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SSR-019 SSR-019 Reiko Kobayakawa BUY


1: In her classroom she takes off her clothes and is wearing an orange one piece swimsuit. She walks up and down the isles of the desks in the class while reading her lessons for the day. After awhile she starts rubbing her tits. I think this makes it kind of hard for them to concentrate on their work!

All the students surround her and she props her leg up on a desk and starts rubbing away at her pussy while squeezing and showing off her huge boobs. All the men are now back in their seats and reading their lessons and jerking off while sitting at their desks! Not allowed!

She licks one man's face and nipples and then teases him while showing off her boobs and giving him a handjob. She also presses his head into her crotch.

2: Reiko poses nude as a model for an art class and while drawing her they get side-tracked and just start jerking off. Like I said before, it's probably too "hard" to concentrate. She looks at all their work and then sits back down and they surround her while their pants are down.

They feel up her big boobs, squeeze and suck on them and then get out lots of massagers to use on her pussy and nipples. She then gives him handjobs and blowjobs until they shoot their cum near her mouth.

3: Reiko teases some man, changes into a purple swimsuit and then sits on his face and does a 69 with him. After this she gets on top of him for sex in the cowgirl postition and then doggy-style. The guy cums all over her ass.

4: In class she's wearing a swimsuit and kneels down and gives a man a blowjob and they have sex. It's much better than how I can describe it! Very good scene.

9.5/10 - Reiko is fun to watch for sure! Lots of "tease" material here. Oh and she wears a lot of swimsuits, which makes it even better.


CRAD-028 (2) CRAD-028 Saki Otsuka BUY


1: This scene starts out with a blowjob and then it's a long sex scene on a bed. For some reason there was a man staring in at them from outside the window. I guess it was part of the story.

2: One man is tied up and blind-folded while Saki has sex with another man. Often during the scene the blindfolded man receives a blowjob from her.

3: A very short scene with her ass being fingered and then a small vibrator used on it.

4: I guess the previous scene was for this one. She has anal sex on a bed for this scene. Anal sex scenes in Japanese porn is usually quite boring. I'm a fan of the old "Ass Worship" series if anyone has seen it! It's an American series.

5: She has sex with three men and there's even a double penetration.

6: She sits on a man's face and then he fingers her a bit. Following this there is sex.

7: She has a fake dick in this scene that's supposed to look real. I only just realized right now that this is one of her compilation movies. I think.

The other women fingers and licks Saki's pussy and gives her a blowjob. Ok, it felt weird saying that. Saki gives her friend a blowjob and then they have sex.

8: Saki is in her wedding dress at the start of this scene and after a group of men remove it, they feel her up, she gives them blowjobs and then have sex with her. There's some squirting in this scene too. She does that in nearly all her movies.

9: This is just your standard lesbian scene. Lots of licking, kissing and fingering. It's quite short.

10: A man fingers her, licks her pussy and then she gives him a blowjob after licking his balls. They soon have sex and it ends with a cream pie.

This movie is four hours and two discs!

16ID-050 16ID-050 Aoba Itoh, Fuuka Nanasaki BUY

I really like Aoba Itoh and this movie. I lost it for awhile and liked it so much that I bought it again. It's also one that is in wide screen. Unfortunately she hasn't made a new movie in a long time. She did make some uncensored movies, but she looked WAY too skinny in them and I didn't like them at all. I hope she gets healthy and makes a comeback. I don't know if she's retired or not. I hope she's OK. We have a ton of her movies on here. I actually wanted to make a filmography for her on here.

1: Outside there is sort of like a photo shoot with a different woman (not Aoba yet) and after that she has sex with one man and gets a cumshot on the face.

2: Aoba in this scene is wearing a very small two piece pink swimsuit. I think that's the theme of this movie. She poses for the camera and then rubs herself against a couch until a man comes and squirts oil or water all over her body and then fingers her. She gives him a blowjob and then gets on top of him for sex in the reverse cowgirl position. After that they switch to missionary.

3: This scene is just sex outside next to a pool. There kind of like a photo shoot before the main scene.

4: One last sex scene for this movie.

note: Aoba is over the age of 18.

RCT-199 RCT-199 - BUY

I saw the box cover of the first "huge nipples" Rocket title and it looked really terrible. Their nipples didn't even look remotely real and someone described them to me as looking like "tree stumps". I agree! I've seen a ton of lactation movies and I don't mind seeing huge nipples at all. I'm a huge fan of some of the Maria Ogura movies.

I saw the box cover for this and I guess out of curiosity I HAD to watch it. I expected it to be somewhat funny to see and just plain amusing and that's about it. Please, nobody ask me if they're real. Of course they're not! Do they look real? kind of If they were not so massive of course.

The nipples in this movie reminded me of something out of a manga I saw years ago. If they wanted to make it 10x more weird, they would also include fake lactation like in the Next/Image Futanari titles!

1: The first scene is just an interview. They probably are asking her stupid question about how she got such huge nipples, as if they were even real to begin with! It's a short intro.

2: She shows off her tits, well not her tits, but her nipples. They're ridiculously huge. If they were half the size they would be more believable. I would have preferred that. She starts off by rubbing them with her fingers and then even sucking on them with her mouth. They reach all the way up there without a problem. After that she rubs her pussy and nipples while using a vibrator.

3: Two men measure her nipples and then show a view from a close-up camera. They then poke at them with some metal tweezers. They're then squeezed lightly between two sheets of hard plastic and then she sucks on them.

Following this, a breast pump is used on them and the men suck on them until small bullet vibrators are used on them.

4: She gives men blowjobs and then during sex she and the men will play with her huge nipples.

5: Two men poke at her fake nipples with some metal tweezers and use vibrating wands on them. After this, plastic clamps are put on her nipples. Sounds painful, but remember, they're just fake anyway. Next, they bring out a lot of massagers to use on them while a ball gag is put in her mouth. After this there is some more sex.

10/10! just kidding! I don't know what kind of score i'd give this! I can't even say if it's good or bad or what. You'll know if it's of interest by looking at the cover. I felt that it was amusing to say the least, so I didn't regret getting it.

DOB-10 DOB-10 Konomi Futaba BUY


I think I mentioned in my review of PE-83 that it was one of the best Konomi Futaba movies. It definitely is, but this is THE best one I think. To me at least. It's also one of the last ones I viewed. It's actually quite hard to find it seems like. I'm glad I had found it. I don't even know who makes it. This stars both Konomi Futaba and Ami Hinata.

Intro: This is just a tease scene. Just a photo shoot while they're sitting on a couch posing for the camera.

1: Ami sits in a chair and uses a vibrator on her tits and then her pussy. She looks at the camera during most of the scene.

2: This time it's Konomi's turn. She walks down the stairs and rubs her tits and then her pussy for a long time. This another sort of intro scene, but it's very good.

3: Ami and Konomi kiss while a man fingers both of them at the same time. When he's done, Ami sits on his face while he licks her pussy and Konomi gives the man a blowjob.

Konomi now sits on the man's face while Ami has sex with him. After awhile Konomi now has sex with the man and Ami sits on his face while the two kiss. Later, they take turns again having sex with him a second time. During one part, Konomi has sex with him in the doggy-style position while on top of Ami!

4: I like these really short scenes for some reason. Konomi in this one stands up, but leans forward to give a man a blowjob. She looks at the camera a lot. I only mention this, because to me it's a plus.

5: Konomi has sex with a man sitting on a sofa while in the reverse cowgirl position.

6: Now while on the yellow leather sofa she has sex in the missionary position and then while standing up and leaning against it. These are really good scenes to me.

7,8,9: These are just like the others, but this time they are with Ami instead.

10: This one is a lesbian scene between Konomi and Ami. They make out with each other, Konomi licks Ami's tits and then her pussy, they do a 69 and then share a double ended dildo.

After this there is even a "making of" scene.



PE-83 PE-83 Konomi Futaba Konomi Futaba BUY


I've said it dozens of times, but the best movies are often the ones that are the most difficult to find and only available on VHS tape in Japan. The reason is that often titles go out of print or they have not re-released a movie to DVD. It's hard to believe, but DVD is not even that old of a technology. Many people don't know this, but we've been around since everything was only available on VHS! Did you know that we started out selling VHS tapes?

I'm a huge fan of Konomi Futaba. She's been in only a few bukkake movies but has been in adult videos in Japan since 2002! She's been retired for a long time, but most of her really good movies are on VHS ONLY. That's too bad since they've gotten extremely hard to find. You can search everywhere online and still not find some information on her old movies. I really think that her best movies were non-bukkake and only on VHS. You can even get some of her uncensored movies on DVD in the USA (sorry I don't sell them and can't).

This is an older movie of hers that is really good. It's not all Konomi Futaba, but her scene makes it worth getting for sure. I don't like to offer a VHS quality movie, so i'm only doing this due to rarity. I think this movie is extremely rare. No DVD version exists that i'm aware of! What I did was capture this at a high bit rate and put it on DVD. I also cut off the ugly over scan area that's just noise. A lot of VHS tape captures would normally show this when playing them on a newer TV. Older TVs seem to not display this.

1: A man shows her a vibrator and then sucks on her tits and she kneels down to give him a blowjob. Following this they have sex in two different positions and he cums on her face.

2: This is Konomi's scene. She walks in on a man in an office and I think she catches him viewing porn on his computer. She teases him and then gives him a blowjob while he is sitting in his office chair. She then sits on the desk while he rubs her tits and licks her pussy. He then fingers her and then he sits back down in his chair while they have sex in the reverse cowgirl position. All while he's in his chair.
Next, she leans against the desk and it's sex in the doggy-style position and then missionary. Once he's done he cums on her face.

3: Some fingers, a blowjob and then sex in two positions followed by a cum-shot to the face.

If you want more rare Konomi Futaba movies added, please let me know! I may also add her filmography online.

NOTE: All performers are over the age of 18!!

This is a VHS to DVD conversion due to rarity. See notes above!

(Konomi Futaba was 19 when she made this)


VENU-025 VENU-025 Saki Otsuka BUY


Saki Otsuka is my favorite active adult star right now in Japan. I'll even buy her non-bukkake titles because I like her so much. My favorite movie of hers is the last one I added which is from Madonna. Most of her movies are now in the mature woman section, but I think she's only in her mid 30's or something. I'm not positive.

1: She sits on the edge of a bathtub and rubs her tits for awhile and then her pussy for a very long time and then eventually starts squirting high up into the air. Probably like 4 feet! She seems to do this in all her movies!

2: Two men enter her room while she's getting ready to go to bed. One of them feels up her tits and the other licks her pussy and then fingers her until she squirts high up into the air. It's like ten times right in the row!

Following this she gives them both blowjobs, jerks them off and has sex with one of them.

9.5/10 - I liked every scene of this movie. I can't wait to see her next movies.

ARS-030 ARS-030 Hitomi BUY

1: I normally don't have a thing for big tit fetish movies, but this one appealed to me for some reason so I thought i'd check it out. Maybe it will be good after all. I may consider a category for this genre if anyone is interested in it.

Outside in a pool she takes off her shirt to show off her huge tits and a man just pokes at them with his finger! Luckily it's just an intro. Those are the hugest tits i've seen in about forever?

She now in a bathtub with the man and she rubs her tits in his face and then wraps them around his dick. They kind of gross me out. I know that's not what most men would say! They're big and floppy and hang down really low. Not my thing I guess. She has sex with him and then jerks him off until he cums in her hand.

2: A man plays with her tits and then has sex with her.

3: While using a vibrator on herself men give her a facial.

4: This one is a sex scene and a cumshot to the face.

5: They tie her tits up with jump ropes and then use a vibrator on her for the start of the scene. They eventually remove them and she kneels down and gives the two men blowjobs and then has sex with one of them.

YSN-176 YSN-176 Tsubomi BUY


Another movie with one of my current favorite actresses. Can't complain about that. It's not bukkake, but that's ok.

1: This is 100% fake as far as I know. If not i'd be quite amazed. She sucks on the biggest dicks i've ever seen in a porn movie. Ever bigger than Mandingo himself (the american porn star. Sadly I know my american porn too well). The man claims to have the #2 biggest dick in the world. Uh huh. Anyway, she licks and sucks on their dicks for awhile and then they cum in and around her mouth. Even the cum looked fake!

2: They tie her up with red rope and then use a massager on her. Following this she sucks on one of their dicks and he has sex with her. What's stupid is that he even had a condom on and he pulls it off and cums all over her back. The cumshot looks so fake and I was trying to figure out how they did it.

3: In a bath tub she gives one of them a blowjob and she rubs his dick in between her legs.

4: She has sex with both of them in this scene.

DVKR-081 DVKR-081 Hina Otsuka BUY


I saw this movie last week and did not have time to add it. As you may know, Hina Otsuka is a favorite of mine. I think every movie i've seen her in i've liked. Lately i've been really liking movies by Aurora Pro. Their adult movies seem to go against everything I like in a movie, but somehow I love them. They have the absolute BEST camera angles out of any producer. Most of the movies are shot with just a hand held camera and somehow the quality is better then you'd expect. I've seen some movies where it looks as if the guy having sex was the one holding the camera and those movies are generally just plain terrible. These types of movies also usually have very poor lighting. I haven't seen that problem with any Aurora Pro movie yet. Unfortunately they don't seem to make a lot of movies, but they've been around since probably 1998 or even earlier!

I was impressed by this movie so much that I just had to review it. It might be one that only I would like so much, but who cares. It was probably the best non-bukkake movie I had seen in about 6 months and even on DMM it seems to have gotten some good reviews. There's one Aurora Pro movie on there that has received like a dozen 5/5 star reviews.

1: She's sitting on a chair wearing black and purple lingerie and two men come up to her, feel her up and then one of them makes out with her and then gives her some glasses to try on? The two men licks her nipples and squeeze them and you can see a little milk come out. No, this isn't a lactation movie and it doesn't start squirting out of course! The two sucks on her nipples some more and then one man licks and fingers her pussy and then uses a small vibrator on her.

They put two small clamps on her nipples that vibrate and then uses a large massager on her pussy while she takes turns giving two men blowjobs. Next, while she has her ass up in the air and her head down at the bottom of the chair, a man licks her pussy and ass.

She now sits on top of a man and a large inflatable dildo is used on her until she squeezes her nipples again and a man sucks on her tits. A man then has her leaning against the chair and has sex with her from behind for awhile until they are soon standing up during sex. After that they switch to reverse cowgirl while the man is sitting in the chair. They switch positions about three times until the man cums inside her. She has sex with one more man and he decides to cum all over her pubic hair instead. This first scene is 1 hour and 18 minutes and the entire scene is good.

2: Men squeeze and suck on her nipples again and some milk leaks out. Next, men spit on her ass and pussy and use it as lube. Ok, a whole 30 seconds of this movie I didn't like and that was one of the parts! Once they have enough spit down there, they use two dildos in her pussy. Once she's standing up they remove them and use a single dildo on her for awhile.

3: Here she is wearing some goofy blue shirt that's 10x her size. It's start out with a man licking her ass and then she squats down and sits on a man's face and then does a 69 with him. She has sex for the rest of the scene in all sorts of different positions and takes a few cum-shots on the face. As with the previous scenes, these are very, very good as well.

This is one of Hina Ohtsuka's best movies. I think she's one of the shortest JAV stars, but i'm not sure. I was thinking it was Hinata Seto, but she's about an inch taller!




DVKR-062 DVKR-062 Marin Izumi BUY

I found this on a Japanese adult DVD web site and had to have it. It has Marin Izumi in it and I kind of like her despite her being just average looking. She's probably been in some of the most extreme movies ever made (Dogma DDT-210 for example). This isn't one of them! I think this is one of her earlier movies.

1: Man rubs her pussy in the bathroom and she pees all over the floor.

2: One man rubs her pussy and the other rubs oil all over her tits while a vibrator is used on her. She laying on a man and another vibrator is used on her until she takes over for awhile. She then gives a man a blowjob while the other licks her pussy. She has sex with the two men in all sorts of different positions for the rest of the scene. Aurora seems to use some of the best camera angles.

3: In a bath tub she gives two men blowjobs and the last one cums all over her face.

4: A dildo is used on her ass while a large massager is used on her pussy. Very short scene.

5: More toys are used on her and then she has more sex with a man on a table. Later on the floor she's on top of one man while she gives two more men blowjobs and takes a cumshot to the face.

I loved this movie and it was much better than I was expecting. Most won't like it as much as me and it's not a bukkake movie. Strangely, I found that I liked every single scene!


HODV-2054 HODV-2054 Meguru Kosaka BUY

Intro: Meguru and the other are licking each other's tits.

1: Meguru and her friend are standing next to each other while kissing and rubbing their tits together. Next, Meguru's friend licks her pussy and rubs her tits all over it. They then both lay down and use vibrators.

2: They both give a single man a blowjob and rub their tits all over his dick. One man has sex while Meguru sits on her friend's face. At the end of the scene, Meguru eats a cream-pie.

3: They both pee in each other's mouths. I totally was NOT expecting that! After that they feel up their tits and kiss. The last part has them beating each other in the face with their tits.

4: They share a double ended dildo while vibrators are used on them. During all this they give men blowjobs. They then have sex with two men and Meguru eats another cream-pie on a spoon.

MIAD-370 MIAD-370 Yumemi Tachibana BUY


As you may know, I don't normally have much "plain vanilla" Japanese porn in my personal collection. This one though looked interesting. I was so close to adding it in the past, but decided not to for some strange reason. The actress in the movie kind of appealed to me, I need to check and see if she's done a bukkake movie!

1: While she's sitting in a chair, a man from behind her rubs her tits after taking off her clothes.

2: She rubs her tits all over an oiled up piece of plastic or glass.

3: This scene kind of ruined it for me. I don't usually like food items in porn movies, but that's just me. A man puts whipping cream on her fingers and she sucks it off. More of the stuff goes onto her shirt and then she removes the shirt and it's all over her tits. The man even puts a ton of it down her shorts!

She gives him a blowjob with cream all over his dick and then has sex with him in the reverse cowgirl position and they continue to squirt that whipped cream all over the place. Halfway through they switch to missionary.

4: Oil is rubbed all over her body by several men and then she strips down and a few cum onto her face.

5: They put some red rope around her tits and then use lots of vibrators on her pussy. In the next short section of this scene, three large massager are used on her and she squirts all over the camera.

6: Lots of foreplay to start the scene off. One man lifts her up over his head and fingers her so she squirts all over. Following this she gives one man a blowjob and sits on a second man's face. After that it's a 69 followed by sex in lots of different positions.

SOE-046 SOE-046 Sola Aoi BUY

1: She walks into a man's bedroom and catches him jerking off. She tries not to look, but he hands her a vibrator that he just happened to have around. He continues to do his stuff off screen and she uses the vibrator. When she's done she kneels to give him a blowjob. Wait, no blowjob here. Instead she licks his balls and licks his dick a few times. She also pokes the man with her finger too? Luckily he cums all over her face.

2: What the heck..this is have a point of view from the man and she doesn't give him a blowjob, but instead licks his dick all over. What?! Ok, here it is a blowjob. She's kneeling down and gives him a blowjob while feeling up his balls and he cums all over her face. It's a pretty huge load of cum and really messy. No facial, but good enough.

3: First, she sits on a man's face and then rubs her pussy all over his dick. She then gets on top of his for sex in the cowgirl position. After that it's reverse cowgirl and then missionary, followed by a pretty messy cumshot to the face. Again, not a facial, but pretty messy.

4: Shirts in Japanese porn are so weird and usually make no sense. The first one said "Peace Love Party". The second was "Missing Something" and this one says "Lets go crazy". Ok, that's probably not worth mentioning, but oh well. They also censored the massager in this movie? No free advertising for panasonic I guess? Anyway, she uses a massager on her pussy, fingers herself a bit and a man cums all over her face. It almost looks like a small facial.

5: She rubs her pussy all over a man's dick, but there's no sex here unfortunately. Next, she gives a man a blowjob and he cums onto her face. Again, fairly messy single cum-shot.

6: While using a small vibrator on herself, she gives a man a blowjob and then they have sex in lots of different positions. After that they even have a cumshot recap!

DDK-022 DDK-022 Tsubomi BUY


1: She rubs her nipples, plays with them using two straws and then rubs her pussy. She starts out wearing her pajamas, but strips them down as the scene goes on. She continues to rub her pussy with her hands and then switches to rubbing herself against a sack of marbles on top of a pillow. When she's fully naked, she rubs herself the rest of the scene.

2: Here she sucks on a clear colored dildo while rubbing her pussy. lots of slobber involved. She removes the dildo, lays down and uses on her pussy the rest of the scene.

3: She sucks on a sucker and some of her saliva falls onto her shirt and she rubs the wet spot that's over her tits. She takes the sucker and rubs it all over her nipples and strips down. She rubs her pussy some more and uses the sucker as a dildo and then licks the mirror she's been looking into the entire scene.

4: Now she has a different dildo. She sucks on it a bit and then squats down over it and uses it that way.

5: Here is the scene where they have two tall poles with four dildos attached to it. She sucks on them a bit while wearing her swimsuit, rubs her pussy and then they all start shooting fake cum all over her from above. While it continues to rain down lotion/fake semen on her, she strips down and rubs her pussy. She pretty much gets covered in it.

note: actress is over the age of 18.

DRD-002 Konomi Futaba BUY


I've been wanting this for my personal collection for awhile. It's been out of production for quite some time and it's only from 2003, but I guess that's normal. It stars Konomi Futaba and Sara Otokawa.

1: Konomi and Sara are sitting in two chairs and kiss for awhile. They're pretty sloppy about it. The lighting guy for this scene needs to be fired.

2: Konomi licks Sara's tits and then Sara licks Konomi's pussy and takes off her clothes. Sara gives a man a blowjob while konomi is there to help out. The man cums into Sara's mouth and she spits it into konomi's mouth and the two women cum-swap and kiss while their mouth still has cum all over it.

3: Konomi does her friend with a strap-on in two positions.

4: They both rubs themselves and then share a double ended dildo. After awhile konomi gives a man a blowjob.

5: On a bed, both of them take turns giving a man a blowjob. Next, Konomi uses a dildo on herself and then both of them rub their pussies against each other. Sara then has sex with the man while Konomi licks her tits. Konomi has sex with him as well and the two cum-swap.

I liked this one, but of course I really like Konomi Futaba. She hasn't made many bad movies.

NOTE: all performers over the age of 18.

NHDT-682 (2) NHDT-682 Anri Nonaka, Aoba Itoh BUY
[NHDT-682 ]

I don't really have a breast fetish like some men do. Large or small, it doesn't really matter much to me! This title looked different and interesting. I like Anri Nonaka and Aoba Itou, so this was a must have. If you like Aoba Itou, her best movies are from Aurora Pro! Anri's Milky Princess movies are also good. NOTE: Obviously all actresses in this movie are way over the age of 18!!

1: Aoba is in this first scene. They talk to her and I think it's like an interview. She begins to strip down and a man takes her measurements and even measures the size of her nipples. He then comes up from behind her and rubs her nipples and then sucks on them. Oil is poured on her tits and it's rubbed in.

2: Aoba is in her swimsuit in a bath tub. Man kisses her, puts some water on her swimsuit and uses a small vibrator on her tits and then a large vibrator on her pussy.

She then gives him a blowjob and rubs his dick all over her tits. After this he has sex with her in the missionary position and then cums onto her right nipple.

3: Different woman this time. She has much larger breasts and i'm not sure why she's in this movie. They interview her and she removes her clothing and a man oils up her chest and rubs her tits. This is after of course doing all her measurements. Next scene has a man feeling up her tits and having sex with her.

4: This scene has Anri in it. I like her a lot, but she has a bit of a belly! Not a big deal really. In this scene it's the same as previous scenes really. They talk to her, take her measures and feel up her tits after rubbing oil all over them.

5: Massagers are used on her pussy and tits and she gives the man a blowjob. After this she has sex with him in the missionary position and he cums on her chest.

6: Aoba and Anri are both together at the start of this scene! They take off each other's shirt, kiss and then feel up each other's and lick each other's tits. They then lick each other's pussies and then rub their nipples together and rub each other's tits.

7: All three are together for this scene with one man. The man is laying down and they rub up against him and then give him a handjob and rub his dick against their oiled up tits. They all get on top of one man for sex in the cowgirl position and then it's missionary for the rest of this very good and long sex scene.

I thought this was a very good movie. It'd make my day if this sold well. This movie is 3 1/2 hours and two discs!


FSET-128 FSET-128 Shoko Yokoyama BUY


Nasty or kind of hot? I don't know what people would think of this movie. To me, too much muscle on a woman is kind of not attractive. I mean like the body-builder type. No offense to any female body-builders viewing my site! Just my preference! Somehow I saw this movie and thought it may be interesting! The woman in this movie isn't too muscular that it's "gross". To me anyway. I actually really liked this movie! I don't like the name though, "Muscle Ballerina"?

1: She shows off her body, does her ballerina thing while clothed and then a man feels up her tits, kisses her and she removes all her clothing. She lifts her leg up in the air, resting it against a railing and a man oils up her body, licks her pussy, fingers her and then she gives him a blowjob.

2: She lays down on the two wooden railings and a man does her from behind. She stands back up and lifts her foot completely up to her head and he continues to have sex with her. The next position has her having sex and leaning way back with back arched and her head almost on the floor. It's kind of hard to describe! How often do you see this position in a sex scene!

3: She's using her exercise equipment for awhile and next thing you see is that she's taped up to the machine with some vibrators attached to her as well.

4: She does all her ballet stretches against a wooden bar while completely naked. I have to admit, this is kind of hot. Yes, there, I said it! More long stretches after this scene as well.

5: In this scene she is upside down on her equipment doing sit up. While she's upside down men walk up to her and she gives him all blowjobs!

6: While laying on the floor men uses several massagers on her, she gives blowjobs and they cum on her face a bit. After this more nude ballet!

7: On a weight bench she does some exercises. She lays flat and then raises up a bit over and over. After awhile a man walks toward and she gives him a blowjob!

8: Man licks her pussy and has sex with her. She's in what normally would be some very uncomfortable sex positions!

This probably wasn't worth reviewing it, but I liked it, so that's all that should matter. Hopefully someone will want this! It's different and pretty good!


DRB-020 DRB-020 Nanami Nanase BUY


Nice! I was checking through my collection and here was a movie that i've never heard of before. Put it in and guess who was in it? Nanami Nanase!! The title of this movie is called "All shameful Play performed by Nanami Nanase".

She's a favorite of mine, so anything with her is good to add! Here is a review of what happens in the movie.

1: She talks for sort of an interview for awhile and then strings down to try on various pieces of underwear. She then gets naked again and puts on a weird full body white suite with a hood. I have no clue why! A man cuts holes over her nipples and pussy. She soon takes it off and puts on something else and her and a man flex their muscles? Huh?!

The man now gets out a brush and tickles her all over. Nanami then puts on some goofy looking glasses and the guy puts food on her face.

The white suit goes back on and she removes her glasses and she gets fingered. He licks her pussy and she gives him a blowjob and then they have sex and the man cums on her chin.

2: Outside in a park she squats down and pisses on the ground. Inside, there's some foreplay and she gives man a blowjob. They soon have sex in the reverse "cow-girl" position and missionary on a couch. He cums in her mouth, she spits his cum into her hand, plays with it and then swallows.

3: Wow, Mirai Hirooka is in this scene. She was one of the best bukkake stars ever! She's wearing a strap-on (but doesn't use it yet). She makes out with Nanami, spits in her mouth and then licks her ass.

Nanami sucks on Mirai's strap-on and then mirai does Nanami with it for awhile. Mirai then sits on Nanami's face and gets her pussy licked. After that they share a double ended dildo between themselves.

4: Nanami is wearing her school uniform and rubs her pussy while feeling up her tits. Later, she gives a man a blowjob. She receives him cum in her mouth, spits it out, sucks it up and swallows.

5: A small camera is put up her pussy and then she is blindfolded. A dildo is used on her and a man fingers her until she squirts. I've never seen her squirt before!

6: Oh my god, I was NOT expecting this! She opens her mouth and a guy pees in it and she swallows it down! After that she gives him a blowjob and they have sex for a long time and the sex scenes are really good. It ends with a messy cum-shot on the face.

I really, really liked this movie. She looks amazing in this movie. It's not her best, but it's definitely worth getting. I'm guessing this is one that is very rare, but i'm not quite sure yet.

If you're a fan of Nanami Nanase, it's a must have item. 132 screenshots!!

DAD-041 DAD-041 Akake Hotaru BUY


I normally won't review many non-bukkake titles, but this one I really want to review. I scanned through it and it looked really good. It's one of her earlier movies I think.

1: Akane comes over to a man's house wearing her school uniform and shows off her underwear, takes them off and wraps them around a man's dick and jerks him off.

2: She's in a doctor's office and the doctor examines her and they do a '69'.

3: Again she visits the same man from the first scene and rubs her feet in his face and then rubs his dick while kissing him and then gives him a blowjob.

She then has sex with him and cums onto her hand and she plays with it a bit.

4: Akane shows off her tits, licks her fingers and rubs her nipples and then rubs her pussy the rest of the scene.

5: Man rubs and fingers her pussy for a very long time. They do a 69 and she gives him a blowjob. He then does her in the doggy-style position and then missionary. The sex scene is pretty good and by the end she has nearly soaked the sheets!

I liked this one a lot! It's one of her better movies for sure.

PSD-106 PSD-106 Mami Hayasaki BUY


I've been wanting to review this one for a long time since I saw it and really liked it a lot. This movie is different, in that it's sort of one of those POV/point of view titles, as if you were the camera man. Lots of close up shots.

1: In an office setting, a man is looking at her from a distance while she works and then walks over to her. She sits down on her chair and rubs herself for awhile then gives him a blowjob and has sex with him while she's still in the chair. They move down to the floor and he cums on her legs and she licks some of his cum off her fingers.

2: She's in a classroom wearing her school uniform and kneels down on the floor and gives a short handjob and then a blowjob. She looks into the camera and a lot and the man cum in her mouth. She shows off the cum a bit and then swallows it. I forgot about this being in the movie.

3: Pretty simple scene, but I liked it. She's taking a bubble bath and gets out and uses the shower head on herself and rubs her pussy. After she gets out of the bathroom she lays on her bed and uses a vibrator.

4: She has a male friend over for tea and instead just gives him a blowjob, they do a 69 and have sex.

5: Rubs her feet against a man's dick and then gives him a blowjob.

6: Here she is the teacher and starts out by giving the man a blowjob and then has sex with him on some desks.

I normally dislike most 'vanilla' Japanese porn, but I loved this one and it's not just because I like the actress. I'd give it a 9/10.

MIID-002 MIID-002 Mami Hayasaki BUY


This stars Mami Hayasaki. It's not bukkake though, but a really good movie!

1: Some movers help her carry some boxes. Instead of paying them I guess she just strips down and rubs her tits against them. She rubs one man's dick all over her nipples and then rubs his dick between her tits and even spits on his dick.

2: She's in her new kitchen and strips down to put on a maid's uniform. Man feels her ass, fingers her and then sticks a carrot up her pussy! She then licks him all over, including his ass and then rubs her tits over his ass as well. She gets on top of him for sex and then its missionary and a cum-shot in the mouth.

3: Gives another man a blowjob. While on a bed and then when kneeling down. He cums in her mouth and she plays with his cum for a bit. After this she's pees outside on the floor.

4: She goes into a bathroom with her swimsuit on and soaps up some man and herself and rubs his dick in between her tits.

5: On a bed, man rubs her tits and then she rubs his dick with her feet and then her tits. After that it's sex in missionary position.



1: Gives man a blowjob on a bed while he is laying down and she spits out his cum into her hands and then plays with it a little bit.

2: This women has the worst makeup ever. She kneels down and sucks up a mouthful of lube/lotion and then gives the man a blowjob.

3: Another one sucks up some lotion and then gives a man a blowjob.

4: Same thing here as well.

5: Another scene in a classroom. She oils up his dick first and then gives him a blowjob. Every 30 seconds or so she will dump more lotion all over his dick, even spitting some out of her mouth.

6: Same thing here almost. Not much to describe really.

OPUD-025 OPUD-025 Akane Hotaru BUY


An Akane Hotaru title like this that I missed?! I don't know how this happened!

1: In a classroom, as a teacher she sticks a dildo up herself and squirts a little bit. Very short intro scene.

2: She is in the men's bathroom and two men are cleaning the floor. She rubs herself and squirts all over the place. Large amounts of liquid fall on the floor for them to clean up!

One man fingers her and all her liquid goes over another man's head! During sex one guy is underneath them and tries to get a taste of her liquid. Both men have sex with her and she squirts all over the place.

3: Ok, that's pretty nasty in a way. Akane squirts huge amounts of her liquid into a funnel and some guy tries to drink it.

4: Men come to Akane for help when they're sick since she's the nurse in this scene. They must have a fever so she squirts all over their faces and gives them handjobs! The next scene has her receiving cum onto her chest.

5: Man fingers akane and holds a large beaker underneath her to collect the liquid. There is a ton of it in there and I wouldn't have thought it'd be possible to fill it up that high! They just have sex with her and try to collect as much as they can in there. The guy will pull out and you see this huge spray of liquid shoot up in the air and another second smaller one down below. Neat! They continue to do this and a large beaker is nearly filled up with all her liquid.

Well, this one is definitely a must have if you want something different. I've seen other Akane Hotaru squirting titles and this one is the best i've seen!

NHDT-031 Public Exposure 2 Mayura Hoshitsuki BUY


1: She's outside in a crowded area and pees on the ground through her jeans and actually leaves a trail of piss! You can see that her pants are wet on both sides. People look at her a bit funny.

3: Her and a friend make out in public view and her friend even lifts up her skirt while they're doing this.

4: She walks into a grocery store and first takes off all her clothes and then puts on some new ones. This is when people are walking around inside the store. She then goes into the produce section and sucks on a carrot while sticking one up her pussy! All while people are shopping! I don't think it's entirely scripted because one woman sees her and then walks away fast!

She soon gives the camera man a blowjob and then he cums on her face. He gives her some money and she pays for it entirely naked and walks out of the store with her bag. I hope she didn't put those carrots back!

5: Her and a female friend kiss in public while in front of a lot of people. She's wearing an outfit and kind of shows off all her underwear a bit.

6: Ok, this HAS to be scripted with some actors in there, but I'm probably wrong. She's on a train and takes off her underwear and then sucks on and uses a dildo. She then gets completely naked and walks past ALL the passengers. They act like nothing happened. She then walks back to give a man a blowjob and then have sex with him. While on the same train.

MIID-123 MIID-123 Mami Hayasaki BUY


Someone tries to steal Mami's purse or something and some guy helps her. She invites him over to her house later on.

1: He has a scratch on his finger, so Mami sucks on it and then pulls off his pants to give him a blowjob. She cums in her mouth and she spits it out into her hand.

2: She lets him take a bath in her house, she walks in, gets naked and gives him another blowjob. Some reward he got for helping her! She soaps up her tits and rubs them all over his dick and then gives him a handjob.

3: The guest wakes her up by licking her pussy and then he has sex with her.

4: He's sick, so she makes him feel better I guess by giving him yet another blowjob!

5: He takes off her pajamas and fingers her for a bit and then she gets on top of him for sex.

MIID-065 MIID-065 Mami Hayasaki BUY


I got this movie with no real plans to add it. I like Mami a lot, so I figured I might as well!

1: She gives man a long blowjob and spits his semen into her hand.

2: Dressed in a pink nursing uniform she rubs her tits against a patient's face and then gives him a blowjob. She then rubs her tits all over him.

3: Gives man a blowjob and then they switch over to the 69 position. There's some sex after that.

4: In a classroom man pours water all over her white swimsuit and then a man rubs his dick between her boobs.

5: In an office setting she gives a man a blowjob and he cums onto her glasses.

6: Blowjob followed by a regular sex scene in a jail cell.

PSE-004 PSE-004 Hina Otsuka BUY


Milky Princess titles are really good, but some of them lately look too creepy to list. They also don't have as much bukkake in them as before. This one looks halfway decent, so i'll add it.

1: In a hotel she gives man a blowjob and spits his cum into her hands.

2: She sits on a toilet and uses a small bullet vibrator on herself. She moves closer to the camera and squeezes both her nipples and she can lactate! Doesn't squirt, but that's ok. She sits back down and uses an even bigger dildo on herself.

3: Some men touch her all over, lick her and then use a vibrator on her. Very short scene.

4: While using a vibrator she kneels down and gives lots of men blowjobs. All their cums falls down onto her uniform.

5: Starts out with some fore-play and then she gives man a blowjob while he lays down on a bed and then she has sex with him. She cums in her mouth and she sticks out her tongue.

At the end she uses the shower head on herself and strip down. She even squeezes her tits again and milk leak out of them. I really like this actress and need to find more of her movies. She's made a ton of them so far!


ONED-545 Maria Ozawa Maria Ozawa BUY


It seems Maria Ozawa is pretty popular right now. She's pretty good looking, but unlike nearly everyone out there just doesn't do much for me. I'm strange I guess. I still thought I'd give one of her movies a try. It isn't bukkake and I don't believe she's done a bukkake movie yet.

Intro: Quick walk around the park.

1: She removes man's pants and then licks his knee and his toes. Wow, that's hot! Ok, not really. She removes her shirt, he feels up her tits and then gets a blowjob. He cums in her mouth, but she spits it out onto her hand and then it falls out onto the floor.

2: In a bathroom she soaps herself up and then rubs herself all over some man. That's all.

3: She's in a bath tub with some man and starts out with a blowjob and then has sex with him.

4: She puts lotion all over herself and rubs her body against some man and then lays underneath him and licks his ass and then gives him a blowjob.

5: She oils herself up some more and again rubs herself all over some guy. She licks his ass while jerking him off. More sex after that.

6: Some more sex in a hotel room.


JOSD-012 Ruri Housyou JOSD-012 Ruri Housyou BUY


I really like Ruri Housyou and I watched this a few months ago and liked it so much that I had to review it and take screenshots. It's not your typical porn movie because it's not all 100% sex. This one is a bit hard to describe. It's kind of like a day in the life of Ruri Housyou sort of. It's made like a documentary and they go into her house and film her.

Intro: Short interview/talk outside in the park. Not sure what they're talking about.

1: She's in her house wearing a black t-shirt and sits down on her bed and rubs her pussy, removes all her clothing and then rubs her tits. She lays down for awhile and then sits back up and uses a small vibrator on herself and then a larger massager. For this scene she's pretty much the camera person.

2: She just wanders around here house. First part has her holding her bear, going to the bathroom and then going out grocery shopping. She went all the way to the store for tofu. What a waste. This seems as boring as those reality shows on TV, but it's not that bad and goes by pretty fast. This was just a scene that was a couple minutes long.

3: Back at home, one guy rubs her pussy and then fingers her and then they have sex.

4: She wanders around some more in only a long black t-shirt and her underwear. She soon gives a man a blowjob. Maybe her boyfriend or something? Well, I guess he prefers to be anonymous because while he has sex with her he's wearing a mask of a mouse or something.

5: She's talking on her cell phone and then a man uses a vibrator on her. He rubs her tits and then fingers her for awhile. After that they have sex for a long time.

6: Gives man a blowjob and it's another pretty good sex scene. After she's done the camera follows her into the bathroom.

7: She's sleeping and man wakes her up for sex and then cums on her pubic hair. She makes breakfast and then the movie is over!

This movie is definitely different. If you don't like Ruri you might not like it. I found it rather amusing to watch really.

NOTE: Ruri is well over the age of 18!!


EZD-055 Akane Hotaru BUY


I haven't watched many Akane Hotaru movies in the last few months. I've gotten bored with many of her movies. I liked her a lot better a few years ago when she was younger looking and still had the black hair. I got this in awhile back but never listed it. I don't watch much porn in my spare time (mostly just american gonzo stuff) but I did watch this one several times.

Intro: I wish producers would stop being annoying with their ‘artsy' intro scenes. They used all these weird effects and have too many quick cuts and move the camera around too much. Not a big deal, but it would have been nice to actually see Akane more. Actually, I have no idea why I'm complaining about a 30 second clip. When that's done she's taking a bubble bath and she's interviewed or just talks to the camera about something. They alternate between her in the tub and her photo session.

1: I can't stand her latest look mostly. Her hair here looks terrible, but whatever she wants to do. Man fingers her, uses a vibrator on her and then licks her pussy. He has sex with her in two positions and then cums on her face. It's rare that a cumshot looks fake to me, but this one does. Does screenshots 18 look fake? Probably isn't and I doubt any company would do a fake cumshot. Out of the 700 or more movies I have, I've only questioned if a bukkake scene was fake maybe 2 or 3 times.

2: Here she kneels down and gives man a blowjob. After awhile she spits lube out of her mouth and alternates between giving him a blowjob and a handjob. When he's done he shoots his cum onto her and it hits her on the lower lip.

3: She's sitting down on a leather couch and uses a small bullet vibrator on herself while sucking on a dildo (no idea why). You can clearly see that she's squirting everywhere, but she still has her underwear on and still soaks the couch.

4: Here she gets out a large massager and has about five men cum on her tits one by one while she uses the massager on her pussy. She squirts everywhere. So much that it's all up in the air and up and across the couch. It almost looked like a water fountain!

5: Two men for this scene. They oil her up and one guy gets the job of rubbing it into her tits. The other looks as if it's patting her pussy repeatedly and she's just gushing everywhere. This is just amazing. All her liquid is all over head and you can see little beads of her “liquid” all over her body. I don't think I've ever seen someone squirt so much in a movie.

6: She's so damn hot in this scene. She has the near perfect body and must work out. You can clearly she she even has abs! You don't often see that on women. Anyway, she has sex with one guy for the rest of the scene until he cums on her face. It's a very well done sex scene.

Overall, I liked this movie, but it's rather tame, but has a lot of really good stuff in it.


NHDT-248 Public Exposure 6 unknown BUY


1: In a grocery store she sucks on a banana and then strips down right while customers are walking around! About 3 of them pass her too. She then puts on her swimsuit and the camera guy cuts two holes in it where her nipples are and pussy are. She kneels down and gives the man a blowjob right in public. He even cums on her and then takes a picture of her with  his cell phone. She picks up her bananas and walks out of the store. This had to be scripted, because she doesn't even pay for them. Maybe someone else did.

2: I don't get the reason for this scene. She walks through a park and enters into what appears to be a homeless person's shack. She uses a vibrator on herself while all the other men watch it. While she does this she gives them blowjobs and a couple of the men cum all over her face.

3: She gets into a public pool/bath and then starts to use a vibrator on herself. Some naked guy sees this and gets up and leaves. He obviously saw her do this. While she's doing all these things in public, almost all of them will get up and leave.

4: On a train she takes off her shirt and gives a man a blowjob. He even has sex with her, all in view by everyone! When he's done he cums onto her clothing.

NOTE: If you like this series, check out NHDT-203 found at the bottom of this page.


ARMD-556 The Tongue 2 various BUY


They sure have some strange stuff in Japan. Like this. A tongue/licking fetish movie? Well, it looked interesting, if a bit different!

1: This girl shows off her tongue for awhile and then she gets out something to measure it. Several times. Then she plays a game where she tries to put as many plastic rings on her tongue as possible. Do you think they could have a world record for that?

She now gets out a clear glass apple and starts licking it all over.

2: A new girl for this scene. Yes, more hot tongue action! She gets out her measuring device and checks out how long her tongue is. She seems to have a lot to say in this scene. I wonder what's she's saying? “I have such a huge sexy tongue, do you want to suck on it?”

Next, she licks a piece of clear piece of plastic and then a vibrator.

3: Another one this time. She does the same, but in the second part she cleans her tongue with a plastic device and then licks her own nipples. That's always fun to watch! At the end of the scene she sucks on a dildo.

4: Oh..two woman for this scene. Maybe they'll have a tongue fight. They poke each others tongues and then feel them and then stick them out to see who has the biggest one. They kiss and lick each other's tongue. Then there is lesbian tongue sucking. BTW if you like that sort of thing, check out some of the lesbian kissing titles I have on here. They're really good! Especially the DOBJ titles.

5: For this last scene she does the same things but sucks on a bottle and sticks her tongue in the hole, filling it with saliva. Yummy…ok, not really.

Actually, it may sound like I hate this movie and it's just a joke to me, but not really. I actually found it amusing and pretty good. It's just hard to not laugh at something like this! This is actually part two. I have part one around somewhere. It's very different to say the least. I'm hoping more than two people will buy this!


DDO-010 Onanie Poisoning Girl Maria Hirai BUY


I saw a preview trailer of this movie long ago and it looked really good. I knew it wasn't bukkake but it had this interesting lotion scene in it. I'll review this one although I normally don't like to review non-bukkake. Hopefully this one is good because there are a LOT of other titles in this series.

1: She humps her pillow while on her bed and then rubs herself down below. To help her out she eventually uses a small pink bullet vibrator.

2: Here she is in her school sailor uniform and gets out her fake squirting penis machine. She pokes at it with her finger, kneels down and sucks on it. While sucking on it she rubs herself against the metal pole it's on and then rubs her pussy with her hands.

3: For fun she gets out of her toolbox some red rope and ties herself up. All while naked and looking in a mirror she set up in her room. She spits on her nipples and rubs them. She then gets out her nose hook (and flashlight) and does her own personal nasal examination. She now gets out fake penis #2 (attached to a chair) and starts sucking on it. She puts lube on it and then rubs herself some more while jerking it off.

4: I was wrong. THIS is the fake squirting penis scene. She sits down in front of it and it just starts squirting fake semen/lotion all over her. There are about 3 or 4 attachments that shoot it all over her face and body. She strips down and just starts rubbing herself all over. It's really messy and at the end the stuff is just covering the floor.

I liked this one. It's really interesting to watch.

All performers are over the age of 18.


PKOS-12 PKOS-12 Ruri Housyou BUY


1: While outside wearing her school uniform she acts as if she can't hold it and has to pee really bad. Instead of waiting she just pisses all over the ground.

2: Ok, this is really bizarre. She changes into her gym clothes and her coach makes he lift heavy buckets filled with water. She's again holding in her urine and acts like she needs to go to the bathroom really bad and finally just lets it all go in her pants. Weird.

3: Ok, I can't believe I'm reviewing this. I guess it's for people that have a major pee fetish or something. Nothing wrong with that I guess. She's in her bed and starts to rub herself. Later she's sleeping and dreams that she's going to the bathroom, but wets her bed!

4: She gives her boyfriend a blowjob and spits his cum out into her hands and then pisses all over her bed.

5: Her and a man are on her bed. They make out and he licks her pussy and then she pisses all over his stomach.

6: More strange stuff here (to me). A camera man follows her through the entire train station, on the train and then walking home. She's holding in her pee and is constantly acting like she has to go pee really bad. Finally, towards the end of the scene she squats down in public and pisses.

7: She rubs herself on her bed and then pisses in it.

8: Dressed as a maid she licks water from a bowl on the ground.

9: More scenes of her outside in public holding in her pee. This happens after she wakes up on a sofa after realizing she has pissed all over the place.

The ending is kind of funny and I laughed at it. Ok, seriously this is the strangest movie I've seen in awhile. I honestly had no clue this movie was a pissing movie. I only got it because I like the actress in it!

If you want something very, very different, this would be it! I really can't believe I reviewed this one…

NOTE: All performers are over the age of 18!!


SNWD-007 SNWD-007 Akane Hotaru BUY


This is probably one of those titles you can get on every single other site on the net. I don't care, it looked really good and I've never seen a movie like this before…I think.

1: Akane Hotaru are sitting around the house and are bored so I guess they want to have some fun. They both sit next to each and take off each other's shirts and then kiss. Akane's friend fingers her and she starts squirting a little, it starts to hit the camera and then just as she pulls out her finger a huge stream of liquid shoots out maybe 3 or 4 feet in the air! She's talented!

Akane now fingers her friend and the her friend squirt the camera with her liquid and then they kiss a little. They don't really get into it much though.

2: Akane gets her pussy licked and her friends gets squirted all over the face with her liquid. Akane then licks her friends ass hole and pussy and then fingers her. I didn't notice any squirting. Maybe I missed it.

3: Akane and her friend share a large pink double ended dildo. They stick it between themselves and squirt all over. By the end of the scene the sheets are soaked!

4: On a couch both of them play with themselves for awhile. It's a really short scene.

5: They use a soft brush on each other's body parts and then they take off their shirts and a man uses two massagers on them. While he does this the two give another man a blowjob. A small glass tube is stuck up their pussies. I don't know why, since nothing much happens.

One man cums onto Akane's friends mount and Akane takes a lick of a string of cum with her tongue and even gets a little in her mouth. Big deal really.

6: Same scene here. Man licks each of their pussies and then fingers them and they both squirt. They get a measuring tape to see how far they squirting. I can't believe how much Akane can squirt. It's large streams way up into the air. The mattress they were on is soaked so much.

Man has sex with both of them and during this after he pulls out both squirt. When Akane's friend has sex Akane is rubbing herself and squirting all over the couch and probably ruined it! The man cums on Akane's face and her friend licks it clean.


CLGD-01 The Challenge Yukari Sakurada AND Nanami Nanase! BUY


Never thought I'd ever see a movie with two of my favorite AV stars in it. This one has Yukari Sakurada AND Nanami Nanase in it. Not only that but they're in several scenes together! It's not a bukkake movie though, but figured some people would love to see these two together in a movie.

1: Both are together for this scene. They ask them a few questions I think and then the camera shows that right in front of them is a man laying there in just his underwear. Yukari shows Nanami how to give a good handjob. The man cums all over his stomach and Yukari smears it all over the side of  his face. Nasty.

2: More sex training here from Yukari. She sits over the man's face, whispers something in his ear and then licks his nipples. Nanami Nanase then does the same. Lots more stuff after this as well.

3: Both of them take turns giving the same man a blowjob and then later even at the same time. He cums and it's licked up by Nanami Nanase and she spits it into his mouth. Ugh, luckily I didn't get to see much of that part.

4: Nanami Nanase rubs her pussy while Yukari and the man watch.

5: Nanami pisses all over the man's face. She's so mean!

6: That poor guy finally gets to have sex with both of them.

7: Nanami just shows off her costume her. Kind of like a photo shoot type thing.

8: Both of them while naked, have “fun” in the shower.Lots of kissing and rubbing each other.

9: Lesbian scene here. Lots of good stuff going on. They lick each other, make out, use toys on each other and then even lock legs and rub their pussies against each other. The final part has them laying next to each while each of them uses a toy. Pretty good scene.

10: Just another scene with both of them using massagers.

I liked this movie. It's pretty high quality and is over 3 hours long!


LAST-002 Last Exposure Haruka Imai BUY


This movie is so ancient. I think it probably came out in the early 90's. Does anyone know? I really like the girl in this movie. She was the nurse in SDDL-019 aka Semen Gokkun. I think I saw the trailer to this movie on an original VHS from that series.

To be honest, this is the first REAL non-bukkake public exposure title I've seen. I don't know what to expect and it doesn't really interest me all that much, but I still have to check this out! It cost an arm and a leg to obtain. Since the movie was available on VHS only and has been out of production forever, I captured it from a VHS original to DVD.

1: She walks fully clothed into what looks like an airport or train station. She's talk to the director and gets onto an escalator path and looks around and then takes off her clothing. She's kneeling down with only her underwear on as lots of people walk past her. The escalator comes to an end and she runs down to get on another as she passes a lot of other people. Finally, she takes off everything as more people walk past her. Fully naked, she runs to the next escalator again and then puts back on her clothing. There's lots of people in the area too.

2: Not much going on here at first. She takes the subway and goes into a store while the camera man just follows her around. Later she's out on a park bench to show what she purchased, it's a massager/vibrator. I didn't realize it earlier, but she's wearing nothing underneath her dress. She goes to sit down next to a water fountain and uses the massager out in public as people walk past her. She even uses her cell phone while doing this!

3: Out in another park she sits right on top of a water drinking fountain and it sprays water all over her.

4: For this part they paint a beer dress all over her body. It looks as if it's almost real. Once they're done she uses the bathroom and then gives a man a blowjob and he cums on her face and in her mouth and she spits it out.

5: Now she's walking out in public with this ‘dress'. She's walking past a ton of people too and they all notice her. Soon she's holding up a tray and I guess perhaps giving out free samples or something? She has what looks like an audience and then one man tries to pull off her ‘dress'. Eventually they pull off the dress that was painted on her and then she's completely nude again in front of people. She pretty much was with the fake dress since you can see everything anyway!

6: Now out in some alley she has random people film here while she shows off her private areas. The picture quality is lower than normal in some of these scenes because of it being sort of like a hidden camera.

7: Out once again in a park away from the city she strips down and does the splits and then the camera man fingers her.

Well, this movie is pretty good. It's pretty amusing to watch this. It's not really what you'd call porn. I wasn't going to add this but it's so extremely rare and a collector's item. I'm sure some people would have an interest in this movie. The picture quality is as good as the original, but please note that the actual movie is made with a handheld camera for some scenes. Does anyone know the name of this actress or know of any other movies she's done? I really like her and wish I knew!


Please note: Due to rarity and this movie being only available on VHS, it is captured to DVD by myself.


SMA-022 Akane Hotaru Akane Hotaru BUY


Another Akane Hotaru movie here.

1: In a bathroom a girl takes off Akane Hotaru's clothing and pours oil over her and they rub each other with their hands. The girl also lays on top of Akane and slides back and forth on her and licks her pussy.

2: Girl gives men a blowjob and shows Akane how to do it. She soon takes over and then both of them share.

3: Girl soaps up some man and Akane strips down. The first girl sits on his thigh and slides across it while naked.

4: Continuation of the above scene. This time they use the man's body as kind of a slip and slide and rub against his leg.

5: More scenes from the bathroom, this time it's only Akane. She gives man a blowjob and does other things to him.

6: Sex scene here with Akane collecting his cum in his condom at the end and holding it up.


VGD-027 VGD-027 Aoba Itoh BUY


I've said it many times in other reviews, but I really like Aoba Itoh movies. I do not like her uncensored titles. This movie along with DVAA-138 are my favorite movies of hers. I've seen this one several times and it's in my top 10 for the "MISC" category.

Intro: She's outside walking in her costume. I don't know what you'd call it.

1: Aoba kisses another woman, feels up her tits, licks her body all over and slowly removes her clothes. Aoba and the other woman rub their pussies together and Aoba then puts on a strap-on dildo and uses it on her. First in missionary, cowgirl and then doggy-style. During this scene Aoba is still wearing the upper half of her costume, including the hat.

2: This first part is fast forward/gross out material for me. Aoba uses a dildo on a man's ass, but it's over and done with in about 30 seconds. Not a big deal and doesn't take away from the movie at all luckily.

3: Two men with goofy white masks strip off her clothes and lick her body all over. While on the bed, one man licks her pussy while the other holds her legs apart. While being fingered or having her pussy licked, she gives men blowjobs.

For the sex part, it starts out in missionary, then doggy-style and then reverse cow-girl. At one point one man holds her up in the air while having sex with her. I don't even know what you call that! Mid-air reverse pile driver?! The final part is missionary again. The actual sex scenes in this movie are really good. At least they are creative when they film like, kind of like some of the sex scenes from the Aurora-Pro movies.

4: Aoba is on a bed that has porn movie DVD cases scattered all over it and is rubbing her pussy and using a massager on herself. Eventually a man enters the room and has sex with her in all sorts of positions for a long time.

This movie is really well made and the sex scenes are not boring and seem to be shot well. They just have some good camera angles, which is sometimes rare.

NOTE: Aoba is over the age of 18!



AMP-003 The Brand New Hotaru Akane Hotaru BUY


Another movie with Akane Hotaru! I usually will get everything new she has out. Even if it doesn't have bukkake in it I don't care! Some of them I haven't listed and not sure if I will. Maybe if more people want them. This is another one that doesn't contain bukkake, but does have a lot of good stuff in it. It's really just somewhat simple and not too nasty.

1: She's sitting down reading some adult mange. A guy in all black is hiding behind her chair and helps her out by rubbing her pussy while she continues reading.

2: Short into to this scene is her sitting on some guy's face. Later she gives a guy a really long handjob and uses her own spit for lube. Another man in black comes up behind her and starts licking her pussy.

3: Here she does some stretches and plays with herself for a bit.

4: Starts out by giving a man a blowjob, they then have sex and then at the end she jerks him off.

5: Don't care for this scene much. Akane and man make out for the longest time ever, all in close up with them licking and sucking each other. Not my favorite thing to watch! With lesbians it's ok, maybe I'm just a pervert.

6: Akane plays with her fake cock and even squirts fake cum out of it!

7: She stands in front of a mirror and rubs herself.

8: Sex scene in missionary position then a cumshot to the mouth.

I liked this one, not much too it, but that's a plus. As I mentioned, it's pretty simple with nothing too nasty in it. Kind of artistic too. I don't know about you, but some days I get tired of the real nasty stuff.


DDK-018 Onanie Paranoia Rio Hamasaki BUY


I skipped out on this girl's movies because she doesn't really appeal to me. I saw the trailer to this movie and it looked really good and she looks way better in the trailer than on most covers i've seen. She's in a lot of Milky Princess titles.

1: She's looking into a mirror and sucks on her fingers, licks them and then takes off her shirt to play with her tits. After awhile she gets naked and lays down on a bed to rub her pussy. She gets out a glass of oil or lotion and empties it out into her underwear and rubs it in. She puts more all over her tits and rubs it in all over her body. She also gets out this huge four foot long dildo and uses that.

2: She plays with her giant tits by rubbing and squeezing them. She even squeezes her nipples and puts some small clamps on them with a vibrator attached to the end. The rest of the scene has her using a pink vibrator.

3: Here, she gives a dummy's fake dick a blowjob and a handjob. She rubs her pussy as she squats over him and then uses him for sex.

4: She licks a clear piece of glass with her tongue and then rubs her tits all over it. Attached to the other part is a dildo. She sucks on it, squats over it and uses it.


DDP-003 DDP-003 Chihiro Hasegawa BUY


1: She rubs her pussy on a bed and continues to strip down while doing this. After awhile her underwear and sheets are soaked! She gets out a small bottle and uses that as a sex toy.

2: While sitting down on the floor she sucks on a dildo attached to a metal pole. She even tries to deep-throat it. This goes on for a very long time.

3: While looking into a mirror, she ties herself up with red rope, puts a nose hook on herself and even some clothespins on her nipples! She rubs herself and then squats over a large dildo to use it.

4: She sucks on a dildo and then rubs herself while about 5 or more dildos attached to metal poles are above her. All of them start shooting out fake pee all over her body and in her mouth. Eventually she's laying on the floor rubbing her pussy while in a pool of fake pee.



DDK-002 DDK-002 Hina Otsuka BUY


I really like this series, but I just wish it was more popular. The last title in this series I put up and reviewed, never sells, but that's ok! I think it might be because there is no real sex in this title, but that doesn't bother me.

1: On a bed while wearing pajamas she rubs her pussy through them, strips down and continues to do this. She even sticks a sucker up her pussy and then licks it! Sounds like a boring scene, but I really liked it. It's a pretty long one too.

2: She sucks on a dildo attached to a metal pole. She does this for a very long time and deep-throats it a lot and there's lots of slobber, usually falling onto the floor and on her clothing. After she's done, she pees all over the floor.

3: In this one she has a dummy dressed up with clothing. She spits on it's dick and jerks him off while she rubs her pussy through her clothes. She then gives him a blowjob and then sits on his face. After that she has sex with him This scene is pretty hot if you can't believe that!

4: She oils up a dildo that looks like a real dick and squats over it and uses it.

5: I like these scenes. She gets underneath two large metal poles that have lots of dildos attached to them. They all squirt fake cum all over her face. As it's squirting all over her, she is naked and rubs her pussy.

I really like Hina and this series, so maybe it's not as good to most people.


DDK-024 DDK-024 Azusa Ayano BUY


I got this one for ME! Mainly due to Azusa Ayano in it and that I really like the Onanie Paranoia series. Doesn't sell at all ever, but it's probably due to the fact that it has no bukkake or actual sex in it. That's perfectly ok with me!

1: She is laying on a bed and starts out by licking her fingers. She lifts up her shirt and rubs her nipples with her fingers. Next, she pulls off her jeans and rubs her pussy and then gets out a bottle. Just a smaller sized one. She uses it as a dildo and then pours some of the liquid inside it all over her body and soaks the sheets.

She then gets out one of those electronic water sprayers and uses it on her tits and pussy.

2: She sits down in front of a metal pole with a dildo attached to it. She sucks on it and deep-throats it several times. Lots of slobber involved. She continues to rub her pussy and even rubs herself against the metal pole.

3: For this scene she gives a dummy a handjob and then a deep-throat blowjob and then has sex with it/him. I think he liked it.

4: She licks a clear piece of glass all over, rubs her tits with her hands and then rubs them all over a glass chair. Next, she rubs her pussy against the chair and then squats over a dildo attached to it and uses it for the rest of the scene.




DDK-014 Onanie Poisoning Girl Aki Nagse BUY


1: She eats ice cream and rubs herself on her bed. After awhile she takes off her shirt and rubs the ice cream all over her tits, stomach and then her ass while continuing to rub her pussy.

2: She sucks on a dildo attached to a metal pole while rubbing herself.

3: She gets an electric toothbrush covered with her saliva and then uses it as sort of like a vibrator. She turns around and continues to use the toothbrush while sucking on the dildo. She even rubs herself against the pole!

4: Gives a dummy a blowjob and then has sex with it!

5: Sucks on a dildo attached to a pole and then sits under about five other dildos attached to poles and they all squirt fake cum all over her as she rubs herself!

All performers are over the age of 18!!

DDT-172 Onani Navigator Mayuri Hoshitsuki BUY

I've been really looking forward to this. I was actually going to try to save the best for last. Maybe it's not as good as I'm expecting, but I hope so!

1: She is sitting down on the floor wearing a white dress and rubs her pussy and then licks a piece of clear glass with her tongue. I guess she is supposed to be acting like she's giving the viewer a blowjob?!

3: She's sitting on a giant ball and shows off her ass etc. Short intro scene I guess.

4: Here she makes out with some man, rubs her pussy against his leg and he cums on her underarm and she rubs it in.

5: This scene is pretty hot. That's probably why I took so many screen-shots of it. She sits down and rubs herself and then men cum on her face.

6: While wearing her school uniform she gives a man laying down a blowjob.

7: There's an intro before this and it's really good. On the intro and the first part of scene 7 she shows off her amazing ass and then sits on a man's face. She then actually lactates a bit! No squirting or spraying, but that's ok. She then rubs a man's dick with her feet and then has sex with him.

I liked this one and thought it was really good. I really hope it sells better than DDT-166. That one never sells and I don't understand why, since it's not bad at all.


DDT-152 (2) Black Kurumi Kurumi Morishita BUY


1: Kurumi is interviewed and then she gives a man a long deep-throat blowjob. She can deep-throat the entire thing! The man fingers her and they do a '69'. Following this is a really long sex scene with a cum-shot near the mouth. The first scene is 1 hour and 20 minutes!

2: Kurumi is tied up and he feels up her ass and then uses an ice cube all over her body and then gets out a candle to pour wax on her. Once he covers with with hot wax he has sex with her later on for a long time.

3: She gives two men blowjobs and then has sex with them the rest of the scene.

DDQ-008 Onanie Poisoning Girl Nana Miyachi BUY

1: She gets out a pair of her boyfriends underwear and sniffs them and then rubs herself all over for the entire scene. She will even get out of water and put it on herself.

2: She sucks on a dildo attached to a metal pole while rubbing her pussy. After that she gets out a glass vial, sucks on it and uses it as a sex toy.

3: Here she ties herself up with red rope in front of a mirror and uses a hose nook and clothespins on herself while rubbing herself.

4: Squats over and uses a dildo attached to a table and then sucks on it.

5: She uses a dildo for awhile and then she rubs herself under a machine that squirt fake semen out of a bunch of dildos attached to it.

DDQ-009 Onanie Poisoning Girl Tsugumi Hoshino BUY


1: She sucks on her fingers, lifts her shirt and then rubs her tits and pussy for awhile. She continues to play with herself the rest of the scene and even pours oil on herself while on a bed.

2: She sucks on a dildo attached to a metal pole and then even rubs herself on the metal pole!.

3: While on a chair she uses a glass vile as a sex toy.

4: She looks at herself in a mirror and then ties herself up with rope and even uses a nose hook on herself along with some clothespins. She just fingers herself the entire scene and then licks herself in the mirror.

5: She rubs herself while jerking off a dildo that is attached to a chair. She still has the rope on herself.

6: She sits on the dildo and uses it the whole scene.

7: She plays with a dildo that has a hose attached to it so that it can shoot fake cum. Once she's down she sits under a device that will shoot fake cum at her from above out of fake dicks. She's sitting down below and will rub herself while getting covered with this fake cum.

note: actress is over the age of 18

DDT-046 Yellow Shower Fuka Sakurai BUY


This does have one small bukkake scene but it's not really a bukkake movie. I've had it for months and got it in on a trade but didn't list it on here for various reasons. I can only think of a few things to describe this movie...sick and wrong. But that's OK I guess. If Semen Maniac and all the rest aren't "extreme" enough for you, try this. Sometimes I think those Japanese AV producers go a little to far! What's next after this? Don't think I want to know. The main theme of this movie is: piss.

Update: decided to add screenshots for this. Here's a better description of the movie:

Scene has is a bukkake scene, while playing with a pink vibrator she takes cumshots on the face. She seems to have problems with this at times. Probably all acting.

Now she's kneeling down with her mouth open. Some guy's standing on a platform piss on her face and in her mouth. One part she even gets a mouthful of piss. She does not seem to be enjoying this any more than the bukkake scene.

Now for the last and final scene. She's having sex in the missionary position while she takes dozens of cumshots on the face. After that's all done they lift up the plastic all around this mattress/padding she was on and now it's a pissing bukkake scene. Of course, all while she's still having sex! Hard to get screenshots for this scene since their is lots of activity in it. Probably the sickest scene i've ever seen.


MIGD-134 (2) MIGD-134 Serina Hayakawa BUY


1: The main two girls of the movie squat down on a chair and pee into a bowl.

2: Her and a man kiss for awhile, they do a 69 and he uses a vibrator on her and she squirts everywhere. She then pees all over his dick and he has sex with her.

3: Both are dressed up as nurses. A male patient comes into the room, takes off his clothing and gets peed on by one of them. I had to look away for this part, since it was not my thing. A 2nd man gets peed on by the other girl too. After the first man gets peed on, they rub their tits all over his dick and one girl spits his cum out onto the other's mouth.

The two rub the second man's dick with their feet and then jerk him off and do cum-swapping. They both pee on a third man too. HATE watching that kind of thing. Sorry, I just had to get that out.

4: Man uses a vibrator on her, pees on her stomach and then has sex with her.

5: They enter a room where a man is laying down and pee on him, both at the same time. One gives him a blowjob and the other licks his ass. The man takes turns having sex with both of them. Towards the end one pees on him again and they do some cum-swapping.

6: They both drink some wine and then pee on each other. They then rub their pussies against each other and then pee. A dildo is shared between them after this.

7: Two men pee in each of their mouths and then they have sex with them.

8: Both sit down and use vibrators on themselves and groups of men pee on them. One set of three on each side and later another group of 3.

9: There's about 4 men in this scene and the two women. First, the two pee on the men and then the men pee on them! The rest of the scene is sex, blowjobs, lots of pee in the mouth and even a few cum-shots.

Despite me not into the pee on men stuff, I could say this was a pretty good movie. I'd give it a 9. I almost want to call it "Holy Water Club 2" but I don't think it's really a sequel to that movie. Looks like it to me!

Three hours and two discs!


MIID-190 (2) MIID-190 Ruri Housyou BUY


Someone had told me about this movie and I had never heard of it and it has Ruri Housyou in it! Based on the cover it did not look all that good. I watched it before reviewing it and was really impressed. Although it doesn't star just Ruri, I thought it was by far one of her best movies. In a way it looks almost like one of those american POV movies in some way.

NOTE: This is a fairly common movie, but most web sites have the compressed one disc version and the movie is over 4 hours long. This is a 100% DVD quality version on two discs. The picture quality on the original is not GREAT, but good, but this version will have the same quality.

This is NOT bukkake.


ZSD-030 (2) ZSD-030 Akane Hotaru BUY


1: Just a quick photo shoot of her in standing around in her school uniform to start things off. Then some guy licks her pussy. He does this for way too long and then he finally cums on himself. Ok, aren't we here to see HER and not some guy? Stupid scene here so far.

2: She licks another man through his underwear and then gives him a blowjob until he cums all over her chest. That's it for this scene.

3: Guy rubs her ass and then licks her ass hole. He then rubs her tits and then plays with her nipples and then when he starts to use a vibrator on her she squirts the camera.

4: Finally, real sex! She gives a man yet another blowjob and then she have sex. He cums on her face. Yes, finally her face. It's not a real facial, but I guess this is a start.

I will say that so far this movie is pretty tame. It's high quality though and there's a lot of good "scenery", if you know what I mean. Ok, now onto disc two.

5: Starts off with one of those tease scenes. I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyway, after that she yet again sits on some man's face. She licks his ass in various positions and then jerks him off and then he cums all over her...hand as always. She just examines it and then the scene ends.

6: She uses a vibrator her and I can't believe how much she squirts. It's like shooting right up in the air like a fountain. It manages to hit the camera too. And oh yeah, one guy cums on her chest too. Yes, chest, not those other things.

7: This ones like a few others in the movie. She models for the camera for awhile and then the same guy licks her pussy and then she gives him a blowjob. Sex scene after this and it ends with a cumshot to the face.


PGB-007 PGB-007 Akane Hotaru BUY


1: Interview and then her playing with lots of different sex toys. That's about it for this scene.

2: Here she's sitting on a chair made of glass with the camera angle from below. You just get to see her playing with herself all in close up for this part.

3: She gives a guy a blowjob and he cums all over her fingers. Too bad.

4: Short scene of her pissing into a bath tub.

5: Guy licks her pussy and then fingers her. She definitely does squirt a lot.

6: They use a small green bullet vibrator on her and she nearly soaks the entire table with her fluid. Once she has sex you can see the liquid just shooting out of her. I don't think I've ever seen a women squirting so much before! The sex scene goes on for a long time and then he cums all over her chest.

7: Another really tame scene, but I don't care! She's in her schoolgirl uniform and then they shoot water from a showerhead onto her and she slowly takes off her clothes. She has like the perfect body to me. You can tell she likes to work out.

8: Akane Hotaru and another girl are outside playing on a playground. They kiss for awhile, then hide behind a bush and change into their exercise clothing. Now they just start to exercise for a little while and of course the camera loves to zoom into their "private areas". They just goof around for around and even play leap frog.

9: More soft-core stuff here. She just changes into a really tight swimsuit. It's kind of like just a photography session. I could stare at her all day and not get bored. She's easy on the eyes to say the least.

10: Now she's inside one of the Milky Pudding shops or something. She's in her underwear and poses for awhile and then puts on her sailor uniform. A guy has sex with her and then it's the messiest facial I've ever seen! Ok, I'm kidding. Akane Hotaru doesn't do facials, so there isn't one. That's too bad, maybe someday she will!

This movie is really artistic in a way. It's made really well and it's nice to look at. It's too bad it's pretty tame. Akane Hotaru isn't into the really nasty stuff, which is OK with me. Some of her stuff is boring, but she's one of the rare AV stars that I pay attention to. I'll buy all her stuff despite some of being pretty tame. Because of this, most people won't buy them but I think they're missing out! She's still one of my favorites and she doesn't even do bukkake! This movie is over 3 hours! No bukkake, but I really liked this movie a LOT!





NHDT-744 NHDT-744 - BUY


1: She gives lots of men deep-throat blowjobs and a few of them cum in her mouth.

2: While she is tied up a man uses a vibrator on her while several women pee on her.

3: During sex, lots of women pee on her.

4: While a dildo is used on her, lots of women pee on her.

NOTE: No menu

DASD-053 DASD-053 Nayuka Mine BUY


1: Just a regular sex scene in a shower here.

2: Some days I can guess what will happen in some scenes. Here it starts out with the man licking her pussy, he fingers her, she squirts and then she licks on his nipples and then gives him a blowjob. After this they do a '69'. Finally they have sex in several different positions and it ends with a cumshot to her mouth.

3: One of those rough sex scenes. This one is with two men.

4: More of the same. This time rough blowjobs with bondage and the use of a massager.

5: While handcuffed, a man licks her pussy and fingers her. After this she gives some blowjobs. At the end one man pees on her stomach and then another in her mouth.

Hated this movie. At least it looks well made and actually seems to have a story!

SBN-003 SBN-003 - BUY


1: Man uses a vibrator on her and fingers her while men squirt out pee on her. Small drops for starters I guess. After awhile they finish the job and pee on her.

2: She rubs her pussy and then men cum on her chest, she plays with the cum a bit and then 2 or 3 men pee on her chest.

3: She pees on a man, gives him a blowjob and he cums in her mouth. She shows off the cum and then swallows.

4: Again, she pees on one man, rubs his dick with her feet and gives him a handjob.

5: Gives two men blowjobs, has sex with them and they cum on her chest and around her mouth. At the end, four men pee on her face.

DASD-050 DASD-050 Maria Ozawa BUY


1: Outside Maria meets up with some man and they go inside and then there's some foreplay and sex. Scene ends with a cum-shot to her face.

2: She gives a man a deep-throat blowjob and has sex with him in several different positions. At the end of the scene he cums on her face and another man pees in her mouth. It's nothing special and not a good scene for this type of thing. Then again, she probably doesn't do this type of thing much in her movies.

3: A massager is used on her, she's fingered and then has sex with two men after a deep-throat blowjob. Two men pee in her mouth at the end of the scene.

4: Deep-throat blowjobs and more sex for the rest of the scene. Towards the end, two men pee in her mouth at the same time.

I'm not a fan of Maria Ozawa at all, so I don't know what kind of score i'd give this one. This movie really felt like one of the newer MVG movies. If you like them, you may like this.

DASD-042 DASD-042 Rin Aoki BUY


1: A photographer takes pictures of her, but soon she gives him a blowjob! He cums on her mouth and then another man pees on her!

2: Man rubs her tits, fingers her and she gives him a blowjob and he pees on her. They have sex and the scene ends with a cumshot to the face.

3: Ok, this is different. Man sticks his tit between her huge tits and starts to pee? After awhile he actually shoots his cum in between her tits as well. Don't think i've seen this before!

4: She kneels down and men pee and cum on her!

5: After sex, man cums inside her and then pees on her.

6: About 3 or 4 men pee on her and then man squeezes her tits and other fingers her. After that she gives them blowjobs.

7: She has sex and when that's over, everyone pees on her.


OPUD-036 OPUD-036 - BUY


1: She shows off her tits while in a maid's uniform and then gives one man a blowjob.

2: A massager is used on her and then she pees into a bowl.

3: She is tied up and handcuffed for blowjobs and sex.

4: In a bathroom she sits on the toilet and pees onto the ground. A man then pees in her mouth and then she gives him a blowjob.

5: Lots of foreplay and then she has sex and gets a few cumshots to the face. At the end about three or four men pee on her.

6: She gives four men blowjobs, has sex with one while men cum onto her face.

MIAD-139 Holy Water Club Akane Hotaru BUY


Akane Hotaru in a pissing movie?! There's no way that could be true, but it is! I have a feeling she'll only be pissing and not being pissed on of course. She won't do bukkake, but will star in a pissing film. Isn't that kind of strange? I hope this one is good!

1: Two of the women are on a bed with a man and start off by licking him all over and kissing him. The guy faces one of them and I thought he was going to cum onto her chest then realized/forgot this wasn't a bukkake movie. Instead, he pisses all over her chest and she acts like she likes it! After that she gives him a blowjob while the girl on the other side licks his ass. Soon, one of them licks his ass and then sticks a finger up it. Definitely not something I like to see. At the end of the scene both of the women piss all over him while standing over him. Well, this movie isn't as “tame” as I thought it was! Then again, how could a pissing movie really be tame anyway?

2: Short scene here. One girl pisses into a large glass and nearly fills it up. Some guy takes a drink of it. Please leave the men out of the pissing scenes please!

3: Akane is in this scene. I think I could probably like any scene she was in. Well, maybe not, but it seems like it. She's standing over some guy and then pisses all over him and then sits on his face. As she's right up next to his face the guy opens his mouth and she pisses some more. Later as he's fingering her she even pees some more!

She now gives him a long blowjob and has sex with him for a few minutes. During one part he pulls out and she squirts all over the place. As you may have noticed she does that a LOT in her movies. I couldn't tell if it was just piss or her squirting. It even hits the camera!

For the last part he's doing her from behind while they're standing up and she's squirting all over the place. When they're back on the bed the sheets are all soaked with liquid. This movie is taking forever to review. That's a sign of a good movie! I have 55 screenshots already and I'm only 47 minutes into the movie!

4: Girl pisses into a large glass bowl while sitting on two chairs. It's only a minute long scene.

5: Two girls and two men for this scene. The man on the left pisses on her chest. The guy on the right can't seem to piss a drop and I guess that's what he was trying to do. No paycheck for you! She gives him a blowjob instead. Next, one girl gets right up next to one guy's face and pisses into his mouth. Maybe I'm weird, but I don't prefer to see women pissing onto men. Following this is sex along with the girl on the left pissing all over the man. Even the one on the right finally pisses on her. While they both have sex at the same time, some random guy comes up and pisses on both of them. Gross! Just kidding. The guy's expression on the left is funny. It's as if he's disgusted and trying to avoid getting any of the other guys piss on him. This scene ends with two cumshots.

6: Finally, more Akane Hotaru. This scene isn't really anything special. She pisses into a large glasses and sniffs her own piss and watches some guy drink some of it?!

7: Just a normal sex scene here. Wait, no, there's pissing in it. Guy pisses all over girl's pussy and then has sex with her. Once that's over with she pisses all over him and they have more sex. Not exactly “normal” then I guess!

8: Another short pissing scene. She pisses into a bowl.

9: Now it's Akane and another girl. Both of them piss into some older man's mouth. Again, not something I like to see, but maybe some do, that's ok! My god, such nasty stuff I get to review. My least favorite thing ever to watch takes place. Akane Hotaru does the guy with a strap-on. It was ALL fast forward material for me. Luckily (for those that don't like it) there wasn't lots of close-up shots and it didn't take long. Another short pissing scene after this. I won't list it separately.

10: This movie is so long. I'm at 1 hour and 54 minutes and the time bar in my DVD software is only at like 40%! All four are together in this scene. Each one has sex with the man but first they piss all over his dick! Following this is another scene with that guy that loves drinking piss.

11: There's really too much to describe in this scene! It's three men and three women for this scene. Just lots of sex, ass licking and pretty much everything except for pissing. It's actually not a bad scene. Akane Hotaru pisses into a glass in the next short scene.

12: This scene is really good I think. All four are back and they have a vibrator stuck up her while all the men cum all over her pubic hair. When they're done with that they stick a funnel up her pussy and all the women piss into the funnel! The piss guy is back after this scene. They need to fire him.

13: Talk about grand finale for a movie. This is definitely one. They sometimes don't even bother having one in some movies. In this scene it's four men and four women. One of the women has sex while all the men piss all over her and even the women do as well! All the men kind of take turns having sex with her and they even give her somewhat of a facial at the end. This scene is so long.

This is way, way better than I ever could have imagined. To be honest this movie has too much women pissing onto men, but it still didn't ruin it for me. I know this might disappoint some, but no, Akane Hotaru doesn't get pissed on at all. This movie is over 4 hours and has so much good stuff in it, yet it's still lacking in something I can't quite describe. I'm not quite sure what it is. Another thing to point out is that all the women in it are pretty good looking. Only one did I not like that much. I just need to figure out which is which. One of them somewhat reminded me of Uta Komori. I really liked her. Anyway, this is really some rare pissing masterpiece to me. It's that good. Pissing movies seem so rare in Japan. I always get requests for more of them, but they're so hard to find! Don't expect the most “extreme” pissing movie ever though. DDT-046 and VREDS-040 are much worse.

I just realized I took 208 screenshots for this movie!! This movie took over one hour to review. That alone must be proof this must be good. Not even the best old MVG titles got over 120 screenshots. Then again, this movie is 4 hours and not one. A must have if you like this kind of movie!



NHDT-254 NHDT-254 Miku Tanaka BUY


1: In a bathroom she pisses into a glass and drinks the whole glass filled with her own piss! She then sits on a man's urinal and then men piss all over her.

2: Two women piss into a large bowl and the other drinks it up.

3: She's tied down to a chair and about 4 or 5 women piss on her. Guy fingers her and even more come out and piss on her.

4: They get some random people to piss in about 5 condoms and she then walks around town with them and one guy opens up one on top of her head in public.

5: Woman pisses in her mouth.

6: Gives men blowjobs while women piss on her face. Soon she has sex with guy while other women piss all over her.


VREDS-040 VREDS-040 various BUY


This is pretty much nothing but non-stop pissing. The girls in this movie open their mouths and the men just piss in them. This one girl swallows so much piss that I can't understand how someone would do that or want to. If you like pissing movies (I don't) this is a must have.


NHDT-087 NHDT-087 Miyu Tachikawa BUY


Did you like the first Urine Girl? Then you'll like this one as well.

1: Guy wakes up girl sleeping. She pisses in a glass until it's completely filled and then drinks it ALL. She seems to talk a long time to attempt to drink it but eventually gets it all down. Nasty.

2: Handcuffed, blindfolded and tied to a chair. Once the blindfold comes off 8 or so women piss all over her and her face while some guy uses massagers and vibrators on her.

3: Two girl's make out and one pisses in the other girl's mouth and then they swap piss between their mouths. Then one pisses on the ground and the other girl cups her hands underneath her to get some and puts it all over the other girl's body. Now they're playing with a double headed dildo and one girl pisses onto the other's chest.

4: giving two guy's blowjobs. They cum on her face and then a bunch of guy's piss on her face and in her mouth.

5: She pisses in some huge glass and then drinks it.

6: Now for the grand finale. Dozens of women piss all over her while she's having sex with some guy. It's quite a nasty scene. One girl in the background looks like she's in pain because she has to piss so bad!


NHDT-037 NHDT-037 Mayura Hoshitsuki


Decided to add this to see if there is any interest in this sort of thing. It's NOT a bukkake movie. It's also not for those with a weak stomach. It's pretty nasty stuff and not for everyone. This is a piss theme movie.

Here is a quick breakdown of the scenes that I remember:

Mayura is sleeping and wakes up and pees into a large glass and drinks it all down.

Tied to a chair while some man uses a vibrator on her. Half a dozen or more women(!) pee on her for a "piss bukkake" type scene.

Mayura pees into a HUGE glass (bigger than the first) and drinks it all down. Ugh.

She's giving two men blowjobs and while doing that she urinates all over the floor and the 2 men eventually pee all over her face and in her mouth.

A lesbian movie scene. Two women piss into each others hands and play with the piss. Maybe like cum-swapping but with piss?! Then of course for the sex scene they eventually pee on each other.

In this scene she has sex with a man and while doing so dozens of women pee on her body and on her face.




JUC-369 JUC-369 Julia BUY


1: While outside she sits down on a park bench and a man uses a remotely operated vibrator on her and she rubs her pussy. She even squats down on the bench and shows off her tits while rubbing herself. All while in public!

2: Outside a van a man fingers her, she gives him a blowjob and then has sex with him.

3: While in a park she rubs herself next to a bike and then uses a dildo on herself.

4: In a dark car she gives a man a blowjob and rubs her tits all over his dick.

5: At night she walks into a public men's bathroom alone and ends up having sex with another man after giving him a blowjob.

EBOD-109 EBOD-109 Julia BUY


1: Her and a man make out, feel each other up and then have sex. You only see her tits for about 10 seconds in this scene. Her whole upper body is clothed!

2: She gives a man a blowjob after he feels up her tits and then he cums all over her face. The guy then rubs his dick between her tits.

3: She sits on a man's face, rubs her tits all over his dick and then they have sex and he cums all over her face.

4: Oils is rubbed all over her tits.

5: Lots of foreplay and then sex in all sorts of different positions.


BOBB-073 BOBB-073 Julia BUY


I've never seen a Julia movie so this will be an interesting review. The covers of her movies interested me a little and i've had some requests.

1: In a jail a man oils up her tits and rubs and squeezes them for nearly 11 minutes!

2: In the jail cell, men licks and suck on her nipples. During a side view, men feel up and rub her tits even more.

3: A man has his head in her lap and sucks her nipples. She she gives a man a blowjob and then there's more of them licking and playing with her tits. Maybe i'm getting a bit bored of that.

4: While she is laying down a man rubs his dick between her boobs and shoots cum in between them.

5: Just more of them playing with and squeezing her tits. Lots of time they suck on her nipples. At the end she rubs her pussy for like a whole...5 seconds.

6: After some fingering and pussy licking, she has sex.


PPFD-006 PPFD-006 - BUY


101cm H

1: Now this is what I like. A man plays with her tits and you get a close up sort of wide angel view. If you like huge nipples, you'd probably like hers. He plays with her tits and then she kneels down and gives him a blowjob while he continues to feel her tits. After this he has sex with her on a table and he cums inside her and it leaks out.

2: She rubs her tits all over his dick and then has sex with him. Lots of different camera angles and sex positions.

3: They feel her tits up, stick a vibrator between them and then use one on her.

4: She has sex with two men in this scene. Lots of big boob footage.

5: They pour ketchup all over her tits. Nice! Oh wait, just kidding. Thankfully that's just red goop in what looks like a Ketchup bobble. Soap I guess. They rub it all over her tits, she blows them and then she rubs her tits all over their dicks and they cum on her tits.
This reminded me of an old movie from the company Madonna. I liked this one a lot. The actress I liked a lot, she's not too fat or not too skinny.


WF-107 WF-107 - BUY

1: A man sprays water all over her white T-shirt that is eventually see-through. He then squeezes and feels up her huge tits.

2: Oil is poured all over her tits and rubbed in. While she gives him a blowjob he squeezes and rubs her tits.

3: Oil is rubbed all over her tits and body and then a vibrator is used on her.

4: Man gets tits flopping all over his face and chest. Following this is sex and a cumshot to the face.

5: More oil or lotion is poured all over her tits and then there is some fingering.

6: She's tied up with rope and oils is once again poured all over her chest. Men then cum on her tits while a massager is used on her.

7: Milk is poured all over her tits, she rubs them all over a man and has sex with him.

OPD-017 OPD-017 - BUY


J cup 103cm and H cup 100cm

1: This is sort of an intro. Lots of men feel up both of their tits. It kind of creeps me out the way they made it.

2: After showing off their tits for like forever, men use massagers on them.

3: They get fingered after men feel up their tits. The two women then give men blowjobs.

4: They rub their tits all over men's dicks and then have sex.

5: I don't pay attention to men in asian porn movies, but this scene has the one I hate to see. The one that shouldn't be in porn! The two just rub their tits in his face and give him a blowjob while the other sits on his face.

BOBB-026 BOBB-026 - BUY


G-cup 88cm, G cup 90cm

1: Man is laying down in her lap and he sucks on her nipples. She even puts some sort of cream on them and he licks it off.

2: Man licks her pussy while feeling up her tits.

3: Wow, these are some short scenes. Man gets jerked off while getting to suck on some woman's tits.

4: Man gets floppy tits hitting him in the face on a bed. That's always fun, unless you get knocked out.

5: Oil is rubbed all over her tits by a man while on a bed. These scenes are so short. What's next? She walks up some stairs and she shows cleavage?

6: I liked this scene. Kind of. She rubs her tits all over a man's dick. It's shot from a POV angle.

7: More tits being squeezed!

8: Man sucks on her nipples for like 30 seconds. What?!

9: A man laying down sucks on her nipples and then licks frosting off of them.

10: I liked this scene too kind of. She's wearing a see-through white shirt and glasses. A man just feels up tits. That is all.

11: Creepy scene not worth describing.

12: For fun, a man gets to put his penis in between tits!

WF-101 WF-101 Yui Kazuki BUY


1: Man pokes her tits and then fingers her. Just an intro I guess.

2: She is fingered and then she gives him a blowjob. All she does is lick his dick around in circles and that's it? What was that?! Anyway, she has sex with him.

3: A man just squeezes and licks her tits.

4: Dumbest scene ever. All she does is put his dick UNDER her shirt to rub it against her tits. If that wasn't bad enough she licks his dick all over while he still has his underwear on. So she's basically just sucking on someone's underwear. Weird.

5: Here she is dressed up as a cowboy, err, Cowgirl I guess. Have you ever seen the one where Kurumi Morishita dressed up as one and was even wearing chaps? I loved that scene. I think it was in a movie from Dogma called "Normal Sex" that I have. In this scene (sorry, got off track) she gives two men blowjobs and has sex with them.

6: This is just a badly filmed scene shot in a hotel.

BOBB-010 BOBB-010 Neiro Suzuka BUY


J-cup 101cm

1: Man squeezes her tits and then receives a blowjob. He cums in her mouth and she spits it out into her hand.

2: She sits in a chair and shakes her tits all around and squeezes them.

3: A few men feel her tits and that's all.

4: While dressed as a maid she shows off her tits and a man plays with them from behind.

5: A man gets tits rubbed in his face that are covered with cream. She then jerks the man off.

6: A patient licks cream off the nurse's tits and then she wraps her tits around a man's dick and rubs it between them.

7: She squeezes an plays with her tits while they are covered in oil. She then sticks a dildo between her tits and slides it up and down. This is always fun to watch.

SO-110 SO-110 Anna Ohura BUY


I-cup 101cm

1: In a jail cell they put rubber tubing around her tits and then use small vibrating wands on them.

2: Anna gives a man a blowjob and he cums on her chest.

3: During sex, chocolate is poured all over her chest. I find that kind of not something I don't want to watch.

4: Two men feel up her tits.

5: She oils up her tits and rubs them on a man's chest. Next he just sticks his fist in between her tits. A dildo would have been more fun to watch.

6: While in a school uniform two men sucks on her tits, rub them and then lick her pussy. Following this they both have sex with her and cum on her tits.


GAS-104 GAS-104 MiruMiru Kurumi


K-cup 107cm

I was actually avoiding reviewing this japanese big boob movie! Ok, not really, I just forgot about it for awhile. I'll be honest and say that this isn't my type of movie, so I may not enjoy reviewing this one.
1: She takes off her shirt and shows off her huge tits. She takes her time and eventually sits down while a man from behind squeezes her tits. A little milk even seems to leak out, but this is not a lactation movie! No squirting involved. Well, forget I even said that, she squirts out milk everywhere from both tits at the same time! The rest of this scene is actually all lactation! She lactates a LOT!
2: A man plays with, licks and feels up her tits and then licks her pussy. She then starts to give him a blowjob, sprays milk all over the man's dick and then rubs her big tits all over his dick. They finally have sex and she sprays milk all over during sex. At the end he cums all over her chest while his dick is between her tits.

3: This is just a very short into to another scene. She is on a bed and her tits now seem twice as big as normal. It's almost as if they're too big for her own hands! She just rubs and squeezes them together and even sprays some milk onto the camera. I actually didn't mind watching this.

4: She puts her tits all over a man's face and squirts milk all over his face and the camera. She then squirts milk all over his dick and then rubs his dick in between her tits. At the end of the scene there is a close up shot of her lactating all over the place in a side view.

5: At the start of the scene she crushes a bottle with just her tits! That's always fun to watch. The rest of the scene is mostly sex with some lactation.

I thought this movie would be painful to watch, but it's not bad at all and I kind of even liked it. Fans of massively huge tits would love this I think, even more so if they also liked lactation. I will say this movie is very fun to watch actually. It most definitely IS a lactation movie!


GAS-107 GAS-107 MiruMiru Kurumi


K-cup 107cm

1: After showing off her tits, a man feels them up and she lactates all over the place. She then even squirts milk into the man's mouth in a close up view. Following this is a long sex scene.

2a: She puts lots of vegetables in between her tits and crushes a plastic bottle with her tits.

2b: She rubs her tits all over a man's dick and then he cums in between her tits.

3: More playing with her tits while a large massager is used on her pussy.

4: Sex and lots more lactation and both of them playing with her tits.


SMA-045 Sakura Sena Best Selection Sakura Sena BUY


K-cup 101cm

Do you like huge fake boobs? Some do, some don't. If you do, this movie is a must have. This woman has the biggest ones I've EVER seen! This isn't bukkake but it still has some good stuff in it!

1: She's in an office setting and rips open her shirt and it's like her tits burst out. Those things are so huge. Guy uses a vibrator on her that she had in a drawer.

2: She oils up her boobs and some guy rubs his dick between her tits.

3: In a doctor's office she has sex with a patient in full body bandages and then takes off his cum-filled condom and holds it up.

4: In this scene she does a white and black man. Just your standard sex scene here.

5: In this one she has a red ball-gag in her mouth and is tied with red rope. They pour hot wax all over her breasts and then she has sex with several men and gives them blowjobs as well.

6: Gang bang scene here with about 5 men. One of them cums all over her face.

7: She puts jelly all over her boobs. Once that's done she drips chocolate syrup over them, that's much better.

So many more scenes in this movie, too much to list! This movie is nearly 3 ½ hours long!!