1: While laying back in a black leather chair while wearing purple lingerie, she rubs her pussy while squirting milk all over the place. After awhile she uses a long dildo on herself while sucking another one.

2: First she sprays milk all over a blind-folded man's face and then does a 69 with him and sprays milk all over his dick. After this it's the cowgirl positions while she sprays some more milk all over him.

3: So much going on that it's almost impossible to describe. She basically has sex with him and sprays milk all over him. Very good scene. This woman has like almost no body fat, but not too skinny.

4: Woman sprays milk all over a table and a man licks it up and sucks milk from her tits. Milk is then collected from her tits and poured all over the man's dick as sort of a lube. She then just kisses him while jerking him off.

5: A lot more sex and lactation. Too much good stuff to describe.

For someone that isn't a super huge fan of lactation movies, this one really impressed me.

10/10 easily