BKD-03 Lactation DVD with Maria Ogura - Screenshots and review


It's more of the women with the huge nipples. Seems she's in a lot of lactation movies, so I can't go wrong with her stuff.

1: She invites friend over to her home and she gives him a glass of milk. I don't know why, but I had a laugh at that. Must be because I'm watching a lactation movie. She takes an older guy to her room and squirts milk all over his face and tongue. There should be a rule in lactation movies..no men! Or at least no close ups of their nasty face and tongue. It's a turn-off. Ugh. Maybe, I'm just weird.

Despite her lactating all over a man, she's amazing. Those things are HUGE. She squirts so much that it even hits the camera from like a mile away. Not all of it has the guy in it. She quite often will squirt more than him and even squirts into her own mouth. I really liked this scene a lot! The only negative about this scene is that the man is really, really old. I don't pay attention to the men at all, but still...

2: She's in the bathroom and starts to soap up her body. Of course there's lots of focus on her tits thankfully. She rubs soap all over them and then gets into the tub. She squirts milk into the water and it looks odd. Strangely, it looks like she's shooting smoke out of her nipples. It looks so weird on camera!

3: She's out of the bathroom and laying on the sofa rubbing her pussy. She starts squeezing her nipples squirting milk out and she even can suck her own nipples.

4: She is back with her younger guest and squirts all over his mouth and onto the kitchen table.

5: She squirts milk all over the guy's chest and then over his dick and then sucks it. They then have sex and there's some more squirting too.

6: Ugh, man this is gross. I don't think that person was her friend. I hope this movie doesn't have the theme I was thinking. Anyway, since I don't understand Japanese I'll pretend it's not! The older guy and the younger guy are with her and she blows them and does even more squirting. Luckily no sex with the older guy!

7: The final scene has her squirting both of them with milk while she's sitting at a table.

This one is very good. There's even some good behind the scenes footage. This just might be one of the best lactation titles I have so far. I'd say it's probably #3 or so. This movie doesn't look good based on the cover, but it really is! For a lactation title I'd give it a low 9/10.