Actress: Keiko Tachibana, Yuki Misa, Sayuri Yashiro


1: There are three women in this scene! One sprays milk onto his dick, the other on his chest and one sprays milk on his dick. They start to remove his clothing and then all of them start spraying milk all over his body and then give him a blowjob.

2: One woman sprays milk all over a man's face and in his mouth while another gives him a handjob and has sex with him.

3: Three women spray milk all over a man's face all at the same time. One gives him a blowjob and the rest continue to spray milk on him.

4: They all soap themselves up and rub against each other and the man.

5: All three and the man oil up each other and the women rubs up against the man and then have sex. No lactation, but it's still a good scene.

6: She lactates into a glass and then has sex with a man while squirting milk all over, including all over the camera.