1: In a classroom the first girl sprays milk into a man's mouth for awhile. Once she's done this she squirts milk from both tits onto his dick and gives him a blowjob. Milk sprays out of both tits at the same time. Probably like a a half a dozen streams all at once.

2: While dressed as a nurse she sprays milk into a man's mouth and let's him suck on her nipples. There's some good close up shots of her lactation without the man in the picture for those that hate men in lactation movies. After she sprays milk onto his face she lactates onto his chest, licks some of the milk up and rubs her nipples all over his face. Next, while sitting on his face, she lactates into the air.

3: The two women are together in this scene and take turns spraying milk all over a man and into his mouth. During sex there is more lactation as well.

4: Outside while laying in the grass, a man gets two tits spraying milk into his mouth and onto his face.

5: This is something new..the two women spray milk into two funnels and both of them have tubes that go into a man's mouth. Both lactate onto a spoon and feed it to him. Lots more sex and lactation after this.