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Recent Updates:

96 DVDs - October 2nd 2023

146 DVDs - September 26th

102 DVDs - September 15th

50+ DVDs - August 20th

107 DVDs - August 17th - August 2023 (Round 3)

48 DVDs - August 12th - August 2023 (Round 2)

76 DVDs - August 7th 2023 - August 2023 (Round 1)

52 DVDs - July 23rd 2023 - July 2023 (Round 3)

121 DVDs - July 22nd 2023 - July 2023 (Round 2)

99 DVDs - July 17th 2023 - July 2023 (Round 1)

342 DVDs - June 26 to July 5th 2023 - New Releases

126 DVDs - June 1st to 16th - June 2023 (Round 1)

138 DVDs - May 2023 (Round 2)

194 DVDs - May 2023 (Round 1)

119 DVDs - April 2023 updates

183 DVDs - March 2023 updates

170 DVDs - February 2023 updates

92 DVDs - January 2023 (Round 2)

161 DVDs - January 2023 (Round 1)



A little earlier than normal. About 96 DVDs were added to the New Releases page.

Don't forget that we also just add another 146 DVDs on the 26th of September.

For the October update I still need to add actress names and list them in their genres too.



You can now view the September 26th updates full covers in the Full Covers Gallery.

Every new addition for September is also listed there.

You can make a note of any catalog # of a title you want to buy and then use CTRL+F on the new releases page to find it FAST.



Added 146 DVDs to the New Releases page.




Added 102 DVDs to the site.



Another 40-50 DVDs added.



Added over 107 DVDs to the site. Most of them came out in Japan just a few days ago!

I also made Full Covers Galleries for the following areas:

New Releases (full covers)

Lesbians (full covers) - The most popular genre on our site currently!

If you want to buy any of them you see listed there, you can find the catalog # in the following ways:

1) The filename. Instead of xyz001-cover.jpg, put XYZ-001 into our search page.

2) The spine or bottom left back cover.




Previews were made for all 145 or so August new additions.

Just click their catalog numbers to see them.



Added 48 new releases to the site.



Added 76 new relases to the updates page.



Another 52 DVDs were added on the 23rd.

I forgot to mention it on the blog.

I also added previews for the latest 173 DVDs.

Everything added from the 22nd until now has a preview.



Another 121 DVDs added.



Added another 99 DVDs to the site.

Nearly all of them were released this past week in Japan!

BTW if you're waiting for an order, it will be shipped ASAP!

Don't worry! You'll get it soon no matter what.

I am going to be working 15-16 hours daily until done.

I did this update while working on my current orders (I can multi-task during some stages).

As you know, I still need to do updates while working on in-process orders.

That's the only way to keep the site going.

PS if you've sent an email recently I will get to it ASAP.



49 additional titles added. All VERY recent releases in Japan!

I was really surprised at how good some of them looked.

I need to go watch a few of them after work!

So far most of the new DVDs are on the New Releases page only.


7-4-2023 - Part 2

Added 300 previews for the most recent titles (nearly all the June & July DVDs)..

The 99 titles I added yesterday are only listed in the New Releases page for now.

NOTE: So far the 300 previews are mostly on the New Releases page.

For the genre pages I haven't linked the previews yet.

It may take me at least 3 days to do that.


7-4-2023 - Another big update has arrived!

Exactly 99 new titles were added to the New Releases page.

About 34 of them somehow I forgot to add back around June 12th. No wonder that update was a little smaller than normal.

You know how I said I had a new strategy for processing orders a month or so ago?

Well that plan was a disaster and nearly ruined the site's sales for good.

I reversed all the terrible changes I made to the site.

I have two new ideas that are going to help a ton in improving order processing speed!

I know it's going to work!

This time they don't involve site changes!! I should have used my own advice "Keep it simple, stupid".

First problem is that I wasn't multi-tasking enough. I WAS, but really I should be doing 3 or 4 things at once.

No, I'm totally serious! There should be no no such thing as 10 minute idle time while "waiting on things to finish".

One big mistake I made over the past 2 years is splitting my work area up into two rooms. That slows me down!

I've now converted the biggest room to be my work area.

If you've got an open order right now it will be going out ASAP!!

Going to be working non-stop until all orders are complete. Work and sleep!

June was by far the hardest month since 2019 by far.

I was within a week of going out and getting an extra job (which isn't even really possible).

Plan now is to work 12+ hours daily for the next few weeks.

I'm not sure if you know this, but I do this job as one person full time.

The site is going to keep getting better and better and I'm going to do whatever it takes to get this done.

My #1 goal above everything is order processing speed.


6-26-2023 - A massive new June update is here!


You can find them on the New Releases page.

About 194 DVDs were added to the site. None of them have been on the site before! 90% of them were released in Japan in June. Many in the last week.This is probably one of the best updates we've had this year. Lots of high quality movies. It's my way of trying to keep the site going for as long as possible. I love what I sell and want to keep doing this forever!

PS this is actually our 2nd June update.



161 titles were added in early June.

You can find them on the June 2023 updates (Part 1) page.



Around 3500 or so total DVDs were missing from the site and were added back.

Was there not enough titles for you the past few months? Now there is a lot more to browse though.

Maybe you'll find some "hidden gems" in there that you previously overlooked.

Sometimes I do things for the site to improve things but in this case I removed way too many DVDs.


If you can, please check the following out:


1) 772 Lesbian DVDs added TODAY to Lesbian Page 9 to 12. Everything on page 9-12 was missing.

2) 2075 DVDs added TODAY to our General or All Sex category (!!). Everything on All-Sex Page 14 to 26 was just added.

3) Hundreds of bukkake movies from Bukkake Videos - Page 9 to 10.

4) Possibly 100+ titles on Mature Woman Page 5. Everything on that page.


I also brought back the Gokkun area. Previously I had moved all those titles to the bukkake area.

Now Bukkake and Gokkun titles have their own pages.



I was thinking today of one of my favorite mail order only customers.

His name is "J.P." and he seems to be a Rara Kudou mega fan (like a lot of you).

I decided to make it easier for customers like him to locate all her movies easily!

You can now find them all on the Rara Kudou Selected filmography.

When I add any new Rara titles they will also be added to that page.

I also plan on adding some of these pages for Rina Hatsume and Kana Yura.

Kana is one of my currently favorite AV star. Check out her movies if you like Rara Kudou!

Actresses with a similar body type can be found in our slender body type genre.

I didn't have a good genre name for the category and Google is super picky about what I choose.


4-2-2023 - April update is here!

So far they are only listed on the New Releases page.

I still need to add actress info etc.


3-26-2023 - We have moved!

Don't worry, we had a downtime of only 1 day and on a weekend.

Our move was actually just 6 minutes away! We could not delay the move at all.

If you have an order in progress, PLEASE be patient and we send it out very soon!

The plan is to be working non-stop on just orders until complete!

If you sent a payment to the old address, don't worry! It will be forwarded to us!

PLUS if there is a 5% chance it arrives to the OLD location we will still get it!

All future mail orders should be sent to the new address listed in our FAQ.

Thank You!



Did the bondage area seem a bit short? Not enough titles?

Somehow back in January of 2022 I had removed a lot of them.

They are now all back! The bondage genre page is now 4 pages instead of 1!

Lots of rare and hard to find titles you may have thought we never had.

The only negative is the thumbnails for the DVD covers are a bit small.

I will fix that in a few weeks.



Just added another 76 VERY recent DVDs to the site.

We're also trying something new and added a few video samples for some recent titles.

So far the 76 titles are only on the March 2023 updates page.



63 new titles added to the March update! Nearly all of them came out this week in Japan!


3-2-2023 - Another 82 titles added to the March update!


3-2-2023 - MARCH 2023 update is here!!

They're all on the New Releases page.

Added 40 so far. I normally don't do updates this early in the month.

I also added another 50 new titles on the last 2-3 days of February.

Please consider those as part of the March update.

I've added them to the March New Releases page so people can find them easily.

Nearly all of the titles added were released within the past week in Japan!


2-26-2023 - FEBRUARY 2023 UPDATE - ROUND 2!

While processing orders I managed to do a mini-update before the end of the month.

Most of the titles came out only a few days ago in Japan. About 50 titles added.



2-13-2023 - FEBRUARY 2023 UPDATE IS HERE!

Lots of good titles and some variety as usually. A lot more lesbian titles than last month.

Most of the titles came out in the past week in Japan.

They're all on the New Releases page.


1-29-2023 - ROUND 2 of January updates is here! Almost an early February update.

92 total titles added! You can find them on ROUND TWO PAGE.




About 157 high quality titles added. Something for everyone in many different genres.

You can see them all on the new releases page or in your favorite genre.



Thank you for all the orders over the years, especially at the end of December.

Things are going great and we will continue to add as many new titles as possible.

This will be our 21st year in business. It's so hard to believe sometimes!

In our 1st year everything we sold was on VHS tapes!


12/20/2022 - December Update Round 3!

Added another 74 titles to the site.

All came out in the past few days in Japan!

In total there has been 314 new titles added this month! WOW! That's a lot more than normal.



12/7/2022 - December update is here!

A total of 240 total titles were added and all with previews.

As always, lots of variety and most of them are very recent releases in Japan.

You can find them on the December 2022 page.




You can view them all on the November 2022 page.

About 230 very recent titles added. Lots of variety as usual and something for everyone.

Previews for every title!


OCTOBER 2022 Update is HERE.



Made a list of the best belling bukkake movies from 2001 to 2022!

This includes both facials and swallowing. You may be surprised at what is #1.

That title is actually the #1 seller from any genre on our site since 2001!

Hint: It's starring Nanami Nanase if you remember the name.

A lot of customers back in the day would find our site just by searching for her movies.

I still have two of her photo books! Bought them on Amazon Japan years ago.

If you can believe it we were once a VHS and Video Tape ONLY site originally.

We didn't start selling DVDs until 2003.

I still remember some customers hated that format and preferred VHS tapes.

Our site is still on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

It's pretty embarrassing because of how ugly it was back then.

When I see it my reaction is like "What was he thinking?!".

Our first site was only one page!

I typed it all up in Notepad using a free computer that had dialup and would reboot itself every 20 minutes!

At one point we probably had over 5000 pages of bukkake reviews.

We stopped writing them when cell phones became popular.

Japanese Bukkake movies used to be nearly impossible to find in the USA.

I've read that some of the best Bukkake VHS tapes were originally only sold in 1 store in Japan.

The M's Video Group (MVG) and Shuttle VHS tapes were $100 EACH and were only 60 minutes!

Do you remember how you discovered bukkake?

I once saw some before and after photos taken from Shuttle's Bukkake movies on usenet newsgroups.

After seeing those I just had to find some!

The first ones I bought were MVG's MS-01 Fuji No Jin and Shuttle's BU-04 Bukkake Summit.

Probably not the best ones to start out with if you're new to the genre!

I still remember once having a customer send me a long hand written letter telling me how great Fuji No Jin was!



You can now view our Best Sellers list for 2022.

It's totally unfiltered and all genres. Guess what genre seems to be the most popular on this site?

I was also surprised to see Rara Kudou made the list several times!



Don't have a lot of time to shop? You can order in bulk with one click!

Did you know you can order a lot of titles with ONE add to cart click?

We can use a text list of catalog numbers.

What you do is browse and keep the titles you want listed in a text file (Notepad).

Why do this? It's great if you can't place a big order right away or don't have the time.

It lets you shop over the span of days or weeks.

It let's you bypass clicking "Add to Cart" for dozens of items.

You can see our Bulk Ordering Page for instructions.


1) Click the link in the page above. Cart should be empty.

2) Copy and paste your items into the "comments" field.

3) Be 100% sure to change the quantity to however many DVDs you want and click "recalculate".

To get an easy count you can paste the list into Excel or LibreOffice Calc (it's free and what I use).


Note: This really only works well for desktop users.

It might be a pain to do on a cell phone, but i'm not sure on that.



The Lactation movies section is back. If you don't think that's something you'd like, check out the Kumi Tachibana titles and you might think otherwise! Those are so good! Start with KYW-001.I'm not into them myself much, but I absolutely love the Kumi and Maria Ogura titles. I might have a thing for huge nipples though!

Here's some video samples (right click and "Save Link As " or view in your browser):

  1. KYW-001 - Amazing lactation scene with Kumi Tachibana.
  2. ARM-011 - Older lactation sample from a very good Aroma brand title. These used to make a TON of them.

Some for lesbian videos:

  1. LZPL-023 - I love this scene. It's great for those who love the younger (18+) and older woman theme. This is starring Rina Hatsume on the left.
  2. LADY-098 - Similar scene and this movie is one of our #1 best selling lesbian movies. Plus it has Maki Houjou and Rina in it!

Any fans of Rina Hatsume here? If so you can check out one of her best scenes from K-tribe KTDS-718.

It's not a lesbian scene, but it's one of her best scene. I like her muscles :)

You can also check out a movie trailer from a bukkake movie called WDI-033 Dream Shower with Tsubomi.

Caution: It's messy!

BTW I'm wondering how on earth I only just now discovered the amazing Yulia Nova's videos! Only took me about 20 years!

I don't sell them but if you're a fan of big boob titles then google her movies! They are nude only and nothing pornographic.

Apparently they are (or were) extremely popular in Japan.

I used to think I wasn't into big breast content, but that has changed recently.

I always look forward to the newest Ai Kano titles like JUQ-106.


10/6/22 - October 2022 Update is here!!

About 205 total titles added to the site under New Releases.

Lots of variety and most came out this week in Japan!

All of them with actress info and thumbnail previews.

Some with Rara Kudou (her titles are some of our most popular).

You can also find the new stuff in their own genres.



About 250 Mature Woman titles added to page 5 and 6 on 9/23/22.

Lots of them with my favorite Erina Tsukishima. I loved her movies ever since I first saw her in SPRD-13.

PS I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least 3000 titles added back to the catalog in the past 2 days!!


9/22/22 - Even more titles added.

All the titles in our main catalog from page 9 to 26 were added back.

I also added back a section for videos where the actress has a slender/petite body type or has small tits.

It's really just a general area for movies similar to the K-tribe and MUM- series titles.

I couldn't really come up with a good name for it that describes it all.

Now it's way easier to find them at least.

It's on the main menu above!

If you're a fan of the genre (?) check out the Rina Hatsume titles.

So many of them were added back! Her best is MUM-155 IMO and maybe KTDS-718.




77 more titles added! 181 total so far this month and all with previews.

I also added some with Rara Kudou. I always get a lot of requests for her movies!

I also disabled the "Hamburger" menu for those on a cell phone.

It's an icon that will display the menu on a cell phone only when you're viewing in portrait mode.

Some customers had problems with that I think.

It was mainly used to remove clutter from the menu, but required javascript just to display the menu (big mistake on my part).

PS if the menu doesn't display any options please click "refresh" or "reload" in your browser.



9-12-22 - SEPTEMBER 2022 update is HERE!

Added about 104 titles to the site. As usual, lots of variety and nearly all of them were released in the past week or two in Japan.


9-3-22 - Web Server upgraded!

I upgraded the web server hosting this site from a SSD drive to an NVME.

An NVME is 3.5GB/sec vs an SSD at 500MB/sec!

Will pages load faster? Maybe or maybe not. It can't hurt.

In addition to that we are also using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up image loading.

Those outside the USA should notice this more than those in the USA.

I'm also caching static HTML files on the CDN for 12 hours, which should make things even faster.

We don't store ANY of your info on our web server, but we also got an A+ security score at SSLlabs.

It's a pretty useful site to check the security of any website you run.

I also just scanned our shopping cart service and that gets an A+ too.

I also enabled dual stack IPV4/IPV6 and HTTP/3. Trying out Nginx instead of Apache too.

We've been using Apache since 2001! It did well for the site, but we were never a high traffic site.

I don't think our CPU load has ever been over 5%!


2) Major mobile improvements. When browsing on a smaller phone it will automatically convert to 1 column of titles instead of 3.

This happens on a screen that's 600 pixels wide only. Most likely only in portrait mode and not landscape/widescreen mode.

I'm guessing 60% of our customers now shop on a phone.

Not having a good mobile experience could make it hard to order.

Also if you see no menu on your phone, click the top right icon.

It's called a "Hamburger" menu and will pop open the options.




In total I added 367 titles to the site for August.

To see all genres you can visit the New Releases page.

This is one of the biggest updates we've had all year.

Lots of high quality titles. Nearly all of them are recent releases.