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Added on: June 9, 2024

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1: While on a roof and dressed as a cowgirl, she gives men very fast blowjobs. She just bobs up and down real fast. Seems to work well enough. All of them cum on her face. Considering I’ve seen so many swallowing movies lately, this is good to finally see!

2: She gets a messy facial while in the doggy-style and missionary positions.

3: Quick scene with her as a maid and licking some man’s ass and giving him a blowjob.

4: While leaning over the edge of the bath tub, she gets cumshots all over the face.

5: Here is a really messy facial while dressed in her pajamas.

6: Another very messy scene where she is in a rool filled with balls and gets a facial.

7: Lots of cumshots all over the mouth while dressed as a police officers.

8: One big messy facial in a classroom. Another good scene!

Not many bad scenes in this movie at all. Very messy movie.

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