Kumi Tachibana

1: She walks outside in public with her shirt all wet, right where her nipples are.

2: A man from behind squeezes her tits, removes her shirt and has her lactate a lot. Next, you have a side view of her squirting out milk and then the man tugs on her huge nipples. He continues to squeeze her tits and nipples and she lactates all over, even getting some all over the camera. At one point he even licks her right nipple with her tongue! This girl has some huge nipples!

3: Now on her side, she lactates even more and then the man fingers her and she squirts all over. Not from her tits!

4: Another very good scene. First, she's outside and lactates like what seems like 4 feet into the air from both nipples in a side view and then from directly in front of the camera.

5: Another amazing scene. Is there a bad one in this movie? She lactates, gives a man a blowjob and then lactates even more. A lot of it all over the camera too.

6: Lots of lactation in close up views. Usually both nipples squirting all at the same time, a lot on the camera as well.

7: She has sex with a man in the doggy-style position while standing up, and then it's cowgirl while she squirts milk all over the place.

8: She is blindfolded and squirts milk a little and then two large breast pumps are put on her. They get filled up with milk, it's emptied and two more are used on her. She squirts milk again, then a vibrator is used on her and a man fingers her. At the end of the scene, a glass of her own breast milk is poured into her mouth.

9: Starts with lactation, then there's a blowjob and more lactation. She even squirts milk all over his dick before giving him a blowjob. The man finally cums in her mouth and she spits it out into her hands, adds some of her own milk and then rubs it all over her tits.

10: Man squeezes her tits from behind, causing her to lactate and then you have more from a close up view. Following this, she squirts milk all over a plate, sucks some of the milk up and gives a man a blowjob.

11: Pretty long sex scene along with more lactation of course. After this, they have a few minutes of her in the shower.

Perfect 10! This one I think is a must have for sure. It does have a man in it, but he's mostly out of the picture. In this case, it doesn't bother me. Seems that 50% of the fans of lactation movies on my site don't mind men in them (or prefer it) and the rest, prefer none at all. I try to add a little bit of both types. I myself prefer the solo or lesbian lactation movies, but I still felt this one was very, very good!

As for a lactation star, I really like Kumi Tachibana. She has a new movie coming out very soon!