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7/17/2020 - July update is here!


Today I added 72 recent and really good titles to the site.

You can find them on the July updates page.

Sorry for the delay in adding updates this month.

Processing orders always comes first!

I also recently discovered Rara Anzai movies and just had to add more of them this month.

You can check out a cover of SSNI-777 if you don't recall the name.

She's also known as Rion and probably a few others.



Here are some previews for gokkun movies that had broken preview links. Oops!

Now they're back!

  1. MDLD-111 - Dream Woman DX
  2. MDLD-121 - Dream Woman DX
  3. ASW-042
  4. ASW-069
  5. ASW-098 - Uta Kohaku!
  6. ASW-191
  7. CWM-016 - Gokkun Rhapsody
  8. DJE-061 - Amazing movie with Eri Natsume
  9. IPTD-429
  10. IPTD-644 - Gokkun movie with Shizuka Kanno!
  11. MDLD-391 - Gokkun Club 5
  12. MIAD-198 - Dream Idol 10
  13. MIDD-498
  14. MIGD-221 - Dream Gokkun 2 with Yuka Ohsawa (a must have title)
  15. MIGD-261 - Gokkun Idol with Air (he's been in a lot of good gokkun movies!)
  16. MIGD-348
  17. MIGD-358 - One of the best lesbian bukkake (gokkun) movies ever made. Amazing cast with Tsubomi, Megumi Shino, Yui Misaki etc. Three discs!
  18. MIGD-644
  19. MVMD-030 - Starring Chihiro Hara. Remember her?
  20. MVSD-020
  21. MVSD-139 - Gokkun title with Tsubomi AND Mika Osawa! That would make it a must see for me.
  22. RCT-136 - Possibly one of the weirdest bukkake movies we have. Conveyer Belt Bukkake anyone?
  23. SDDO-018 - 100 Shots of Sperm #5. One of my favorite movies with one of my all time favorite bukkake actresses. Rina Takase!
  24. ASW-077
  25. ASW-080
  26. ASW-162
  27. MIGD-255 - Dream Woman 74. Normally just messy facials, but this had swallowing.
  28. IPSD-027 - Sperma Heaven is the title.
  29. JUL-016 - Mature woman category title (not bukkake)
  30. MIAD-596 - Tsubomi cum-swallowing movie! Can't go wrong with that!
  31. MIAD-898 - Massive cum swallowing. One of our #1 best sellers in the last year for this genre.
  32. MIGD-342 - The Moodyz brand gokkun titles with a maid on the cover are extremely good (usually)!
  33. MIGD-415 - Looks to be one with a news reporter.
  34. SPRD-254 - Big boobs category.
  35. DDT-154 - Sperm Lesbian. One of my all time favorites. In my top 3 for sure.
  36. DDM-004 - Semen Race Queens. My #1 all time favorite gokkun movie.
  37. WDI-033 - Tsubomi's Dream Shower. Probably one of my favorite facial movies.
  38. SDDM-251 - 24 Hours of Semen #2
  39. ASW-067
  40. ASW-068 - Starring Yuuno Hoshi
  41. ASW-100
  42. ASW-196 - Mao Hamasaki
  43. ASW-199 - Mao Hamasaki
  44. DDT-239 - Endless Semen with Yuka Ohsawa
  45. IPSD-048
  46. IPTD-229 - Spermania
  47. IPTD-587 - Tsubomi
  48. IPTD-653 - Sperma Drink with Nao
  49. MDLD-359 - How on earth could the preview be down for such an amazing movie!! Sperm Viking with Momo Iizawa.
  50. MIGD-284
  51. MIAD-039
  52. MIDD-439 - G-cup Gokkun Teacher
  53. MIGD-397 - Cum Cafe
  54. MIGD-649 - Sperm Viking with Mikako Abe (one of my favotire actresses)
  55. MIRD-095 - This has a cum in the eye scene (!!)
  56. MVMD-005
  57. MVSD-200
  58. MVSD-254 - M Semen Drinker
  59. MVSD-260 - Serina Hayakawa
  60. PGD-621 - This was a top seller for a long time.
  61. RCT-113
  62. REAL-136 - Extremely good compilation.
  63. SDMS-776 - Semen Maniac 5 with Yuka Ohsawa.
  64. WDI-024 - Dream Shower title.
  65. WDI-035
  66. WDI-040
  67. DJE-013 - Semen Reloaded
  68. DJE-027 - In the best bukkake series EVER! It's Semen Base Gokkun.


Lesbian titles:


  1. AUKG-482
  2. AUKS-111
  3. BBAN-192
  4. BBAN-266
  5. BBSS-031 - Compilation



6/12/20 - June Update is here!

Just added 118 recent titles to our June 2020 updates page.

There is a lot of variety in this update.

You can also find them by viewing your favorite genre.




Just added about 80 recent titles in many different genres to the May 2020 updates page.

Sorry for the delay on adding this update.

I give order processing the highest priority.

I won't do an update until all my current orders are finished.


These days I usually try to aim for two big updates in one month.

PS thanks for keeping me busy! I've been having a lot of work to do lately and I am really thankful!

More so than ever before. Yes, I know this sounds weird.


Useful information:

From now on we sort updates out by a single page for EVERY month.

So far we have them for only April and May.

Want to see everything else sorted by date?

Just view our regular updates page.



Nine more titles added today. Five of them are lesbian titles. 104 total added since March 30th.



Added another 29 titles to the site today for a total of 95 in the last three days.

For those that prefer just lesbian titles, we added nine of them today.

Please put me to work! Lots of free time to work on any new orders that come in.


4/1/20 @ 7pm

Added another 7 DVDs to the site today, total of about 72 recent titles in the past day.



Made picture preview galleries for EVERY title from yesterday's update.



3/30/20 - Early April update is here!

Lots of good and recent titles added.

You can find them all now on our April 2020 updates page.


Thank you for all your orders in the last few weeks!

We are totally free on Monday the 30th until any new orders are placed.

We would work on them right away and without delay.


For future updates we'll add them to a page by month and year.

Each update page was just getting too long.

I will make these new pages EASY to find.


Note: There are not many new Lesbian titles with this update currently.

We'll add some when there are more new releases.

I'll find some older lesbian titles to add until then.



Somehow I forgot to mention our latest update on this blog page!

We added over 100 new titles around the 8th. Most likely you've seen them listed!

Today we also just added picture previews for ALL of them.

You may need to refresh the page if they don't show up.

In addition to this we also added another 6 new titles.

I plan on working on new orders on Monday the 16th if anyone needs anything FAST!



All current orders completed and shipped.

Any new orders will be processed right away and without delay.

Sales are a little slower than usual lately, so this may be a good time to get some DVDs FAST!

If none come in by tomorrow I plan on spending the day taking screenshots.



I've decided to keep the sale up for awhile longer and see how it goes.

We've had it up a bit longer than we expected, but it worked well and was necessary.

If there is anything I can do to make shopping for titles easier, please let me know!

PS I added page a page index to the bottom of our main catalog.


Are you a fan of the Minimum-AV MUM- series? They feature 18+ women who are short, petite etc.

I made a covers index of those that some may find useful.

I can send you a zip covers archive of them if you prefer that instead.

We used to have a category for petite women, but 60-75% of our main category is basically that kind of content anyway.

If you like the MUM- series, also check into the K-Tribe titles with the catalog numbers of KTDS-, KTRA- etc.

My favorite actress in them is by far Rina Hatsume.


2/23/20 - Part 2

Now you can more easily view ALL the full covers from our lesbian category.

You can view them in our Lesbian category covers gallery.

Inside this area just click the top left image.

Then click that image again to go the next one in order.

You can also use the scroll bar to select to start from your favorite catalog number series (BBAN- etc).

It's hard to buy them when using this method, so it's best to keep a list of titles you want to order in Notepad or similar.

It's possible to order a huge number of titles by just sending me a list!

You can check-out with a bulk link.

It allows you to order 20, 50 or even 100 titles with just one click!

Zip archive of all lesbian covers:

If you're an advanced user, you can also download a zip file with all the lesbian covers HERE (Right click and "Save Link As"). It lets you view them all with your own image browser. I would only suggest it for desktop or laptop users.


BTW I also weeded any title from this genre that hasn't sold at all in a year. I moved them to an archives page. Many of them are really good and some of my favorites! It's just that it's hard to tell how good they are just based on the covers and picture previews.



Another 24 picture galleries added today for the most recent titles.

A total of 101 of them added in the last two days.

PS I am working on a new set of orders on Monday the 24th at 11am if you need anything.

No big orders in currently and there is a good chance your order can be shipped fast!



Today I made 77 new picture preview galleries for the most recently added titles.

I know that some of you want a good preview of a movie before buying it.

You can see them all by clicking any blue catalog number on the updates page.

I only made them for titles on page 1 of the updates area (and in their own genre).

PS I would have made previews earlier, but I give priority to order processing.


2/16/20 - Second update in two days.


Today I added another 43 recent titles. A total of 100 added in the last two days!

As always, check your favorite genre or the updates page to see them all.


2/15/20 - Another update is here!


About 57 new titles added to the updates page. Nearly all of them are VERY recent releases.

We did an update about a week ago but it felt like the site could use another one!

Five of these are lesbian titles, two bondage titles.

Some of them might be considered big boob or mature woman titles.

A lot of variety as usual.

Hopefully this update is a success.

So far I've added 121 recent titles this month.



Has anyone noticed anything wrong with the site lately? For example:

- Updates from the 4th not showing up on the updates page.

- Picture previews from the 12th not showing up as blue clickable links.

I think most likely things were OK but I just want to double check.


I have a feeling that some of our latest updates were not showing up for some people.

I think one of our server settings caused certain web browsers to not show the latest page updates.

If this happened for anyone, it's now fixed!



Today I made picture previews for 70 of our most recently added titles.


2/4/2020 - February Update is here!

Added a lot of good recent titles to the site. A lot of variety this time.



2/1/2020 - 4pm

Made another 38 picture previews for recent titles.

I also fixed an issue where some of the updates pages would not highlight search words in yellow.



On Friday night I made 52 new picture preview galleries for the most recently added titles.

You can seem them on updates page 1 to 3.

I'd list them here, but need a break and there's just too many.

I need to find more free time and make screenshots on a daily basis if possible.



Totally free on Friday to work on any new orders without delay.

If you need anything FAST it's the perfect time to order!

All current orders are complete.

If no orders come through I will just spend all day making previews/screenshots.


Minor Web Server Improvements:

I also made a simple change to our server to make the site a little bit faster.

Most people won't notice it unless on a slower connection. Maybe some difference on a cell phone.

Pages will now stay cached in your browser for longer without needing to constantly download the same page over and over.

The most noticeable difference will be when you view a lot of pages on the site.

I also disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on our web server.

These are weaker and outdated encryption protocols that should not be used. Our shopping cart NEVER used them.

Chrome and most other browsers are dropping support for them by March of this year.




Added a few more titles today.

BTW how have I not heard of Kurumi Kashiwagi until just a week ago?!

I really like her and need to get more of her movies ASAP!

I added a few more of them today that looked good.



Added a few more good titles today! Check the updates page.

Is there a type of movie you like that we should add more of?

Please let me know.

On our site I usually go with a variety of different types of movies.

I do also try to add as many lesbian titles as I can because those seem to sell well (i'm also a fan of them!).

I've had some suggestions for more female investigator type movies.

Those are really good, especially the ones where the actress wears the all black vinyl/leather cat suit type outfit.

PS Tsubomi is wearing this type of outfit in one of the titles I just added, but it's not in that genre.

I wonder if there is any interest in titles with a Cos-play theme?


1/5/2020 - January update is here!

Added about 84 new titles to many different areas. Nearly all of them with picture previews.

As always, check the updates page to see the most recent additions from ALL genres.



Took some quick screenshots for 5 of the latest lesbian titles.

I know that these are very important to many of you.

PS the one with Hinano Kamisaka looks amazing.



Added screenshots for about 90 of the new titles.

I also added all actress info and moved them to their own categories.



Just added 120 new titles to the site!

Sorry for the late update. I made sure to finish up orders before working on this one.

A week ago I was thinking that I REALLY need to also add some new lesbian titles ASAP.

Many people are probably missing some good recent ones. I know I was!

Currently I don't have actresses listed for these new titles.

I will add this information on Saturday morning and need a break badly.

I also still need to move these new titles to their proper areas.

Right now they are ONLY listed on the updates page.

This whole month has been a blur.

I've been busy almost non-stop working on orders etc.

It's nice to have this happen for the last couple of months!



Today I added another 48 titles along with previews for each.

112 total titles added in the last 3 days.

PS I love those new Ayumi Shinoda movies.

I need to try to get all her titles added.



Thanksgiving Day update is here!

A total of around 64 titles added.

I don't plan on taking any time off this weekend if anyone needs an order processed!

And of course, thanks to everyone for sticking with us over the years.

We've had some rough spots once in awhile with a lack of updates, but things are better than ever now.

I plan on adding as many regular updates as possible and try to get orders out as quickly as possible.

If there is a type of movie you'd like to see more of, please let me know.

Any titles with your favorite AV star I should get more of?

I just added some more Mio Kimijima titles. I really missed her movies.



I just added screenshots for all the recent additions.

If you don't see them just refresh the page.

If anyone needs anything, I'm working on a new set of orders on Monday morning the 4th at 10am.

I can add your order to my to-do list!


11/1/19 - November update is here!

Today I added 65 good titles that are more recent releases.

Lots of variety and a little more lesbian titles than usual this time.

Those Ichika Nagano titles look really good!

Things continue to go well for us and we plan on working on orders this weekend if any come in.



Not enough lesbian titles in the last update? I just added some today. Two of them with Reiko Kobayakawa!

I also added some missing actress information for some titles from our 10/1/19 lesbian update.


10/16/19 - New update!

Today I added 86 new titles to the site.

Sorry for the delay in doing an update.

We've been super busy non-stop since the 1st working on regular orders and this is the first free time we've had!

Things have been going well for our site. It's actually nice to have lots of work to do!

All of your orders will continue to help add new titles regularly to the site.

As many of you may know, we've had a rough time during this year, but things are back to normal!


10/2/19 @ 11:54pm

Now on page 1 of the lesbian area you can see the full size cover AND add the item to your cart from the picture gallery itself.

This is a good way to save time and I will do this for future picture galleries.

I will try my best to add this option to other galleries, but it will take me a long time.

I also updated some of the JPG previews to the older style gallery format on page 1 too (for about 12 titles).

As most of you know, after adding to your cart you can just close any new tabs or windows.

The cart contents will be remembered.

It's 100% not necessary to keep clicking "continue shopping".

On our mobile check-out page I added an option to switch to the desktop check-out version.

This is not really necessary, but some may prefer that version (example: when using an Ipad or larger tablet)

You can also switch to it by clicking "View desktop version" in your mobile browser (if available).



Today I added probably about 100 picture galleries missing from the mature woman section.

Some of them gave a 404 - not found error. Many others were just not linked.

Be sure to check this section again if you prefer to check previews before buying a DVD.

If you are browsing a section and see a LOT of 404 errors on galleries, please let me know.

They should all be OK now!



Not enough lesbian titles in the last update?

I added a lot more today for those that like them.

Just check the lesbian area.

I also added another 3 titles to our main category.

Probably close to 100 new titles in the last week!




Today I replaced the HUGE single JPG previews with the older picture gallery style format.

All the most recently added titles now have all new picture galleries (screenshots).

Please check them out again if you can. The previews are now much bigger.

You now have the option of viewing each preview image as a full size screenshot.

Don't see a preview in the old format? One is probably not available.


Why did I make the change? I think many people dislike seeing the previews in one huge picture.

They might also take too long to load for some and is just a bad user experience for many.

On desktop browsers they show up as a super small image that needs to be zoomed it.

Many people might not know how to do this or even realize they can!


PS I need to constantly remind myself "If it ain't broken, don't fix it".

Why change what's worked well for us since 2002?!



9/29/19 - Even better discounts!

Not many people are ordering right now.

It's so strange considering we just did a really good update of probably 73 DVDs.

Maybe some of you don't like the new preview format?

To encourage more people to order we've decided to give customers an even better deal.

No major changes, just some further discounts for smaller orders of 10 and 15 items.

More discounts on huge bulk orders too.



9/28/19 - Part 2


Check our our new and improved lactation movies area and see if you like it better.

I was considering removing it. Instead I decided to improve it!

If it's a success I'll keep the area around.

The cover thumbnails are a lot bigger, but should shrink to match your screen size.

I personally am not a huge lactation porn fan, but I DO love Kumi Tachibana and Maria Ogura titles.



Added 73 new DVDs on 9/21/19. See our updates page.

125 picture previews for recent additions too.

PS I am totally free this weekend to work on new orders if needed.



Today I made screenshots for another 52 recently added titles.

It's a bit hard to find out which ones I made them for.

They are for titles found on updates page 1 and 2.

Over 130 picture previews were added in the past 2 days.

PS all the gallery links from pages 2 to 9 were down. It's now fixed. Sorry about that!



Our free shipping offer is back! It was a huge mistake to remove it.

Today I also made 73 picture previews for EVERY recently added DVD from this month.

Just click any catalog numbers in blue to see them.

If they show up too small, just click them to zoom in to 100%.

Some browsers automatically shrink them.



New update is here!

About 75 good new releases were added today.

You can check our updates page to see them or just browse your favorite area.

Most of these titles were released this month in Japan.

A lot of big boob titles too.

Things are going well this month and I hope to keep adding new titles regularly!



I made about 26 picture previews today for titles from our 8/24/19 update.

Any of them that has a catalog number in blue text has a new preview.

If the screenshot image shows up too small, just click on it to get it to 100%.



Another 33 titles added today!

113 added in just the past 5 days.



57 new and good titles just added!

Total of about 80 in the last 5 days.

You can see them all listed on our updates page (this page lists updates from ALL genres).

Click refresh or reload in your browser if you don't see them.

Most of them are listed in the "MISC" (homepage) area or in the lesbian category.

It's the perfect time for the update too since there is a sale on still.

PS will add actress names ASAP.



All galleries should be back online!

If you see any that are down I will fix them right away.

I still need to triple check them all just to be safe.


If you have been thinking about placing an order, please do it ASAP if at all possible.

We could use all the help we could get right now.

I want to keep adding new movies regularly to the site.

Most areas should now also display a lot better on cell phones in portrait mode too.



8/22/19 (part 2)

EVERY preview is back for the lesbian and big boobs category (and new previews for recent additions).

I made sure to double check them too.

You may need to refresh or reload the page.

These changes are annoying, but necessary.

Hopefully it will help in our recovery.

We think that previously having 5000-6000 picture previews in google's index destroyed our traffic/rankings.

I don't know for sure, but it's my only guess.

With the new changes we can block them from being crawled easily by search engines.

PS I'm halfway done with the "misc" section.

If something doesn't display properly for you on your desktop or phone, PLEASE let me know!



Today I added screenshots for all the new additions.

I really love those Touka Rinne titles!

I'm not a huge fan of the big boob titles, but wow, the latest Matsuri Kiritani movies are pretty impressive.

We had only some of her softcore titles a few months back and they were pretty popular on the site.

All the old preview galleries are now uploaded.

If you get a 404 not found error on any it will slowly take me time to restore all the correct links.

You can manually fix the link until I can get them all working again. See the notes below.

Just add "gallery/" to the url.




Mobile browsing improvements

One thing I did to today was to make certain pages display better on cell phones in vertical (portrait) mode.

I think most people use their phone in this way to view the web, but i'm not sure.

I personally can't stand anything other than horizontal or widescreen mode.

Many pages will now switch to 1 column automatically instead of 3 in portrait mode.

You can rotate your screen to flip back to 3.


At this point I don't know what I can do to recover.

I've done regular updates, but somehow search engines are just sending us zero traffic.

If there is any advice you can give us, please do.

Maybe there is something so simple i've overlooked that is harming our site.





You can view them all on our latest updates page.

It's quality over quantity this time I think.

I hope this update is a huge success. I need it to be more than ever before.

Today was my day to go job hunting. Instead I did an update.


100% of my work time goes into this site and I haven't had a regular job since 2004 I think.

I work so hard on trying to keep this site going, but it's so difficult.

Don't worry, the site will never close. We're not going anywhere!

If things get even worse it will just mean that no more updates are possible.


This has been the worst month (and year!) in our entire 17 year history.

I haven't had more than 1 $45 order in over a week.

It's just so hard to believe and I can't really understand why.

I appreciate every single order, but I don't know what's going on really.

I don't know if it's due to the economy or it's because I'm doing something to the site to make it difficult to order.

I think prices are low enough and we always try to give customers a good deal.

Maybe there are some technical errors? Problems with the site loading?

Cart not working or difficult to use? Poor usability on mobile devices?

Thumbnails too small? Slow loading pages?

If you experience any issues, please let me know.