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I just finished the reviews/screenshots for the first 3 on the bukkake part of the list below. MIGD-529 is a must have gokkun title. I was pretty impressed with it.

So far about 16 of 18 reviews and screenshots are complete. Six pages of new reviews so far.


3-22-15 (edit: 16 of 18 now reviewed with screenshots)

More new JAV DVDs AND Bukkake!

35 new DVDs in the JAV area. Too many to list here. All at the top. Click that link to see them.



EDIT 3: finished reviews/screenshots for the first 13. The rest coming soon. (will update this when I finish more)

  1. Moodyz MIGD-529 - Kaoru Natsuki
  2. Waap CWM-136
  3. Ideapocket SOE-916 - Yuma Asami
  4. IdeaPocket SNIS-069 - Nami Hoshino
  5. Junk Shop JS-50 - Mai Miura
  6. Junk Shop JS-47 - Marina Matsumoto
  7. Eiten NS-12 - Roa Sumikawa
  8. Asfur ASW-143 - Koyuuno
  9. Asfur ASW-142 - Kanon Takigawa
  10. Eiten NS-14 - Yuna Shiratori
  11. Knight's Visual KV-121
  12. Dream Ticket RSD-012 - I really like this series. Bukkake on tanned skin.
  13. Asfur ASW-148 - Katou Tsubaki
  14. Moodyz MIGD-561 with Hatsumi Saki & Inagawa Natsume. Lesbian Bukkake!
  15. MVG MVSD-200 - Akari Hoshino
  16. Waap WDI-043 Dream Shower - Nobody likes this series?! I love it.
  17. IdeaPocket IPZ-208 - Amami Tsubasa
  18. IdeaPocket IPZ-160 - Jessica Kizaki

Please don't forget to check our last Bukkake update from 2-21-15 found HERE.

NOTE: None of these are listed in the "covers view" areas yet.



Added about 53 new titles in a new area that features movies with an 18+ "school gal" theme. They were always extremely popular. I plan on moving the related titles from the MISC area to here. Not everyone likes this type of movie, so it's a good idea.

This will be a general area for any movie with actresses that are from 18 to 20s. They don't necessarily have to meet any special requirements other than this.

The best titles in there are of course the ones with Konomi Futaba and most the Cando titles with Anna Kuramoto.

I will fill in missing actress info ASAP.



Re-arranged the Waap Bukkake area a bit. Weeded out some of the older/less popular titles and moved them into the Waap DVD archives area.

I also added a Top Waap sellers list for fun. You can find the link on the Waap page.

BTW I found the ultimate hidden gem that somehow only one person has ordered since January 2013. It's Momo Iizawa's JLD-030, which is a pretty amazing movie.

I gave it a full length review found here. Or you can click the above link to view the screenshots. The best ones are at the bottom.

I think the old screenshots were way too small and it has a very bad cover. The old review also skipped a few good parts found in the movie.

All of Momo Iizawa's Bukkake movies are really good and I need to make her a filmography soon. She's one of the best bukkake actresses IMO.

Her best movie is Moodyz MDLD-359 Sperm Viking 4, which has one of the best massive swallowing scenes ever filmed. They even try to submit a record at the end of the movie.

The cumshot counter on the screen goes up to 172 and it's a 3 hour movie on two discs. Here's a screenshot of the quantity. I like how the container is sort of like a trophy!



Two new reviews and screenshot galleries for the following movies:

  1. SDDM-035 100 Shots of Semen Vol. 3 with Nanami Nanase. The review is now more in depth and way better screenshots. Over 260 of them. Nanami Nanase is amazing!
  2. SDMS-520 - Futanari Village (listed in our Futanari section). Starring Maki Mizui and Nene Mukai.



Somehow the picture galleries for the new Dream Shower movies were down. Sorry about that.

Now they're up! Things are going well now and if people like the latest (mini) update we'll be able to constantly add new titles.

This has been my goal for a long time. It's harder than it seems. I'm ready to get back to adding as many titles as we did in 2007-2008.

I could review Bukkake movies all day.

Somehow the latest K-Tribe Rina Hatsume DVD has been the best seller. I also want to get some of the K-Tribe titles for everyone that are starring Kagami Shuna.

EDIT: Also added 6 new Asfur titles. I also updated my bukkake favorites page. I hope you like it!

All in stock now. Reviews and screenshots are now complete.

I had fun reviewing them because they were all good. They're in the Waap, Asfur and Moodyz sections right at the top.



  1. Moodyz MIGD-629 Dream Woman 97
  2. Waap WDI-045 Dream Shower
  3. Waap WDI-046 Dream Shower
  4. Waap WDI-047 Dream Shower
  5. Moodyz MDLD-133 Dream Girl 1
  6. Asfur ASW-111 - Kirara Hoshizaki
  7. Asfur ASW-152 - Nozomi Haduki
  8. Asfur ASW-164 - Maniac Semen Vol. 1 - Miku Abeno
  9. Asfur ASW-162 - Yurina Ayashiro
  10. Asfur ASW-170 - Aimi Takagi
  11. Asfur ASW-174 - Maki Kyouko

Please note: We're probably not going to be giving out review scores any more. No scores for these titles at all. We'll let you decide!



  1. K-Tribe KTDS-741 with Rina Hatsume (Amazing movie. Similar to the MUM- series titles. Reviewed!)
  2. GBAD-01 - With Konomi Futaba (bottom of page 3 I think. New screenshots. Previously listed but didn't take them for her movie. Oops!)

(GBAD-01 is found HERE)



  1. SOD LADY-040 - Sstarring Nene Mukai & Yuuno Hoshi. Previously listed but it has returned. Some didn't like it's cover.


2-23-15 DVD update (all the full covers all on one page..except the last two)



WOW! Unbelievable. Somehow over 110 titles vanished from our online catalog. In addition to that, over 30 Lotion Play titles went missing too.

They're now all back and i'd appreciate it if you could take a peek at them HERE.

It's the WHOLE group from STAR-148 with Hitomi to YSN-176 with Tsubomi.

The lotion titles are at the very end of the page.


Want to go back in time and see what Bukkake & JAV titles were added and new in 2005 and 2006?

Check out our old updates page. This 2005 Updates listing has never been posted in the last few years and it went temporarily missing.

All the original links to picture galleries still work and there should be zero broken links.

Despite being so old most of the movies are still extremely good. Some have not been topped if you can believe it.

On the top of that page is a list of old posts made for every year. Sometimes I think I like to type way too much!

This site is a monster and there must be 1000 pages on it of Bukkake movie reviews on it.


Please also be sure to check into our latest DVD additions HERE.



Updated Price Chart - Better Bulk Deals & the 15 DVDs for $55 deal is back (click link)

Now you can get a price drop after every 5 DVDs you buy instead of every 10. This will make it a little easier to get a good deal on a quantity in between levels.

Bulk discounts start at 15 DVDs and go up to 70. If you need a price quote on more than that just email us.

Shipping for those inside the USA is now FREE when you buy at least 10 DVDs (or spend $49+). Just select it at checkout.

International Air Mail is very expensive for us so to get it free it requires an order of at least $75 (or 25 DVDs). I hope you'll find this fair.




EDIT: I also did this for the SOD area and added a top 10 list there too.

I've refreshed the MVG/M's Video Group page a little. Basically I weeded out a lot of the titles and moved them to an archives page.

I also added a small sub-category in the MVG section. Probably not of interest to most people.

For fun I also added a Top sellers list to the area (for MVG titles only). You can see which movies other people like.

MVSD-067 Big Tits Semen Junky with Azusa Ayano is the #1 seller. No surprise! Kazuhiko Matsumoto directed it (same director as "Fuji No Jin").

If there is anything I can do to make browsing for DVDs easier please let me know. No idea is too small. My goal is to make buying DVDs as easy as possible.

Don't forget to check out update below! Any purchase will help us add future titles.





We brought back the "Covers Only" section. I think it was more useful to people than I originally thought.

Now you don't need to view each review page just to find a "covers view" link.

It's now on the very top menu of the bukkake area. To leave it, just click on "Bukkake Movies".



Added 35 new picture galleries for the titles in the Japanese Pregnant DVD area. There was just too many to list here.

Cross CRPD-224 and Gloryquest MDJ-03 are the best ones I took screenshots for IMO.



Updated the Pregnant Woman DVD area. It will now list the maker along with the actress name.

Interesting note: Azuma Inamori holds the record for being in the most with a total of 11. Hard to believe!

Her best movies are the Gloryquest titles and ARMD-076 from Aroma. Aroma movies usually have terrible covers but are pretty good.

She's one of my favorites along with with Yuri Mizukami from ARMD-597. That's one of the most popular pregnant titles of all time.

If you see any actress names that are obviously wrong, please let me know. I couldn't find them all!

BTW Marx now makes the best Pregnant themed movies IMO. SMA-602 is very underrated.

Another interesting fact.. Ruri Housyou released one too and we have it.



Just a quick two additions for today.

  1. Dogma DDT-211 - (Listed under "MISC") I really love Dogma movies as long as they're not too dark (I like the M-Drug series..but not the recent stuff). If there is any you're looking for let me know and I might have it unlisted. I'm thinking of adding COT-004 and COT-009 but they are super long Bondage movies. We're talking like 4 discs! One of them is 570 minutes. I also might consider re-adding a title with Mayura Hoshitsuki which is one of her Fan Thanks titles and super long.
  2. SOD LIP-006 - Lesbian movie. I would add hundreds per day if I could. Probably my 2nd favorite category.

BTW I'm looking for the latest KTDS- Rina Hatsume title if anyone has it. I'm a huge fan of her movies. I need to add more of them. She's the one in DMC-26 & LADY-098. Her latest MUM- series movie is amazing.

I know people are looking for new Bukkake updates and i'm sorry for not being able to add new ones regularly. I'm trying REALLY hard. The more current and past Bukkake titles don't sell that well anymore and it's been extremely tough to add new ones. I'm trying to fix this. I really don't know why they don't sell and I think our prices are very fair.

There is just so many amazing Bukkake movies made in the last year or so that we have, but not many checking into them recently. The latest DW titles we've listed don't really sell at all. I don't think Bukkake is as popular anymore as it once was. Doesn't matter to me because i'll still add them! I really like reviewing them too.

Our focus has always been on Bukkake and adding new Bukkake titles. I know that many will find this hard to believe!

Coupon are not required for any deals. You can use that coupon for any deal if you want. Not sure how long i'll keep it up.

PS. Special thanks to those that have stuck with us despite fewer and fewer Bukkake updates. I'm doing everything I can to fix this ASAP!




A few people have asked me for Bukkake listings that are sorted by catalog number or series to make it easier to browse.

I know that a lot of you like to keep your bukkake collection very organized and maybe this will help you find some missing titles.

As a start i've made one for the Waap area. It's very time consuming and if people find it useful i'll make more of them.

Waap Sorted Catalog

FYI The Dream Shower series started with BTD- and then switched to WDI- after BTD-067.

There's a few with different catalog numbers.



I've re-arranged the Pregnant Woman DVD area so that it lists the top sellers at the very top from left to right.

I was very surprised by the ones that ranked the highest!

One of my favorites (ARMD-076) didn't sell well at all.

The 2nd and 3rd parts of this page has them un-ranked.

This area is not popular at all obviously, but I'd like to come up with some things to generate more interest in it.

More reviews and new additions in the future for this area I hope.


I also added back more areas to the Bukkake menu. I hope it's not too cluttered.

Now there is no need to keep having to switch to "More Bukkake" to see everything.

The Junk Shop and Knight's Visual titles are now listed on the main Bukkake page.

You can click to them now from the text links below the main menu. You can click "back" to go back to the menu after viewing them.

Nobody was buying the Shuttle Japan titles and maybe people didn't know we had a section for them!

Most of the areas buried in the "More Bukkake" section really deserved to be on the main page.



I spent maybe 4 hours today re-arranging all the movies in the Bukkake areas.

Each bukkake category will now list some of the best sellers of 2014 until now at the very top.

I also have the Bukkake menu now defaulting to the LONG review pages. If you prefer the split pages you can easily switch over.

If you still prefer browsing with our "Covers View" mode it's still on this page's menu. I might consider adding it each review page again.

I'd like to get rid of this option but some people still like to browse by that method I think.

Don't forget that you can click on "More Bukkake" to get 6 extra maker categories. We didn't remove the Junk Shop, Shuttle and Dream Ticket categories!

I wanted to avoid cluttering up the main menu.

Please let us know if there is anything we can change to make navigating even easier.




Added ten movies to my second favorite category, the lesbian area. All at the top.

Most of them look really good. The one starring Reiko looked amazing when I was scanning through it. I also like Riku Minato who is also in it.

Don't skip it because of it's terrible cover.

I also added back LADY-040 which is starring Yuuno Hoshi and Nene Mukai.

Most of the new ones have actresses in them that I really like.



Added twelve new titles to the JAV main category. First ones on the top.

Some with Reiko Kobayakawa (Big Boobs!) , Yuuno Hoshi and Shizuka Kanno.

Oh and two with women wearing leather catsuits. Big Boobs and those go well together. Maybe you'll agree!

EDIT: Sorry, fixed an issue with the covers not displaying properly. Somehow I used a backslash instead of a forward slash on the filenames. Oops!



Added a few good new movies.

These titles are listed in the JAV category. Right near the top (2nd row).

  1. DBN-002 - Starring Minami Ogura & Yuria Hidaka
  2. Dogma DDT-126 - Irrumatio compilation which is deep-throat blowjobs.
  3. DVKS-058 - Underarm fetish movie. Going to be extremely popular! Kidding, but I've added this anyway.
  4. Marx SMA-410 - Not for everyone! I didn't list this for quite awhile.
  5. Deeps DVDPS-723 "Sex on the Beach". This is starring Kaede aka Yoko. I accidentally listed it in the Mature section, but now in the correct area. BTW if you like her I also found she's in a dancing movie called DDY-04. Check the link for the new box cover I uploaded. The dancing movies are actually pretty hot despite having no sex in them.
  6. ONED-831 - Soap movie. Check out IDOL-061 with Riko Tachibana if you can too (don't have it yet).

LESBIAN (top link takes you to the category in a new window)

  1. BBAN-002 - This one is starring Yuka Ohsawa. She looks totally different in this and I thought it was someone else who looked like her. IMO She looks best with long black hair.
  2. VICD-024 - I could have sworn I've had this listed before. It's called "Sweet Obscene Lesbian". Sounds good to me!
  3. Deep DVDPS-081 - This one went missing for probably four years! No kidding and yesterday I somehow found it. It's a Yukari Sakurada movie with a nurse theme! I think this one is now ultra rare!


  1. Takara Visual SPRD-17 with Hiromi Okada. I kind of like her and possibly the oldest actress I have any interest in. We have a few others with her too.


  1. CC-157 - contains some mild bondage. No rough stuff.


  1. DFM-004 - New Maria Ogura movie. Unfortunately I think it's a re-release of a movie we already have. I'll list it anyway.




I updated the search engine again. Sometimes when I don't update it enough it won't work very well and find items in newer pages. This search engine will ONLY find things in the product categories. For example, it won't find anything under info pages or something mentioned in our blog.

I also reviewed an older movie. It's one you'll either love or hate and is kind of messy.

I gave Aroma ARMD-899 a 10/10 and it's sort of like a lesbian kissing spit fetish movie. Weird right? Not as bad as it sounds.

Click the bold link to read the review. It's an extremely tough movie to review because so much is going on. The review is as messy as the movie itself!

I've been really impressed with this other Miyuki Majima lesbian movie from U&K I saw recently and was glad she was in this one.

The other movie is AUKS-022, but unfortunately we don't yet sell it but hopefully soon. It has a mature woman theme to it. You can also find the scene in a compilation with the catalog # of AUKG-239. That's another amazing movie that we also don't have yet. Sorry!

Other than bukkake, the lesbian kissing fetish movies are some of my favorite movies!

To me they're some of the hottest movies ever made and I wonder why?




Found out today that the Moodyz, Waap and Idea Pocket "View All" pages were missing a ton of reviews!

Up to 20 pages of them maybe.

They were still listed in the split pages though.

The view all pages are not a default menu option, but a lot of people prefer them.

They're not default because they're extremely long and best for desktops. For example, the Moodyz view all page is about 200 pages long!



A customer gave me a good idea and it's something so simple that I can't believe I didn't do it earlier.

Not a big deal really, but all the box covers in the review listings are directly across from the START of the review. Not in the middle like before.

Now there is no need to scroll down to check the cover for those very long reviews.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is using a huge display! Some prefer laptops or just a tablet.

If you're ever looking around the site and think of any ideas to make it easier to browse, please let me know!




Improved the Lactation movies area. I also made a new Lactation covers view version that has FULL maker and actress info. I had to manually search for actress/maker names for all of them and it was painfully tedious, but I found a lot of movies I want to now go and re-watch! I also found a few Kumi Tachibana movies where she didn't get credit at all.

The covers mode is a little messier than other areas due to some movies having 4 actresses listed.

I also split the review area back into 3 pages, but there is also a "view all" option, but it's not default. Some people don't want to click a link and have the page be 200 pages long!

There's a few actresses in this area that have as many lactation movies as Maria Ogura!

Lots of movies with Karen Shirakawa, Misora Hamano, Aki Nitta, Miru Kurumi and Hitomi Mizutani.

If I screwed up any of the names in there badly you can let me know.

BTW I was half joking about the lactation view all page being 200 pages. It's actually 184! That's a lot of one person talking about lactating boobs! Despite being 184 pages it loads in under 10 seconds easily, but 71 seconds on a 56k modem. I actually don't know how many of you are browsing our site on dialup. I think this is the only option for some remote locations.

I bet there is some guy out there still using his Pentium 120 with a 14,400 baud modem! PS I used to run a BBS back in the day if you know what that is. It's a text based online service before everyone started using the internet (or AOL!).



WOW! I just realized I had accidentally chopped off over 45 full movie reviews in our Japanese Lactation movies area. Tons of good stuff. I'm glad I caught this. I think I this happened back in early October! That link takes you directly to all the missing reviews.

Now it's temporarily super long and I will split them properly later today AND have a "view all" page.

Right now I am adding maker and actress names to the Lactation covers area (in the link above too).




All the covers areas are now default at 5 rows instead of 6. Someone told me that sometimes the listings are cut off to the right and you need to scroll to see them. This should only happen on smaller cell phones or if you're on a desktop with a very low resolution (probably under 1024x768!).

Then I didn't stop to realize that many people might be using a browser that's set to appear in a small window! For best results on this site, we suggest maximizing your browser. I almost never browse anywhere without the windows taking up the whole screen. I guess this isn't as common as I thought!

The 5 rows should now display better in smaller windows.

I'm also testing 4 rows in the bondage movies area, but I think this is too few.

Don't forget, that on a touch screen you can tap or "pinch" the screen to get all areas to fit.

If you place an order and get an error about wrong info entered please try again! We're trying to get our shopping cart provider to fix this but they don't seem to care! This error is VERY rare and often just causes a timeout error. We think this might be a reason our sales are down. People get errors and leave. Makes sense! I hope this isn't it.

When you are adding items to your cart you can close the new window that comes up and add more items if needed. Your cart contents will be saved as long as you don't exit your browser.



Spent all day today trying to improve many pages and make them more useful. My goal was to make them more simple (this page is the exception and i'll fix that menu soon!). I made sure to TRY to make the site easier to use and that's how it should be. My goal from now on will be to avoid confusing people!

My favorite part of the site now is the new Covers View only area! The covers layout looks a little better. I've added a little more spacing around the boxes. In the future you can click "bukkake movies" to see it.

When you're in there I suggest having a mouse with a thumb button that has a "back button" assigned to it. Most of them do I believe. If you go to the "more bukkake" area inside that covers list it's so much faster switching areas when you can pick a category that's already on the current page. To return to the main menu after clicking, just click your back (or thumb button). It just goes back up to the top of the page!

I also defaulted all the review areas to split pages. If you want to view ALL the reviews in that category just click "View ALL". Don't forget that in there you can use CTRL+F in most browsers to search for a keyword, like "pie" or "boobies". I also just added easier access to every page without clicking "next" a hundred times. I know it makes it a LITTLE more cluttered, but I think this is actually better.

Tomorrow I will go back through and triple check how things look on my tablet. I'm not going to focus on having it 100% perfect with a tablet, but will try.

I optimize for tablets mostly with my Google Nexus 7 or an Ipad. If you use Internet Explorer I suggest using this site with Firefox or Chrome for the best results.

Once i'm getting things perfect i'm going to leave it that way and not touch it.

I'm still trying to figure out how I almost killed all sales this month.

When I do any changes it will be only to IMPROVE or ADD new content! Removing old or supposedly "thin" content was a major no-no perhaps.

I guess theres a reason they say "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"

Anyway i'm trying to recover by making this site the best it can be. I know you all want new movies and hopefully I can get some if things improve.

I honestly just need to focus on getting a few orders in from old and new customers. This will really help us out!



Updated the Search engine! When you type something up it will highlight it on the page in bright yellow.

This ONLY happens with javascript enabled and if you let the page fully load.

It will only search the most important areas.

I also added another option using Google's search engine. It's not as good and makes it hard to find specific titles.

The google one will let you see images in the search though and indexes more pages.



Split the Waap and SOD (Soft on Demand) Bukkake review area into multiple pages. I previously had them as 2-3 sections, but they were still way too long at around 25-30 pages each!

Now each numbered section will be only 20 pages long. That seems like too much, but even on a tablet it's pretty short.

There's about 100 pages of Waap bukkake movie reviews!

I never really understood why Waap movies don't get too much attention from all our visitors. It's pretty strange..

Waap makes some of the best Bukkake/Gokkun movies IMO.

I also split the Milky Princess area up. It's another favorite area. I'm going to set a limit of 20-25 pages for each review area.

If there is a special way of browsing you prefer, let me know. Maybe a way to view all the back covers all at once?

Maybe much larger front covers for the "Covers Mode" areas?

Another idea is a gallery of full size covers in addition to a zip archive.

I hope to make zip archives for all the titles we have available. Sometimes I just prefer to view a bunch of covers to decide on what I want to buy.




I've rearranged the JAV area a little bit. Any title that didn't sell that well will not be listed on the first page. It doesn't mean the rest are not good! On page 1 the best sellers will be listed closer to the top. Some JAV movies definitely deserved to be on the front page but just didn't make the cut.

There is now three full pages instead of 2. This should make the area slightly easier to browse.

I sorted every single item out one at a time and here's a few things I've found out or that may have suprised me:

People really seem to like Nana Miyaji! I thought I was the only one! Her movies are always best sellers. Same goes for anything with Anna Kuramoto. Nana's movies even outsell those with Hinata Seto somehow.

Rina Hatsume movies do quite well too. I really like her and she finally has a new movie out. It's really impressive but it's a bit creepy and that kind of ruins it a little.

LADY-098 is her top selling movie so I decided to also list it in the "JAV section. It's really a lesbian themed movie.

I'm disappointed that Saki Otsuka movies sold very poorly. She's a favorite and I guess her movies will sell better in the Mature category. I don't even consider her old enough!

The only movie that didn't deserve to sell well at all is SDD-01 with Nana Miyaji. It's a bondage themed movie. Everything else mostly deserved it.

Oh and yes I have to admit it, but people love the 18+ school girl themed movies. There will always be a few types of movies on here that not everyone will like.





Faster way of placing a larger order

I've added bulk links to the price chart on our ordering page. Now you can just click them.

It's an alternative and much easier way to order if you can't come up with 10+ items to order right away.

Just keep a list of catalog numbers around and then you click one link only and just enter them into the "comments" field.

Copying and pasting is much easier than having to click "add to cart" for 30+ items!

Back years ago it was how most people would order. Now we rarely get these types of bulk orders.

I hope more people start to use this method of ordering!

Want to place a very large order of 40+ items without lots of clicking? You can also just email us for a price quote.

Note: when you use bulk links you totally bypass the "add to cart" method. Only the link item needs to be in the cart. Nothing else.




I also added most of the actress names to the Bondage area. This area needed some more attention. I also filled in some more information, but it still needs more work.

You might find a few titles in there with an actress you like and never knew we had.

We also added 8 new M-Drug titles as shown below. The link below goes right to the bondage area.

If you like japanese bondage movies IMO the best ones were made by Gekko and Natural High (a very specific early series that was very high quality).

Some Cinemagic stuff was good too. I still would like to get the entire old "Bondage Battle" series from them.




Added 8 Dogma M-Drug titles to the JAV section! It's a series with deep-throat blowjobs and bondage. They're pretty extreme and kind of nasty. You'll either love or hate them.

Don't worry, it does not contain anything that starts with the letter P and ends with an OOP.





Made some more minor changes. Hopefully improvements for most of you! I tried to make things a little more simple and less cluttered.

The main menus are now much smaller. They will now look a big more "fat" on a 7" tablet. I didn't want this, but it's worth it for desktop users.

Main menus are now ALL the same between every area. As mentioned before, two areas were combined and one was removed (Lotion..those were moved to the JAV area).

I also notice that this website was about 25% uglier on Internet Explorer 11. Not good! It added these hideous black borders to everything.

I don't know why, but when something looks nice on my tablet's browser, Firefox or Chrome it looks way different on Internet Explorer.It's probably the 1st or 2nd most used browser so I needed to fix it.

It now looks a lot better in IE, but still not perfect. For the best browsing experience for this website I suggest Firefox or Chrome. For Android tablets, Dolphin is good. Should be perfect on the Ipad too.

For Firefox I suggest using Adblock Plus. There's no ads on our website, but it makes Facebook so much better. I prefer Firefox 27.0 to the latest versions.

There's still a few smaller pages I still need to fix. Any page where you see very thick black borders in IE is one that needs fixing.

I always test with IE before I upload it to the server, but sometimes I may forget to check minor changes.





Not really a big deal but I added ALL the actress names to the Waap Bukkake Covers Mode listing. It took a few hours for some reason. I even filled out missing actress info in the main Waap area too.

Here's a few interesting things i've found (I'm bored):

WSD-011 Vip Summer 2004 - This is starring Mami Goto and Momo Iizawa (neither listed previously). I also didn't have the full cover linked!

GAD-003 - This was starring Yukari Sakurada and I don't think I realized it before. She was once a VERY popular mature woman actress on this page. I actually think her best movies are her non-bukkake titles.

JLD-005 - Second movie with Mami Goto. Never knew she was in it.

WDI-015 - Uta Kohaku bukkake! No name given previously. Most people love her movies.

DJE-015 - Starring Mika Osawa. Didn't even recognize her on the cover. No credit given. She's been in a lot of amazing bukkake movies and I need to make a filmography for her. Check out MIGD-368 and MIGD-380 (3 discs!). Those are two movies where you can't just go by the covers and screenshots. See them in action!

GON-237 - This is a Wanz Bukkake movie and I moved it to the "other" section. It's starring Yuuna Takizawa and I've been really liking some of her older movies lately. I'm glad I found out it had her in it, but too bad it's a 6/10 rated movie. That really isn't a bad rating, just average really.

Why do they always added extra U's to a name? Is it Yuuno Hoshi or Yuno Hoshi? Yuka Ohsawa or Yuka Osawa. So annoying! Aoba Itoh also apparently goes by Aoba Ito and Aoba Itou!

YFF-007 - OK, this had it listed with Anri Hoshizaki already, but I recently added the actress to my favorites list. Didn't even realize she was in it until today. I need to go and watch it again. I gave it a 9.5/10.

BTW I can't say it enough, but more people need to check out Waap's GAD-006 Semen Battle with Aki Sawamiya.

Here's a very old 1st gallery I still have around.

I "ONLY" gave it a 9/10, but maybe back when I reviewed it I was much harder to impress.

The Moodyz titles are the most popular on here and it seems the Waap category doesn't get enough attention really. I actually think Waap makes some of the best bukkake movies right now. The Dream Woman titles are better than the Dream Shower movies though.

About time Dogma made a new bukkake movie. Tohjiro hasn't made one in a long time. Hey, maybe with Uta Kohaku in it? Sounds like a plan. In the last Uta Kohaku movie she had fans mail in their semen to her (NEO-017..not a fan of that idea). I bet Tohjiro could come up with something worse than that. Oh I just had a bad idea go into my head and it grossed me out.

My dream movie would be a long tongue lesbian bukkake movie with something like Yuuno Hoshi and Shizuka Kanno. Of course only directed by Tohjiro or Kazuhiko Matsumoto. I probably mentioned this idea before and neither actresses would probably do it! My favorite bukkake movies are those with the lesbian bukkake theme. My favorite is probably MM-15 with Seika IzumiThat one also had Mirai Hirooka, who seemed to make every bukkake movie better due to her enthusiasm. She actually seemed to LIKE being in bukkake movies! I know it's all an act, but that's OK!



Added over 33 titles to the JAV section that were previously buried in the review only section. Most people probably didn't know they exist! There's a few with Akane Hotaru and one with Serina Hayakawa (MIGD-134). I wish I had all her movies since I really like her. There's also a lot of Onani (female masturbation) Dogma movies in there as well as some Public Exposure titles.

I also added all the actress names for the SOD/Soft on Demand Bukkake section. There's also a lot of ROCKET titles in there, usually with the News Reporter bukkake theme. They're a part of SOD I believe and should really go into the "Other Bukkake" area.



Added every single actress name to the mature women category. This area is getting VERY popular and it's about time! It's the #2 most popular JAV DVD area right now!

My favorites in there are Erina Tsukishima, Natsumi Kitahara, Jun Kusanagi and Misuzu Shiratori. Have you heard of Hiromi Okada? I kind of like her too. We have 4-5 of her movies. Of course we have a ton of Yukari Sakurada movies in there also. She was once very popular around here. I hope to someday have every single Erina Tsukishima movie. Any fans of her out there? Has she gone by any other names? So far i'm aware of 3. One is Marie Fujisaki. I forget the other.

If you see a lot of titles for an actress that's listed with the wrong name, please let me know! Most of them should be correct.

In addition to this I also removed Page 2 of this area and added the titles there into page 1. You just can now click "Part 2" to be taken directly to it.

I also added actress names to the covers mode of the Moodyz Bukkake area. I will eventually add them to every bukkake area but it might take me awhile. Adding them to the Moodyz area took an eternity!

Some non-bukkake areas were also not fitting the screen on a 7" tablet, so this is fixed now or should be soon. On a tiny screen you may be able to "pinch" the touch screen to have it fit correctly.

For android tablets I suggest the Dolphin Browser. It's one of the few android browsers i've found where you can have it default to private mode.

For desktop use this site seems to work best with Firefox and Chrome. I like Firefox because you can enable a no-cache/private mode as default. Why don't most browsers have this?!


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