Actress: Maehara Tsukasa, Yuria Hidaka, Akira Sakamoto


This title feature one older actress who lactates and two younger women that are 20-25. I'll need to find out who the actress is in this movie, because she might be my second favorite lactation star. Just checked and it is Tsukasa Maehara.

Intro: In the rain, main woman lactates down on top of the two other girls that open their mouths for milk.

1: Tsukasa lactates into the other two girl's mouths and they also suck on her tits and do some milk swapping. Very good scene. Yuria Hidaka is on the right.

2: Tsukasa lactates into a funnel stuck into Yuria's ass and then Yuria squirts it out!

3: This is just a cos-play scene. That's all. Tsukasa has her tits tied up with jump ropes and Yuria squeezes Tsukasa's tits so she lactates. Yuria then licks and fingers her pussy and then jerks off Tsukasa's strap-on and gets on top of it for sex during lactation.

4: In a bath tub Tsukasa lactates into another girl's mouth and then she is fingered and has her pussy licked. They make out and the other uses a strap-on on Tsukasa from behind.

5: Both of the younger women sucks on Tsukasa's tits for milk and then lick her pussy and even do some milk-swapping.

6: They get out a double ended dildo and use it between each other while lactating all over. They then rub their pussies against each other while yuria makes Tsukasa lactate by squeezing on her tits.