Actress: Maria Ogura

This movie was a best-seller of the month when it first came out and I definitely can understand why. It's not for everyone though!

1: The pregnant women gets a ride in a van and there is what appears to be a short interview. She uses a dildo on herself and then takes a bath.

2: She uses a dildo and then gives a man a blowjob on a bed and then they have sex.

3: Now on to the good stuff with maria ogura! She's out in a park walking with a man. She stops, pulls down her shirt and squirts milk everywhere. I swear, she has the hugest nipples i've ever seen. She also squirts milk all over a leaf. After that, it's on an orange dildo and then the man's dick! She gives him a blowjob and continues to squirt milk on him.

4: Marie squirts milk into some random man's hand while in a van. Then it's all over his chest. She jerks him off until he cums.

5: Marie meets up with the pregnant women in a cafe. Marie takes her tit out of her shirt and squirts milk all over her ice cream and even gets some covering the camera! They give the ice cream back to the waiter and he takes a taste! Probably that was scripted obviously.

They bring her a soft drink and she squirts it into that and some guy takes a drink of that. They bring her a piece of chocolate cake and she squirts all over it. I'm not a huge fan of lactation movies, but I love the ones with Maria Ogura in them! This is one of her best. Her lactation scenes are so good.

6: They're together again. The pregnant woman uses a breast pump on marie and she marie sucks on her tits. Marie then squirts milk all over the pregnant woman and then later all over her ass. At the end they put a dildo between each other and rub against each other.

7: Men squeeze and suck on marie's nipples while the pregnant woman gets oil all over her body and then rubbed in.

After some sex, marie ogura gets chocolate poured all over her tits and she keeps on rubbing them and squirting milk. The pregnant woman has sex too and men cum on her.

8: In a hotel room she squirts milk all over the window and she has sex with a man while still squirting milk all over.

Even if you don't care for the pregnant woman theme and just like the lactation, this movie is still definitely worth getting! I'd give this one a 9.5/10.