano and Akane Hotaru!)
    3. CRPD-153 (Akane Hotaru + Riko Tachibana. What's not to like?)
    4. CRPD-197 (Akane Hotaru and Hina Otsuka. See above)
    5. CRPD-298 (Lesbian Futanari. Listed in Futanari)
    6. CWM-067 (Younger Woman + Older Woman)
    7. DAD-021
    8. DAD-033 (loved this movie)
    9. DAD-054
    10. DDN-120
    11. DJNJ-60
    12. DOBJ-03
    13. ENDG-021 (Ruri Housyou + Hina Otsuka. Serious Eye Candy, but not really a Lesbian movie)
    14. FEDN-010 (lesbians in leather)
    15. FG-126
    16. ISD-021
    17. ISD-034
    18. ISD-044
  1. CBD-022 (Hiyori Koharu. Big boobs)
  2. IPTD-045 (Azusa Ayano)
  3. IPZ-080 (some Bukkake)
  4. CHERD-23 (Natsumi Kitahara. Big Floppy Boobs. Listed in "Mature")

You can find more screenshots from 10-31-13 in the UPDATES area.




The entire website should now display perfectly on an Ipad (wide mode) or (maybe) a similar tablet. Not sure about the Ipad mini. I'm pretty positive it won't display correctly on an cell phone.

Two pages are still displaying off the screen on an Ipad until I resize the images.

The website looks best at 1920x1200 using Firefox.



New screenshots I forgot to link:

    1. DJK-011 (Erina Tsukishima..in the Mature category)
    2. AWE-021 (Natsumi Kitahara. This is a good one. Same category)
    3. DVH-232 (mature)
    4. DVH-232 (Erina Tsukishima scene. Mature)
    5. HM-09 (Mature. Contains lactation!)
    6. MMDV-001 (Mature. Erina Tsukishima)


10-31-13 Some new screenshots for the following:

(can use CTRL+F in most browsers to find them)

    1. DIV-030 (lesbian)
    2. UCL-02D (lesbian)
    3. HM-03 (mature)
    4. TUJD-020 (mature)
    5. ICD-19 (mature)
    6. MILD-355 (mature)
    7. MO-25 (mature)
    8. OKAD-076 (mature)
    9. SLD-01 (Maki Tomoda)
    10. DJNE-32 (dancing movie)
    11. HJ-04D (mature)
    12. IZ-02D



Two weeks ago we had a record number week of sales for the year and it really helped. This past week it was a record low and barely enough to stay alive. Totally bizarre.

I've reduced the 10 DVD package deal t0 $50 instead of $55. It still ships for FREE inside the USA! It costs us $5.60. We also reduced the 15 DVDs for $80 deal to $75.

In addition to this we also added a 25 DVDs for $105 deal. For that you can use the coupon code "45OFF".

Unfortunately it's really hard to add new Bukkake when sales of the older DVDs are so poor. I'll come up with some better ideas.

I'm still thinking of switching back to the Covers Mode as default (review mode still there). A lot of people now are viewing with just a tablet or small screen. Scrolling through reviews is slow for some.

Not sure if anyone reads my long winded (and sometimes weird) reviews but I like writing them. It does only take two seconds to click "Covers Mode".





Here is a COVERS ONLY list that might be useful for some people. The links open in a new browser window.



  1. Eight new movies in the JAV area. All with screenshots! First 8 on the top! Some with Bukkake but no review.
  2. Four new Lesbian titles. One with Rio Hamasaki. First four on the top. Screenshots for all.

Some screenshots for the following in the Mature Woman category (can use CTRL+F in most browsers to find them):

  1. JUKD-109
  2. JUKD-287
  3. JUKD-438
  4. JUKD-441
  5. JUKD-614



Some more screenshots:

  1. CHD-024
  2. DOSA-02 (Moe Kimishima. Found in Lesbian Page 2. I really like her)
  3. Hibino HAVD-482 (Lesbian kissing movie)
  4. KOJ-036 (in JAV section)
  5. MGSD-08 (I liked this. Bondage movie with Hina Otsuka but found in JAV section)
  6. REAL-129 (two discs)


Added two Dream Shower titles to the Waap category (WDI-029 and WDI-031. WDI-031 has Chihiro Hara in it!)

BTW I also added some deals for 60, 90 and 120 DVDs. You can find those in the discounts page.

There is also a 30 DVD bulk discount link added to our FAQ page. This is for those that hate clicking add to cart buttons for large orders.



I have all the new Bukkake reviewed with screenshots.

You can easily access the new additions here:

10-5-13 New Bukkake

To read the reviews, check the Moodyz, Other, Soft on Demand, Idea Pocket and Waap areas. You may need to refresh each page in some browsers to see the updates.



New Bukkake in stock!!

10-5-13 Bukkake Update (reviews and screenshots coming on Tuesday or Wednesday. Possibly earlier)


10-4-13 (all in JAV, Use CTRL+F to find them. Two pages in category)

  1. 15ID-072
  2. ADD-074
  3. AMD-007 - Natsumi Kitahara
  4. ANND-008 - Hinata Seto. Pretty good movie.
  5. CWM-023 - Pretty BAD movie
  6. D1-211 - Dogma bondage themed movie with Chihiro Haseawa and Maki Tomoda
  7. DAD-041 - Akane Hotaru
  8. DDT-183 - Another Dogma bondage/lesbian movie
  9. DSJC-03 - Erina Tsukishima.
  10. DUGA-01 - Dancing movie
  11. GOD-081 - Nao Oikawa
  12. MIDD-937 - Movie with Julia. Not really into her movies at all.
  13. MIDD-955 - Another Julie movie
  14. MIDD-961 - I really like this actress though!
  15. MOZD-042 - Chihiro Hasegawa
  16. ONED-686 - Pretty good Maria Ozawa. I see why people like her.
  17. SOE-905 - Bukkake!
  18. SVS9 - Some Bukkake. This is from Audaz.



More screenshots! Getting sick of all of these? I hope not! (all in JAV, Use CTRL+F to find them)

  1. DDT-162 - Hina Otsuka Dogma movie
  2. DCS-001 - Yuria Hidaka
  3. DVKR-076
  4. DVMC-003 - Anna Kuramoto
  5. MDG-025 - Akana Hotaru. Supposed to be a DVD Game sort of.
  6. MDID-148 - Nao Oikawa
  7. MIAD-183 - Hina Otsuka & Nana Miyaji
  8. MIAD-375 - Akane Hotaru squirting movie
  9. MVSD-041 - Bukkake!
  10. SDDE-262 - Some Bukkake
  11. SDMS-681 - Lots of slimy tentacles (realistic looking plastic ones). Oh and it has Maria Ozawa.
  12. SKD-35 - Azusa Ayano with a short skinny man (18+).
  13. SLD-017 - More Bukkake. This one is from Audaz. They made a lot of good Bukkake. Oops already took screenshots for this.
  14. TKS-01D - Akane Hotaru handjob movie (FYI that's called Tekoki)


Even more screenshots I made today (all in JAV, Use CTRL+F to find them):

(if you get errors, upload may be in progress)

  1. DBE-063 - Nanami Nanase
  2. DDN-043 - Kurumi Morishita Futanari. Listed in JAV section for some reason.
  3. DJNI-010 - terrible movie unless you have a pantyhose fetish (nothing wrong with that). This is called "Leg Sex"
  4. DVAA-054 -Aurora Pro movie
  5. DVLL-008 - More Aurora Pro
  6. DVMC-004 - Anna Kuramoto
  7. DVT-004 Cando (all the Cando titles are college schoolgirl themed movies and very popular)
  8. DVT-008 - Anna Kuramoto. If you like this one also get DVT-002. I like Cando's creative camera angles.
  9. DVT-011 - Cando
  10. DVT-018 - Cando
  11. DVYS-001 - Cando. Does anyone know her name? She's been in a lot of movies but never gets credit!
  12. DVYS-004 - Cando
  13. SBNR-037 - Nene Mukai
  14. SDDE-149 - Nurse themed movie. I liked nurse themed movies but this series is kind of boring.
  15. SDDL-042 - Bunko Kanazawa
  16. SDDL-105 - Seika Izumi Collection
  17. SDDM-124 - Nao Oikawa
  18. SDDM-140 - Nanami Nanase!
  19. SDDM-853 - Bukkake
  20. SDMS-567 - Starring Mr. Tentacle
  21. STAR-178 - Aida Sakura (18+)



A few more screenshots:

If you want any, go to the JAV section and use CTRL+F to find them easily. Don't forget there is a 2nd page.

  1. HAVD-482 (lesbian title..listed in that area)
  2. KGDV-07 - starring Yukari Sakurada (listed in "Mature")
  3. KGDV-08 - starring Yukari Sakurada. Has a lesbian scene in it which is pretty good. Listed in "Mature".
  4. DVT-017 from Cando
  5. DVT-019 Cando
  6. DVYS-003 Cando
  7. MDLD-415 - Akane Hotaru
  8. MIDD-030 - Akane Hotaru
  9. MIDD-192 - listed in the Mature section. If you don't like that category this might change your mind.
  10. SPZ-201 - Aoba Itoh and Anri Nonaka scenes
  11. VICD-025 - Azusa Ayano
  12. WF-241 - More Akane Hotaru!



Even more screenshots!

If you want any, go to the JAV section and use CTRL+F to find them easily. Don't forget there is a 2nd page.

  1. BDR-63 - Erina Tsukishima (this is in the "Mature" section)
  2. CHUB-010 - Hinata Seto
  3. COT-008 - Bondage title (bondage section)
  4. DVAA-055 - Ruri Housyou
  5. DVJS-001 from Cando
  6. DVT-020 with Nana Miyaji
  7. DVYS-002 from Cando
  8. DWD-005 - Dogma lotion themed movie
  9. GBAD-01
  10. GON-244 - Chihiro Hasegawa. This one was pretty good!
  11. HEA-001 - Hinata Seto
  12. MARO-34 - Hinata Seto
  13. MMDV-155 - Konomi Futaba
  14. MS-02 from Milky Cat - contains bondage and dick cheese. GROSS!
  15. NHDT-367
  16. PJD-014 - Konomi Futaba
  17. SLR-004 - Hinata Seto


Tons of screenshots. I took all of them manually just for you.

If you want any, go to the JAV section and use CTRL+F to find them easily. Don't forget there is a 2nd page.

I will link them to the galleries. If any of these galleries give you errors, the upload is in progress!

  1. AVGL-013 (futanari)
  2. BC-128 - Hina Otsuka
  3. CADV-148 - Forget her name but I like her a lot
  4. CRPD-263 - Anri Nonaka and Aoba Itoh. Yes, they have really small tits and the screenshots might weird you out a bit. 18+!!!
  5. DCOW-73 - I REALLY need more movies with her. She's near perfect. Azusa Ayano.
  6. DIT-015 - Konomi Futaba movie that's fairly old but good
  7. DMAN-001 - loved it. There's something I like about Erina Tsukishima. I want ALL her movies!
  8. DVAA-001 (18+ schoolgal themed movie from Cando)
  9. DVI-007 - another one. 18+ obviously. Not sure why I need to keep mentioning this!
  10. DVT-001 - Cando movie. They're not very common.
  11. DVT-004 - Cando movie
  12. DVT-009 - People who like the series should check into this. Starring Sayaka Kusunoki
  13. DVT-013
  14. GD-944 - Erina Tsukishima movie. She has nice arms. Is that weird?
  15. HA-054 - Aoba Itoh
  16. HGJ-001 - Mature woman themed movie
  17. HM-23 - Mature
  18. HTD-01 - Nana Miyaji (somehow it's impossible to find a cover for this!)
  19. IFDVA-021 - Cosplay with Hina Seto (18+ duh)
  20. ISD-021 - Lesbian movie
  21. JENY-002 - Recently added Anri Nonaka movie. Not one person has bought this. Box cover sure doesn't show much!
  22. MDYD-076 - DO NOT LIKE (except for Erina Tsukishima)
  23. MIDD-200 - I'm not into Mature Women movies much these days but I like her!
  24. NDD-001 - Rare Anna Kuramoto movie. Has a scene similar to the one in DVT-002
  25. ONED-415 - Wow. Better than I thought. Tsubomi looks totally different in this earlier movie of hers.
  26. OPRD-037 - Hina Otsuka movie from Opera.
  27. PLE-013 - She has nice peepers
  28. RSH-058 - Terrible movie!
  29. SCD-63 - Saki Otsuka. Please send me all her movies for Christmas. Thanks!
  30. SGUBS-005 - Hinata Seto
  31. SWD-03 - Extremely rare Konomi Futaba DVD from maybe 2002. 18+
  32. TOD-96 - More Erina Tsukishima. Did I mentioned I liked her?
  33. TUJD-28
  34. YKRA-03 - Chihiro Hasegawa movie. Has a lotion scene in it.
  35. LADY-098 (see below!)



Added some screenshots for one of the best lesbian movies ever made. It's LADY-098. Don't click if short and skinny women are offensive! I hope Rina Hatsume makes a lot more movies.


In case anyone did not know, we do not charge extra for two disc sets like other places do. We have quite a few of them but sometimes don't list that they're actually two discs.

I'm now sorting through the entire collection and will update the listings to give you a better idea which movies come on two discs. So far I'm only halfway through. I've edited 107 title listings so far.

When you're searching through the listings look for "(2)" next to the catalog number. This means it's a 2 disc set. If it says AB or A+B that means the same thing but we'll update that.

We also have two 3 disc set movies. They are MIGD-358 and MIGD-380. Get them ASAP! We charge an extra $20 for those. Ok, i'm kidding. Same price for now.

We have zero plans to charge extra for 2 disc sets so buy as many as you want.


Gave the Konomi Futaba filmography a makeover. Now we've linked the titles to the picture galleries. Hopefully sometime we can get all her DVD Movies!

She has a ton of VHS only titles but most of them have her in one scene only and they're not any good. PE-83 and DOB-10 are her best titles I think.

DOB-10 is one that most people overlook.



Added 3 random titles I found:

  1. IESP-331 (Hinata Seto, 18+)
  2. MDED-300 with Akane Hotaru
  3. MDJD-068 Older Konomi Futaba title I found

All of them are listed in the JAV and are about 3 rows down.

I also copied over some of the titles from the JAV reviews area.




You can click the links and be taken right to the listing to view the picture gallery, add to cart or read the review. They all open in a new window.



Added a Kumi Tachibana lactation movies filmography. Kind of pointless since there are so few titles listed. I could have sworn she had as many movies as Maria Ogura. I was way off!



More small changes.

I made the main menus less cluttered looking.

Top 10 Bukkake, Bukkake History, Top 10 Misc and Best Sellers have been moved into "The Best Bukkake" section. I also added a few more interesting links in there.

I also moved the Dream Ticket and Real Works categories into "Other Bukkake" on it's menu. Asfur and Junk Shop titles are also there!

The "Large Quantity" and "Cum on Food" links are found on a menu in "Bukkake Themes" which is a new addition to the main menu.



I've updated the Bukkake Themes list a little. It's still not 100% complete. Got a suggestion for some?

I've added a category for "Plastic Mouth Device" and "Scuba Mask". Weird. Now you can click on the link and be taken right to the listing to buy it or see the picture gallery!

I plan on doing this for most every link on this page but it will take a long time.

Now there is a menu at the top of the themes page to click between them to save time.

NOTE: I will never be able to create a page for just facials. There is way too many! I could try but it may take me a year.

I'm trying to make this page as simple as possible but yet not make everything hard to find (or hidden).




I just had everything default to the "Covers" mode. It's a much faster way to browse, but all the reviews are still there.

You'll love or hate the change. If you don't like it and enough people complain I could change it back! Remember it takes only 1 second still to see my reviews!

Just click "Review Mode". I will never ever stop making reviews for Bukkake movies!

I know that some of you read my long winded reviews, but not everyone does. I never spell check them and I'm sure they hae lots of typos and bad grammar!

I make sure to just type whatever pops into my head when I'm reviewing movies and not worry about it too much. Sometimes it's like i'm repeating the same thing over and over.

I also had to split up each category. What i'm afraid of is people not realizing the review pages exist and that there is up to 5 of them for each maker!

This last month was near perfect but the latest update was a complete fail unfortunately (just in terms of sales). I will still do my best to get more updates done. I just need to come up with some ideas.

EDIT: For all the changes you may need to refresh each page in your browser.




Added a Akane Hotaru filmography. Been wanting to do one for a long time.



Made a page with different Bukkake Themes. I don't know if anyone will find it useful. Sometimes I think I'm a walking Encyclopedia of Bukkake. Not sure what to think of that..

It kind of weirded me out when I found out how many movies we had with the "Human Sperm as Toothpaste" theme.

I'm not done with it yet and have a lot more ideas for it.




Here's a tip: When using the "add to cart" links you can right click and use "open in new window" or hold down CTRL while clicking it while in Firefox and Internet Explorer. This opens it in a new tab.

For my mouse I have the thumb button set as my back button. These days I can't live without a scroll wheel or thumb button!

As always, if you prefer not to click a ton of buttons you can always write them down into notepad and then use our "Bulk Discount Links" found above.

You just cut and past the titles into the "Comments" field of the order form. Highlight them in notepad and use CTRL+C for copy and then CTRL+V for paste.

If you find an easier method for the shopping cart I'm open to suggestions. I don't want to use Javascript. I really didn't want to have it default to open in a new window when adding titles.

As long as you are on the website, the shopping cart will be saved if you close the shopping cart window.



Just put together a list of the Best Sellers of all time since 2003, but this time it's a page listing them by year!

Bukkake Best Sellers by Year

NOTE: If you see black borders around covers in non-bukkake areas, they are suggested titles. If it doesn't have one, I haven't watched it, can't remember it well enough or it's not good enough to suggest.



Did you know we've been around since 2003? For fun I just made a small list of some of the Top Sellers from the past. I'm not done yet, but it may be interesting for some.

Past Bukkake Best Sellers

For now it's just the top sellers of 2005 and 2006.



Oops..I forgot to list in the Asfur Bukkake page all the Asfur titles from pages 2 and 3 of the "Other" section. Now there is twice as many Asfur titles listed. Not sure how I missed them!

I also added a Junk Shop Bukkake area. I'll add Covers ONLY versions for each area now that they're long enough.




I just noticed Google Chrome was not displaying our pages right. I've now fixed it. Only difference is that before it was displaying all borders in Covers mode as white. Looked pretty terrible. IMO the website looks best in Firefox.


We're doing a test run of discounted international shipping rates. Spend $65 (down from $84) or more and get your DVDs shipped free! It costs us $12.75USD just to send 10 DVDs to Europe! 40 is $20 or so. Prices went up in early 2013.




Updated the Best Bukkake of all time page. Now you can view each movie's picture gallery and also add it to your cart if you want.

You may need to refresh your browser to see all the changes.



Made an Asfur Bukkake section



The Waap Bukkake titles have been severely neglected lately. Almost nobody has been buying them despite them being so good! Today I made a Dream Shower Series list. They're not in order since they stopped counting them when they switched from BTD- to WDI- catalog numbers. Some of them are so old that they were listed before we gave movies a score.

Waap Dream Shower Series (facial themed series)

Oh yeah..no big deal but I found an older Tsubomi movie called AVGP-148. Didn't give her credit and I added it to her filmography.



I just made it possible to buy 20, 25 and 30 DVDs at the discounted sale rates. You can just add what you want to your cart and checkout. It's OK to make multiple orders!



I just made a quick "Covers Mode" page. Kind of pointless since it saves you only about 2 seconds. It let's you instantly switch between Covers only pages. I don't want to puta similar (smaller) menu in each maker's page since it'd require totally new HTML pages for each area.

Currently there is no version for the Dream Ticket, Milky Cat and Real Works areas but they are very short.


Free shipping on any USA Order of $50 or more. Limited Time only! Normally it's $65+. Now you can get 15 DVDs for a flat rate of $50 shipped by Priority Mail (costs of $5.60).

To get this deal you MUST select "$50+ USA ONLY" at checkout or you might be charged the regular price.



Completely updated THIS area. Now it lists the full covers. I made the small covers a little larger than they are in other areas.

I'm going to make a simple page soon that lists ONLY the links to the Bukkake updates by date and nothing else. This way people can more easily find them without having to dig through this page.

In case you didn't see them..


8-16-13 Bukkake Updates

7-26-13 Bukkake Updates

The 8-16-13 update seems to be less successful than the previous one. It's still early though. Any purchases will help us to continously make updates every month.

Keep the bukkake title suggestions coming. We need the catalog numbers only. If there is a title you own that we should add, please let us know.

Are there any new categories we should add? Is there a type of movie you like that we don't sell?




Just added 3 new titles in the JAV section from Japan. They look really good. Two with Chihiro Hasegawa and the other with Nana Miyaji.


New category in the Lesbian section. It's Lesbian Kissing! One of my favorite categories!

Don't forget to check out latest update: 8-16-13 Bukkake



Added a covers mode for the Dogma page. I also listed 8 Hina Otsuka titles in her filmography. One of them is new (OPRD-037). Last titles on the bottom.


8-16-13 Reviews and screenshots for latest Bukkake complete!

Took a long time but it's finally done.

8-9-13 Bukkake

We suggest viewing each page to read the reviews:

Moodyz - Four new titles at the top (including one with Tsubomi)

Dream Ticket - Two in the tanned skin bukkake series.

Waap - Six including some in the Dream Shower series.

BTW if you already bought any of the latest movies you should skip the screenshots. It'll be more interesting to watch them without knowing much about them.



We will review and take screenshots for them ASAP!!

Thanks to everyone's help from the last mini-update, we were able to get some more Bukkake!

As always, send title suggestions. Unfortunately we might not be able to get new Asfur titles for awhile. I sure hope we can soon.

We now also will have every Dream Woman movie except for #1!

Bukkake for 8-13-13

EDIT 2: We also added MIRD-095 which has Tsubomi in it. She gets semen shot into the eye. It's certainly not for everyone!

EDIT: added 3 more movies to the JAV section. Top 2 rows. HEA-001 (Hinata Seto), MOZD-42 (Chihiro Hasegawa) and NDD-01 (Anna Kuramoto).

Don't forget to please check out our last update here: 7-26-13 UPDATE


8-12-13 Added seven titles to the JAV area.

8-13-13 Made some covers listing for the Shuttle Japan and Milky Princess areas. Still need to do one for Dogma, but it's kind of pointless since that area is so small.



Added a few movies to the Hinata Seto, Aoba Itoh and Tsubomi filmographies. Not a big deal and they're the last on the list. Most of them were listed in other areas.

I still need to make a filmography for Yukari Sakurada, Akane Hotaru and Kumi Tachibana. I also want to do one for maybe Ruri Housyou or Chihiro Hasegawa. Maybe Saki Otsuka, but I wish I had more of her movies.

Don't forgot to check out our last update HERE just in case you missed it.


Added actress names for the Lesbian Movies category. Some I couldn't find. It took FOREVER! It was well worth it because I found a bunch of titles I want to watch now due to who is in them. Some starring Akana Hotaru, Riko Tachibana and Nana Miyaji. Even a couple with Rio Hamasaki. What made it much harder is that many of the actresses have multiple credit names.

Anyway, I tried to make it not look too messy but it was kind of annoying not having actress names in the listings.

NOTE: I also added two Akane Hotaru movies. One in Lesbian and the other in the JAV area. Both at the top.



Three more in the JAV area. One was so rare that I couldn't even find a back cover for it. It's starring Nana Miyaji. I kind of like her and we have a lot of her movies. The other is HAVD-362 with Rio Hamasaki.

I also found a really old DVD compilation disc from 2001! It's of a series called "Black Shower". It's bondage and bukkake. Believe it or not the first bondage movie I ever saw was in the Black Shower series.

They're listed in the top 2 rows.

I also added 1 movie to the Konomi Futaba filmography (EXE-011), 3 to Tsubomi (ANND-033 + 2 bukkake) and 3 in the Hinata Seto area. The Hinata Seto titles I found in the Lesbian section and forgot to list them. Bottom 3.

BTW if you liked the lesbian movie LADY-098 (a recent top seller), check into DLSC-008. You can also find Rina Hatsume in CRPD-436. It only has one lesbian scene and has a Futanari theme. I don't currently sell it, but maybe soon. It's better than the box cover makes it appear. There is also a good scene in KGDV-08 I believe (starring Yukari Sakurada). I'll review that soon. You can try CWM-067 (Nene Mukai) too. I love Lesbian movies but some of them bore me. DVDPS-484 is a favorite as you know (so is the DOBJ- series). I miss the really good AROMA Lesbian titles they used to make. They used to be very expensive to buy right in Japan but they were almost always worth it. I don't think I got into lesbian movies until I saw ARMD-130. I think I actually saw clips of it on Youtube! It's another example of a bad cover for a good movie.

If you're wondering why I'm mentioning all this, it's just that I've been thinking of putting up a simple page listing different themes and titles suggestions. The one above is a Lesbian theme with younger women (18-20 or so) with mature women. It's not as common as you'd think!



Added five more movies to the JAV area . All except for one look pretty good. One has Hinata Seto and another with Tsubomi. Tsubomi is nearly unrecognizable on the cover IMO. It must be one of her early movies.

They're on the top two rows.

I also found IDBD-167 that I MIGHT add. Unfortunately it's 8 hours and would be on FOUR(!) discs. It's a compilation of Idea Pocket bukkake scenes.

It will be our first four disc movie. Did you know we have two 3 disc movies? Those are MIGD-358 and MIGD-380.



Added two new bukkake movies to the Idea Pocket area. First two on the top. IPSD-047 (9/10) and IPTD-893 (8.25/10).

I also added 7 movies to the JAV area. Top two rows. There's one Anri Nonaka DVD I forgot to add and another with Hina Otsuka.

Don't forget to see our last update found HERE.



Just put up a small Anri Nonaka filmography. I really like her.


We're now offering free shipping on any international orders of $85 or more! For 5 discs to Australia it usually will cost us around $12 (way too high!). Even the $8 we charge below $85 is at a slightly discounted rate. As long as you have $85 worth of DVDs in your cart you don't need to change your shipping option.

If anyone absolutely must have Express Mail to be able to order, please let us know. We removed that option because it increased to nearly $40 for international EMS.


Added those screenshots. You can scroll down to see what we've added!

To make it a little easier to see and add to cart all of our recently added bukkake, you can view this small page I made.

7-26-13 Bukkake Updates


7-22-13 RE: mini UPDATE! MORE BUKKAKE!!

Wow, what a long day. I finally got all the latest movies reviewed. It took me FOREVER. I was very surprised how much I liked all of them. Dream Woman 87 was actually much better than #90 and 91 IMO! Better lighting and video quality too. The video quality is of course good on all of them though.

I felt like I haven't reviewed bukkake in a long time. What I've noticed in these latest movies is that they're now switching to a new camera angle in many scenes. It's the camera facing towards the actress while she's getting a facial in the doggy-style position. I've never seen that angle much in the older bukkake movies. I like it! What annoys me is the crazy amount of licking in recent movies. It's just not interesting to me at all. First it's women licking a man's face all over, men licking her all over and then creepy guy licking feet or whatever else. Luckily it didn't ruin any of the movies. Previously it was excessive usage of sex toys and now this!

The two Tsubomi movies really "Wowed" me. There's a facial in one that's probably the best i've seen since ONED-296 perhaps.

I don't think i've given this many high scores out in a long time. I'm glad most of them are very good.

I'll add the screenshots on Friday the 26th. It's 2am already!

The video quality in these new movies is really impressive at times (especially DW87)! Not sure what changed. I don't know about you but I prefer watching Bukkake on a huge Widescreen TV instead of a tiny computer monitor.

The two Tsubomi movies are very long and each is on two discs. We don't charge extra for 2 discs sets! MIAD-596 is not a compilation like I had originally thought.

Until I get the screenshots up, here is a picture I took from WDI-033: Tsubomi Bukkake


Finally a mini UPDATE! MORE BUKKAKE!!


NOTE: Things were terrible earlier in this year and part of last year. That's why we could rarely do any updates. Things are improving and getting better every day. If this small update is a success it will allow us to continue to fund new updates. Hopefully in the future we can get a ton of new Bukkake titles in and even finish the Dream Woman series. We're still missing #88, 89 and #1. Our goal is to get back to doing regular updates monthly. We want to try and get as many bukkake titles in as we can!!

EDIT: I also just added another 11 movies to the JAV section. Top 11 on the list.



Just added 5 really good movies in the JAV section. Top 5 on the list.

Movies with Akane Hotaru, Ruri Housyou, Hina Otsuka, Hinata Seto and Erina Tsukishima.

The Akane movie has a squirting theme to it.



While working on some orders I made this quick gallery of some of my favorite (front) covers. Why? I'm not really sure, but I was bored.

When you see some you may be thinking "What?! Why?" I can't really explain why I like some covers. I like them to be rather simple usually.

Dogma makes the best covers in my opinion. I also like those of Madonna and Marx Brothers.

I have always felt that somtimes the best movies have the worst covers though. For example, the front cover of "Semen Race Queens" is pretty terrible. Actually the entire box is awful!

Waap's GAD-006 is another example of a bad cover.

Favorite Covers






You know what Bukkake series i've always thought was one of the best? The old SOD Semen Gokkun Series. I think some of the original VHS covers are much better than the newer DVD versions. Today I made a small page with a list of the Semen Gokkun titles in order and as sort of a reference. It will really not be of interest to most and it was basically a waste of time but I don't care and wanted to do it anyway! Maybe there is a collector of old bukkake movies out there that will find it useful. To find all the old ATZ- VHS covers out there you would have to spend maybe a a half hour looking for all of them!

Semen Gokkun Series Collection

NOTE: We only sell the DVD quality versions of course! The movies were originally on VHS but re-released to DVD. Most of the re-releases had two 60 minute movies on one disc.

I also noticed we forgot to list Dream Woman 84-86 on the new Dream Woman page. Not sure how we managed to do that!




We're now offering FREE International shipping with any order of $100 or more! Under $100 it's an $8 discounted flat rate. Air Mail shipping from inside the USA is NOT cheap anymore unfortunately. We're trying to bring back some of the international customers we lost when rates went up.

We also have listed some additional package deals past 30 discs. You can now add up to 50 titles to your cart and get a discount automatically. For those that like to cut and paste lists to Notepad you can use our package deal links as always. If you use a bulk link make sure you don't have anything else in your cart but the "Coupon"/ Package Deal. Most people should just use the "add to cart" links unless you want to save time.

We don't expect it to be used much but we have a new extra special deal on 100 discs.



Had some spare time today so I made a top 20 Bukkake movies list for 2013 (January to today). Since we've rearranged the areas there have been a lot of people finally seeing the good stuff that was previously buried inside the listings and hard to locate.

Best Selling Bukkake of January to July 2013

I'm also glad to see DVDPS-484 (a favorite lesbian movie), LADY-098 (amazing Rina Hatsume lesbian title) and some Konomi Futaba and Anna Kuramoto titles high up on the list of best sellers. DVT-002 (old Anna Kuramoto title) and SWD-03 (possibly the rarest Konomi title there is) have outsold "Semen Maniac 1" which is #4 on the list of best selling bukkake movies.

NOTE: YFF-006 might not be the #1 selling title. Hardly seems possible. MIGD-380 deserves to be up there with MIGD-358 and MVSD-067. I'm still confused while DJE-032 is so far down on the list. I thought it'd do better. It's one of those movies where I guess you need to see it in action. It actually has a facial in a position you don't always see. It has a bit of over-acting too but I didn't mind.




Today I listed another 13 titles on my Favorite Bukkake Movies list. I won't list any movie i've only seen once and given a good score to. They're the first 13 on the list.

I totally forgot about DTG-08. I wish Uta Komori had done more Bukkake movies, I really liked her.

I gave DDT-239 (Endless Semen with Yuka Ohsawa) "only" an 8.5/10 and rewatched it again a few days ago and was really impressed with it. It should have gotten higher than that. In that movie she gets a facial while her eyes are open! Maybe it'll be in my favorites list someday.

I've been watching a lot of the good older bukkake movies and they're even better than some of those made in the last year or two. I hope Tohjiro (from Dogma) makes some new bukkake instead of what he's doing now. I don't think any of his bukkake movies have received under an 8.5/10 from me! That's very rare!

Of course my favorite is DDT-154.



Added 11 new Lesbian titles. You can click here to view them. They're the first 11 at the top.



Ok, one more clip I made before I go to bed! This one is from one of my favorite bukkake movies. It's a real classic but unfortunately I don't think i've seen a copy sold in quite a long time. It's SOD SDDL-006 aka "Secret Semen Club" and starring Yuriko Aikawa. Someone long ago told me that after she swallows she says "Delicious". You can't fool me! She is also in sort of a sequel that's in the same series but uses cum funnels (SDDL-062). Nobody probably cares but it's directed by Tatsuya Aoki. This person has made some amazing bukkake movies. Even a few Junk Shop titles I think.

In this clip she drinks cum from a glass and shows it off all over her tongue before swallowing. All that crusty stuff on her chin is dried semen!

Secret Semen Club



Made a short clip of the first bukkake movie I ever saw. This was back in maybe 1999 or 2000. It's Bukkake Summit BU-04. In the movie she gulps a ton of semen in a glass beaker. Since I was new to bukkake back then it made my stomache feel a bit funny.

Shuttle Bukkake Sumit BU-04

I don't care what you do with the clip but please try not to directly link to it. You can link to our video clips page or host it on your own server.



Added three other titles to the JAV section (top row). Two of them are also listed under "Bondage" and have a lesbian theme. I also added a Hinata Seto title I forgot to list. One more title with Yuka Ohsawa also.

The broken link to the PJD-014 Konomi Futaba title has been fixed.



Adeed a new Konomi Futaba title I forgot to add. It's kind of rare. It's PJD-014 and found in the JAV/MISC section.

I also added one new Erina Tsukishima title in the "Mature Women" area. It's BRD-63 and right at the top.

There is also two new titles in the Japanese Bondage area . One is starring Chihiro Hasegawa. The other one looks too extreme but it's not as bad as it's cover shows. It has a scene with Anri Nonaka.

The titles are SVDVD-168 and Dogma D1-211. The Dogma title has a lesbian theme to it kind of. You know what? The latest Dogma bondage titles (not this one) are too disturbing for me to be watchable. Almost makes me hate Japanese porn. Fuuka Nanasaki should instead make some really nice and tasteful bukkake art films instead of what she's doing now. Don't get me started on the Dogma Bacon Fetish Movie (be glad you don't know what i'm talking about). I'm a vegetarian so that rant would be like 2 pages long.

I should shut up before I make anyone mad at me!



Previous Bukkake Updates:

(links open in new windows)

7-30-14 Update

4-15-14 Bukkake Update

12-19-13 Update

11-25-13 Update

10-5-13 Update

8-9-13 Update

7-26-13 Update



UPDATES ARCHIVE (2011 to 7-1-2013!)



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