Aya Sakai & many others

1: In a restaurant she squirts milk into a drink. Outside next to a river she squirts milk and then gets out a breast pump to use. She fills it up, sucks out the milk and then spits it into a man's mouth.

2: She's on a couch and man squeezes her nipples and she squirts milk all over. They move to a bed and they do the same. Lots of milk being shot up into the air.

3: She lactates outside on a park bench and into a man's mouth.

4: On a train she lactates all over the window.

5: A rope is tied around her left tit making her lactate. She squirts milk into a man's mouth and uses a breast pump.

6: Two large massagers are used on her making her lactate. She then squirts milk all over a man's chest. They have sex and she lactates all over.

7: She lactates at random outside locations, a man tickles her nipples and a breast pump is used.

8: Sex and lactation.

9: Lactation and a blowjob outside in a park and then in a car.

10: Lots of lactation outside. Inside she has rope tied around her tits.

11: More lactation including the use of another breast pump.

At this point in the movie i'm not even 60% of the way through the movie and i'm kind of too tired to finish the review. This is a compilation of lactation scenes and there's way too many to describe. I will take screens for the rest of the movie though.

This movie is two discs and 3 hours and 40 minutes!