Starring Yui Aihara, Marie Nakano, Yuko Wakui


1: Man is laying down and she lactates into his mouth for a long time. Lots of close up shots of milk shooting out of her nipples. The men sucks on her nipples as she is jerking him off. He shoots his load up into the air and it must have shot 4 feet up in the air several times and she looks kind of amused.

2: Different woman this time and she also squirts milk into a man's mouth. At the end she gives him a handjob after spraying milk on his dick.

3: More milk in a man's mouth and on his chest. This one even squirts milk into a glass, sucks some of it up and spits it into the man's mouth.

4: Once again, more milk goes into a man's mouth and even some all over his face and chest. The scene ends with a handjob.

5: Two women in this scene. They use a breast pump and get it about half filled maybe. They take mouthfuls and spit it out into the man's mouth. They finish the scene by spraying milk onto his face and body and giving him a blowjob.