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SDDO-023 150 Shots of Semen

Starring: Kokoro Amano

Review Score: 10/10

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Kokoro Amano holding a milk bottle filled with semen

This is yet another movie that I needed to re-review. It has a bad review, terrible title and not enough screenshots were made for it. It’s also pretty popular on your page, despite all this. A more accurate title for this movie would be “150 shots of Semen” and that’s pretty much what it is. “SOD Special 2003” just sounds so boring!

1: For this scene she kneels down and gives men a quick blowjob and receives their cum in her mouth and she swallows it. They have a number displayed for each load.  After every few loads she will take off pieces of her clothing. If you’ve seen the “100 Shots of Semen” titles, this is what this scene is like.

2: For the first part of this scene she takes cumshots to all over her face while she’s wearing glasses. After that she takes them mostly on her lower part of her face and in her mouth. There’s a little bit of cum-play in here too.

3: She has a glass of lube and she puts some on her hands and gives each man a handjob. They cum into a glass she has and then she licks each man “clean” when she’s done. After awhile a few even cum onto a mirror which she licks up. A few more men cum into a new glass and she uses that cum to brush her teeth with! She gets a big mouthful of cum and opens wide and gargles with it! She swallows it all and that’s the end of this scene. By the end of this scene we’re only at cumshot number 43!

4: Not much I can about this scene really. First, she has sex in the missionary position and then “doggy-style” all while receiving loads of cum in her mouth. She swallows each one of course. Sometimes she will even pull strings of cum out of her mouth with her fingers.

5: Now it’s lunch time for her I guess. She enters into a room filled with men with a spoon. The men cum into her mouth and all over her chest and she will scoop up all the cum and swallow it. Very, very good scene here! She likes to show off her mouth of cum quite a lot too.

6: Here she has men cum all over her bowl of noodles and then she eats all of them.

7: The best scene in the movie by far and perhaps one of the most amazing cum swallowing scenes ever filmed!!

She sits down and holds up a milk bottle. She receives dozens of cumshots in the mouth and spits each load of cum into the bottle. By the end of the scene it’s filled, not just halfway but right up to the top. She swallows the whole thing down at the end! There’s one short scene after this. It’s sex and some cumshots to round the total number to 150. NOTE: this movie is over 170 minutes long!



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