1: This scene is kind of a photo shoot where she just squeezes her nipples and sprays milk everywhere. I'd prefer this for the duration of the movie. No, I'm not kidding.

2: She rubs her pussy while squirting milk. After awhile she squirts some into a bottle and then empties it all over her chest and rubs it in.

3: Lots of foreplay and then sex while she squirts milk all over.

4: Short scene where she sprays milk all over a window.

5: Now why didn't I think of this idea! Instead of a hot dog, she sprays milk all over a banana! What?! She doesn't eat it? What a waste. Ok, I'm joking and I don't have any interest in watching that. They probably could make it fun to watch though. No, I don't have a banana sucking fetish. Yet.

6: Lots more foreplay and then sex all while lactating.

I really like her movies. Somehow I now actually prefer her movies to those of Maria Ogura.