Aroma ARMD-519 Lactation DVD with Maria Ogura - Review and screenshots


1: Maria Ogura's friends rubs her breasts and squeezes milk out of them to start things off. Gee, by the time she's done her nipples are HUGE. The other girl now takes off her own shirt and they both rub their nipples together and squirt on each other.

2: One girl sucks, and licks (and gets squirted by) Maria Ogura's huge nipples. Very good scene!

3: Yet another good scene. So much to describe here. Starts out with some kissing, then lots of squirting/lactation and then rubbing their nipples together. It's three women in this scene, with two of them lactating.

4: Another lesbian scene with all three of them. Lots of nipple sucking, kissing, squirting and pretty much everything you could expect.

This is a must have if you like lactation movies. I don't understand how anyone could be disappointed with this one. If it's not considered a good lactation movie, then I don't know what is! I'm going to give this one a 9/10!

I'm sorry this review isn't very good. I missed lots of things from this movie! So much is going on all at once in this movie.