This movie looked really good so I thought I'd get it. I LOVE Aroma titles. Aroma makes some of the best movies ever. Unfortunately when they release a bad movie it's REALLY bad and nearly unwatchable That's rare though. If you have a weird fetish, then most likely they'll have something for you!

1: Girl is out walking on the street and it's really hot out. She needs something cold to cool off with so she walks into a cafe for an iced tea. The only catch is that they use human milk as their cream. She orders the ice tea and a women comes to her table, opens her shirt and squirts into her drink and the customer drinks it all down!

2: Customer from the store sucks on another girl's strap-on while she gets squirted with milk from above.

3: Three women are outside and squirt each other. One of them licks milk off the other's body.

4: Group of three women are all together in one scene. The anonymous older women on the left nearly fills up three glasses with her milk. Each one drinks it down. When they need refills the girl on the right squirts into their classes, sometimes into two glasses at once!

5: Amazing scene. All three are together again. One of them appears to want to stay anonymous, so they blurred out her face. No big deal at all. While the other two are doing the lesbian thing she squirts them all non-stop from above. After awhile they even get some all over the face and in the mouth. A second one starts squirting too. At one point they are pretty much looking like they went swimming or something. They even swap milk between their mouths! At the very end they each suck on the main girl's nipples until they get a huge mouthful of milk, then they swap it.

This movie took a very long time to review, yet it's only 60 minutes! There's so much good stuff in this movie. Can someone please tell me who the girl on the right of the box cover is? I've been looking for her name for years! She was in SDDL-029, which is one of my favorite movies ever! Is it Imai Miyazaki?