MIID-123 - Mami Hayasaki

Scene descriptions:

Someone tries to steal Mami's purse or something and some guy helps her. She invites him over to her house later on.

1: He has a scratch on his finger, so Mami sucks on it and then pulls off his pants to give him a blowjob. She cums in her mouth and she spits it out into her hand.

2: She lets him take a bath in her house, she walks in, gets naked and gives him another blowjob. Some reward he got for helping her! She soaps up her tits and rubs them all over his dick and then gives him a handjob.

3: The guest wakes her up by licking her pussy and then he has sex with her.

4: He's sick, so she makes him feel better I guess by giving him yet another blowjob!

5: He takes off her pajamas and fingers her for a bit and then she gets on top of him for sex.