1: A man is checked into a hotel and instead of sake, he wants milk from TITS! Two women come in to serve him and they take his small cup and start squirting milk into it! He drinks it and another woman does the same and he drinks that as well. He even wanted a third cup and the second ones fills it up for him. It's mostly all zoomed in shots of them squirting milk into his glass.

2: Now it's time for his bath. A women gets in there with him and starts squirting milk under the water. I know it sounds weird, but under water it looks like smoke is coming from her tits! Look at the screen-shots if you don't believe me! Anyway, she does that for awhile and even shoots milk out of her tits above water too. She soon gives the man a blowjob and squirts milk into his mouth and he sucks on her tits.

3: One of them is using a breast pump while the man sucks milk from the other. One then takes a mouthful of milk and spits it into his mouth. They do this for the rest of the scene.

4: Wow, they're drinking Sake now and not breast milk? Strange. Can't be for long. In the bath again, she squirts milk underwater, in the air and into the man's mouth. She also squirts milk onto his dick and gives him a blowjob.

5: She squirts milk on his dick, licks his ass and rubs her tits all over his dick.

6: The two women squirt milk into his mouth for this scene. During one part the second women squirts milk into the other woman's mouth and then spits it out into the man's mouth. Not really a lesbian scene, but Aroma really needs to make some more lesbian lactation movies. Anyway, towards the end there is some sex and more lactation.