Actress: Saki Yamamoto, Kozue Morishita


I've had this added for over a year, but only re-reviewed it recently to find out that it has two very good lactation scenes! This is a movie where the women are not that attractive at all, but the lactation scenes are so good that you don't care! The women in the movie are also a bit older. I don't think I will review the whole movie. I will just go over a few scenes. Unfortunately there are only two lactation scenes.

A: An older woman and a younger one take turns giving a man a blowjob and then they swallow his cum.

B (lactation #1): My initial reaction to this scene was something like "Gross.. Wait, that's kind of hot".. Didn't like much of the movie, but the lactation scenes! They alone make it worth getting (to me anyway).

The younger woman holds her tits in the direction of a man's mouth. Both of them at the same time. The older woman is behind her and helps her squeeze her tits. The woman's tits are huge! They're the the kind that are big, fat and floppy..and in this scene, really...long? Sounds weird, but that's what they are! She squeezes her nipples and squirts lots of milk into the man's mouth over and over, then lick some of the milk up off his face and share it.

C: They soap each other up and each woman rubs her tits all over the man. They then lick his ass, kiss him and then one gives him a blowjob in a bath tub. They continue to rub themselves against the man while oiled up and then the e older woman has sex with him.

D (lactation #2)

Man and a woman feel up another woman's tits and then squeezes them in order to make her lactate all over. During sex she lactates some more. More sex follows as well as more lactation.