Starring Karen Shirakawa, Yui Aihara, Marie Nakano, Yuko Wakui

I don't know what this movie is all about, but it looked like it has a long nipple theme. That's ok with me. I was really looking forward to this one and I almost never look forward to lactation movies unless it's the lesbian or no-men variety.

1: While sitting on a bed she rubs, squeezes and plays with her nipples. She will try to make them really long by tugging at them with her fingers and then twisting them. She does this forever and it's fun to watch, I don't know why!

Towards the end of this scene you can see some milk leak out, but no real lactation. She takes some chopsticks and squeezes her nipples with them and some milk comes out.

2: Short scene of a woman tugging on and playing with her nipples. A man helps out at the start of the scene.

3: Another scene where a different woman plays with her nipples by squeezing, twisting and pulling on them. It's mostly close up shots too.

4: Yet another women playing with her own nipples!

5: Same here, but a man helps out for this scene.

6,7,8,9: The rest of this movie is women playing with their nipples!

Not any real lactation, but I thought it would have some. I still think it's best to add it to this category.