NHDT-031 - Public Exposure 2 DVD - Mayura Hoshitsuki

Scene descriptions:

1: She's outside in a crowded area and pees on the ground through her jeans and actually leaves a trail of piss! You can see that her pants are wet on both sides. People look at her a bit funny.

3: Her and a friend make out in public view and her friend even lifts up her skirt while they're doing this.

4: She walks into a grocery store and first takes off all her clothes and then puts on some new ones. This is when people are walking around inside the store. She then goes into the produce section and sucks on a carrot while sticking one up her pussy! All while people are shopping! I don't think it's entirely scripted because one woman sees her and then walks away fast!

She soon gives the camera man a blowjob and then he cums on her face. He gives her some money and she pays for it entirely naked and walks out of the store with her bag. I hope she didn't put those carrots back!

5: Her and a female friend kiss in public while in front of a lot of people. She's wearing an outfit and kind of shows off all her underwear a bit.

6: Ok, this HAS to be scripted with some actors in there, but I'm probably wrong. She's on a train and takes off her underwear and then sucks on and uses a dildo. She then gets completely naked and walks past ALL the passengers. They act like nothing happened. She then walks back to give a man a blowjob and then have sex with him. While on the same train.