This is a compilation of lactation scenes from Cross.

1: This one is a lesbian scene kind of. Two women sucks on the tits of another and then they all share a dildo and then the main one lactates all over. Final part has them rubbing their nipples against each other and then their pussies.

2: One woman has two other's in black masks. She makes them lactate and has them suck on her strap-on while she pours lotion on them from above. One of the masked women has her tits tied up with plastic. One gets fingered while she is lactating on the other's head.

One of the masked women does the main with a strap-on while both squirt milk all over her. Main women even has a strap-on that shoots fake semen out of it!

3: This woman spray milk all over a table and a man licks it up and then sucks on her tits and then has her lactate even more. During three different positions she continues to lactate.

4: Two lesbians lactate all over a pregnant women and then rubs themselves against each other.

5: Two more women face each, kiss and then lactate against each other. They also lactate all over men, given blowjobs and have sex with them.

6: This one lactates into a glass and then has oil rubbed all over her body and tits.

7: Lactation into a glass.