I am really confusing myself here. Would you believe that i've had this lactation movie for probably years and it was only in the lesbian section? That doesn't make any sense since it's both a lesbian AND lactation movie. In a lactation review I mentioned I needed to move it over into the lactation section. I could have sworn I did that, but somehow I did not and only today did I realize this.

Solo or lesbian lactation titles are the most popular in the category I sell. Unfortunately the ones with men are not as popular as they once were.

1: Two women kiss for a very long time. They're very sloppy, use lots of saliva, spit in each other's mouths, and suck on each other's tongues. After they've done this for awhile, one removes her shirt and rubs her nipples against the other's mouth and lactates into her mouth and all over her tongue, eventually using both of her nipples. This is probably the hottest lactation scene i've seen in a very long time!

After this, one gets behind the other and squeezes her tits and nipples so both tits lactate at the same time into the air. Unfortunately it was extremely difficult to take screenshots of the lactation. It seems to flash by in less than a second dozens of times.

They lactate non-stop during this scene and then even more onto each other's faces. At one point, one spits milk into the other's mouth and they do even more kissing.

For the last part one rubs her pussy while the other squeezes her tits and sprays milk everywhere. Next there's some pussy licking and a 69.

2: This scene is similar for the last one. I'm guessing this entire movie has two very long scenes. I will break them down into parts.

A: Two women kiss each other and suck on each other's tongues and even lick each other's face.

B: Once they're done with this, one lactates into the other's mouth and they continue to kiss and rub their nipples together. The one on the left has some really huge nipples.

C: The woman on the left lactates all over the other non-stop and they swap some milk and make out some more. While they are kissing, three women from behind shower them with milk until the camera is a mess.

(note: eyes not censored in movie. I have no idea why they are on the box cover!)