1: She squeezes her tits through a white shirt and can actually squirt milk through it! She gets it soaked and then takes off her shirt to squirt milk even more. She has a helper sometimes and squirts all over the camera.

The second part of the scene has in a side view squirting milk using her own hands into the air over and over. Amazing lactation scene. I can't believe so much milk is coming out of her! A man also gets some milk squirt all over his face and into his mouth.

2: A bandage is tied around her left tit and she squirt milk a lot, including into a man's mouth after he licks her nipples.He even uses a small pump on her nipple.

3: Rope is tied around her tits and a man puts clothespins on her nipples and she lactates some more. The man licks and fingers her pussy and she squeezes her tits over and over, squirting milk into the air.

4: Continuation of scene three. She gives him a blowjob while she lactates. A breast pump is used on her to collect milk and the man puts milk inside his condom and then puts it on! He even pours some of the milk all over his dick as lube and she lactates all over it as well. Her and the man have sex and she still has the rope around her tits. She squeezes her tits and milk continues to fly everywhere. Trust me, this movie is amazing. Probably one of her best movies by far.

5: Man ties her up and she's up off the floor for a few seconds. She lays on the ground and man makes her squirt milk up in the air. He then ties rope around her tits and makes her lactate even more. She sprays so much that her face is all wet with milk. They also put a string around each nipple and then a small wire hook on her nose.

This DVD has two movies on it. Each are about 1 1/2 hours each. I won't review the second, but will take screenshots.