Intro: In a side view she squirts out milk all over. The picture quality is very good!

1: She squirts milk all over the camera and in close-up. After that she gives a blowjob after squirt milk all over the man's dick. He cums onto his stomach and then she squirt more milk onto him.

2: There's a ton of lactation in this scene! First it's all over a man's face, then onto the camera and then during sex. There's even a part where she squirts milk all over his butt! Don't ask me why! It's over fast though.

3: She starts by squirting milk into the air and then all over a man's dick before giving him a handjob.

4: A male patient catches the nurse in a pink uniform using a breast pump and he becomes interested in what she's doing. She just squirts milk all over him and even squirts milk into her hand to give him a handjob.

5: Lots more lactation, but this time during sex.

A MUST HAVE for any lactation fan.