[NHDT-040] Moe Yamazaki

I'm only reviewing this mainly because it has a pretty amazing lactation scene! That scene alone may make this movie worth getting even if you don't like the pregnant theme.

1: She's sitting down and she talks to the interviewer while showing off her tits.

2: She's naked in the bathroom and uses her shower head on her pussy.

3: This scene has her stripping down until she's naked.

4: She's naked and man licks her tits and then her pussy while she lays on the floor. She gives him a blowjob while rubbing herself. She lays back down and has sex with one man while a room of men cum all over her face and upper body.

5: She's walking around outside in public while wearing a school uniform. She gets her picture taken while showing off her pregnant belly.

6: She's with another pregnant woman in this scene sitting down. They both are facing each other and examine each other, then feel each others tits and then do a '69' for awhile.

The both suck on a double ended dildo and then one girl wears it as a strap on while the other sucks on it as if it was a dick.She then does the other girl in the missionary position with it and then 'doggy-style'.

7: She does push ups, sit ups and various other exercises such as jumping rope.

8:She's outside in public again and wearing some outfit she probably shouldn't wear while pregnant. She's offering beer to everyone passing by. People seem to look at her funny. Later, she gives a man a blowjob and he cums in her mouth.

9: Some fore-play between her and a man. She gives him a blowjob and then rubs her tits all over his dick. It's really a good part of the scene! She gets on top of the man for sex and then she gets showered with lactation from lots of women! It's almost as if it's lactation bukkake. It doesn't even seem possible!

They surround her and shoot milk on her all at once for such a long time and then she even gets several mouthfuls of milk.

After this scene she gives you a tour of her house. Later you see the 2nd pregnant woman. She has sex with a man and gives me a blowjob. After that the main pregnant woman gives one last blowjob.

This has a scene in it that you'll never find in another movie I think. Out of all the lactation movies i've seen I haven't seen one quite like it.