To order very large quantities we suggest using our bulk ordering method.

It allows you to order using catalog numbers.

It's suggest for people that need a long time to come up with a list of DVDs they want.

It's a way to stop having to click dozens of cart buttons.


How to Order using only catalog numbers (bypass "add to cart" method).


This is not required to order. It is an alternative way of ordering.

It allows you to add ONE ITEM to your cart to buy any quantity.

It's suggested for those who don't want to click "Add to Cart" dozens of times.

Most people can use the "add to cart" method.


OVERVIEW (Scroll down for step-by-step instructions with pictures)


1) Make a list of catalog numbers. Use Excel, Wordpad, Notepad etc. (Example: XYZ-054)

2) Click a single link below and change quantity to however many DVDs you want. Click "Recalculate".

3) Enter Catalog Numbers into the "Comments" field of the order form. Copy and paste them. You can also email them to us.


Not sure how to copy and paste?

In Notepad use CTRL+A for Select All. Then use CTRL+C (Copy). In the "Comments" field press CTRL+V (Paste).


NOTE: Do not enter EXTRA titles manually or you might not get the right discount. Cart should be empty before clicking link.



The Link (click it):


BULK ORDER ITEM (<------ click this and change quantity to however many DVDs you have in your list. Make sure to click "apply".)





Step 1 - list catalog numbers in notepad or any text editor.



Step 2

Click the package deal link:

BULK ORDER ITEM (<-------------- Click this!)

The cart should ONLY contain this item.


Step 3 - Copy and paste the catalog numbers. This is the best method for us, but you can also email them to us in a text, excel or word document.



Step 4 - CHECKOUT!

Once you are done we will prepare the order for you and ship it out ASAP!

Have a question about using this method? Please contact us.