1: This movie starts out with a short interview and then a man stands behind her and squeezes her tits and nipples. After awhile she takes over and lactates into the camera.

After awhile they take turns and milk leaks out of her nipples. I think she has close to the largest nipples i've ever seen! A massager is used on her pussy and then she gives a man a blowjob and he cums in her mouth and she shows it off all over her tongue. Next, she spits the cum out into her hand and then mixes it with milk from her tits.

2: She gets naked and then does all these different stretches. First she lifts her leg up past her head and then does the splits. She does one more on a table, but after that a man has sex with her. Once they get to the reverse cowgirl position she starts squeezing her nipples and spraying milk out everywhere.

3: In a dark room she changes into a swimsuit (not sure why even) and gives a man a long handjob.

4: She's fingered and then gives two men blowjobs and has sex with them through the entire scene. There's some lactation in this scene, but not much.

All of her movies are good and this one is no different. I really liked this one.