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LATEST BUKKAKE/JAV UPDATE: New DVDs + reviews & preview galleries >>


Click the link above for the latest new additions. All the bukkake titles are reviewed!


The K-tribe titles are so popular that I just had to add more.


We also added about 8 new titles in our 2nd most popular area, the lesbian DVD category.

First 8 on the list. 5 with a preview.




A few more previews to add. If you want to purchase any, you can now just click "add to cart" in the picture gallery.

A lot of good JAV movies. I thought the tsubomi titles would be just average or boring, but all of them were actually very good IMO. I liked the costumes too.

  1. BF-231 - starring Satomi Nomiya
  2. EKDV-091 - tsubomi title - the next 8 are also starring Tsubomi.
  3. EKDV-213
  4. EKDV-216
  5. EKDV-223
  6. EKDV-234
  7. EKDV-247
  8. EKDV-273
  9. EKDV-325
  10. EKDV-331
  11. GSX-024 with Saki Otsuka
  12. KAWD-381
  13. K-tribe KTDS-421
  14. K-tribe KTDS-428 - with Sachi Ishida
  15. K-tribe KTDS-522 - starring Hikari Matsushita
  16. MIXS-008 - Yuna Takizawa
  17. Natural High NHDT-530 - small breast massage fetish title? Something different. Starring Anri Nonaka.
  18. PGD-641 - another female investigator title
  19. REAL-404 - another with tsubomi. It's sort of a POV title and she looks into the camera a lot during the blowjobs etc.
  20. SDMT-522 - Fuuka Nanasaki title with mild bondage. I started to really like her in the last year. She has a nice big ass if you're into that.
  21. TYOD-029 with Hikari Hino. Surprised there are not more fans of her stuff on here. I like her a lot.



Some new previews for recently added DVDs:


  1. K-tribe KTDS-481
  2. MIAD-534 with Mika Osawa
  3. MIGD-325 with Hitomi - Two discs. Big breast title. Screenshots are for disc 1 only. Listed on page 2.
  4. MUM-002 - these two were very good. 18+
  5. MUM-007
  6. WSS-232
  7. JUX-520

NOTE: most are on the first JAV page. The hitomi title is on page 2.



Two new reviews and some previews for other good titles.

  1. IPZ-320 with Miki Sunohara - I really liked this one and a must have for fans of her (like me). Lots of cum swallowing/blowjobs.
  2. IPZ-179 with Erina Fujisaki - Very similar to the one above.
  3. K-tribe KTDS-519 - these get requested as much as the MUM titles.
  4. MUM-067 starring Riko Yukino - this MUM series has been extremely popular here lately. I will try to get more. I want more with Rina Hatsume.
  5. SMA-751 - Marie Konishi movie - I hope she makes more movies, I really like her. Maybe she will do a MUM series title (like MUM-123).
  6. SOE-533 - Female investigator type movie, which you'll either love or hate. I like the big boobs and the leather "cat-suit" they wear.
  7. SOE-559 with Ruri Saijo - more big boobs! Forgot to list this and I really like the cover.
  8. JENY-002 with Anri Nonaka - one of my favorite actresses, but retired. Already had screenshots for this. Oops! You can see more of them.



I've been trying to add a new review every day, but it's hard. Finishing orders comes first! Added a new review and some previews for the following:

  1. IFDVA-027 - Cosplay with Hinata Seto. Very few of her movies are bad! If you get this, we also suggest IFDVA-021. They're very similar.
  2. DDT-194 with Asou Misaki - contains facial and lots of other stuff. Review + preview. This series has been popular lately! I like this actress too.
  3. DDT-137 with Chihiro Hasegawa (both of these are in the "M-drg" series. Some cumshots to the face, but no real facial. Lots of deep-throat blowjobs.)
  4. K-tribe KTDS-398
  5. MDS-783 with Aki Hinomoto




A few more titles to add. All of them very good!

  1. COT-003 with Mayura Hoshitsuki - This and the next one contain bondage.
  2. COT-002 Yuria Hidaka - These have deep-throat BJ scenes similar to those in the Mdr_ug series. Consider that a warning!
  3. BBAN-006 starring Anna Noma, Hisae Yabe - lesbian title
  4. JUX-299 with Reiko Makihara & Yumi Kazama - another
  5. JUX-520 - another lesbian DVD - Sorry, ran out of time to make a preview. Will make one ASAP!
  6. LALS-07 - "L@ve School" with Shiori Koto - this series is really impressive. Love the costumes etc. All 18+




Added about five DVD reviews in the Mature woman category. Several with Natsumi Kitahara (big boobs!) and a favorite of mine with Erina Tsukishima (SPRD-13 or Principal Woman Nakadashi).

We have nearly every Erina title there is. I really like her and hope to eventually get them all. She retired a few years ago and also goes by the name Marie Fujisaki.

That category has been nearly invisible to Googlebot and friends for nearly a year despite a lot of titles being listed. Well, it probably just needs more reviews!

Despite no incoming traffic it's a very popular area with our customers.



I reviewed the following movies today:

  1. TZSD-001 Mydol Semen SP - Perfect cast with Mayura Hoshitsuki, Asuka Sawaguchi and many others.
  2. SLSD-003 - From Audaz who back in the day made some really good movies. This version is a newly added version on two discs and it's 240 minutes.
  3. DJE-050 Mature Shower - I thought I wouldn't be interested in this. WRONG! It's actually very good and shouldn't even be called Mature Shower. She's only 29!
  4. LADY-098 with Rina Hatsume - Some of her most recent movies are REALLY good and probably my top 10 favorites in the last 5 years. One of them I disliked on the first viewing and then I realized how great it was on the 2nd viewing. It's MUM-155. She was doing things in that movie (DP etc) that I only saw in the old American stuff from Anabolic/Platinum-X way back in the mid 2000s. Anyway, click the bold link for the review AND screenshots. If you like LADY-098 I highly suggest Cross CRPD-436 with Rina.

Don't forget that the JAV page one has only new additions to the catalog. About 47 titles added a week ago (there is also 10 pages).



I reviewed some very good bukkake DVDs today. About 12 in total. I had so much fun reviewing all of them that I did it all in one sitting. Time seemed to fly by.

One of them from was one of the most impressive gokkun titles i've year in maybe a year.

I usually find the deep-throat blowjob movies boring, but the one I just added with Megumi Shino is really good! I really like her and need more of her movies. She was in a Secret Base Gokkun title (which is a personal favorite).

You can read all the reviews here (click it):


6-18-15 Updates >>




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