KYW-001 Lactation DVD with Kumi Tachibana (review/screenshots)

I watched this movie before reviewing it and was really impressed with it. I almost NEVER watch a movie beforehand, almost never lactation if I do watch them.

1: She is out walking and comes inside the house and sits down. A man from behind her squeezes her tits and makes her lactates. Most of the time he will squeeze on her nipples and play with them. He will usually also squeeze both tits so they're all spraying milk up into the air at the same time. For me, the nice thing about this scene is that the main is mostly off screen. As i've pointed out in other reviews of her movies, her nipples are HUGE! but not like in a gross way.

2: Man fingers her for a very long time and tries to get her "liquid" along with milk into a glass.

3: Two men squeeze her nipples and she gives them blowjobs. Several times they will suck milk from her tits and spit it into her mouth. Not of interest to me and it's over fast luckily. I think their goal was so that she could use it as a type of lube for her blowjobs?!

4: Short scene here. She rubs her pussy, men finger her, cum in her mouth and squeeze her tits.

5: With a ball gag in her mouth, men squeeze her tits and she squirts milk into the air until a breast pump is used on her. They remove the gag after awhile and then use some different vibrators on her.

6: She rubs her tits non-stop while she gives a lot of men blowjobs and takes loads of cum in the mouth.

7: She lactates all over a black table and licks it up. After this it's onto a mirror on the ground.

8: During sex she lactates all over. The scene after this has her in a bath tub for what appears to be an interview.