1: In an office, woman takes a break to go to the bathroom and uses a breast pump. A man hears her in there and walks in and sucks on her tits for milk and she squirts out milk for him. She then gives him a blowjob (after lactating on his dick of course!) and he cums into her hands.

2: New woman this time. She pulls down her shirt and lets man suck on her nipples and she squirts milk into the air and into his mouth. Pretty long scene.

3: Man is laying down and she squirts milk into his mouth and he sucks on her tits. Another man later does the same thing, but at the end he has two women spraying milk on his face. The two women do this to another man as well, but spray milk all over his body along with his dick.

4: This is a bit wrong? it's not real obviously! A man and a woman are tied up and locked in a dark room. To survive, a man gets to drink milk from her tits.