SDDH-011 Semen Maniac - Nanami Nanase. Review and Screenshots.


This is by far one of the best extreme bukkake movies ever made and was a best seller for years. It's definitely a must own title.

Scene 1:

Men cum onto her hair and she licks it up. Following this they cum in her ear and she takes a long piece of hose and sucks it all out and into her mouth!

She then takes cum into the nose, it all goes up there and ends up in her throat! They now stick a funnel in her nose and then men cum inside that! All this semen seems to magically appear inside her throat and then stick a camera into her mouth until it's swallowd.

Scene 2:

They hold her eyes open and everyone shoots semen into them! Not around, but ON. There's lots of close-ups and they even use a tiny spoon to scoop up globs of cum and dump it into her eyes.

Scene 3:

While laying down she opens her mouth to let dozens of men cum into it. She holds each load of cum in her mouth and saves it up.

Her mouth is soon completely full and overlowing and they shoot more cum around her mouth and nose and she soon swallows it all down!

Scene 4:

While bouncing up and down during sex she holds up a large glass and takes cumshots to the mouth. She lets all the cum fall out into the glass where it is collected. Once the glass is filled nearly to the top they start scene 5 where it is used.

Scene 5:

They stick a tiny hose up her pee-hole and then dump the large glass of cum into a funnel attached to it.

They now use a vibrator on her for awhile and she pees the contents into a glass jar that is help up.

Once it's filled up enough she will drink it all down! Pretty nasty to watch to say the least.

Scene 6:

Nanami Nanase has men cum into her pussy that is held open with a plastic device. There's a lot of shots of the camera inside her. The helper (Nanami Kurasawa) takes a piece of hose and makes the cum all foamy until it's emptied into a glass and swallowed.

Scene 7:

She blows a ton of men and they cum into her mouth and it's emptied into a large glass. After a few handjobs they all start shooting their loads into the glass. Once there is enough it's time for the cum on food sequence!

Scene 8 (cum on food):

She heats up a huge bowl of cum and scoops up some of the cum and puts it all over what looks like fish eggs and eats them.

Now she will eat cum fondue along with other different types of food. At the end she holds up another glass and she gets a drink of cum.

Scene 9:

They tie her up with rope and she is hanging upside down from a pole by her legs. Don't worry, it looks very safe and secure. Men receive blowjobs from her and while upside down they will cum onto her crotch and other parts of her body. At the end they pee all over her.



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