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We sell Japanese Bukkake Movies & Japanese Adult Videos on DVD.

All Bukkake & JAV DVD movies are $5 each.

You can view a list of our best titles.

Our latest update is here.



I've made a Top Waap sellers list. What bukkake movie is at #1 is no surprise. Take a guess if you can.

I also removed some super slow sellers in this area and moved them to an archives page.

Now it might be a little easier to browse for the best titles.



I've been trying to add a new bukkake movie review every day, but it's hard. Finishing orders comes first! Added a new bukkake review and some previews for the following:

  1. IFDVA-027 - Cosplay "Bukkake" with Hinata Seto. Very few of her movies are bad! If you get this, we also suggest IFDVA-021. They're very similar.
  2. DDT-194 with Asou Misaki - contains bukkake/facial and lots of other stuff. Review + preview. This series has been popular lately! I like this actress too.
  3. DDT-137 with Chihiro Hasegawa (both of these are in the "M-drg" series. Some cumshots to the face, but no real facial. Lots of deep-throat blowjobs.)
  4. K-tribe KTDS-398
  5. MDS-783 with Aki Hinomoto

If you want to see screenshots or a review for a specific DVD, please let us know



A few more titles to add. All of them very good!

  1. COT-003 with Mayura Hoshitsuki - This and the next one contain bondage.
  2. COT-002 Yuria Hidaka - These have deep-throat BJ scenes similar to those in the Mdr_ug series. Consider that a warning!
  3. BBAN-006 starring Anna Noma, Hisae Yabe - lesbian title
  4. JUX-299 with Reiko Makihara & Yumi Kazama - another
  5. JUX-520 - another lesbian DVD - Sorry, ran out of time to make a preview. Will make one ASAP!
  6. LALS-07 - "L@ve School" with Shiori Koto - this series is really impressive. Love the costumes etc. All 18+



You can now view a list of Moodyz gokkun/cum-swallowing titles. It was very popular back in march but we removed it for some reason. I think the page was very useful and it deserves to stay.

Just select your sort view at the top menu.

Missing a page you liked in the past? Please let us know!

You can also still browse our catalog by Covers Only. It's just small front cover thumbnails and no reviews. It's at the top of the bukkake areas on the menu.

If this is how you prefer to browse, please let me know. It would really help us out. I know that not everyone likes reading reviews.



Added about five DVD reviews in the Mature woman category. Several with Natsumi Kitahara (big boobs!) and a favorite of mine with Erina Tsukishima (SPRD-13 or Principal Woman Nakadashi).

We have nearly every Erina title there is. I really like her and hope to eventually get them all. She retired a few years ago and also goes by the name Marie Fujisaki.

That category has been nearly invisible to Googlebot and friends for nearly a year despite a lot of titles being listed. Well, it probably just needs more reviews!

Despite no incoming traffic it's a very popular area with our customers.



I reviewed the following movies today. Three bukkake movies and one that isn't, but has deserved a review for a long time. It's a #1 non-bukkake best seller. Clicking the links will take you to the listings where you can read the review or see the new screenshots.

  1. TZSD-001 Mydol Semen SP - Perfect cast with Mayura Hoshitsuki, Asuka Sawaguchi and many others. Oh and Ami Hinata who I hope is in more bukkake. This one hasn't sold in years..well duh, probably because it had no review OR screenshots.
  2. SLSD-003 - From Audaz who back in the day made some really good bukkake titles. This one will be good for those who like mild bondage & bukkake. It's a compilation of scenes from their movies. This version is a newly added version on two discs and it's 240 minutes.
  3. DJE-050 Mature Shower - I thought I wouldn't be interested in this. WRONG! It's actually very good and shouldn't even be called Mature Shower. She's only 29!
  4. LADY-098 with Rina Hatsume - Some of her most recent movies are REALLY good and probably my top 10 favorites in the last 5 years. One of them I disliked on the first viewing and then I realized how great it was on the 2nd viewing. It's MUM-155. She was doing things in that movie (DP etc) that I only saw in the old American stuff from Anabolic/Platinum-X way back in the mid 2000s. Anyway, click the bold link for the review AND screenshots. If you like LADY-098 I highly suggest Cross CRPD-436 with Rina.

Don't forget that the JAV page one has only new additions to the catalog. About 47 titles added a week ago (there is also 10 pages).




Just for fun I updated the Soft on Demand Bukkake area.

Now you can see the Top sellers of the area. Just look for the link on the top of the page.

In march we had this feature and I really liked it, so we decided to bring it back.

It's up to date and a lot of the top sellers of the area have changed.

We also weeded out a few of the super slow sellers in this area. Just a few, but they're still available.

EDIT: I also made one for the Moodyz Bukkake DVD area. So many amazing movies on the best sellers list.



I reviewed some very good bukkake DVDs today. About 12 in total. I had so much fun reviewing all of them that I did it all in one sitting. Time seemed to fly by.

One of them from was one of the most impressive gokkun titles i've year in maybe a year.

I usually find the deep-throat blowjob movies boring, but the one I just added with Megumi Shino is really good! I really like her and need more of her movies. She was in a Secret Base Gokkun title (which is a personal favorite).

You can read all the reviews here (click it):


6-18-15 Bukkake Updates >>


I'm looking forward to getting back to reviewing bukkake movies almost non-stop. If this update is a success i'm going to add more and more.

I'm going to refocus my time and effort on adding more bukkake titles. As you may know, it's been extremely difficult to say the least.

It's a lot harder to stay alive these days when you don't sell 5000+ titles perhaps. I never want to do that and prefer to sell a smaller collection.

I prefer limited genres and lots of previews. Reviews help too.

We tried to add more non-bukkake JAV titles in order to fund a bukkake update, but that was a total failure and it really hurt. Oh well, we tried and we learned a good lesson in the process. I know that 95% of the people visiting us are here for the Bukkake titles! At least now we have a bukkake update and it's a pretty good one IMO.

When you browse the site and find something about navigating you don't like, please let us know. We now have things as simple as possible. I hope that's a good thing! I think so. Info overload is just annoying. If you can't find an area you've liked in the past, please let us know. Some areas we had were just not necessary. Most are still available but not on the menus.