JOSD-012 DVD - Ruri Housyou

Scene descriptions:


I really like Ruri Housyou and I watched this a few months ago and liked it so much that I had to review it and take screenshots. It’s not your typical porn movie because it’s not all 100% sex. This one is a bit hard to describe. It’s kind of like a day in the life of Ruri Housyou sort of. It’s made like a documentary and they go into her house and film her.

Intro: Short interview/talk outside in the park. Not sure what they’re talking about.

1: She’s in her house wearing a black t-shirt and sits down on her bed and rubs her pussy, removes all her clothing and then rubs her tits. She lays down for awhile and then sits back up and uses a small vibrator on herself and then a larger massager. For this scene she’s pretty much the camera person.

2: She just wanders around here house. First part has her holding her bear, going to the bathroom and then going out grocery shopping. She went all the way to the store for tofu. What a waste. This seems as boring as those reality shows on TV, but it’s not that bad and goes by pretty fast. This was just a scene that was a couple minutes long.

3: Back at home, one guy rubs her pussy and then fingers her and then they have sex.

4: She wanders around some more in only a long black t-shirt and her underwear. She soon gives a man a blowjob. Maybe her boyfriend or something? Well, I guess he prefers to be anonymous because while he’s fucking her he’s wearing a mask of a mouse or something.

5: She’s talking on her cell phone and then a man uses a vibrator on her. He rubs her tits and then fingers her for awhile. After that they have sex for a long time.

6: Gives man a blowjob and it’s another pretty good sex scene. After she’s done the camera follows her into the bathroom.

7: She’s sleeping and man wakes her up for sex and then cums on her pubic hair. She makes breakfast and then the movie is over!

This movie is definitely different. If you don’t like Ruri you might not like it. I found it rather amusing to watch really.

NOTE: Ruri is well over the age of 18!!