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SDDH-011 - The Semen Maniac

Starring: Nanami Nanase and Nanami Kurasawa.

Review Score: 10/10

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Since this DVD first came out in 2001 it has been a #1 seller for at least 10 years!

ZERO titles have ever came close to out-selling this during that time.

I think the appeal is the extreme bukkake content and also Nanami Nanase!

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Scene descriptions:

1: She's laying down and men cum onto her hair and she licks and sucks the cum off her hair. After that they cum in her ear! She takes a long piece of plastic tubing/hose and sucks it all out of her ear and into her mouth! Following that, one man cums all over her nose and they make sure it all goes up it and it ends up inside her throat. If that wasn't enough, they stick a cum funnel in her...nose and then men cum inside that! All the cum magically appears inside her throat and then they stick a mini camera into her mouth.

2: They hold open her eyes and a bunch of men cum right into them. Not over or around, but IN. Both of them! Lots of close ups too. They even use a tiny spoon to scoop up cum and dump it into her eyes.

3: She lays down and has her arms tied down. She opens her mouth and lets dozens of men cum into her mouth. She holds each load of cum in her mouth and doesn't swallow it right away but saves it up. Her mouth is completely full and nearly overflowing with cum and they stick a small camera in her mouth and then cum above her mouth and around her nose and then she swallows it all down.

4: For this scene she has sex with some guy. As she's bouncing up and down on him she holds up a large glass and receives cumshots to the mouth. All the cum she spits out into the glass. At the end they switch to the missionary position and a few more cum in her mouth. Once they have the glass filled to the end it is now scene 5.

5: They stick a tiny hose up her "pee-hole" and then dump the large glass of cum into a funnel attached to the hose. They use a vibrator on her for awhile and then she pees all the cum/piss out into a glass jar that some guy holds up. She has this HUGE glass of cum/piss and she drinks it down. All of it! It takes her awhile though and it's obvious she doesn't like the taste of it.

6: This scene has Nanami Kurasawa and Nanami Nanase in it. Nanami Kurasawa sticks one of those plastic devices up her pussy to hold it open. Men cum into it and you see her pussy get filled with foamy cum. There's lots of shots of the camera inside her. At the end, Nanami Kurasawa takes a small piece of hose and makes all the cum inside her all foamy. She takes out the plastic device and empties the cum in it into a glass. Now Nanami Nanase sits on her and all the cum falls out in her mouth. Anyway, at the end they dump the glass of cum into Nanami Nanase's mouth and she swallows it.

7: For this scene she blows a ton of guys. They cum in her mouth and she empties her mouth of cum into a large glass. Eventually she even starts giving a few handjobs and lets them cum into the glass. Once they get enough it's onto the cum on food scene! Some love this sort of thing and some hate it. I hate it! It doesn't gross me out or anything, I just don't like it much.

First, she heats up the huge bowl of cum. She then scoops up some of the cum and puts it over what looks like fish eggs and eats them. Then she has cum fondue. She eats several things with cum all over it and wow, does it look nasty. At the end she holds up another glass and she gets a quick drink of cum to wash it all down I guess.

8: This scene might be going to far, but whatever. They tie her up with rope and hang her upside down from a pole by her legs. Men receive blowjobs from her while she's upside down and then men cum onto her. At the end they all piss on her. There's a short interview after this scene as well.


SDDH-011 Semen Maniac with Nanami Nanase DVD cover







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