1: For this scene she is supposed to be his very own doll or something like that. She doesn't move and he takes off some pieces of her clothing, squirts milk from her tits and then lays her on his bed. He even washes her with a wash cloth?! I think at one point he smelled her underwear. I never understood the underwear smelling fetish.

He then squeezes her nipples and milk comes out. While he continues to do this he just licks her pussy. Next, he stands her up, sucks and squeezes milk from her nipples as he jerks off. Now it's time for her to go to bed. Ugh, this kind of gives me the creeps.

2: Two women spray milk into a man's mouth while they have him naked and on a leash. They even let him suck milk from her tits. Next, they spray milk onto some dog treats and feed them to him. They're probably just some type of weird snack for humans, but I don't know. They even both spray milk all over the dish of food. For the rest of the scene he is laying on a sofa and has milk sprayed all over him. He seems to like it.

3: Random men in this scene pick cards out of a box and the card tells them what the women will do to them. The first man draws a card and women spray milk onto his blind-folded face. The next man has three women spray milk into funnels with tubes going into his mouth. He sucks up the milk and it all falls out of his mouth. I don't blame him. I myself would probably pass on the breast milk. Man number three eats chocolate with tit sauce sprayed all over it. What..no fair. The man got to pick out 3 cards. After he eats his chocolate he also eats some gelatin desert with milk all over it. His third cards says he gets to suck milk from their tits and get it sprayed onto his face and in his mouth. Same guy with card number four? He cheats! Anyway, he gets card 4-6 and just gets milk squirted into his face. Perhaps he won a contest Aroma was having for BUYing the most lactation movies in a week.

4: For this last scene she is tied to a chair and men suck on her tits and has her squirt milk all over. They also use a breast pump on her and drink her milk.