JUC-399 Lactation DVD - Honko Naoka (review and screenshots)

For the intro she sprays milk out of her tits in a side view for quite a long time. The picture quality is really good!

1: Man rubs her tits and she rubs them against his dick and even sprays milk onto it.

2: A large group of men feel her up in a grocery story and then use breast pumps on her tits and drink her milk. They end up shooting cum all over her tits.

3: Before sex she lactates a bit.

4: In a bar a man gets to suck on her tits and then milk is squirting into a glass. At the end a vibrator is used on her and once again more milk is squirt into a glass.

5: One man has her shoot milk into his coffee and then into his face. Two older men then have sex with her and there's a little more lactation.