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wdi-033 js-37 ipsd-027 dream woman 87 migd-459 iptd-373
WDI-033 JS-37 IPSD-027 MIGD-459 IPTD-373
WDI-033 JS-37 Sperma Heaven Dream Woman 87 Fan Thanks
Tsubomi Yuu Shinoda Miho Maeshima Yui Uehara Marin
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mvsd-067 big tits semen junkie migd-583 tsubomi dream woman 94 Dream Woman 69 MIGD-261 ddt-204
MVSD-067 MIGD-582 MIGD-209 MIGD-261 DDT-204
Big Tits Semen Junkie Dream Woman 94 Dream Woman 69 Gokkun Idol DDT-204
Azusa Ayano Tsubomi Rio Hamasaki Ari various
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wdi-040 MIAD-148 first bukkake MIGD-242 Ari Bukkake AVGL-142 ddt-239
WDI-040 MIAD-148 MIGD-242 AVGL-142 DDT-239
WDI-040 First Bukkake MIGD-242 Dream Woman DX Endless Semen
Azusa Itagaki Nayuka Mine Ari Maria Ozawa Yuka Ohsawa
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ddt-154 MIGD-221 Dream Gokkun 2 migd-588 MIGD-320 Dream Woman 76 MIGD-302
DDT-154 MIGD-221 (2) Dream Woman 96 MIGD-320 MIGD-302
Sperm Lesbian Dream Gokkun 2 MIGD-588 Dream Woman 76 MIGD-302
Chihiro Hasegawa, Mayura Yuka Ohsawa Shouko Akiyama Aoi Chihiro Sumire Matsu
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MIGD-380 SDDO-018 SOD Special 2003 mird-071 ddt-216 dream woman 90 migd-502
MIGD-380 SDDO-023 MIRD-071 DDT-216 MIGD-502
MIGD-380 150 Shots of Semen MIRD-071 DDT-216 Dream Woman 90
Mika Osawa Kokoro Amano Tsubomi, Yuka Ohsawa Tsubomi Uehara Honami
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MIGD-358 Tsubomi Bukkake dream woman 93 (migd-548) miad-596 tsubomi japanese bukkake wdi-039 dje-042
MIGD-358 (3) MIGD-548 MIAD-596 Gal's Dream Shower Gokkun Venus
MIGD-358 Dream Woman 93 Tsubomi Bukkake WDI-039 DJE-042
Tsubomi, Hana Nonoka Tsubomi Ayu Sakurai Miki Sunohara
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iptd-474 SDDH-011 - Semen Maniac dje-012 iptd-587 ipsd-018
IPTD-474 SDDH-011 DJE-012 IPTD-587 IPSD-018AB
IPTD-474 Semen Maniac 1 M Semen Trance IPTD-587 IPSD-018
Sarasa Hara Nanami Nanase Tsubomi Tsubomi Asahi Miura
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Listed below are some sample reviews.
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MIGD-180 Gokkun Dream - Serina Hayakawa
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MIGD-180 Dream Gokkun


1: She kneels down and then rubs her pussy while a man jerks off. After awhile he cums in her mouth and all over her tongue and she swallows it.

2: I'm really liking this movie so far! A massager is used on her while men cum in her mouth one by one. It's much better than it sounds.

3: This is one of the best scenes i've seen in quite awhile. Mostly because it's very well done. Men lay down on a table and she lubes up their dick and gives them a handjob until they cum in her mouth or on their stomache. She will usually lick it up, show off her mouthful of cum and then swallow it. She will sometimes even swish it around a bit first. After each and every man she will strip down even more.

4: She's in a row with a lot of men. They all give her a feel and one man fingers her. After that she gets on top of one for sex in the cowgirl position. I was too busy watching this scene to stop and describe it all. It's just sooo good. During sex for the while scene men cum into her mouth. Just trust me, this scene is amazing. Sorry, I know I may say that a lot, but it's true!

5: In a warehouse she licks a man's ass, gives him a blowjob and receives some cumshots from several men that she swallows. Short, but a good scene again.

6: Here she is a teacher! She has men cum in her mouth and she plays with it a bit and then gives more men blowjobs. A few cum onto a desk and she licks it up, shows it off and then swallows. Sorry, but yes, it's another perfect scene. When are they going to get bad? Hopefully never. Hard to believe, but at this point i'm at the 2 hour mark. This movie is long!

7: Some quick foreplay with a man licking her tits and then her pussy. She soon gives him a blowjob and then plays with his cum in her mouth. This keeps going on for quite awhile. She'll have sex with one man on a bed and then get up, kneel down and the man will cum in her mouth. She always plays with the cum, usually by picking up long strings of cum with her fingers.

8: Now it's time for lunch! She sits down about ready to eat and instead has men cum into her bowl! She puts some of her noodles into the dish of cum and you should see her expression. She looks grossed out by it! Nothing wrong about that. She eats some needles and then brushes her teeth..with cum! Following this she changes into something else and then takes a lot more cum-shots one by one.

I couldn't have asked for a better actress in a bukkake movie. It's not often I point them out, but she did very well in this movie. Near perfect and i'd give her an A+. I love her tits too. I didn't know who she was halfway through the movie and almost wanted to stop, just to find out!

Without a doubt one of the best bukkake movies this year. It doesn't contain any facials, but that's perfectly fine with me! It's almost as if Moodyz saw how their stuff was just not like before and wanted to improve. This movie feels as if it was one of those bukkake movies from many years ago when you had so many good ones out.

PERFECT 10/10! 3 hours and 17 minutes!


MDLD-359 Sperm Viking - Momo Iizawa
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MDLD-359 Sperm Viking


If you like Momo Iizawa it's hard not to like this movie! This movie is almost exactly like the 100 shots of semen series. They even have the counter for each and every cumshot!

Scene 1 features cumshots in the mouth over and over and she swallows them all. This scene is soooo long. You'll like this scene if you like cum-swallowing movie like 100 shots of semen. She plays with a lot of the cum and doesn't always swallow it down all at once. Sometimes she'll even wait to get a whole mouth full of cum before swallowing.

Scene 2 is a mild bondage themed scene. She's handcuffed to the stairs while she receives dozens of cumshots. I didn't take too many screenshots of this scene.

Scene 3 has her taking cumshots into a bowl. The bowl gets pretty filled up and then she uses all that cum to dip her food into!

Scene 4..cool, the return of the cum funnel. They don't seem to have that in many bukkake movies unfortunately. If you want more movies with that check out SDDL-062 and SDDL-029! Anyway, in this scene they have sex with her while dozens of men cum on her face. The cum funnel scene occurs during sex too.

The last disc is AMAZING. The first scene (out of only 2 on the disc!) has her taking dozens and dozens of cumshots that are collected in a crystal bowl. By the end I couldn't believe my eyes! That thing is nearly filled right to the top. It's probably the most cum i've ever seen in one bowl. Not only that but she drinks it all down. At the end of the movie they are using a PC to submit it for a world record! I won't tell you who they submit it too, but it's kind of funny.

Rating: 10/10

SDDM-035 100 Shots of Semen Vol. 3 - Nanami Nanase (SOD)
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sddm-035 100 shots of semen vol. 3


Probably the best bukkake movies in the series. Here is a short description of some of the scenes:

Several men shoot cum all over a piece of plastic and Nanami Nananse gets to play with it. After that it's now going onto a mirror where she sucks it all up with a straw.

Men cum all over her body and she scoops it all up and swallows it all.

Gangbang scene where even more men cum in her mouth while having sex in 2 different positions.

Nurse scene. This time she takes 2 syringes full of cum and empties them into her mouth. If that wasn't enough she next using this HUGE one. Men pretty much shoot into a funnel until she has enough. Then of course she shoots that thing into her mouth and swallows it all.

Gives some guy a handjob and plays with his cum for awhile. Another guy cums on a table and she plays with that as well. After this she plays with cum from a glass.

Next we have the cum on food scenes. First it's on toast and then on a glass of some type of gelatin like desert (not sure what it is) .

For the last and final scene Nanami Nanase is holding a teddy bear and looks rather young looking. She takes cumshots in the mouth and plays with them for awhile and swallows each one down.

A must own title.

aka AOKI-011. I've linked the box cover to an older one. It's MUCH better IMO. The version we sell is the DVD version of course.



MIGD-538 Dream Woman 92 - Onoue Wakaba (Moodyz)
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dream woman 92 - migd-538


1: Good first scene! Just one extremely messy facial.

2: While holding up a metal pan men will cum all over her face and some of it falls into the pan. She'll play with some of the cum and stick her fingers into her mouth and play with it.

3: Yet another messy facial. This time it's during sex.

4: Wow. Perfect scene really. Amazing picture quality and perfect lighting. For this one she's in a classroom and gets a facial. I wish they had a Tsubomi Dream Woman title with the exact same setup. Same camera, room and lighting. Maybe for Christmas they can make a Christmas themed Tsubomi Dream Woman title. Probably a bit too late for that.

5: Split screen bukkake! On the left she is posing and then rubs herself while the right half is her getting a facial. After this it's a normal facial.

6: Sex and one last very messy facial. There is even a cumshot recap after it!



IPTD-644 (2)
IPTD-644 - Kanno Shizuka (Idea Pocket)
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iptd-644 kanno shizuka


1: First man receives a blowjob from her and she shows his cum all over her tongue and swallows it. Second man gets a handjob and cums into her hand and she swallows it. Third man shoot his cum in her mouth and she gargles with it and swallows it!

2: I LOVE this scene. While kneeling down she gives men blowjobs when dressed as an office worker and men cum all over her tongue that she sticks out. She shows off the cum all over her tongue and swallows it! She often sticks out her tongue as far as she can and it's REALLY long. Too bad she didn't do that before the cumshot. What's next, a long tongue bukkake fetish movie? Sounds good to me.

3: In a hallfway she kneels down and gives men blowjobs and they cum in her mouth and she swallows it.

4: This scene starts out with some deep-throat blowjobs and then the rest of the scene is her giving a lot of men blowjobs followed by them shoot cum in her mouth and her swallowing it.

5: She first jerks a man off onto a glass table and then licks the cum off it with her tongue. She then holds up a small cum funnel and the cum from her mouth goes up into the top of it and then she sucks it back down. Strange.

Next, she jerks a man off so his cum goes into a metal pan and she bends down and licks it up!

5: She now holds up a glass and men cum into her mouth. All the cum falls into the glass. Once it's filled up she empties the whole glass into her mouth and shows it off! She even gargles with it and then lets it fall back out into the glass. After repeating this she swallows it all down. I feel like a broken record, but another amazing scene.

6: During sex she gets a lot of cumshots in the mouth and swallows them.

7: While dressed as a cheerleader she gives blowjobs, takes cumshots in the mouth and swallows them. This time she does show off the loads of cum as much, but no big deal.

8: Now while dressed as an office worker she eats various types of food with cum on them. One of them is a cocktail weanie and she even tries to tickle it with her tongue before eating it. She even saves up a mouthful of cum and swallows it. The only negative about this scene is that I could have gone without the closeup shots of mouthfuls of chewed up food. Yet massive quantities of sperm swallowing is perfect ok with me! Weird!

9: Her hands are in leather straps and she takes cumshots in the mouth. This scene is just average but still not too bad.

10: During sex she gets a messy facial.

10/10 Another near perfect bukkake movie. Near perfect? More like perfect to me. Loved this movie.

MIGD-462 - Dream Woman 88 - Maki Sarada (Moodyz)
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migd-462 dream woman 88

1: After getting felt up by men she gets a messy facial while using a vibrator.

2: On a rooftop she gives a few men blowjobs and she even swallow one load of cum. Not common in the Dream Woman series it seems. She then walks up a flight of stairs and gives random men blowjobs. They then give her an extremely messy bukkake facial while she holds up a metal pan. She gets a lot of cum inside her mouth too and it ends up on the pan. She'll play with the cum a bit and then it's dumped onto her face. Pretty amazing scene!

3: Messy facial during sex in the doggy-style position and missionary.

4: Another impressive scene. While sitting on the floor wearing just a white t-shirt and underwear she gets a very messy facial. It's really simple and better than that non-sense construction worker costume from the last Dream Woman title.

5: Well..great.. more use of plastic wrap. Luckily it's over fast and they give her a facial. They then switch to a split screen while she poses for you while getting a facial.

6: One last facial in all sorts of different positions. There is also a cumshot recap.

This one must be one of the messiest Dream Woman titles i've seen in a long time.





This is only a sample of some of our best Japanese Bukkake movies.