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You can read our blog below for recent changes and updates:


Most recent update:

About 100 titles added to our main JAV catalog.

Several others in different categories also right at the top of each page.



Today we added a ton of previews for recent titles.

I normally will not list them all here, but will anyway.

I miss adding lots of new content to this page.


Here they are:


NHDTA-856 - It's always good to see another Mikako Abe movie!

ORBK-010 - Another with Yuuna Himekawa

PLA-062 - Another with Yuuna Himekawa and one of the best from this update.

QBD-082 - I seriously need to pay more attention to Shizuka Kotohane movies. I really like her now thanks to this one.

REAL-314 - Had this in the lesbian section. Oops! Starring Shiori Kohinata and Anna Oguri.

RKI-434 - More Yuuna Himekawa DVDs of course!

TBTB-075 - Another one with Yuuna.

TYOD-340 - One more!

WANZ-568 - I like Yuuna Himekawa's costumes in this one.



APAA-110 -Mamiru Momone

APAA-143 - Natsu Hoshikawa

APAA-161 - Ayase Nozomi

APAA-206 - Kurumi Ogiwara


APAA-329 - Mio Ooshima

APAA-330 - Haruka Tsukishima

APAD-032 - Azusa Kirihara

APAD-034 - Maki Mitsuya

APAK-103 - Airi Natsume

APAK-104 - Ayu Hanashiro

APAK-109 - Risa Kudou

APAK-148 - Ai Mukai, Sora Shiina

APKH-015 - Sora Shiina

APKH-026 - Sakura Tsumugi

COSU-019 - Shirori Miyauchi

EKDV-470 - Yuuna Himekawa. She's one of my current favorite actresses. Check into her movies if you can!

HND-071 - Mei Yukimoto

HUNTA-005 - Yui Saotome

HUNTA-025 - More Yui Saotome


MIAE-021 - Another with Yuuna Himekawa. This one is really good!

MIAE-043 - More with Yuuna Himekawa.

MUKD-113 - Momoko Ayase

MUKD-119 - Nanami Takase

MUKD-132 - Ryouko Hirosaki


MUKD-134 - Sanae Momoi

MUKD-305 - Kanae Ruka

MUKD-307 - Tomoko Ashida

MVSD-293 - Cum Swallowing with Rena Aoi!!!

NHDT-927 - Hibiki Ootsuki

NHDTA-012 - Various

NHDTA-096 - Starring Kotomi Asakura, Mikuri.

NHDTA-098 - Konoha

NHDTA-153 - Starring Arisu Hatsumi, Remon Mizuno, Momo Minato





Previews for new Lesbian titles:


AUKG-274 - This one kind of WOWed me. Has Mao Hamasaki in it.


BBAN-075 - Lesbian title with Yumi Kazama and Rena Fukiishi. Has an older woman theme.

BBAN-084 - Yui Ooba, Rei Andou, Sesera Harukawa

BBAN-138 - Starring Hikaru Kikino, Mika Ichiyuki.

DVDES-434 - I really liked this one and it's starring Azumi Mizushima.

HAVD-952 - Starring Shizuka Kanno. She's known for her very long tongue! Long tongues and lots of lesbian kissing is fun to watch.

SDDE-073 - An older one but looked pretty good.

SDAB-009 - Misa Suzumi, Yuuri Asada

AUKG-352 - This is not listed yet, but available!





We just got in about 80 good new titles for our latest update.

They are now all listed in our MISC section right at the top.




Today I made a lot of previews for recently added titles.

You can view them all on our main MISC page.




We added a few good titles to the MISC category.

All of them right at the top. One of them is also a bukkake movie.



Just added about 60 good new titles to our catalog.

A lot of them are starring Yuuna Himekawa.

You can browse our main category to see them all right at the top.




Some more good titles were added today. 4 in the MISC section and most of them have a preview.




Just added some good titles with previews to our main catalog. All of them right at the top!

They're probably some of the best titles i've seen in months, especially the Mimi Yazawa title.

I also never really noticed Yuna Himekawa much before today too. I really like her and need more of her movies.

The one with Aki Sasaki was also very good and is a mature title.

She's 37 now and this movie really made me want to watch more movies in the genre.

I was into them a few years ago but lost interest somehow. My favorite actress in them was Erina Tsukishima.





We've made some minor changes to the site that I think are an improvement.

Things are basically like they were before and as simple as possible.

I'm not much of a web designer and I hope to keep this site simple and not too ugly.

On our site we have two MAIN categories (shown on this top menu).

You can now change between each main category from the top menu at any time.

All of our most recent updates are now found in our MISC section.

The most recent updates are ALWAYS listed first!



Please check out our latest updates.

We added 60 new DVDs to the MISC & Lesb. areas.



I also brought back 3 important pages and updated them. I think they are very useful.

MUM- series page

Many of you are fans of these titles. They usually feature the shorter women 18-25 or with smaller boobs.

There are a few that i'd give a 10/10 rating to. Any of them with Kagami Shuna or Rina Hatsume are a must have.


Rina Hatsume DVD list

I don't have a huge list of favorite actresses, but right now she's my #1 favorite.

This is her list of DVDs all on one page. She also made a few bukkake titles under a different name.

On this page there are some links to useful sites related to her.


Konomi Futaba list

Years ago her movies were easily some of our most popular titles and for a good reason.



We've brought back a much more organized covers view bukkake catalog.

You can now browse by maker so that you don't need to browse dozens of pages.

It lists all of our japanese bukkake movies, but with only a DVD cover thumbnail instead of reviews.

Any bold catalog number on any of our pages is a link to a picture preview gallery (screenshots).

You can also click the thumbnail for a large front and back cover.

We don't sort them by facials and gokkun because each area would be way too long.



Just added a few really good titles for today:

1) Just two new lesb. titles, but starring Fuuka Nanasaki and Yuu Kawakami (the one with the nice eyes!). One is a compilation and 4 hours long.

2) Lots of new additions for our Eighteen section. As you know this is a very general area. They can be 18-25, have small boobs, be short or petite etc.

You'll find the MUM- series, K-tribe and similar titles in this section.

One that was added is the latest with Rina Hatsume. She took a short break and is now back to making some movies. She has a new softcore movie out and I MUST get it!

If you ever are browsing the site and it's running slow or giving you timeout errors, please let us know. We made a few changes on our server to make things slightly faster.

We're trying hard to stop making changes to the site that make it more confusing to navigate OR uglier to look at. I'm not much of a web designer.



We updated our first bukkake reviews page to make movies from your favorite maker easier to find.

You can click a sub-directory list of what bukkake titles are on the page.

I also split this page up because it was WAY too long (now it's 3 pages).

For example, you can now easily find titles from S1, Knights Visual, Rocket, Hakudakudou etc.

I was also a big fan of Audaz and Real Works brand titles back a few years ago. Check them out if you can!

There are some real hidden gems in that section. For example, REAL-136.




65 titles in our latest update.



We just added screenshots for about 70 recent titles.



We just added a few really good titles with a picture preview.

One of them I wasn't going to add, but I thought maybe some would like it. It's RSE-032 starring Rion Katase who was in BMD-334 and DVDPS-484 (which is a personal favorite title of mine). The picture quality isn't amazing, but the movie is good.

I know a lot of you want previews for each movie, so I will do my best to make sure recent titles always get them.

This weekend I will try to take some for recently added titles.



We just added a lot of good new titles to our catalog!

Here is what we added:

  1. About 10 titles in our les. category. Two of them are starring Claire (Kurea) Hasume. Another two are from a favorite studio of mine in the EVIS- series. One has a kissing fetish theme with lots of tongue action. Do you know who Mei Matsumoto is? She is a recent favorite of mine and in another one of them. I need to get more of her movies. One more title has Reiko Kobayakawa in it. I seem to never get bored with her movies.
  2. Two new MUM- series titles in our 18 category. Five total added to this area. One i've been wanting for awhile and starring Mimi Yazawa. Two others starring Hinano Kamisaka were also added. I really like her, but her movies are softcore and usually don't sell well.
  3. One new bukkake title starring Tsubomi and Mikako Abe.



Today we added about 16 picture previews to our recently added DVDs.

You can view each area to check them out.

The most recent titles are always added the top.




Forgot to add 3 really good titles.

Two of them are starring Fuuka Nanasaki who I recently started to like a lot. You may know her as Karen Itsuki. One of the DVDs is a title we've been wanting to watch for probably a year and is also starring Yui Misaki.

This week we'll also try to take more screenshots for recently added titles but it might take us awhile

BTW our search engine is now accessible from the "More Areas" section (main menu). Adding it to every menu just made things too crowded.



We added about 27 new picture galleries from out latest update.

To find them just check out each area below and click any bold titles to view them.

We also incorrectly linked to our search engine below. It's now fixed.



Some more good titles were added today in their areas by date. Here is what we added:

  1. 44 in our MISC category . Some newer MUM- series titles along with many others.
  2. Two bukkake titles under our MVG area. One is starring Mika Osawa and I can't believe we never had it! One non-bukkake title is listed there temporarily, but it's from MVG.

BTW we removed our search engine from our main menu. It really didn't need to be linked from EVERY PAGE. I was trying to make things less crowded and maybe I went overboard and didn't have a good spot for it.

You can click the link above to use it. We'll add it back to either the menu or the bottom of our catalog pages ASAP.

We also just added it at the top of our site directory. The link is at the bottom of this page.



We just added a lot of really good new DVDs! Not a ton of them, but we expect to keep adding titles regularly. We will also add future updates by date.

Here is what we added:

  1. Seven new titles in our age 18 category (this is where most of our titles will go. It's just a general area). About five of them are starring Mikako Abe. I never paid much attention to her movies before, but I sort of like them now.
  2. Two new ones in our bondage category. One of them is starring my favorite Fuuka Nanasaki and has some impressive rope bondage sequences that look very difficult to even do. Two are in the VDD- series which is a VERY underrated series. It usually features "office women" or flight attendants etc. There isn't much bondage in it, but this was the best category for them. The last one we added is very nasty, but some will love it. The theme is deep-throat blowjobs and bondage.
  3. Ten good titles in our les. movie area. This is one of our most popular areas right now and for a good reason! Previously we had it paginated, but now it's one long page.
  4. Just 1 in our MISC area starring Iori Furukawa. I MUST get more of her movies. I like her short hair. It's WAY down at the bottom.




Today I made our Dogma bukkake page look a lot better (hopefully! I think so).

Some of my all time favorite gokkun/cum swallowing movies are listed in there. You'll notice that very few movies in there have a low review score.

Future reviews will be a lot shorter and more to the point of what's in the scene and not so much my commentary or opinion.

Changing things up on these pages might help a little. This was my idea to make them a bit more simple and easier to browse.

I also reduced the cover thumbnails in size so that the page loads faster. Some might think the cover thumbnails are not necessary, but I myself prefer them.

We are trying anything we can come up with to generate more interest in bukkake.

All it takes is decent regular sales of our older bukkake titles to be able to add new ones.



Just a few new title additions. The bigger updates are below! Don't forget to check them out.


- About five new titles add to the lesb. area. Two of them much different than what we usually add. One is starring Hitomi Madoka. I recently discovered her movies and really need to get more of them ASAP. Maybe you'll like her as much as I do.

- Three in the bondage category right at the top. I think they just barely qualify as having bondage, but this was the best area for them.



About 15 really good new titles added to our new category. Second update in the last week. Many of them are very recent releases.



Added previews for every title in our update below (except for the bukkake).

Just click the bold titles in each area.



FINALLY an update!!

Lots of good new stuff added in many different categories. If this update does well we will keep adding new titles as much as possible. Yes, including more bukkake we've been been lacking lately!


BUKKAKE/GOKKUN (sorry they're so scattered around)

  1. Two new Asfur bukkake titles - Right at the top
  2. Two from Knight's Visual.
  3. 1 bukkake title from Waap
  4. Another 1 from Moodyz that looks very good!





Made an entirely new "Cover thumbnail" version of our Bukkake catalog.

It's every single title but without the reviews and scores. These days very few people read reviews, so I thought it was a good idea.

The front cover thumbnails are a little smaller than normal so that they're easier to view on mobile devices in widescreen.

The menu on that page will take you to similar pages. To get back to the reviews, just click "Bukkake" on ANY page.

I'm trying to come up with some ways to make it easier to shop for bukkake movies.

Unfortuantely there is very little interest in bukkake these days, but i'm trying to fix that in any way I can!

The best way for us to add new bukkake titles is to try hard to increases sales on the bukkake titles we already have.

I want to see new titles as much as everyone else.

BTW we also moved from other areas a lot of titles to the mature and bondage categories. Right at the top.



Today I sorted JAV Page 1 out by the top sellers! It's for 2016 only though. I did not edit anything and you'll notice that almost ZERO generic/plain vanilla DVDs are anywhere on this page. They just don't sell unfortunately. Not a big deal. Most of our visitors seem to prefer the titles with 18, 19 and 20 year olds. Those are from K-Tribe and Minimum-AV (MUM- series).

When I came across any with mature actresses I made sure to sort them out for you and move them to the mature woman category. I'm generally not a big boob guy, but I do like Reiko Kobayakawa and Anri Okita a LOT! Their movies fall into the mature category I think. My favorite mature actress is Erina Tsukishima. Check out her movies if you can! There's just something about her I like. I think we have 90% of all her titles and back in the day I sought out all her titles and added them to the site.

Movies with Julia are now moved to the mature section too. Not sure if they should go there or not. Maybe someday we can add a big boob section.

I also reversed my stupid decision to split up the JAV category to 21 pages.

BTW for future updates to the JAV area we will probably list them in entirely new pages that are dated. They'll be easy to find though.



We just added a few to the lesbian woman category . A few from Bibian and the others from U&K. They're all very high quality. One of them is one of those types of movies where two women are on a vacation together. Another one like that I loved was Dash DAD-024. That movie has some pretty hot kissing scenes if you're into that (like me). I could watch a movie with just nothing but that for 2 hours straight. I really miss titles with a lot of that sort of thing like the amazing DOBJ- series from JNS (Janes). Aroma and Deeps had a few of them too.

Last night I watched DDT-115 which is in the Endless Semen series and starring Syuri Himesaki. Pretty impressive movie and if I ever gave it under a score of a 9 i'll be surprised. At the end was a trailer for another in the series with Ran Akasawa and it must have been the messiest facial i've seen in at least a year. Need to re-watch that again this week! Sometimes the screenshots don't give you a good idea of what a movie is really like. You sometimes just need to watch it. In the picture preview it just doesn't seem that messy. The one starring Yukari Sakurada is really good too.



If you browse through the bukkake review pages you'll see we've added back review scores to most of the movies. I still have a few areas to finish off. One of the worst decisions we made on this site was removing them! It's a long story on why we did this. I'd like to think that many of our older customers came to our site to read our reviews or at least view some screen shots or see scores for new titles. Some have told me they miss how our site was in the past. I also miss being able to add a ton of new bukkake material!

When I started this site I made a promise to myself to take screen shots and review every single bukkake and gokkun movie. I actually love reviewing a good bukkake title and have been a fan of them since maybe 2000. We actually started this site as a hobby because back then it was so hard to find actual japanese bukkake titles outside of Japan! It's hard to believe, but the first thing we ever sold were VHS tapes! They were classics like Fuji No Jin and all the old Shuttle Japan titles in the Bukkake Summit series. I still think some of the best titles were the old classics from the VHS days. Don't pass over them due to how old they are! Anything with Seika Izumi is a must see.

Things got really bad in 2012 or so and we had to start adding more non-bukkake JAV DVD's to keep going. That helped but we would still eventually like to try to keep adding new bukkake DVD's every month. It's hard to continuously fund them if some of the new additions don't sell well enough. It got super hard to add new ones when we dropped the prices so low.

On our review pages we've hopefully made them a bit easier to read too. Suggestions are always helpful. Of course we would also like to make it easy for people to purchase titles. Without good sales of the older titles we can't add anything new. I'm not much of a web designer and I like to try to keep things on this site as simple as possible. We actually started out with 1 single page written in Notepad!

We also had to make a lot of small changes to our JAV catalog. This is why the catalog is now 3 columns instead of 4. They're mobile friendly in wide screen mode now. We also had to split up some categories into a lot of pages because of speed issues. Google sort of requires this now and customers don't want pages that take forever to load.

I understand that there will also be a lot of titles people won't like in our adult DVD area. If some of the covers bother you, please know that those are generally the types that might sell well. On our site the "plain vanilla" titles are ones that rarely sell. I may try to sort them all out a bit more later on to keep everyone happy. Our customers really seem to love all the K-tribe and MUM-series titles but I think the covers to them really annoy some people! I moved a lot of them to other pages for now.

We did finally retire the Pregnant women area. I don't think that section has seen any interest in years. I'm not surprised.

The Futanari area is not going anywhere! I love that section . I'm a huge fan of the Image/Next titles and a lot of people like that series too. Futanari titles from the studio "Cross" are really impressive too.