Actress: Hitomi Mizutani, Akari Sato, Misuzu Kosaka


I have to say that this lactation movie looked amazing based on the box cover. Hopefully it is!

1: In a doctor's office a nurse squirts milk into a man's mouth. There's a ton of milk squirting out of both of her tits. Probably like 4-5 streams out of each one! The man sucks milk from her tits and she sprays all over his face too. I would have liked this 10 times more if the man's mouth was out of the picture more. Overall, she's squirts out a LOT in this scene. More towards the end she licks some of the milk off his face, squirts milk all over his dick and jerks him off.

2: Ok, this is more like it. Something for everyone here I guess. It's lesbian lactation for this scene! Three woman stand facing each other. The one on the left likes to rub her nipples against the one in the middle. As they face each other kind of like in a circle they all spray milk all at once. Two of them suck on the middle woman's nipples and then swap milk. For the rest of the scene they lactate all over. There's a lot of close up shots of milk shot into each other's mouths and them rubbing their nipples together. Probably the best lactation scene i've seen in months!

3: This woman is dressed in a school uniform and lactates into a man's mouth. Lots of close up shots of her squeezing her nipples. At one point she even sucks milk out of her own tits and spits it into the man's mouth. She also licks milk off of his face and he sucks her nipples for milk.

4: Two woman in this scene take turns licking and squeezing each other's tits. Of course they lactates a lot too. Last part has one laying down while the other's squeezes her tits and milk shoots up into the air.

5: Man gets a blowjob while milk is squirted into his face. The woman giving the blowjob soon starts to lactate as well and it's all over his dick. The two woman switch spots and there's even more lactation. Second woman jerks him off while lactating all over his dick.

6: The three are back together again and lactate all over a man's face and body.

This is a near perfect lactation movie if you don't mind the men in the movie. Didn't really see anything negative about the movie.

(note: the box cover overdid it a bit and is somewhat misleading. HATE it when producers add scenes to covers that are not in the movie!)