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Some of the themes are cum on food, cum-play, cum-swapping (lesbian bukkake) and anything else related to sperm/semen.

Every title has a full length review and picture preview! Over 3000 bukkake reviews are now online!

You can view our bukkake actress directory. It's a good place to start if you're new to the genre.

You can also now view a list of titles featuring large quantity cum swallowing.



Today we got in a few good lesbian titles. All of them have a preview and are right at the top of the page.

Here's a direct link to the galleries if interested:

  1. Hibino HAVD-701 - Starring Mimi Asuki, Aika Kazuki
  2. UK AUKG-348 - This one has a mature theme to it and is starring Mirei Kyouno, Ayako Inoue
  3. SOD LADY-079 - Maki Housyou movie. I really like her and many others problem do also.
  4. TOS-090 - With Mari Hosokawa, Minami Akigawa & Mari Akai

If you like Maki Houjou check into LADY-098 with Rina Hatsume. It's a masterpiece (IMO) and has an older/younger woman theme which is unfortunately too rare. Here's a few more of those off the top of my head that are must haves:

  1. DLSC-008 - Starring Momo Kikuchi.
  2. KGDV-08 - Most overlooked this. It's starring Yukari Sakurada (who was once the most popular mature woman actress back in the day)
  3. LADY-040 - No gallery, but has a scene with Yuuno Hoshi (one the long tongued women!). 18+ of course.
  4. CRPD-436 - Overlooked because it's in the futanari genre. The studio "Cross" made some pretty impressive movies. This is another with Rina Hatsume and a MUCH larger woman. Rina uses a strap-on on her in this one (but supposed to look like a real penis).




You can now get any 10 DVDs with free Priority Mail shipping for just $50 (inside the USA).

Is there a type of movie you'd like us to try harder to add? Anything that's a guaranteed sale?

The best sellers are the titles in the MUM Series or the K-tribe movies (starring Kagami Shuna or Rina Hatsume etc).

I often have moved those to page 2 because some are bothered by their covers. This was a mistake!

Instead I should just create a text listing where they can avoid a certain series they dislike. I will get that done ASAP.

If you don't like our "covers view" listings, is there another type of way you would prefer to browse?

Maybe is 4 columns too much? I had it set to 3, but it looked awkward on a large screen.

When bukkake titles were not selling well, those MUM- series titles kept us going. Our customers seem to love them (I'm a huge fan of Rina Hatsume titles).

Her movie MUM-155 I didn't like at first, but now it's one of my favorites. It reminds me of all those early "Gonzo" movies from studios like Anabolic, Platinum-X etc. I haven't watched american porn regularly since maybe those days. My favorite stuff these days are the types that are adult, but not sexually explicit. I like the weird lesbian stuff from Fetish Tokyo and anything starring Maki Mizui that's non-nude.

One thing i've found out though is that most of our visitors seem to not like the more "vanilla" porn. The lesbian titles are the one rare exception.

No big deal really. I need to try to remind myself to keep adding what people like the most. Adding a variety doesn't really help as much as I thought.

I know that many of you are still around to see some new bukkake (gokkun) titles. I want to see more of them too.

I still want to try my best to add new bukkake material whenever possible, but it's very hard. It just doesn't sell well anymore.

I also might start reviewing some non-bukkake titles when possible.

There are just so many that have impressed me lately and I need to let more people know about them!

I was thinking of compilation a list of maybe a 100 of my favorites. Maybe others would like them too.



65 DVDs added to MISC page 2 in the last few weeks.

Some titles also added to the lesbian, bukkake & bondage areas.


We also updated our Step-By-Step Ordering guide (with pictures) .

It's for those who are not advanced computer users and need some extra help.

It can also be useful for those who do not read english.

PS we can also accept money orders if you prefer not to buy online.



Add some new titles today :

  1. 3 under MISC at the very bottom of the page.
  2. 2 in the bondage area, one starring Reiko Sawamura.
  3. 3 bukkake titles and you can find them all here. One is a compilation of gokkun scenes.
  4. 3 in my favorite category, the lesbian area. Right at the top.


BTW we still have our bukkake reviews area. After clicking the "bukkake" category on any menu, just click "Bukkake reviews" on the top page.

We defaulted to a covers view version to make it easier for people to browse.

Our site directory is always at the bottom of this page too.





Check out our "covers view" bukkake catalog.

It allows you to skip the reviews and browse our bukkake titles by small cover thumbnails.

You can still see full covers and previews for every movie.

In the future you can access this area from our main menu.




I picked a few titles at random and wrote comments and took screenshots for them.

I was surprised that most of them were very good. Some of them you'll either love or hate (especially the one starring Rei Mizuna)!

My favorite of all of them was MIRD-086 starring Yukiko Suo.

You can find a list of them HERE.

We also just updated our price chart to show much much you'll pay per disc.

One of our best bulk deals is now automatic.



View our top 10 list

It's the top selling bukkake titles from 2001 until 2016 and all of them in order.

Can you take a guess which ones might be on it? Even I was surprised!


Mobile check-out issues fixed!

I just found out that our mobile checkout wasn't working correctly.

If you recently tried ordering with a phone or tablet, it's now fixed.

If you're a desktop user you can use this mobile check-out as an alternate way of ordering.

If you ever have any problems ordering please let us know.



Are you on a cell phone only and can't access our site with a desktop computer or tablet?

You can now view our updated mobile site.




We've added a lot of good new movies to the lesbian area. You can view them HERE .

They're in the first top area and set by date.

We've also improved the navigation of some areas of the site a little. Hopefully it's better and not worse!

We will test it a lot and see how it goes. I'm trying to do everything I can to improve this website.

You can also see my rina hatsume page I updated. I might do one for Kagami Shuna too.

We now also have free shipping on any USA order of 10 or more. That's just $45 shipped for any 10!




Added a few titles to the following areas:

- About 20 new titles in the bondage area. Right at the top.

- 31 titles under "MISC" right at the top. Some starring Ruri Housyou, Azusa Ayano, Rio Hamasaki, Akane Hotaru etc.

A few of them are female masturbation titles. Sounds boring? Actually it's not and I was a fan of the series (Onanie Paranoia).

A lot of titles just listed there are cream-pie movies. No, they're not movies with women eating real pie or birthday cake.



97 DVDs were added to the MISC area within the last month (61 of them with previews).




Added about 24 new previews for recently added titles. You can see them here.



Today we've added the following new titles:

  1. 40 titles under "MISC"




Added some more titles for today:

  1. 22 titles under "MISC" - many of them very rare.
  2. 12 in our Lesbian section.



Possibly the best update in awhile. Lots of good stuff added and many of them have my favorite actresses:

  1. 21 titles under MISC
  2. 10 titles in Bondage
  3. 1 title in the...pregnant section! Possibly the first in years!

If you like the MUM series titles I highly suggest MUM-102. The last orgy scene is pretty amazing and it has 4 different actresses and two men in it. The version we sell is 2 discs!

The new lesbian titles look very good and most have have 3 or more women in them. I hope to find more titles like EVIS-019 that we just added. One of the new lesbian titles looks like it has Uta Kohaku in it. I LOVE her lesbian movies, but they're a bit too weird for some. I like the "weird" stuff!

I also added two more Reiko Kobayakawa titles despite them not being too popular on our site. Doesn't matter to me! Maybe someday a fan of her movies will show up here. I'm not into big boob movies, but I really like her movies. They'd probably generate more interest if they were in the mature section I guess.

Thankfully the bondage category is getting more popular these days. I guess it helps to add new titles!! For whatever reason, the GTJ series almost never sells, but deserves to be seen. We added 2 more of them in the last few days. It's a very well made series. I'll buy almost any bondage movies with Fuuka Nanasaki or Yuu Kawakami.




A few more to add today:

  1. 1 title from Asfur
  2. 2 from Knight's Visual
  3. 7 new lesbian movies
  4. KTDS-737 with Suzu Ichinose which looks very very good!

I will probably list them all here later tonight or tomorrow morning.



Added a few good DVDs today, including some bukkake.

We also added about 40 previews to the first MISC page recently.


  1. Asfur ASW-199
  2. Asfur ASW-131
  3. Asfur ASW-198 - you can find these in the Asfur section under "More areas"
  4. Moodyz MIAD-898 - very large quantity cum-swallowing.



  1. U&K AUKS-066 starring Moka (Erika). Better than the cover makes it seem.
  2. BIBIAN BBAN-060 - with Kurea Hasume and Yuu Kawakami
  3. JNS DJSR-043 - compilation with a mature theme (I think)
  4. We also added a bunch of titles in this category from our reviews sections (that we closed)




  1. K-tribe KTDS-690 - one more Rina Hatsume title to add! Hope we can someday get them all!
  2. Premium PGD-709 - with Anri Okita. I've liked her ever since I saw her in MIDE-284 (big boob bondage title)
  3. Wanz WANZ-361 - one more with Anri Okita. 18+ of course.
  4. DMBJ-066 - femdom title with Rei Mitzuna.



We're having a difficult time staying alive this month. If you can send us your suggestions, we'd appreciate it. I know everyone just wants to see new titles.

If anyone wants a large order discount, please contact us and we'll give you a good deal! Our best deal is 100 for $200.

If there is anything we can do to make browsing less of a hassle, please let us know. Maybe you'd prefer a text only listing?

Anything you don't like?



We just added six new lesbian movies.




Added 5 new preview galleries to titles in the bondage area. They're on the first two rows.

All of them have actresses in them I really like. Titles from Hina Otsuka, Fuuka Nanasaki, Hikari Hino, Rei Misuza and Yui Misaki.

Hina Otsuka's DDT-212 is good, but kind of nasty though (screenshots won't show it). There is a second title in the series starring Yuria Hidaka.

We also added two new titles in there in the last few days.

You may have noticed we moved a few VERY unpopular categories to our sub-menu. They will always be available and I hope to add more titles to those categories eventually.

I wish I knew why, but sadly our Lesbian Women category seem to be invisible to google and it gets almost no traffic. It's been that way for years and I even tried adding reviews at one point.

It's actually one of our most popular categories though.

I do want to try to write a lot of new bukkake movie reviews ASAP though. I need to re-focus my attention on BUKKAKE!




You can now browse our bukkake reviews and see review scores in nearly every area (only one area left).

I really miss reviewing them and hope to add more of them in the future.




You can see all of our review scores on the Moodyz page.

This time you can see them right at the top and before you read the actual review.

So many amazing titles in there that many people overlook due to bad covers etc.

We also found 18 titles totally missing! Many of them were titles with a perfect score of 10/10!



Today I wrote 5 new bukkake movie reviews and took screenshots for them.


  • DJE-057 - I really liked the actress in this one. Her name is Mayu Yuuki.
  • DJE-054 - In the same bukkake series but with a different actress.
  • ASW-181 - Mostly all blowjobs and cum swallowing! Short review.
  • MIGD-644 - The theme of this movie is cumshots onto the tongue that are swallowed!
  • MIGD-680 - Sperm Viking. Amazing movie and a must have gokkun movie!
  • RAIN-0014 - Despite selling nasty japanese bukkake movies, I do love a good soft-core movie. This one is super hot IMO and starring Maki Mizui. I'm a huge fan of her movies (review in gallery).



Added about 53 previews for new titles in the MISC area.

Click any new bold catalog number you see on page 1.

We also added actress names. Be sure to check into the movies with Yui Saotome.



Added about 200 DVDs to the MISC section!

All good ones and not boring random junk titles. Probably the largest update in a year!

Most are the types of movies that people on our site really seem to like.

I will add actress names and move a few to other categories ASAP.

BTW it's OK to send us a bulk order without a list and just the covers by email (zip/rar) for the titles you want (if that's easier for you).

Check our ordering page to also see how you can order with just a list of catalog numbers.

This way of ordering lets you skip clicking "add to cart" a million times.




Added 26 new and very good titles to the MISC section. Right at the top!

We also moved another 91 to page 2 of this area that were listed in an area not many people visit.




  1. DJE-061 - Drink 100 Shots of Sperm - Probably one of the best i've seen in 2 years! Starring Eri Natsume.
  2. DJE-051 - I drink 102 rounds of Sperm - Starring Saki Nozomi. Same actress as in SAIT-008, which we recently added.
  3. WDI-058 - Gal's Dream Shower - Starring Emiri Okazaki.
  4. MVSD-274 - M Cum Angel - Another with Eri Natsume. I hope she's in a Dream Woman title soon!
  5. MIGD-691 - Something different. Lots of double penetration and starring Rei Mizuna.
  6. FBB-13 - Dried Semen on Skin - Has a pretty good facial at the end while Rei Mizuna is wearing glasses.




You can now browse the MISC area and see listings by date added.

We only have a few months sorted out right now, but any new additions will be listed at the top of the page.

I like this a lot better and now it's easier to find all the latest new titles without checking our homepage.




New additions:


    1. YFF-020 - Gokkun MVP - very good movie and you can read the new review of it.
    2. YFF-021 - another good one with Yuu Shinoda.
    3. WDI-056 - extremely messy Dream shower series movie (series featuring facials)
    4. KV-126 - Starring Ai Uehara. The KV reviews are super short due to content being so similar in every scene.
    5. KV-154 - This is starring Ayu Sakurai from MIGD-600. That was one of my favorite movies of 2015!
    6. KV-158 - an oral sex/blowjob themed movie starring Mitsu Satou
    7. KV-170 - Starring Haruna Ayane. Forgot to list this one and make screenshots!
    8. KV-109 - Starring Megumi Shino. Her Secret Base Gokkun title is amazing!
    9. KV-161 - Sex + creampies starring Sara Yurikawa.
    10. F_B-13 - Dried semen on skin theme. Too nasty? I'll let you decide.
    11. DJE-059 - Mature Shower title. Sort of like the Dream Shower series, but with a slightly mature woman.
    12. SAIT-008 - This is mostly a bondage title, but contains a facial scene. No review for this one.




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